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Proceedings of ACM CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Extended Abstracts of CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Looking to the Future
Editors:Steven Pemberton
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:1997-Mar-22 to 1997-Mar-27
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-926-2 ACM Order Number 608975; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI97-2
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 2
    1. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
    2. Tutorials
    3. Formal Video Program
    4. Workshops

CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 2

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Evaluation -- Methodology for Telematic Application Systems: Quality for Users and Context BIBKHTML 121
  J. H. Erik Andriessen; Bert Arnold
Corporate Pioneers Part II -- Lessons Learned: Introducing and Promoting Usability Testing in a Corporate Environment BIBKHTML 122
  James Geyerman
The HCI Educator's Open House: Exchanging Resources, Delivery Formats, Learning Strategies and Future Concerns BIBKHTML 123
  Laurie P. Dringus; Maxine S. Cohen
Visual Interaction Design: Designing the Quality Experience BIBKHTML 124
  Shannon Ford; Dan Boyarski
Measuring Website Usability BIBKHTML 125
  Jared M. Spool; Tara Scanlon
ACM SIGCHI Information Infrastructure BIBAHTML 126
  Gary Perlman; Keith Instone
Managing the Information Technology Infrastructure: HCI Design for Network and System Management Applications BIBKHTML 127
  Thomas M. Graefe; Dennis Wixon
Visual Interaction Design BIBKHTML 128
  Loretta Staples
Captology: The Study of Computers as Persuasive Technologies BIBKHTML 129
  BJ Fogg
Students at CHI BIBKHTML 130
  Michael Byrne; Stacie Hibino
Improving International Communication and Cooperation in SIGCHI BIBKHTML 131
  David G. Novick; John Karat; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
End-User Computing BIBKHTML 132
  Howie Goodell
Usability and Requirements: What Role can Usability Professionals Play in Requirements Definition? BIBKHTML 133
  Elizabeth Muncher
The Amulet User Interface Development Environment (SIG) BIBKHTML 134
  Brad A. Myers
Art and Design Student Demos BIBKHTML 135
  Gillian Crampton Smith; Dan Boyarski
Contextual Techniques: Seeing Design Implications in Data BIBKHTML 136
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh Beyer
Current Issues in Assessing and Improving Documentation Usability BIBKHTML 137
  Stephanie Rosenbaum; Laurie Kantner


Human-Computer Interaction: Introduction and Overview BIBAKHTML 138-139
  Keith A. Butler; Robert J. K. Jacob
User Interface Design for the WWW BIBAKHTML 140-141
  Jakob Nielsen
Cognitive Factors in Design: Basic Phenomena in Human Memory and Problem Solving BIBAKHTML 142-143
  Thomas T. Hewett
Developing Collaborative Applications Using the World Wide Web "Shell" BIBAKHTML 144-145
  Alison Lee; Andreas Girgensohn
Designing Icons and Visual Symbols BIBAHTML 146-147
  William Horton
Digital Storytelling and Computer Game Design BIBAKHTML 148-149
  Thom Gillespie
Spoken Dialogue Interfaces BIBAKHTML 150-151
  Susann LuperFoy
Wizards, Coaches, Advisors, and More: A Performance Support Primer BIBAKHTML 152-153
  Karen L. McGraw; Bruce A. McGraw
Product Usability: Survival Techniques BIBAKHTML 154-155
  Jared M. Spool; Tara Scanlon; Carolyn Snyder
Strategic Usability: Introducing Usability into Organisations BIBAKHTML 156-157
  Sarah Bloomer; Rachel Croft; Helen Kieboom
Activity Theory: Basic Concepts and Applications BIBAKHTML 158-159
  Victor Kaptelinin; Bonnie A. Nardi
Designing User Interfaces from Analyses of Users' Tasks BIBAKHTML 160-161
  Peter Johnson; Stephanie Wilson; Hilary Johnson
Color and Type in Information Design BIBAHTML 162-163
  Charles A. Poynton; Mary Mooney
Getting Started on a Contextual Project BIBAKHTML 164-165
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh Beyer
Introduction to Design Ethnography BIBAKHTML 166-167
  Tony Salvador; Michael Mateas
Practical Usability Evaluation BIBAKHTML 168-169
  Gary Perlman
Designing Usable and Visually Appealing Web Sites BIBHTML 170-171
  Wayne Neale; Cindy McCombe
Metaphor Design in User Interfaces: How to Manage Expectation, Surprise, Comprehension, and Delight Effectively BIBAKHTML 172-173
  Aaron Marcus
Interacting and Designing in Virtual Worlds on the Internet BIBAKHTML 174-175
  Bruce Damer
Practical User Interface Design: Developing within Real-World Constraints BIBAKHTML 176-177
  Debra Herschmann
Managing the Design of the User Interface BIBAKHTML 178-179
  Deborah J. Mayhew
Interviewing Customers: Discovering What They Can't Tell You BIBAKHTML 180-181
  Ellen A. Isaacs
Structured Observation: Practical Methods for Understanding Users and Their Work Context BIBAKHTML 182-183
  Susan M. Dray
Contextual Design: Using Customer Work Models to Drive Systems Design BIBAKHTML 184-185
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh Beyer
OVID: Object View and Interaction Design BIBAKHTML 186-187
  Richard Berry; Scott Isensee; Dave Roberts
Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain BIBAHTML 188-189
  Betty Edwards
Multimedia Visual Interface Design BIBAKHTML 190-191
  Susan E. Metros; John G. Hedberg
Social and Natural Interfaces: Theory and Design BIBAKHTML 192-193
  Clifford Nass; Byron Reeves
Software Agents BIBAKHTML 194-195
  Marc Millier
Information Visualization BIBAKHTML 196-197
  Nahum Gershon; Stuart Card; Stephen G. Eick
Creating Conversational Interfaces for Interactive Software Agents BIBAKHTML 198-199
  Tandy Trower
Java-Based User Interface Development BIBAKHTML 200-201
  Ian Smith

