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Proceedings of ACM CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Extended Abstracts of CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Looking to the Future
Editors:Steven Pemberton
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:1997-Mar-22 to 1997-Mar-27
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-926-2 ACM Order Number 608975; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI97-2
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 2
    1. DEMONSTRATIONS: Intelligent Systems
    2. DEMONSTRATIONS: In Search of the Right Visualization Techniques
    3. DEMONSTRATIONS: Virtual Worlds and Reality
    4. DEMONSTRATIONS: Visualization for Exploration
    5. DEMONSTRATIONS: Computers for Young Adults
    6. DEMONSTRATIONS: Programming with Less Programming
    7. DEMONSTRATIONS: Wearable Computers
    8. DEMONSTRATIONS: Auditory Output
    9. DEMONSTRATIONS: Visual Techniques for Image Retrieval
    10. DEMONSTRATIONS: Future Home Studies
    14. PANELS

CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 2

DEMONSTRATIONS: Intelligent Systems

Artificial Intelligence Techniques in the Interface to a Digital Video Library BIBAKHTML 2-3
  Alexander G. Hauptmann; Michael J. Witbrock; Michael G. Christel
MOBI-D: A Model-Based Development Environment for User-Centered Design BIBAKHTML 4-5
  Angel R. Puerta; David Maulsby

DEMONSTRATIONS: In Search of the Right Visualization Techniques

Conversational Awareness in Multiparty VMC BIBAKHTML 6-7
  Roel Vertegaal
An Environment that Integrates Flying and Fish Tank Metaphors BIBAHTMLWeb Page 8-9
  Dan Fleet; Colin Ware

DEMONSTRATIONS: Virtual Worlds and Reality

Demonstrations and Guided Tours of Virtual Worlds on the Internet BIBAKHTML 10-11
  Bruce Damer
Alice Sat Here BIBAKHTML 12-13
  Emily Hartzell; Nina Sobell

DEMONSTRATIONS: Visualization for Exploration

Exploring Search Results with Envision BIBAKHTML 14-15
  Lucy Terry Nowell; Robert K. France; Deborah Hix
Knowledge-Based Support for Visual Exploration of Spatial Data BIBAKHTML 16-17
  Gennady L. Andrienko; Nathalia V. Andrienko

DEMONSTRATIONS: Computers for Young Adults

Interactive Ethnography: Digital Photography at Lincoln High School BIBAKHTML 18-19
  Bonnie A. Nardi; Brian Reilly
Soft Toys with Computer Hearts: Building Personal Storytelling Environments BIBAKHTML 20-21
  Marina Umaschi
Merging the Benefits of Paper Notebooks with the Power of Computers in Dynomite BIBAKHTML 22-23
  Bill N. Schilit; Lynn D. Wilcox; Nitin "Nick" Sawhney

DEMONSTRATIONS: Programming with Less Programming

Supporting Student-Built Algorithm Animation as a Pedagogical Tool BIBAKHTML 24-25
  John T. Stasko
The Agentsheets Behavior Exchange: Supporting Social Behavior Processing BIBAKHTML 26-27
  Alexander Repenning; James Ambach

DEMONSTRATIONS: Wearable Computers

"Eudaemonic Eye;" "Personal Imaging" and Wearable Computing as a Result of Deconstructing HCI; towards Greater Creativity and Self-Determination BIBAKHTML 28-29
  Steve Mann


Using Music as a Communication Medium BIBAKHTML 30-31
  James Alty; Paul Vickers; Dimitros Rigas

DEMONSTRATIONS: Visual Techniques for Image Retrieval

IFQ: A Visual Query Interface for Object-Based Image Retrieval BIBKHTML 32-33
  Wen-Syan Li; K. Selcuk Candan; Kyoji Hirata; Yoshinori Hara
Depictive Interaction with Visual Information Using Sketches -- DIVIUS BIBAKHTML 34-35
  Andree Woodcock; Stephen A. R. Scrivener; M. W. Lansdale

DEMONSTRATIONS: Future Home Studies

Access for All: HEPHAISTOS -- A Personal Home Assistant BIBAKHTML 36-37
  Michael Burmester; Joachim Machate; Jochen Klein
Mediators: Guides through Online TV Services BIBAKHTML 38-39
  Han Kohar; Ian Ginn


Research Issues in Intelligent Data Visualisation for Exploration and Communication BIBAKHTML 40-41
  Gennady L. Andrienko; Nathalia V. Andrienko
An Approach to Evaluation of Software Visualization BIBAKHTML 42
  Vladimir L. Averbukh; Alexandr V. Konovalov; Vladislav V. Vorzopov
Multiagents Based Modelling in Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 43-44
  Dorian Gorgan
Transferring Usability Engineering to Software Houses: Some Practical Experiences BIBAKHTML 45-46
  Marcin Sikorski
HCI in the Czech Republic BIBAKHTML 47-48
  Pavel Slavik
Hypermedia Extension Based on Recursive Abstractions BIBAKHTML 49-50
  Vladislav Valkovsky; Dmitry Krechman; Igor Nikiforov; Dmitry Chenosov


