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Proceedings of ACM CHI 96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Common Ground
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Dates:1996-Apr-14 to 1996-Apr-18
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-832-0; ACM Order Number 608963; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI96-2
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  1. CHI 1996-04-14 Volume 2
    1. SHORT PAPERS: Collaborative Systems
    2. SHORT PAPERS: Alternative Methods of Interaction
    3. SHORT PAPERS: Children and Other Learners
    4. SHORT PAPERS: Scribbling, Sketching, Drawing, and Writing
    5. SHORT PAPERS: Design Methodology
    6. SHORT PAPERS: Supporting Awareness of Others in Groupware (Short Papers Suite)
    7. SHORT PAPERS: Models of Work Practice (Short Papers Suite)
    8. SHORT PAPERS: Technologies for Virtual Interactions
    9. SHORT PAPERS: News and Mail
    10. SHORT PAPERS: The Telephony Customer Interface (Short Papers Suite)
    11. SHORT PAPERS: Development Tools
    12. SHORT PAPERS: Models That Shape Design (Short Papers Suite)
    13. SHORT PAPERS: Models
    14. SHORT PAPERS: Working Together Near and Far
    15. SHORT PAPERS: Real World Usage Patterns
    16. SHORT PAPERS: Agents
    17. SHORT PAPERS: Thought Pieces for Interaction Technology
    18. SHORT PAPERS: Information Structure
    19. SHORT PAPERS: Usability Issues

CHI 1996-04-14 Volume 2

SHORT PAPERS: Collaborative Systems

Long-Term Interaction: Learning the 4 Rs BIBAKHTML 169-170
  Alan Dix; Devina Ramduny; Julie Wilkinson
Walking the Walk is Doing the Work: Flexible Interaction Management in Video-Supported Cooperative Work BIBAKHTML 171-172
  Steinar Kristoffersen; Tom Rodden

SHORT PAPERS: Alternative Methods of Interaction

Office Monitor BIBAKHTML 173-174
  Nicole Yankelovich; Cynthia D. McLain
Visual Access for 3D Data BIBAKHTML 175-176
  David J. Cowperthwaite; M. Sheelagh; T. Carpendale; F. David Fracchia

SHORT PAPERS: Children and Other Learners

An Interface Strategy for Promoting Reflective Cognition in Children BIBAK 177-178
  Kamran Sedighian; Maria M. Klawe
Design Issues Involving Entertainment Click-Ons BIBAKHTML 179-180
  Douglas Super; Marvin Westrom; Maria Klawe
Children's Collaboration Styles in a Newtonian MicroWorld BIBAKHTML 181-182
  Andy Cockburn; Saul Greenberg
ASK Jasper: Performance Support for Students BIBAKHTML 183-184
  Ray Bareiss; Susan M. Williams
Designing Pedagogical Screen Savers BIBAKHTML 185-186
  Chris DiGiano; Michael Eisenberg
Using Cognitive Dimensions in the Classroom as a Discussion Tool for Visual Language Design BIBAKHTML 187-188
  Nicholas P. Wilde

SHORT PAPERS: Scribbling, Sketching, Drawing, and Writing

The Usability of Scribble Matching BIBAKHTML 189-190
  David Frohlich; Richard Hull
What Architects See in Their Sketches: Implications for Design Tools BIBAKHTML 191-192
  Masaki Suwa; Barbara Tversky
Sketching Storyboards to Illustrate Interface Behaviors BIBAKHTML 193-194
  James A. Landay; Brad A. Myers
EtchaPad -- Disposable Sketch Based Interfaces BIBAK 195-196
  Jonathan Meyer
Considerations for Electronic Idea-Creation Tools BIBAKHTML 197-198
  I. M. Verstijnen; R. Stuyver; J. M. Hennessey; C. C. van Leeuwen; R. Hamel
Augmenting Real-World Objects: A Paper-Based Audio Notebook BIBAKHTML 199-200
  Lisa J. Stifelman

SHORT PAPERS: Design Methodology

Task Elaboration or Label Following: An Empirical Study of Representation in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKHTML 201-202
  Robert B. Terwilliger; Peter G. Polson
When Using the Tool Interferes with Doing the Task BIBAKHTML 203-204
  Susan S. Kirschenbaum; Wayne D. Gray; Brian D. Ehret; Sheryl L. Miller

