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Proceedings of ACM CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Summary)

Fullname:CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Summary)
Note:Making the Impossible Possible
Editors:Clare-Marie Karat; Arnold Lund
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:1998-Apr-18 to 1998-Apr-23
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-028-7 ACM Order Number 608985; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI98-2
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 2
    1. Student Posters: Cognition and Perception
    2. Student Posters: Virtual Reality
    3. Student Posters: CSCW
    4. Student Posters: Interaction Techniques
    5. Student Posters: Design: Applications and Approaches
    6. Student Posters: Entertainment, Health Care and Education
    7. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 2

Student Posters: Cognition and Perception

Visual Video Browsing Interfaces Using Key Frames BIBAKPDF 337-338
  Anita Komlodi; Laura Slaughter

Student Posters: Virtual Reality

A Desktop Virtual Environment Trainer Provides Superior Retention of a Spatial Assembly Skill BIBAKPDF 339-340
  David Waller; Jon Miller
Bamse-Land: A Virtual Theatre with Entertaining Agents Based on Well-Known Characters BIBAKPDF 341-342
  Peter Bohlin; Victoria Nilsson; Magdalena Siverbo
Interface Design for Inducing and Assessing Immersion in Virtual Reality BIBAKPDF 343-344
  Michael S. Miller; Deborah M. Clawson; Marc M. Sebrechts; Benjamin A. Knott

Student Posters: CSCW

The Effects of Gaze Awareness on Dialogue in a Video-Based Collaborative Manipulative Task BIBAKPDF 345-346
  Caroline Gale
Personal Space in a Virtual Community BIBAKPDF 347-348
  Phillip Jeffrey

Student Posters: Interaction Techniques

An Empirical Study of Speech and Gesture Interaction: Toward the Definition of Ergonomic Design Guidelines BIBAKPDF 349-350
  Sandrine Robbe
Wind and Wave Auditory Icons for Monitoring Continuous Processes BIBAKPDF 351-352
  Stephane Conversy
Interactive Error Repair for an Online Handwriting Interface BIBAKPDF 353-354
  Wolfgang Huerst; Jie Yang; Alex Waibel

Student Posters: Design: Applications and Approaches

Electronic Engineering Notebooks: A Study in Structuring Design Meeting Notes BIBAKPDF 355-356
  Jacek Gwizdka; Mark Fox; Mark Chignell
A Specification Paradigm for Design and Implementation of Non-WIMP User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 357-358
  Stephen A. Morrison; Robert J. K. Jacob
History-Rich Tools for Social Navigation BIBAKPDF 359-360
  Alan Wexelblat
Diaries as Family Communication Tools BIBAKPDF 361-362
  Constance Fleuriot; A John F.Meech; Peter Thomas
Hit Squads & Bug Meisters: Discovering New Artifacts for the Design of Software Supporting Collaborative Work BIBAKPDF 363-364
  Shilpa V. Shukla; Bonnie A. Nardi; David F. Redmiles
Integrating Culture into Interface Design BIBAKPDF 365-366
  Julie Khaslavsky

Student Posters: Entertainment, Health Care and Education

Tigrito: A High-Affect Virtual Toy BIBAKPDF 367-368
  Heidy Maldonado; Antoine Picard; Barbara Hayes-Roth
PACCESS: Enabling Easy Access to Radiology Images at a Hospital BIBAKPDF 369-370
  Henrik Gater

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Competitive Testing: Issues and Methodology BIBAKPDF 371
  Kristyn Greenwood; Kelly Braun; Suzy Czarkowski
HCI Solutions for Managing the Information Technology Infrastructure BIBAKPDF 372
  Thomas M. Graefe; Dennis Wixon
Making Technology Accessible for Older Users BIBAKPDF 373
  Beth Meyer; Sherry E. Mead; Wendy A. Rogers; Matthias Schneider-Hufschmidt
The SIGCHI International Issues Committee: Taking Action BIBAKPDF 374
  David G. Novick
Virtual Reality Applications in Health Care BIBAKPDF 375
  Suzanne Weghorst
The CHI Conference Review Process: Writing and Interpreting Paper Reviews BIBAKPDF 376
  Wendy E. Mackay
10 Ways to Destroy a Perfectly Good Game Idea BIBAKPDF 377
  Paul Mithra
HCI / SIGCHI Issues for Policy '98 BIBAKPDF 378
  Austin Henderson
SIG on Contextual Techniques: Real Life Experience with Contextual Techniques BIBAKPDF 379
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh R. Beyer
Bootstrap Alliance SIG: Toward Open Hyperdocument Systems BIBAKPDF 380
  Douglas C. Engelbart
Special Interest Group on Social Navigation BIBAKPDF 381
  Alan Wexelblat
SIG on Unpacking Strategic Usability: Corporate Strategy and Usability Research BIBAKPDF 382
  Stephanie Rosenbaum; Judee Humburg; Janice Rohn
Students at CHI 98 BIBAKPDF 383
  Brian D. Ehret; Marilyn C. Salzman
HCI in South America: Current Status and Future Directions BIBAKPDF 384
  Felipe Afonso de Almeida; Andre Gradvohl; Luciano Meneghetti
Captology: The Study of Computers as Persuasive Technologies BIBAKPDF 385
  BJ Fogg
SIG: Children and the Internet BIBAKPDF 386
  Debra A. Lieberman
Culture and International Software Design BIBAKPDF 387
  Julie Khaslavsky
So You Want to be a User Interface Consultant BIBAKPDF 388
  Austin Henderson; Jeff Johnson
Current Issues in Assessing and Improving Documentation Usability BIBAKPDF 389
  Laurie Kantner; Stephanie Rosenbaum
Measuring Website Usability BIBAKPDF 390
  Jared M. Spool; Tara Scanlon; Carolyn Snyder; Will Schroeder