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Proceedings of ACM CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Summary)

Fullname:CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Summary)
Note:Making the Impossible Possible
Editors:Clare-Marie Karat; Arnold Lund
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:1998-Apr-18 to 1998-Apr-23
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-028-7 ACM Order Number 608985; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI98-2
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 2
    1. Demonstrations: HCI Lessons and Games
    2. Demonstrations: Avatars & Characters
    3. Demonstrations: Interaction via Play
    4. Demonstrations: Language and Object
    5. Demonstrations: Honoring our Elders
    6. Demonstrations: Dynamic Documents
    7. Demonstrations: 2D & 3D Graphics
    8. Demonstrations: Interactive Medicine
    9. Development Consortium
    10. Doctoral Consortium
    11. Panels
    12. Plenary Session: Opening
    13. Plenary Session: Health Case Application Domain
    14. Plenary Session: Entertainment Application Domain
    15. Plenary Session: Closing

CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 2

Demonstrations: HCI Lessons and Games

An Interpreted Demonstration of Computer Game Design BIBAKPDF 1-2
  Chuck Clanton

Demonstrations: Avatars & Characters

Double Agent -- Presentation and Filtering Agents for a Digital Television Recording System BIBAKPDF 3-4
  Peter Meuleman; Anita Heister; Han Kohar; Douglas Tedd
Microcosm: Support for Virtual Communities via an On-Line Graphical Environment BIBAKPDF 5-6
  Ellen A. Isaacs

Demonstrations: Interaction via Play

Evolution of the Talking Dinosaur: The (Not So) Natural History of a New Interface for Children BIBAKPDF 7-8
  Kristin Alexander; Erik Strommen
Participatory Simulations: Using Computational Objects to Learn about Dynamic Systems BIBAKPDF 9-10
  Vanessa Colella; Richard Borovoy; Mitchel Resnick

Demonstrations: Language and Object

Grammex: Defining Grammars by Example BIBAPDF 11-12
  Henry Lieberman; Bonnie A. Nardi; David Wright
IBM RealThings BIBAK 13-14
  John Mullaly

Demonstrations: Honoring our Elders

Augment, Bootstrap Communities, the Web: What Next? BIBAKPDF 15-16
  Douglas C. Engelbart
Xerox Star Live Demonstration BIBAKPDF 17
  David Canfield Smith; Charles H. Irby
The Lisa User Interface BIBAKPDF 18-19
  Frank Ludolph; Roderick Perkins

Demonstrations: Dynamic Documents

Classroom 2000: A System for Capturing and Accessing Multimedia Classroom Experiences BIBKPDF 20-21
  Gregory D. Abowd; Jason Brotherton; Janak Bhalodia
XLibris: The Active Reading Machine BIBAKPDF 22-23
  Morgan N. Price; Bill N. Schilit; Gene Golovchinsky

Demonstrations: 2D & 3D Graphics

Pegasus: A Drawing System for Rapid Geometric Design BIBAKPDF 24-25
  Takeo Igarashi; Sachiko Kawachiya; Hidehiko Tanaka; Satoshi Matsuoka
Alice: Easy to Learn Interactive 3D Graphics BIBAKPDF 26-27
  Jeffrey S. Pierce; Kevin Christiansen; Dennis Cosgrove; Matt Conway; Dan Moskowitz; Brian Stearns; Chris Sturgill; Randy Pausch

Demonstrations: Interactive Medicine

Visualizing Medical Records with LifeLines BIBAKPDF 28-29
  Catherine Plaisant; Daniel Heller; Jia Li; Ben Shneiderman; Rich Mushlin; John Karat
Incremental Improvements in Physician-Computer Interaction in Response to Clinical Needs and User Feedback BIBAKPDF 30-31
  Edward P. Cutolo; Nicholas A. Coblio; Paul McCright; Michael T. McCormick; Willard S. Harris

Development Consortium

Impediments to the Integrated Use of Computers in the Classroom BIBAKPDF 32-33
  Dean Eichorn
On Overcoming the Barriers to Computer Usage in High Schools BIBAKPDF 34-35
  Rocky Harris
Information Technology in the Czech Secondary Schools BIBAKPDF 36-37
  Bozena (Boba) Mannova
The Method of Teaching Expert Systems Used in the Manufacturing Process BIBAKPDF 38-39
  Cezary Orlowski
Activation Energy Required with Classroom Computers BIBAKPDF 40-41
  Charles Rencsok
Teaching Computers the Young and the Adults: Observations on Learning Style Differences BIBAKPDF 42-43
  Marcin Sikorski
What's in It for Kids? BIBAKPDF 44-45
  Cynthia Solomon
What is Wrong with Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC) -- An Educator's Point of View BIBAKPDF 46-47
  Peter Soreanu