Formal Video Program

Query Previews in Networked Information Systems: the Case of EOSDIS BIBKHTML 202-203
  Catherine Plaisant; Tom Bruns; Ben Shneiderman; Khoa Doan
Distributed Applets BIBAKHTML 204-205
  Marc H. Brown; Marc A. Najork
WebCard = Email + News + WWW BIBAHTML 206-207
  Marc H. Brown
A Tour of Teamrooms BIBAKHTML 208-209
  Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg
The Collaboratory: a Virtual, Collaborative Learning Environment BIBAKHTML 210-211
  Andy Cargile
A GUI Paradigm Using Tablets, Two-hands and Transparency BIBAKHTML 212-213
  George Fitzmaurice; Thomas Baudel; Gordon Kurtenbach; Bill Buxton
The Amulet User Interface Development Environment (Video) BIBKHTML 214-215
  Brad A. Myers; Richard G. McDaniel; Robert C. Miller; Alan Ferrency; Ellen Borison; Andrew Faulring; Andy Mickish; Patrick Doane; Alex Klimovitski
Technology at Home: A Digital Personal Scale BIBAKHTML 216-217
  Sigi Moeslinger
An Animated Direct-Manipulation Interface to Digital Library Services BIBAKHTML 218-219
  Steve B. Cousins; Ken Pier


Basic Research Symposium BIBAHTML 220
  Susanne Jul; Leon Watts
Ubiquitous Computing: The Impact on Future Interaction Paradigms and HCI Research BIBKHTML 221-222
  Gregory D. Abowd; Bill N. Schilit
Research Issues in Wearable Computers BIBKHTML 223
  Len Bass; Dan Siewiorek; Steve Mann; Chris Thompson
Design Strategies & Methods in Interaction Design: The Past, Present, and Future BIBAKHTML 224-225
  Richard Branham; Alp Tiritoglu
Putting It All Together: Pattern Languages for Interaction Design BIBAHTML 226
  Thomas Erickson; John Thomas
Usability Testing of World Wide Web Sites BIBKHTMLWeb Page 227
  Michael D. Levi; Frederick G. Conrad
Augmented Conceptual Analysis of the Web BIBKHTML 228
  Wendy A. Kellogg; Jakob Nielsen
Cognitive and Software Solutions for Computer-related Anxiety BIBAKHTML 229
  Judith Ramsay; Richard Jacques
Navigation in Electronic Worlds BIBAKHTML 230
  George Furnas; Susanne Jul
Entertainment is a Human Factor: Game Design and HCI BIBKHTML 231
  Chuck Clanton; Lynn Cherny; Erik Ostrom
Object-Oriented Model in User Interface Design BIBAHTML 232
  Mark van Harmelen; Bernard Horan
Interactive Systems for Supporting the Emergence of Concepts and Ideas BIBAKHTML 233
  Ernest A. Edmonds; Thomas P. Moran
HCI Research and Practice Agenda Based on Human Needs and Social Responsibility BIBAHTML 234
  Michael J. Muller; Cathleen Wharton
Testing for Power Usability BIBKHTML 235
  Keith S. Karn; Thomas J. Perry; Marc J. Krolczyk
Speech User Interface Design Challenges BIBKHTML 236
  Susan Boyce; Amir Mane; Demetrios Karis; Nicole Yankelovich
Awareness in Collaborative Systems BIBKHTML 237
  Susan E. McDaniel; Tom Brinck