SHORT PAPERS: Supporting Awareness of Others in Groupware (Short Papers Suite)

Supporting Awareness of Others in Groupware (Suite Summary) BIBHTML 205
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman
Peepholes: Low Cost Awareness of One's Community BIBAKHTML 206-207
  Saul Greenberg
Workspace Awareness for Groupware BIBAKHTML 208-209
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg
Workspace Awareness Support with Radar Views BIBAKHTML 210-211
  Carl Gutwin; Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman
A Fisheye Text Editor for Relaxed-WYSIWIS Groupware BIBAKHTML 212-213
  Saul Greenberg
A Usability Study of Workspace Awareness Widgets BIBAKHTML 214-215
  Carl Gutwin; Mark Roseman

SHORT PAPERS: Models of Work Practice (Short Papers Suite)

Models of Work Practice: Can they Support the Analysis of System Designs? (Suite Summary) BIBPS 216
  William Newman
Designing for User Acceptance using Analysis Techniques based on Responsibility Modelling BIBAKPS 217-218
  Richard Harper; William Newman
Agenda Benders: Modelling the Disruptions Caused by Technology Failures in the Workplace BIBAKPS 219-220
  Margery Eldridge; William Newman
Modelling Last-Minute Authoring: Does Technology Add Value or Encourage Tinkering? BIBAKPS 221-222
  William Newman; Margery Eldridge; Richard Harper
Supporting Doctor-Patient Interaction: Using a Surrogate Application as a Basis for Evaluation BIBAKPS 223-224
  Alex Dennis; William Newman

SHORT PAPERS: Technologies for Virtual Interactions

Moving Motion Metaphors BIBAKHTML 225-226
  Colin Ware
Effectiveness of Spatial Level of Detail Degradation in the Periphery of Head-Mounted Displays BIBAKHTML 227-228
  Benjamin Watson; Neff Walker; Larry F. Hodges
Getting a Grasp on Virtual Reality BIBAKHTML 229-230
  Richard J. Aldridge; Karen Carr; Rupert England; John F. Meech; Tony Solomonides
Fast Haptic Textures BIBAK 231-232
  Juhani O. Siira; Dinesh K. Pai
Vection with Large Screen 3D Imagery BIBAKHTML 233-234
  Kathy Lowther; Colin Ware
High Fidelity for Immersive Displays BIBAKHTML 235-236
  Gernot Schaufler; Tomasz Mazuryk; Dieter Schmalstieg

SHORT PAPERS: News and Mail

Electronic Mail Previews Using Non-Speech Audio BIBAKHTML 237-238
  Scott E. Hudson; Ian Smith
Grassroots: Providing a Uniform Framework for Communicating, Sharing Information, and Organizing People BIBAKHTML 239-240
  Kenichi Kamiya; Martin Roscheisen; Terry Winograd

SHORT PAPERS: The Telephony Customer Interface (Short Papers Suite)

The Telephony Customer Interface: Five Perspectives on Problems and Solutions (Suite Summary) BIBAHTML 241
  John Chin; Gregory Tatchell
Problems with the Existing Telephony Customer Interface: The Pending Eclipse of Touch-Tone and Dial-Tone BIBAKHTML 242-243
  Gregory R. Tatchell
Making a Simple Interface Complex: Interactions among Telephone Features BIBAHTML 244-245
  Nancy Griffeth
From Interactions to Interfaces: Butlers, Job Descriptions and Personal Agents BIBKHTML 246-247
  Dave Darville; David Hignett
Personality Trait Attributions to Voice Mail User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 248-249
  John P. Chin
Technical Considerations in the Design of an Intelligent Agent Using Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) BIBAK 250-251
  Don Xiangdong Cai; Kenneth Chan

SHORT PAPERS: Development Tools

Animation in a Demonstrational Interface Builder BIBAK 252-253
  Gene L. Fisher; Hsin-Hui Sung; Suzanne H. Nguyen; Thang D. Nguyen
Early Prototyping Based on Executable Task Models (PostScript) BIBAKPS 254-255
  Birgit Bomsdorf; Gerd Szwillus

SHORT PAPERS: Models That Shape Design (Short Papers Suite)

