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Proceedings of ACM CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Extended Abstracts of CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Looking to the Future
Editors:Steven Pemberton
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:1997-Mar-22 to 1997-Mar-27
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-926-2 ACM Order Number 608975; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI97-2
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 2
    2. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Collaborative Work
    3. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Information Retrieval
    4. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Interaction Design Strategies
    7. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: User Studies
    8. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Visualization
    9. SHORT DEMONSTRATIONS: Design, Techniques and Applications
    10. SHORT TALKS: Usability
    11. SHORT TALKS: Browsing and Navigation
    12. SHORT TALKS: Input Devices
    13. SHORT TALKS: Virtual Communities and Virtual Reality
    14. SHORT TALKS: A Melange
    15. SHORT TALKS: The Web and 3D
    16. SHORT TALKS: Interaction Design
    17. SHORT TALKS: Devices

CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 2


CollageMachine: Temporality and Indeterminacy in Media Browsing via Interface Ecology BIBAKHTML 238-239
  Andruid Kerne


The Influences of Communication Media and Decision-Making Technique on Team Decision Outcomes: A Critical Assessment of the Stepladder Approach BIBAKHTML 240-241
  Lori L. Foster; Michael D. Coovert
Criteria for Effective Groupware 2 BIBAKHTML 242-243
  Mioko Ambe; Andrew Monk
Integrating Tools into the Classroom BIBAKHTML 244-245
  Roland Hubscher; Sadhana Puntambekar; Mark Guzdial; Janet L. Kolodner
A Prototype Design Tool for Participants in Graphical Multiuser Environments BIBAK 246-247
  Carol Strohecker; Barbara Barros

INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Information Retrieval

Synchronized Retrieval of Recorded Multimedia Data BIBAKHTML 248-249
  Yukihiro Kawamata; Kimiya Yamaashi; Masayasu Futakawa

INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Interaction Design Strategies

Beyond Fitts' Law: Models for Trajectory-Based HCI Tasks BIBAKHTML 250
  Johnny Accot; Shumin Zhai


AnchoredDisplays: The Web on Walls BIBAKHTML 251-252
  Manish Tuteja
Magazines and Electronic Information Web Channels -- The Reader's Point of View BIBAKHTML 253-254
  Fredrik Carleson; Torbjorn Lundberg; Hans Nassla


Usability Testing of System Status Displays for Army Missile Defense BIBAKHTML 255-256
  Michael Perrin; Bobby Ford; Dick Steinberg


Comparison of Display Methods in Online Help BIBAKHTML 257-258
  Lori A. Caldwell; Thomas S. Tullis; Ana Pons
Designating Required vs. Optional Input Fields BIBAKHTML 259-260
  Thomas S. Tullis; Ana Pons
Participatory Adaptation BIBAKHTML 261-262
  Elizabeth Sklar Rozier; Richard Alterman


Focus+Context Visualization with Flip Zooming and the Zoom Browser BIBAKHTML 263-264
  Lars Erik Holmquist
Mind Maps and Causal Models: Using Graphical Representations of Field Research Data BIBAKHTML 265-266
  David R. Millen; Audrey Schriefer; Diane Z. Lehder; Susan M. Dray

SHORT DEMONSTRATIONS: Design, Techniques and Applications

Learning about User-Centered Design: A Multimedia Case Study Tutorial BIBAKHTML 267-268
  T. T. Carey; D. S. Peerenboom; M. N. Lytwyn
Kinetic Typography: Issues in Time-Based Presentation of Text BIBAK 269-270
  Shannon Ford; Jodi Forlizzi; Suguru Ishizaki
Computer Assisted Foundations -- Interactive Design Problems BIBAK 271-272
  Patricia Nelson; Barbara Giorgio Booher; Loren Mork
CollageMachine: Temporality and Indeterminacy in Media Browsing via Interface Ecology BIBAKHTML 273-274
  Andruid Kerne
The RISE Platform: Supporting Social Interaction for On-Line Education BIBAKHTML 275-276
  Phil Smythe; Michael Gardner
The Magic Carpet: Physical Sensing for Immersive Environments BIBAKHTML 277-278
  Joseph Paradiso; Craig Abler; Kai-yuh Hsiao; Matthew Reynolds

SHORT TALKS: Usability

Window Navigation With and Without Animation: A Comparison of Scroll Bars, Zoom, and Fisheye View BIBAKHTML 279-280
  Misha Donskoy; Victor Kaptelinin
From the Flashing 12:00 to a Usable Machine: Applying UbiComp to the VCR BIBAKHTML 281-282
  Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Emotional Usability of Customer Interfaces -- Focusing on Cyber Banking System Interfaces BIBAKHTML 283-284
  Jinwoo Kim; Jae Yun Moon
World Wide Web as Usability Tester, Collector, Recruiter BIBAKHTML 285-286
  Christopher (Blade) Kotelly
Creating Organization-Specific Usability Guidelines BIBAKHTML 287-288
  Scott Henninger
Notes on a Pattern Language for Interactive Usability BIBAKHTML 289-290
  George Casaday

SHORT TALKS: Browsing and Navigation

Effective Product Selection in Electronic Catalogs BIBAKHTML 291-292
  Patrick Steiger; Markus Stolze
Integration of Browsing, Searching, and Filtering in an Applet for Web Information Access BIBAKHTML 293-294
  Kent Wittenburg; Eric Sigman
Age Group Differences in World Wide Web Navigation BIBAKHTML 295-296
  Beth Meyer; Richard A. Sit; Victoria A. Spaulding; Sherry E. Mead; Neff Walker
CollageMachine: Temporality and Indeterminacy in Media Browsing via Interface Ecology BIBAKHTML 297-298
  Andruid Kerne
The Neighborhood Viewer: A Paradigm for Exploring Image Databases BIBAKHTML 299-300
  John V. Carlis; Alex Safonov; Douglas Perrin; Joseph A. Konstan
Searching and Browsing Text Collections with Large Category Hierarchies BIBAKHTML 301-302
  Marti A. Hearst; Chandu Karandi