Displayless Interface Access to Spatial Data: Effects on Speaker Prosodics BIBAKHTML 51-52
  Julie Baca
Enhancement of Communicative Presence in Desktop Video Conferencing Systems BIBAKHTML 53-54
  Alessandro Barabesi
Representation Without Taxation: What Makes GUI Good BIBAKHTML 55-56
  Brian D. Ehret
Accounting for Individual Differences Through GAMES: Guided Adaptive Multimedia Editing System BIBAKHTML 57-58
  Bernd Gutkauf
Learning for Usability: An Explorative Study of Qualities in Use BIBAKHTML 59-60
  Stefan Holmlid
Computer Aided Creativity and Multicriteria Optimization in Design BIBAKHTML 61-62
  Denis Lalanne
The Multimodal GUI: Developing Auditory Cues as Tools for Performance and Usability BIBAKHTML 63-64
  La Tondra A. Murray
Graphical Encoding in Information Visualization BIBAKHTML 65-66
  Lucy Terry Nowell
Groupware Adoption & Adaptation BIBAKHTML 67-68
  Leysia Ann Palen
The Use of Declarative and Procedural Knowledge in Intelligent Navigation Displays BIBAKHTML 69-70
  Brian H. Philips
Single Display Groupware BIBAKHTML 71-72
  Jason E. Stewart
Evaluating Real-Time Multimedia Audio and Video Quality BIBAKHTML 73-74
  Anna Watson


HCI at the University of Michigan's School of Information BIBAKHTML 75-76
  Gary M. Olson; Judith S. Olson; George Furnas; Elliot Soloway; Daniel E. Atkins
Introducing Usability at London Life Insurance Company BIBAKHTML 77-78
  Brenda Kerton
Multimodal Human Computer Interaction Research at Toshiba Research and Development Center BIBAKHTML 79-80
  Yoichi Takebayashi; Miwako Doi
HCI at Trilogy: Bringing the Design Stance to a Startup BIBAKHTML 81-82
  J. Epstein; E. Loh; J. Marks; J. Lilly
The NCR Human Interface Technology Center BIBAKHTML 83-84
  Thomas J. MacTavish; Richard L. Henneman
0 to 50 in 4 Years: CUIS at Boeing BIBAKHTML 85-86
  Kevin Neher; Randy Worsech
The Founding of the Netscape User Experience Group BIBAKHTML 87-88
  Tony Fernandes
HCI Education & Research at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez BIBAKHTML 89-90
  Jose A. Borges; Manuel A. Perez-Quinones; Nestor J. Rodriguez
Human Interface Design at Fidelity Investments BIBAKHTML 91-92
  Thomas S. Tullis
The User-Centered Globalization Group at AT&T BIBAKHTML 93-94
  Maria Gabriela Alvarez; Nuray Aykin; Diane Z. Lehder
Usability Services at Compuware-Madison: Bringing Usability to Data Processing BIBAKHTML 95-96
  Julie Nowicki; Shawn Lawton Henry
Hypermedia Research at C&C Research Labs, NEC USA BIBAKHTML 97-98
  Yoshinori Hara; Kojiro Watanabe


Design v. Computing: Debating the Future of Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKHTML 99-100
  Tony Salvador; Dan Boyarski; Paul Dourish; Jim Faris; Wendy Kellogg; Terry Winograd
Transferring a Designed User Experience to Product BIBAKHTML 101-102
  Gitta Salomon; Chris Edwards; Hector Moll-Carrillo; Kevin Mullet; Laura Teodosio
Web Interfaces Live: What's Hot, What's Not? BIBAKHTML 103-104
  Keith Instone; Mary Czerwinski; S. Joy Mountford; Jakob Nielsen; Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini
Intelligent Software Agents vs. User-Controlled Direct Manipulation: A Debate BIBAKHTML 105-106
  Jim Miller; Pattie Maes; Ben Shneiderman
Telework: When Your Job is on the Line BIBAKHTML 107-108
  Jean C. Scholtz; Victoria Bellotti; Jenny DeGroot; Tom Erickson; Arnold Lund; Leslie Schirra
None of the Above: What's Really Essential in HCI Education? BIBAKHTML 109-110
  Andrew Sears; Marian Williams; Jean B. Gasen; Tom Hewett; John Karat; Gail McLaughlin
Computers, Kids, and Creativity: What Does the Future Hold? BIBAKHTML 111-112
  Allison Druin; David Smith; Jordana Huchital; Michael Chanover; Amy Bruckman
"On Your Marks, Get Set, Browse!" (The Great CHI 97 Browse Off!) BIBAKHTML 113-114
  Kevin Mullett; Christopher Fry; Diane Schiano
Corporate Strategy and Usability Research: A New Partnership BIBAKHTML 115-116
  Stephanie Rosenbaum; Janice Rohn; John Thomas; Judee Humburg; Sarah Bloomer; Mary Czerwinski


Utopia Appropriated: The Future as It Was BIBAKHTML 117
  Rick Prelinger


Universal Access to the Net: Requirements and Social Impact BIBAHTML 118
  Jeff Johnson
A Typology for Educational Interfaces BIBAKHTML 119-120
  Tim O'Shea
The Design Interaction BIBHTML --
  Terry Winograd