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Proceedings of ACM CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI 97 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Looking to the Future
Editors:Steven Pemberton
Location:Atlanta, Georgia
Dates:1997-Mar-22 to 1997-Mar-27
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-802-9 ACM Order Number 608971 Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-32229-3; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI97-1
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  1. CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 1
    1. PAPERS: Finding What You Want I
    2. PAPERS: Handy User Interfaces
    3. PAPERS: Collaborative Communities I
    4. PAPERS: Intelligent Support
    5. PAPERS: Cognitive Models and Their Application
    6. PAPERS: Beauty and The Beat
    7. PAPERS: Input & Output in the Future
    8. PAPERS: Extending The HCI Agenda
    9. PAPERS: Bringing Users Into Design
    10. PAPERS: Enhancing, Finding, & Integrating Audio
    11. PAPERS: Collaborative Communities II
    12. PAPERS: Beyond the Desktop
    13. PAPERS: Enhancing The Direct Manipulation Interface
    14. PAPERS: Designing Publishing and Scripting Multimedia Systems
    15. PAPERS: Exploring Input
    16. PAPERS: Papers About Paper
    17. PAPERS: Designing for Learning
    18. PAPERS: Information Structures
    19. PAPERS: Finding What You Want II
    20. PAPERS: Speech, Haptic, & Multimodal Input
    21. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Simple, Small and Focused: Managing Personal Information
    22. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Understanding Users
    23. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Working with Stakeholders: Design Within and Among Organizations
    24. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Access to Knowledge: Libraries and Data Mining
    25. TECHNICAL NOTES: Collaborative Communities I
    26. TECHNICAL NOTES: Input & Output in the Future
    27. TECHNICAL NOTES: Extending The HCI Agenda
    28. TECHNICAL NOTES: Beyond the Desktop

CHI 1997-03-22 Volume 1

PAPERS: Finding What You Want I

Computational Models of Information Scent-Following in a Very Large Browsable Text Collection BIBAKHTMLPDF 3-10
  Peter Pirolli
SenseMaker: An Information-Exploration Interface Supporting the Contextual Evolution of a User's Interests BIBAKHTMLPDF 11-18
  Michelle Q. Wang Baldonado; Terry Winograd
Accessing Multimedia through Concept Clustering BIBAKHTMLPDF 19-26
  John Kominek; Rick Kazman

PAPERS: Handy User Interfaces

Cooperative Bimanual Action BIBAKHTMLPDF 27-34
  Ken Hinckley; Randy Pausch; Dennis Proffitt; James Patten; Neal Kassell
The Design of a GUI Paradigm Based on Tablets, Two-Hands, and Transparency BIBAKHTMLPDF 35-42
  Gordon Kurtenbach; George Fitzmaurice; Thomas Baudel; Bill Buxton
An Empirical Evaluation of Graspable User Interfaces: Towards Specialized, Space-Multiplexed Input BIBAKHTMLPDF 43-50
  George Fitzmaurice; William Buxton

PAPERS: Collaborative Communities I

AROMA: Abstract Representation of Presence Supporting Mutual Awareness BIBAKHTMLPDF 51-58
  Elin Ronby Pedersen; Tomas Sokoler
Crowded Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKHTMLPDF 59-66
  Steve Benford; Chris Greenhalgh; David Lloyd

PAPERS: Intelligent Support

Autonomous Interface Agents BIBAKHTMLPDF 67-74
  Henry Lieberman
How to Personalize the Web BIBAKHTMLPDF 75-82
  Rob Barrett; Paul P. Maglio; Daniel C. Kellem
The Cognitive Ergonomics of Knowledge-Based Design Support Systems BIBAKHTMLPDF 83-90
  Tamara Sumner; Nathalie Bonnardel; Benedikte Harstad Kallak

