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Proceedings of ACM CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Summary)

Fullname:CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Summary)
Note:Making the Impossible Possible
Editors:Clare-Marie Karat; Arnold Lund
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:1998-Apr-18 to 1998-Apr-23
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-028-7 ACM Order Number 608985; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI98-2
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 2
    1. Tutorials
    2. Videos
    3. Workshops

CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 2


Human-Computer Interaction: Introduction and Overview BIBAKPDF 105-106
  Keith A. Butler; Robert J. K. Jacob; Bonnie E. John
Introduction to Web Design BIBAKPDF 107-108
  Jakob Nielsen
Information Visualization Tutorial BIBAKPDF 109-110
  Nahum Gershon; Stuart Card; Stephen G. Eick
Planning and Implementing User-Centred Design BIBAKPDF 111-112
  Nigel Bevan; Ian Curson
Product Usability: Survival Techniques BIBAKPDF 113-114
  Jared M. Spool; Tara Scanlon; Carolyn Snyder
Java Based User Interface Design and Development BIBAKPDF 115-116
  Manfred Tscheligi; Verena Giller
Cognitive Factors in Design: Basic Phenomena in Human Memory and Problem Solving BIBAKPDF 117-118
  Thomas T. Hewett
CSCW, Groupware and Workflow: Experiences, State of Art, and Future Trends BIBAKPDF 119-120
  Steven Poltrock; Jonathan Grudin
Network Communities, Community Networks BIBAKPDF 121-122
  John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson
Structured Observation: Practical Methods for Understanding Users and their Work Context BIBAKPDF 123-124
  Susan M. Dray
Practical GUI Screen Design: Making It Usable BIBAKPDF 125-126
  Cliff Wilding
The Usability Engineering Lifecycle BIBAKPDF 127-128
  Deborah J. Mayhew
Metaphor Design for User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 129-130
  Aaron Marcus
Designing Speech User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 131-132
  Nicole Yankelovich; Jennifer Lai
Website Design from the Trenches BIBAKPDF 133-134
  Tom Brinck; Darren Gergle; Scott Wood
What Children Can Tell Us about Technology: The CHIkids Model of Technology Immersion BIBAKPDF 135-136
  Angela Boltman; Allison Druin; Adrian Miura
Getting Started on a Contextual Project BIBAKPDF 137-138
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh Beyer
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain BIBAPDF 139-140
  Betty Edwards
Developing Collaborative Applications On the World Wide Web BIBAKPDF 141-142
  Andreas Girgensohn; Alison Lee
The Psychology of Multimedia: Principles of Perception and Cognition BIBAKPDF 143-144
  Douglas J. Gillan
Information Visualization Advanced Interface and Web Design BIBAPDF 145-146
  Ben Shneiderman; Catherine Plaisant
Web Sites that Work: Designing with Your Eyes Open BIBAKPDF 147-148
  Jared M. Spool; Will Schroeder; Tara Scanlon; Carolyn Snyder
Contextual Design: Using Customer Work Models to Drive Systems Design BIBAKPDF 149-150
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh Beyer
The Art of the Interface: Visual Ideas, Principles and Inspiration for Interface Designers BIBAKPDF 151-152
  Suzanne Watzman
Selling Usability to Organisations: Strategies for Convincing People of the Value of Usability BIBAKPDF 153-154
  Sarah Bloomer; Rachel Croft; Susan Wolfe
Avoiding Damned Lies: Understanding Statistical Ideas BIBAKPDF 155-156
  Alan Dix
Designing Shared Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 157-158
  Andrew McGrath; Amanda Oldroyd
Distance Learning BIBAKPDF 159-160
  Lisa Neal
Applying CHI in Health Care: Domain Issues, Resources, and Requirements BIBAKPDF 161-162
  John W. Gosbee
Conceptual Design: From User Requirements to User Interface BIBAKPDF 163-164
  Kathy Potosnak
Designing User Interfaces for Television BIBAKPDF 165-166
  Dale Herigstad; Anna Wichansky
User Interface Specifications: Techniques for Conveying Design Information BIBAKPDF 167-168
  Paul McInerney
Managing Color in Interactive Systems BIBAPDF 169-170
  Mary A. Mooney
Current Issues in Web Design BIBAKPDF 171-172
  Jakob Nielsen; Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini; Erika Kindlund


