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Proceedings of ACM CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI 98 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Making the Impossible Possible
Editors:Clare-Marie Karat; Arnold Lund; Joelle Coutaz; John Karat
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:1998-Apr-18 to 1998-Apr-23
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-975-0 ACM Order Number 608981 Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-30987-4; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI98-1
Links:Conference Home Page
  1. CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 1
    1. Squeezing, Stroking and Poking
    2. Web Page Design
    3. Entertainment
    4. Crafting Designs
    5. Remote Collaboration
    6. The Eyes Have It
    7. About Faces
    8. Navigation
    9. Learner Centered Design
    10. Persuasion
    11. Reading and Writing
    12. Cognitive Models
    13. Dinosaurs and Robots
    14. 3D
    15. In Touch with Interfaces
    16. Talking on the Net
    17. Supporting the Design Process
    18. Visualizing Dynamic Information
    19. Young Adult Learners
    20. CSCW
    21. Monitoring the Complexity of Real Users
    22. Usability of Groupware
    23. Software Behind the Scenes
    24. Computer Augmented Environments
    25. Hear Here!
    26. Better Health Through...
    27. It's Elementary

CHI 1998-04-18 Volume 1

Squeezing, Stroking and Poking

NaviPoint: An Input Device for Mobile Information Browsing BIBAKPDF 1-8
  Kiyokuni Kawachiya; Hiroshi Ishikawa
The PadMouse: Facilitating Selection and Spatial Positioning for the Non-Dominant Hand BIBAKPDF 9-16
  Ravin Balakrishnan; Pranay Patel
Squeeze Me, Hold Me, Tilt Me! An Exploration of Manipulative User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 17-24
  Beverly L. Harrison; Kenneth P. Fishkin; Anuj Gujar; Carlos Mochon; Roy Want

Web Page Design

Web Page Design: Implications of Memory, Structure and Scent for Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 25-32
  Kevin Larson; Mary Czerwinski
Exploring Browser Design Trade-Offs Using a Dynamical Model of Optimal Information Foraging BIBAKPDF 33-40
  Peter Pirolli
Information Archiving with Bookmarks: Personal Web Space Construction and Organization BIBAKPDF 41-48
  David Abrams; Ron Baecker; Mark Chignell


Triangles: Tangible Interface for Manipulation and Exploration of Digital Information Topography BIBAKPDF 49-56
  Matthew G. Gorbet; Maggie Orth; Hiroshi Ishii
HandJive: A Device for Interpersonal Haptic Entertainment BIBAKPDF 57-64
  BJ Fogg; Lawrence D. Cutler; Perry Arnold; Chris Eisbach
Simplifying the Controls of an Interactive Movie Game BIBAKPDF 65-72
  Jeff Johnson

Crafting Designs

Patterns of Change in Design Metaphor: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 73-80
  William A. Stubblefield
Netscape Communicator's Collapsible Toolbars BIBAKPDF 81-86
  Irene Au; Shuang Li
A Study of Fonts Designed for Screen Display BIBAKPDF 87-94
  Dan Boyarski; Christine Neuwirth; Jodi Forlizzi; Susan Harkness Regli

Remote Collaboration

From Documents to Discourse: Shifting Conceptions of Scholarly Publishing BIBAKPDF 95-102
  Tamara Sumner; Simon Buckingham Shum
The Effects of Distance in Local versus Remote Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 103-108
  Youngme Moon
Design Evolution in a Multimedia Tutorial on User-Centered Design BIBAKPDF 109-116
  Tom Carey; Slade Mitchell; Dan Peerenboom; Mary Lytwyn

The Eyes Have It

Evaluating the Location of Hot Spots in Interactive Scenes using the 3R Toolbox BIBAKPDF 117-123
  Andre Plante; Shoji Tanaka; Seiki Inoue
Providing Advice for Multimedia Designers BIBAKPDF 124-131
  Pete Faraday; Alistair Sutcliffe
101 Spots, or How do Users Read Menus? BIBAKPDF 132-139
  Antti Aaltonen; Aulikki Hyrskykari; Kari-Jouko Raiha

About Faces

Visual Tracking for Multimodal Human Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 140-147
  Jie Yang; Rainer Stiefelhagen; Uwe Meier; Alex Waibel
When my Face is the Interface: An Experimental Comparison of Interacting with One's Own Face or Someone Else's Face BIBAKPDF 148-154
  Clifford Nass; Eun-Young Kim; Eun-Ju Lee
Digital Smart Kiosk Project BIBAKPDF 155-162
  Andrew D. Christian; Brian L. Avery


Worldlets: 3D Thumbnails for 3D Browsing BIBAKPDF 163-170
  T. Todd Elvins; David R. Nadeau; Rina Schul; David Kirsh
Evolving Video Skims into Useful Multimedia Abstractions BIBAKPDF 171-178
  Michael G. Christel; Michael A. Smith; C. Roy Taylor; David B. Winkler
Navigation Guided by Artificial Force Fields BIBAKPDF 179-186
  Dongbo Xiao; Roger Hubbold