PAPERS: Cognitive Models and Their Application

From Sufficient to Efficient Usage: An Analysis of Strategic Knowledge BIBAKHTMLPDF 91-98
  Suresh K. Bhavnani; Bonnie E. John
Relationships Between Users' and Interfaces' Task Representations BIBAKHTMLPDF 99-106
  Robert B. Terwilliger; Peter G. Polson
Cognitive Modeling Reveals Menu Search is Both Random and Systematic BIBAKHTMLPDF 107-114
  Anthony J. Hornof; David E. Kieras

PAPERS: Beauty and The Beat

Aesthetics and Apparent Usability: Empirically Assessing Cultural and Methodological Issues BIBAKHTMLPDF 115-122
  Noam Tractinsky
A Computer Participant in Musical Improvisation BIBAKHTMLPDF 123-130
  William F. Walker
WorldBeat: Designing a Baton-Based Interface for an Interactive Music Exhibit BIBAKHTMLPDF 131-138
  Jan O. Borchers

PAPERS: Input & Output in the Future

The Design of a Wearable Computer BIBAKHTMLPDF 139-146
  Len Bass; Chris Kasabach; Richard Martin; Dan Siewiorek; Asim Smailagic; John Stivoric
"Body Coupled FingeRing": Wireless Wearable Keyboard BIBAKHTMLPDF 147-154
  Masaaki Fukumoto; Yoshinobu Tonomura

PAPERS: Extending The HCI Agenda

Toward an HCI Research and Practice Agenda Based on Human Needs and Social Responsibility BIBAKHTMLPDF 155-161
  Michael J. Muller; Cathleen Wharton; William J., Jr. McIver; Lila Laux

PAPERS: Bringing Users Into Design

Participatory Analysis: Shared Development of Requirements from Scenarios BIBAKHTMLPDF 162-169
  George, Jr. Chin; Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll
Maintaining a Focus on User Requirements Throughout the Development of Clinical Workstation Software BIBAKHTMLPDF 170-177
  Janette M. Coble; John Karat; Michael G. Kahn
Helping and Hindering User Involvement -- A Tale of Everyday Design BIBAKHTMLPDF 178-185
  Stephanie Wilson; Mathilde Bekker; Peter Johnson; Hilary Johnson

PAPERS: Enhancing, Finding, & Integrating Audio

Dynomite: A Dynamically Organized Ink and Audio Notebook BIBAKHTMLPDF 186-193
  Lynn D. Wilcox; Bill N. Schilit; Nitin "Nick" Sawhney
Dynamic Soundscape: Mapping Time to Space for Audio Browsing BIBAKHTMLPDF 194-201
  Minoru Kobayashi; Chris Schmandt
"I'll Get That Off the Audio": A Case Study of Salvaging Multimedia Meeting Records BIBAKHTMLPDF 202-209
  Thomas P. Moran; Leysia Palen; Steve Harrison; Patrick Chiu; Don Kimber; Scott Minneman; William van Melle; Polle Zellweger

PAPERS: Collaborative Communities II

Design for Network Communities BIBAKHTMLPDF 210-217
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Annette Adler; Mizuko Ito; Vicki L. O'Day
Timewarp: Techniques for Autonomous Collaboration BIBAKHTMLPDF 218-225
  W. Keith Edwards; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Building Task-Specific Interfaces to High Volume Conversational Data BIBAKHTMLPDF 226-233
  Loren G. Terveen; William C. Hill; Brian Amento; David McDonald; Josh Creter

PAPERS: Beyond the Desktop

Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms BIBAKHTMLPDF 234-241
  Hiroshi Ishii; Brygg Ullmer
From Single-User Architectural Design to PAC*: a Generic Software Architecture Model for CSCW BIBAKHTMLPDF 242-249
  Gaelle Calvary; Joelle Coutaz; Laurence Nigay

PAPERS: Enhancing The Direct Manipulation Interface

Elastic Windows: Evaluation of Multi-Window Operations BIBAKHTMLPDF 250-257
  Eser Kandogan; Ben Shneiderman
Does Continuous Visual Feedback Aid Debugging in Direct-Manipulation Programming Systems? BIBAKHTMLPDF 258-265
  E. M. Wilcox; J. W. Atwood; M. M. Burnett; J. J. Cadiz; C. R. Cook
Making Computers Easier for Older Adults to Use: Area Cursors and Sticky Icons BIBAKHTMLPDF 266-271
  Aileen Worden; Neff Walker; Krishna Bharat; Scott Hudson