ambientROOM: Integrating Ambient Media with Architectural Space BIBAKPDF 173-174
  Hiroshi Ishii; Craig Wisneski; Scott Brave; Andrew Dahley; Matt Gorbet; Brygg Ullmer; Paul Yarin
Digital Ink: A Familiar Idea with Technological Might! BIBAKPDF 175-176
  Chris Kasabach; Chris Pacione; John Stivoric; Francine Gemperle; Dan Siewiorek
BUILD-IT: A Planning Tool for Construction and Design BIBAKPDF 177-178
  Matthias Rauterberg; Morten Fjeld; Helmut Krueger; Martin Bichsel; Uwe Leonhardt; Markus Meier
The Information Periscope "I-steer" BIBAKPDF 179-180
  Junko Misawa; Junichi Osada
Digital Fukuwarai: New Game Concept Using Live Video BIBAKPDF 181-182
  Hiroshi Matoba
OLGA -- A Multimodal Interactive Information Assistant BIBAKPDF 183-184
  Olle Sundblad; Yngve Sundblad
WebTOC: A Tool to Visualize and Quantify Web Sites using a Hierarchical Table of Contents Browser BIBAKPDF 185-186
  David A. Nation
Bringing Treasures to the Surface: Previews and Overviews in a Prototype for the Library of Congress National Digital Library BIBAKPDF 187-188
  Catherine Plaisant; Gary Marchionini; Anita Komlodi
Using Elastic Windows for World-Wide Web Browsing BIBAKPDF 189-190
  Eser Kandogan; Ben Shneiderman
Semantic Highlighting BIBAKPDF 191-192
  Ali Hussam; Brian Ford; Jack Hyde; Ali Merayyan; Bill Plummer; Terry Anderson
Developing a Community Intranet: Social Practices and Technology Interventions BIBAKPDF 193-194
  Rachel Bellamy; Eileen Genevro; Stephanie Houde; Lori Leahy; Gary Young


CHI 98 Basic Research Symposium BIBAKPDF 195
  Joseph A. Konstan; Jane Siegel
Innovation and Evaluation in Information Exploration Interfaces BIBAPDF 196-197
  Gene Golovchinsky; Nicholas J. Belkin
Incorporating Work, Process and Task Analysis into Commercial and Industrial Object-Oriented Systems Development BIBAPDF 198
  John Artim; Mark van Harmelen
Innovative Interface Metaphors for Visual Media BIBAKPDF 199
  Arnd Steinmetz; Frank Nack; Nahum Gershon
Designing User Interfaces for Safety Critical Systems BIBAKPDF 200
  Philippe Palanque; Fabio Paterno; Peter Wright
From Task to Dialogue: Task-Based User Interface Design BIBAKPDF 201
  Birgit Bomsdorf; Gerd Szwillus
Hyped-Media to Hyper-Media: Toward Theoretical Foundations of Design, Use and Evaluation BIBAKPDF 202-203
  N. Hari Narayanan
The Toughest Web User Interface Challenges BIBAKPDF 204
  Richard Miller; Keith Rettig
Unpacking Strategic Usability: Corporate Strategy and Usability Research BIBAKPDF 205-206
  Stephanie Rosenbaum; Judee Humburg; Janice Rohn
Too Much of a Good Thing? Identifying and Resolving Bloat in the User Interface BIBAKPDF 207-208
  Leah Kaufman; Brad Weed
Web Navigation: Resolving Conflicts Between the Desktop and the Web BIBAKPDF 209
  Hal Shubin; Ron Perkins
Beyond Internet Business-as-Usual BIBAKPDF 210
  Markus Stolze; Patrick Steiger; Michael Good
Learner-Centered Design: Addressing, Finally, the Unique Needs of Learners BIBAPDF 211-212
  Sherry Hsi; Elliot Soloway
Trust and Accountability: Preserving Human Values in Interactional Experience BIBAKPDF 213
  Batya Friedman; Jonathan Grudin
User Interfaces for Computer-Based Patient Records BIBAKPDF 214
  Tom Brinck; Gary York