Learner Centered Design

The Design of Guided Learner-Adaptable Scaffolding in Interactive Learning Environments BIBAKPDF 187-194
  Shari L. Jackson; Joseph Krajcik; Elliot Soloway
ARTEMIS: Learner-Centered Design of an Information Seeking Environment for K-12 Education BIBAKPDF 195-202
  Raven Wallace; Elliot Soloway; Joseph Krajcik; Nathan Bos; Joseph Hoffman; Heather Eccleston Hunter; Dan Kiskis; Elisabeth Klann; Greg Peters; David Richardson; Ofer Ronen
Building an Electronic Learning Community: From Design to Implementation BIBAKPDF 203-210
  Anne Rose; Wei Ding; Gary Marchionini; Josephus, Jr. Beale; Victor Nolet


Quantifying the Effect of User Interface Design Features on Cyberstore Traffic and Sales BIBAKPDF 211-218
  Gerald L. Lohse; Peter Spiller
Interactive Advertising: Patterns of Use and Effectiveness BIBAKPDF 219-224
  Kirsten Risden; Mary Czerwinski; Stephanie Worley; Lynda Hamilton; Joe Kubiniec; Hunter Hoffman; Nancy Mickel; Elizabeth Loftus
Persuasive Computers: Perspectives and Research Directions BIBAKPDF 225-232
  BJ Fogg

Reading and Writing

Student Readers' Use of Library Documents: Implications for Library Technologies BIBAKPDF 233-240
  Kenton O'Hara; Fiona Smith; William Newman; Abigail Sellen
A Diary Study of Work-Related Reading: Design Implications for Digital Reading Devices BIBAKPDF 241-248
  Annette Adler; Anuj Gujar; Beverly L. Harrison; Kenton O'Hara; Abigail Sellen
Beyond Paper: Supporting Active Reading with Free Form Digital Ink Annotations BIBAKPDF 249-256
  Bill N. Schilit; Gene Golovchinsky; Morgan N. Price

Cognitive Models

Bullseye! When Fitts' Law Doesn't Fit BIBAPDF 257-264
  Naomi Friedlander; Kevin Schlueter; Marilyn Mantei
Cognitive Function Analysis for Human-Centered Automation of Safety-Critical Systems BIBAKPDF 265-272
  Guy A. Boy
Delegation and Circumvention: Two Faces of Efficiency BIBAKPDF 273-280
  Suresh K. Bhavnani; Bonnie E. John

Dinosaurs and Robots

Digital Manipulatives: New Toys to Think With BIBAKPDF 281-287
  Mitchel Resnick; Fred Martin; Robert Berg; Rick Borovoy; Vanessa Colella; Kwin Kramer; Brian Silverman
When the Interface is a Talking Dinosaur: Learning Across Media with ActiMates Barney BIBAKPDF 288-295
  Erik Strommen
PRoP: Personal Roving Presence BIBAKPDF 296-303
  Eric Paulos; John Canny


Coincident Display using Haptics and Holographic Video BIBAKPDF 304-311
  Wendy Plesniak; Ravikanth Pappu
The Structure of Object Transportation and Orientation in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 312-319
  Yanqing Wang; Christine L. MacKenzie; Valerie A. Summers; Kellogg S. Booth
Quantifying Coordination in Multiple DOF Movement and its Application to Evaluating 6 DOF Input Devices BIBAKPDF 320-327
  Shumin Zhai; Paul Milgram

In Touch with Interfaces

An Efficient Text Input Method for Pen-Based Computers BIBAKPDF 328-335
  Toshiyuki Masui
A Comparison of Three Selection Techniques for Touchpads BIBAKPDF 336-343
  I. Scott MacKenzie; Aleks Oniszczak
A Multiple Device Approach for Supporting Whiteboard-Based Interactions BIBAKPDF 344-351
  Jun Rekimoto

Talking on the Net

The First Noble Truth of CyberSpace: People are People (Even When They MOO) BIBAKPDF 352-359
  Diane J. Schiano; Sean White
Are Newsgroups Virtual Communities? BIBAKPDF 360-367
  Teresa L. Roberts
Communication and Information: Alternative Uses of the Internet in Households BIBAKPDF 368-375
  Robert Kraut; Tridas Mukhopadhyay; Janusz Szczypula; Sara Kiesler; William Scherlis

Supporting the Design Process

The Vista Environment for the Coevolutinary Design of User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 376-383
  Judy Brown; T. C. Nicholas Graham; Timothy Wright
Tools for Incremental Development of Educational Software Interfaces BIBAKPDF 384-391
  Wolff Daniel Dobson; Christopher K. Riesbeck
Visual Task Characterization for Automated Visual Discourse Synthesis BIBAKPDF 392-399
  Michelle X. Zhou; Steven K. Feiner