PAPERS: Designing Publishing and Scripting Multimedia Systems

Designing Effective Multimedia Presentations BIBAKHTMLPDF 272-278
  Peter Faraday; Alistair Sutcliffe
From Web Press to Web Pressure: Multimedia Representations and Multimedia Publishing BIBAKHTMLPDF 279-286
  Victoria Bellotti; Yvonne Rogers
Interval Scripts: A Design Paradigm for Story-Based Interactive Systems BIBAKHTMLPDF 287-294
  Claudio S. Pinhanez; Kenji Mase; Aaron Bobick

PAPERS: Exploring Input

Beyond Fitts' Law: Models for Trajectory-Based HCI Tasks BIBAKHTMLPDF 295-302
  Johnny Accot; Shumin Zhai
Performance Differences in the Fingers, Wrist, and Forearm in Computer Input Control BIBAKHTMLPDF 303-310
  Ravin Balakrishnan; I. Scott MacKenzie
The Rockin' Mouse: Integral 3D Manipulation on a Plane BIBAKHTMLPDF 311-318
  Ravin Balakrishnan; Thomas Baudel; Gordon Kurtenbach; George Fitzmaurice

PAPERS: Papers About Paper

Paper as an Analytic Resource for the Design of New Technologies BIBAKHTMLPDF 319-326
  Abigail Sellen; Richard Harper
PaperLink: A Technique for Hyperlinking from Real Paper to Electronic Content BIBAKHTMLPDF 327-334
  Toshifumi Arai; Dietmar Aust; Scott Hudson
A Comparison of Reading Paper and On-Line Documents BIBAKHTMLPDF 335-342
  Kenton O'Hara; Abigail Sellen

PAPERS: Designing for Learning

Designing For or Designing With? Informant Design for Interactive Learning Environments BIBAKHTMLPDF 343-350
  Michael Scaife; Yvonne Rogers; Frances Aldrich; Matt Davies
Degrees of Comprehension: Children's Understanding of a Visual Programming Environment BIBAKHTMLPDF 351-358
  Cyndi Rader; Cathy Brand; Clayton Lewis
The Persona Effect: Affective Impact of Animated Pedagogical Agents BIBAKHTMLPDF 359-366
  James C. Lester; Sharolyn A. Converse; Susan H. Kahler; S. Todd Barlow; Brian A. Stone; Ravinder Bhogal

PAPERS: Information Structures

Effective View Navigation BIBAKHTMLPDF 367-374
  George W. Furnas
Characterizing Interactive Externalizations BIBAKHTMLPDF 375-382
  Lisa Tweedie
Life, Death, and Lawfulness on the Electronic Frontier BIBAKHTMLPDF 383-390
  James Pitkow; Peter Pirolli

PAPERS: Finding What You Want II

WebStage: An Active Media Enhanced World Wide Web Browser BIBAKHTMLPDF 391-398
  Tomoharu Yamaguchi; Itaru Hosomi; Toshiaki Miyashita
Revisitation Patterns in World Wide Web Navigation BIBAKHTMLPDF 399-406
  Linda Tauscher; Saul Greenberg
Queries? Links? Is there a Difference? BIBAKHTMLPDF 407-414
  Gene Golovchinsky

PAPERS: Speech, Haptic, & Multimodal Input

Integration and Synchronization of Input Modes during Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKHTMLPDF 415-422
  Sharon Oviatt; Antonella DeAngeli; Karen Kuhn
Rendering Drawings for Interactive Haptic Perception BIBAKHTMLPDF 423-430
  Martin Kurze
MedSpeak: Report Creation with Continuous Speech Recognition BIBAKHTMLPDF 431-438
  Jennifer Lai; John Vergo