Doctoral Consortium

Graphical Style Sheets: Towards Reusable Representations of Biomedical Graphics BIBAKPDF 48-49
  Ramon M. Felciano; Russ Altman
Intelligent Tutoring Systems have Forgotten the Tutor: Adding a Cognitive Model of Human Tutors BIBAKPDF 50-51
  Neil T. Heffernan
The Low-Level Cognitive Processes Involved in the Visual Search of Pull-Down Menus and Computer Screens, as Revealed by Cognitive Modeling BIBAKPDF 52-53
  Anthony J. Hornof
Toward Effective Algorithm Visualization Artifacts: Designing for Participation and Negotiation in an Undergraduate Algorithms Course BIBAKPDF 54-55
  Christopher D. Hundhausen
Computational Implications of Human Navigation in Multiscale Electronic Worlds BIBAKPDF 56-57
  Susanne Jul
Improving Gestures and Interaction Techniques for Pen-Based User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 58-59
  Allan Christian, Jr. Long
Robust, End-User Programmable, Multiple-Window Coordination BIBAKPDF 60-61
  Chris North
Designing a Programming System for Children with a Focus on Usability BIBAKPDF 62-63
  John F. Pane
About 23 Million Documents Match your query... BIBAKPDF 64-65
  Kerry Rodden
Interpreting Eye Movements with Process Models BIBAKPDF 66-67
  Dario D. Salvucci
Putting Power in the Hands of End Users: A Study of Programming by Demonstration, with an Application to Geographical Information Systems BIBAKPDF 68-69
  Carol Traynor
The Effect of Accompanying Media on Spatial Models Derived from Text BIBAKPDF 70-71
  David VanEsselstyn
Schooling in the Digital Domain: Gendered Play and Work in the Classroom Context BIBAKPDF 72-73
  Karen Orr Vered
Cultural Effects in Usability Assessment BIBAKPDF 74-75
  Alvin Yeo
Automated Visual Discourse Synthesis: Coherence, Versatility, and Interactivity BIBAKPDF 76-77
  Michelle X. Zhou


Public Information: Documents, Spectacles and the Politics of Public Participation BIBAKPDF 78-79
  Scott Minneman; S. Joy Mountford; Natalie Jeremijenko; Krzysztof Wodiczko; Anthony Turner; Mike Davis
Human-Computer Interaction in Health Care: What Works? What Doesn't? BIBAPDF 80-81
  John Karat; Janette Coble; Pamela Jamar; John Mattison; Matthew J. Orland; Jo Carol Gordon Hiatt
Intelligent Interfaces in the Real World: Progress and Success Stories BIBAKPDF 82-83
  Kelly Braun; Tony Lovell; Jim Miller; Brad Weed
Constructing Community in Cyberspace BIBAKPDF 84-85
  Mary B. Williamson; Andrew Glassner; Margaret McLaughlin; Cheryl Chase; Marc Smith
Distance Learning: Is It the End of Education as Most of Us Know It? BIBAKPDF 86-87
  Diana Laurillard; Jenny Preece; Ben Shneiderman; Lisa Neal; Yvonne Wærn
Interactive Narrative: Stepping into Our Own Stories BIBAKPDF 88-89
  Mary Flanagan; Francine Arble; Chuck Clanton; Harry Marks; Janet Murray
Good Web Design: Essential Ingredient! BIBAKPDF 90-91
  Nahum Gershon; Mary Czerwinski; Wayne Neale; Jakob Nielsen; Nick Ragouzis; David Siegel
Is the Web Really Different from Everything Else? BIBAKPDF 92-93
  Ben Shneiderman; Jakob Nielsen; Scott Butler; Michael Levi; Frederick Conrad
Famous CHI Educators Tell All BIBAKPDF 94-95
  Marian G. Williams; Andrew Sears; Alan Dix; Tom Hewett; Marilyn Mantei; Jenny Preece
Baby Faces: User-Interface Design for Small Displays BIBAKPDF 96-97
  Aaron Marcus; Joseph V. Ferrante; Timo Kinnunen; Kari Kuutti; Erik Sparre

Plenary Session: Opening

Codex, Memex, Genex: The Pursuit of Transformational Technologies BIBAKPDF 98-99
  Ben Shneiderman

Plenary Session: Health Case Application Domain

Keep No Secrets and Tell No Lies: Computer Interfaces in Clinical Care BIBAKPDF 100-101
  Michael G. Kahn; Janette Coble; Matthew Orland

Plenary Session: Entertainment Application Domain

Digital Production: Using Alien Technology BIBAKPDF 102-103
  Mark Swain

Plenary Session: Closing

Technological Humanism and Values-Driven Design BIBAKPDF 104
  Brenda Laurel