Models that Shape Design BIBAHTML 256
  Peter Johnson
Towards a Framework of Design Models BIBAHTML 257-258
  Mathilde Bekker; Stephanie Wilson
Task Model Support for Cooperative Analysis BIBAKHTML 259-260
  Eamonn J. O'Neill
Predictive Evaluation Using Task Knowledge Structures BIBAKHTML 261-262
  Fraser Hamilton
Beyond Task Analysis: Exploiting Task Models in Application Implementation BIBAKHTML 263-264
  Michael J. Smith; Eamonn J. O'Neill
Continuous and Explicit Dialogue Modelling BIBAKHTML 265-266
  Thomas Elwert


Negotiating User-Initiated Cancellation and Interruption Requests BIBAKHTML 267-268
  Manuel A. Perez-Quinones; John L. Sibert
An Interface Design Tool Based on Explicit Task Models BIBAKHTML 269-270
  Tom Hinrichs; Ray Bareiss; Lawrence Birnbaum; Gregg Collins

SHORT PAPERS: Working Together Near and Far

GroupWeb: A WWW Browser as Real Time Groupware BIBAKHTML 271-272
  Saul Greenberg; Mark Roseman
Do-I-Care: A Collaborative Web Agent BIBAKHTML 273-274
  Brian Starr; Mark S. Ackerman; Michael Pazzani
TeamRooms: Groupware for Shared Electronic Spaces BIBAKHTML 275-276
  Mark Roseman; Saul Greenberg
Guidelines for Designing Usable World Wide Web Pages BIBAKHTML 277-278
  Jose A. Borges; Israel Morales; Nestor J. Rodriguez
Creating User Manuals for Use in Collaborative Design BIBAKHTML 279-280
  Harold Thimbleby
Creating Image Context Using Image Trees BIBAKHTML 281-282
  Erik Wistrand

SHORT PAPERS: Real World Usage Patterns

Engineering Ethnography in the Home BIBAKHTML 283-284
  Michael Mateas; Tony Salvador; Jean Scholtz; Doug Sorensen
Visualisation of Entrenched User Preferences BIBAK 285-286
  Judy Kay; Richard C. Thomas


Adaptive Agents and Personality Change: Complimentary versus Similarity as Forms of Adaptation BIBAKHTML 287-288
  Youngme Moon; Clifford I. Nass
The Representation of Agents: Anthropomorphism, Agency, and Intelligence BIBAKHTML 289-290
  William Joseph King; Jun Ohya

SHORT PAPERS: Thought Pieces for Interaction Technology

Using Force Feedback to Enhance Human Performance in Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 291-292
  Louis Rosenberg; Scott Brave
Cyberguide: Prototyping Context-Aware Mobile Applications BIBAKHTML 293-294
  Sue Long; Dietmar Aust; Gregory Abowd; Chris Atkeson
Flying Fingers: A Tool for Three-Dimensional Shared Workspace BIBAKHTML 295-296
  Akira Sakai
SportScope: A User-Centered Design for Baseball Fans BIBAKHTML 297-298
  David S. Cortright
Auditory Illusions for Audio Feedback BIBAKHTML 299-300
  Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; Stephane Conversy
Stretch Button Scrollbar BIBAKHTML 301-302
  Daniel J. Smith; Robert A. Henning

SHORT PAPERS: Information Structure

Finding the Cut of the Wrong Trousers: Fast Video Search Using Automatic Storyboard Generation BIBAKHTML 303-304
  Peter J. Macer; Peter J. Thomas; Nouhman Chalabi; John F. Meech
Homer: A Pattern Discovery Support System BIBAKHTML 305-306
  Garett Dworman

SHORT PAPERS: Usability Issues

User Interface Evaluation in an Iterative Design Process: A Comparison of Three Techniques BIBAKHTML 307-308
  Pamela Savage
Don't Use a Product's Developers for Icon Testing BIBAKHTML 309-310
  Julie B. Holloway; John H. Bailey
Visualizing Efficiency: A Technique to Help Designers Judge Interface Efficiency BIBAK 311-312
  Andrew Sears
Working with Marketing BIBAKHTML 313-314
  Mike Atyeo; Charanjit Sidhu; Gerry Cole; Simon Robinson