Visualizing Dynamic Information

Visualizing the Evolution of Web Ecologies BIBAKPDF 400-407
  Ed H. Chi; James Pitkow; Jock Mackinlay; Peter Pirolli; Rich Gossweiler; Stuart K. Card
Hi-Cites: Dynamically Created Citations with Active Highlighting BIBAKPDF 408-415
  Michelle Q. Wang Baldonado; Terry Winograd
DIVA: Exploratory Data Analysis with Multimedia Streams BIBAKPDF 416-423
  Wendy E. Mackay; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon

Young Adult Learners

National Geographic Unplugged: Classroom-Centered Design of Interactive Nature Films BIBAKPDF 424-431
  Brian K. Smith; Brian J. Reiser
New Media, New Practices: Experiences in Open Learning Course Design BIBAKPDF 432-439
  Tamara Sumner; Josie Taylor
Investigating the Capture, Integration and Access Problem of Ubiquitous Computing in an Educational Setting BIBAKPDF 440-447
  Gregory D. Abowd; Christopher G. Atkeson; Jason Brotherton; Tommy Enqvist; Paul Gulley; Johan LeMon


Finding and Visualizing Inter-Site Clan Graphs BIBAKPDF 448-455
  Loren Terveen; Will Hill
Effects of Interfaces for Annotation on Communication in a Collaborative Task BIBAKPDF 456-463
  Patricia G. Wojahn; Christine M. Neuwirth; Barbara Bullock
Awareness Driven Video Quality of Service in Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 464-471
  Gail Reynard; Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh; Christian Heath

Monitoring the Complexity of Real Users

Supporting Situated Actions in High Volume Conversational Data Situations BIBAKPDF 472-479
  Christopher Lueg
Hear Rate Variability: Indicator of User State as an Aid to Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 480-487
  Dennis W. Rowe; John Sibert; Don Irwin
Evolution of the Conversation Machine: A Case Study of Bringing Advanced Technology to the Marketplace BIBAKPDF 488-495
  Catherine G. Wolf; Wlodek Zadrozny

Usability of Groupware

Trust Breaks Down in Electronic Contexts but Can be Repaired by Some Initial Face-to-Face Contact BIBAKPDF 496-502
  Elena Rocco
Expertise, Collaboration and Bandwidth BIBAKPDF 503-510
  Alonso H. Vera; Thomas Kvan; Robert L. West; Simon Lai
Effects of Awareness Support on Groupware Usability BIBAKPDF 511-518
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg

Software Behind the Scenes

Composing Magic Lenses BIBAKPDF 519-525
  David Fox
Generalized Pointing: Enabling Multiagent Interaction BIBAPDF 526-533
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Daniel Boyarski; Thom Verratti; Matthew Phelps; Jack L. Moffett; Edson L. Lo
Scripting Graphical Applications by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 534-541
  Brad A. Myers

Computer Augmented Environments

Illuminating Light: An Optical Design Tool with a Luminous-Tangible Interface BIBAKPDF 542-549
  John Underkoffler; Hiroshi Ishii
Insight Lab: An Immersive Team Environment Linking Paper, Displays, and Data BIBAKPDF 550-557
  Beth M. Lange; Mark A. Jones; James L. Meyers
Reinventing the Familiar: Exploring an Augmented Reality Design Space for Air Traffic Control BIBAKPDF 558-565
  Wendy E. Mackay; Anne-Laure Fayard; Laurent Frobert; Lionel Medini

Hear Here!

Designing Audio Aura BIBAKPDF 566-573
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Maribeth Back; Roy Want; Michael Baer; Jason B. Ellis
Communicating Graphical Information to Blind Users Using Music: The Role of Context BIBAKPDF 574-581
  James L. Alty; Dimitrios I. Rigas
What can I Say?: Evaluating a Spoken Language Interface to Email BIBAKPDF 582-589
  Marilyn A. Walker; Jeanne Fromer; Giuseppe Di Fabbrizio; Craig Mestel; Don Hindle

Better Health Through...

Device Design Methodology for Trauma Applications BIBAKPDF 590-594
  Diane S. Brown; Susan Motte
Voice-Enabled Structured Medical Reporting BIBAKPDF 595-602
  Mary-Marshall Teel; Rachael Sokolowski; David Rosenthal; Matt Belge
Interactive Storytelling Environments: Coping with Cardiac Illness at Boston's Children's Hospital BIBAKPDF 603-610
  Marina Umaschi Bers; Edith Ackermann; Justine Cassell; Beth Donegan; Joseph Gonzalez-Heydrich; David Ray DeMaso; Carol Strohecker; Sarah Lualdi; Dennis Bromley; Judith Karlin

It's Elementary

Progressive Design: Staged Evolution of Scenarios in the Design of a Collaborative Science Learning Environment BIBAKPDF 611-618
  George, Jr. Chin; Mary Beth Rosson
Adapting User Interface Design Methods to the Design of Educational Activities BIBAKPDF 619-626
  Clayton Lewis; Cathy Brand; Gina Cherry; Cyndi Rader
The Progress Portfolio: Designing Reflective Tools for a Classroom Context BIBAKPDF 627-634
  Ben Loh; Josh Radinsky; Eric Russell; Louis M. Gomez; Brian J. Reiser; Daniel C. Edelson