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Simple, Small and Focused: Managing Personal Information

Simplified Applications for Network Computers BIBAKHTMLPDF 439-446
  Don Gentner; Frank Ludolph; Chris Ryan
Design: No Job too Small BIBAKHTMLPDF 447-454
  Jean C. Scholtz; Tony Salvador; Pete Lockhart; James Newbery
Claris Organizer's Expanding Contact Card BIBAKHTMLPDF 455-462
  Philip D. Haine

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Understanding Users

KidPad: A Design Collaboration Between Children, Technologists, and Educators BIBAKHTMLPDF 463-470
  Allison Druin; Jason Stewart; David Proft; Ben Bederson; Jim Hollan
Designing a Graphical User Interface for Healthcare Workers in Rural India BIBAKHTMLPDF 471-478
  Sally Grisedale; Michael Graves; Alexander Grunsteidl
Balancing Usability and Learning in an Interface BIBAKHTMLPDF 479-486
  Noel Rappin; Mark Guzdial; Matthew Realff; Pete Ludovice

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Working with Stakeholders: Design Within and Among Organizations

Reflections on I/Design: User Interface Design at a Startup BIBAKHTMLPDF 487-493
  Allison L. Hansen
Social Trends and Product Opportunities: Philips' Vision of the Future Project BIBAKHTMLPDF 494-501
  Robert Lambourne; Khodi Feiz; Bertrand Rigot
Putting Visualization to Work: ProgramFinder for Youth Placement BIBAKHTMLPDF 502-509
  Jason B. Ellis; Anne Rose; Catherine Plaisant

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Access to Knowledge: Libraries and Data Mining

The Multimedia Library: The Center of an Information-Rich Community BIBAKHTMLPDF 510-517
  Gerard Jorna; Mirjam Wouters; Paul Gardien; Hans Kemp; Jack Mama; Irene Mavromati; Ian McClelland; Linda Vodegel Matzen
Bringing Treasures to the Surface: Iterative Design for the Library of Congress National Digital Library Program BIBAKHTMLPDF 518-525
  Catherine Plaisant; Gary Marchionini; Tom Bruns; Anita Komlodi; Laura Campbell
Evolution of a User Interface Design: NCR's Management Discovery Tool BIBAKHTMLPDF 526-533
  James F. Knutson; Tej Anand; Richard L. Henneman

TECHNICAL NOTES: Collaborative Communities I

Telemedical Consultation: Task Characteristics BIBAKHTMLPDF 534-535
  Leon Watts; Andrew Monk
Usability, Help Desk Calls, and Residential Internet Usage BIBAHTMLPDF 536-537
  Sara Kiesler; Robert Kraut; Vicki Lundmark; William Scherlis; Tridas Mukhopadhyay

TECHNICAL NOTES: Input & Output in the Future

An Isometric Tongue Pointing Device BIBAKHTMLPDF 538-539
  Chris Salem; Shumin Zhai
How Effective are 3D Display Modes? BIBAKHTMLPDF 540-541
  Sabine Volbracht; Gitta Domik; Khatoun Shahrbabaki; Gregor Fels

TECHNICAL NOTES: Extending The HCI Agenda

Communication, Action and History BIBAKHTMLPDF 542-543
  Alan Dix; Roberta Mancini; Stefano Levialdi
Translation in HCI: Formal Representations for Work Analysis and Collaboration BIBAKHTMLPDF 544-545
  Michael J. Muller
A Factor Analysis of User Cognition and Emotion BIBAKHTMLPDF 546-547
  Judith Ramsay
Understanding Movement BIBAKHTMLPDF 548-549
  Leslie Carlson Vaughan

TECHNICAL NOTES: Beyond the Desktop

Supporting Knowledge Workers Beyond the Desktop with Palplates BIBAKHTMLPDF 550-551
  Jennifer Mankoff; Bill N. Schilit
CyberDesk: Automated Integration of Desktop and Network Services BIBAKHTMLPDF 552-553
  Andrew Wood; Anind Dey; Gregory D. Abowd