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Proceedings of the 2008 Symposium on Computer Human Interaction for the Management of Information Technology

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2008 Symposium on Computer Human Interaction for the Management of Information Technology
Editors:AEleen Frisch; Eser Kandogan; Wayne Lutters; Jim Thornton; Mustapha Mouloua
Location:San Diego, California
Dates:2008-Nov-14 to 2008-Nov-15
Standard No:ISBN: 1-60558-355-3, 978-1-60558-355-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHIMIT08
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  1. Work practice
  2. Tools
  3. Security
  4. Posters

Work practice

Work practices of system administrators: implications for tool design BIBAFull-Text 1
  Nicole F. Velasquez; Suzanne P. Weisband
Understanding and supporting personal activity management by IT service workers BIBAFull-Text 2
  Victor M. Gonzalez; Leonardo Galicia; Jesus Favela
Towards virtualizing the helpdesk: assessing the relevance of knowledge across distance BIBAFull-Text 3
  Kevin F. White; Wayne G. Lutters; Anita H. Komlodi


Sysadmins and the need for verification information BIBAFull-Text 4
  Nicole F. Velasquez; Alexandra Durcikova
Information displays for managing shared files BIBAFull-Text 5
  Tara Whalen; Elaine G. Toms; James Blustein


Network authentication using single sign-on: the challenge of aligning mental models BIBAFull-Text 6
  Rosa Heckle; Wayne G. Lutters; David Gurzick
Guidelines for designing IT security management tools BIBAFull-Text 7
  Pooya Jaferian; David Botta; Fahimeh Raja; Kirstie Hawkey; Konstantin Beznosov


IT-management software deployment: field findings and design guidelines BIBAFull-Text 8
  Lance Bloom; Nancy Clark
Policy-based IT automation: the role of human judgment BIBAFull-Text 9
  Eser Kandogan; John Bailey; Paul P. Maglio; Eben Haber
Multiple people and components: considerations for designing multi-user middleware BIBAFull-Text 10
  Jeffrey Calcaterra; John Bailey; Kenya Freeman Oduor
Understanding the challenges faced during the management of data mining models BIBAFull-Text 11
  Jhilmil Jain; Ismail Ari; Jun Li
Designing dashboards for managing model lifecycle BIBAFull-Text 12
  Jhilmil Jain; Ismail Ari; Jun Li
Analysing a workflow management system: three levels of failure BIBAFull-Text 13
  Tom Gross; Samuli Pekkola
System administrator teamwork: evidence from the SAGE salary survey BIBAFull-Text 14
  Eben M. Haber