SHORT TALKS: Input Devices

A Two-Ball Mouse Affords Three Degrees of Freedom BIBAKHTML 303-304
  I. Scott MacKenzie; R. William Soukoreff; Chris Pal
Dual Stream Input for Pointing and Scrolling BIBAKHTML 305-306
  Shumin Zhai; Barton A. Smith; Ted Selker
Easy Tactile Feedback in Bargain Basement Prices BIBAKHTML 307-308
  Naomi Friedlander; Kevin Schlueter; Marilyn M. Mantei
The Tactile Touchpad BIBAKHTML 309-310
  I. Scott MacKenzie; Aleks Oniszczak
Possibilities for the Digital Baton as a General-Purpose Gestural Interface BIBAKHTML 311-312
  Teresa Marrin
Support for Cooperatively Controlled Objects in Multimedia Applications BIBAKHTML 313-314
  Lauren J. Bricker; Marla J. Baker; Steven L. Tanimoto

SHORT TALKS: Virtual Communities and Virtual Reality

Video Matters! When Communication Ability is Stressed, Video Helps BIBAKHTML 315-316
  Elizabeth S. Veinott; Judith S. Olson; Gary M. Olson; Xiaolan Fu
HyperMirror: A Video-Mediated Communication System BIBAKHTML 317-318
  Osamu Morikawa; Takanori Maesako
Sensing Activity in Video Images BIBAKHTML 319-320
  Alison Lee; Kevin Schlueter; Andreas Girgensohn
Prototyping Supermarket Designs Using Virtual Reality BIBAKHTML 321-322
  Charles van der Mast; Martin van den Berg
LogiMOO: A Multi-User Virtual World with Agents and Natural Language Programming BIBAKHTML 323-324
  Paul Tarau; Veronica Dahl; Stephen Rochefort; Koen de Bosschere
Does Immersion Make a Virtual Environment More Usable? BIBAKHTML 325-326
  Casey Boyd


WANDS: Tools for Designing and Testing Distributed Documents BIBAKHTML 327-328
  Andrew Sears; Michael S. Borella
Interfaces for Advanced Manufacturing Technology BIBAKHTML 329-330
  Michelle Vazquez; Marc L. Resnick
How Users Reciprocate to Computers: An Experiment that Demonstrates Behavior Change BIBAKHTML 331-332
  BJ Fogg; Clifford Nass
LICAI+: A Comprehension-Based Model of Learning for Display-Based Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKHTML 333-334
  Muneo Kitajima; Peter G. Polson
Leave the Office, Bring Your Colleagues: Design Solutions for Mobile Teamworkers BIBAKHTML 335-336
  Ivan Bretain; Leif Fredin; Walter Frost; Leif-Rune Hedman; Per Kroon; Scott McGlashan; Eva-Lotta Sallnas; Markku Virtanen
An Automatic Method for Arranging Symbols and Widgets to Reflect their Internal Relations BIBAKHTML 337-338
  Johan Hagman

SHORT TALKS: The Web and 3D

A Method for Graphical Input on the WWW BIBAKHTML 339-340
  Lesley M. Parks; Ernest A. Edmonds
How People Use WWW Bookmarks BIBAKHTML 341-342
  David Abrams; Ron Baecker
Internet Scrapbook: Creating Personalized World Wide Web Pages BIBAKHTML 343-344
  Atsushi Sugiura; Yoshiyuki Koseki
3D Object Recognition with Motion BIBAKHTML 345-346
  Geoffrey S. Hubona; Gregory W. Shirah; David W. Fout
Overlaying Motion, Time and Distance in 3-Space BIBAKHTML 347-348
  Mike Pell
Object Manipulation in Virtual Environments: Human Bias, Consistency and Individual Differences BIBAKHTML 349-350
  Yanqing Wang; Christine L. MacKenzie; Valerie A. Summers

SHORT TALKS: Interaction Design

Responsive Graphs: Understanding Engineering Concepts Through Interactive Experience BIBAKHTML 351-352
  Eviatar Shafrir; Lee Smith
Internet Delay Effects: How Users Perceive Quality, Organization, and Ease of Use of Information BIBAKHTML 353-354
  Andrew Sears; Julie A. Jacko; Michael S. Borella
Model-Based Design of Hypermedia Presentations BIBAKHTML 355-356
  N. Hari Narayanan; Mary Hegarty
Billow: Networked Hospital Playspace for Children BIBAKHTML 357-358
  Teri Rueb; John Wardzala; Jessica Millstone
Rosebud: Technological Toys for Storytelling BIBAKHTML 359-360
  Jennifer W. Glos; Justine Cassell
The Pillow: Artist-Designers in the Digital Age BIBAKHTML 361-362
  Anthony Dunne; William W. Gaver


inTouch: A Medium for Haptic Interpersonal Communication BIBAKHTML 363-364
  Scott Brave; Andrew Dahley
BIOculars: A Virtual Ecosystem for Wilderness Parks BIBAKHTML 365-366
  Kiersten Muenchinger; Jon Lindsay; John Morkes; Connie Chiueh; John Russell; Tony Vastola
Design of Spatially Aware Graspable Displays BIBAKHTML 367-368
  David Small; Hiroshi Ishii
The Strategy for Selecting a Minute Target and the Minute Maximum Value on a Pen-Based Computer BIBAKHTML 369-370
  Xizngshi Ren; Shinji Moriya
The Bed: A Medium for Intimate Communication BIBAKHTML 371-372
  Chris Dodge