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Proceedings of ACM CHI 96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Common Ground
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Dates:1996-Apr-14 to 1996-Apr-18
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-832-0; ACM Order Number 608963; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI96-2
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  1. CHI 1996-04-14 Volume 2
    1. DEMONSTRATIONS: Prototyping
    2. DEMONSTRATIONS: Very Personal Computing
    3. DEMONSTRATIONS: Education: Modeling and Tutoring
    4. DEMONSTRATIONS: Video: Authoring and Indexing
    5. DEMONSTRATIONS: Visualization
    6. DEMONSTRATIONS: Tools for UI Analysis
    7. Doctoral Consortium
    9. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Designing and Evaluating Interfaces and Systems
    10. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Education
    11. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Gender and Skill
    12. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Remote Communication
    13. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Structuring and Finding Information
    14. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Video and Television
    15. INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Social Action
    16. ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS: Innovative User Interfaces
    17. ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS: Introducing HCI in Industry
    18. ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS: User Interface Design
    19. ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS: Multidisciplinary HCI Research
    20. Panels
    21. Plenary Session

CHI 1996-04-14 Volume 2


KAP -- A Prototyper for Technical Device Interfaces BIBAKHTML 3-4
  Klaus Kespohl; Gerd Szwillus
Demonstrating the Electronic Cocktail Napkin: A Paper-Like Interface for Early Design BIBAKHTML 5-6
  Mark D. Gross; Ellen Yi-Luen Do

DEMONSTRATIONS: Very Personal Computing

SHK: Single Hand Key Card for Mobile Devices BIBAKHTML 7-8
  Masakatsu Sugimoto; Kimiyo Takahashi
Inhabited Digital Spaces BIBAKHTML 9-10
  Bruce Damer; Christina Kekenes; Terrel Hoffman

DEMONSTRATIONS: Education: Modeling and Tutoring

StarLogo: An Environment for Decentralized Modeling and Decentralized Thinking BIBAKHTML 11-12
  Mitchel Resnick
Design Concepts for an Instructional Tool: Teaching Abductive Reasoning in Antibody Identification BIBAKHTML 13-14
  Jodi Heintz Obradovich; Philip J. Smith; Stephanie Guerlain; Jack W., Jr. Smith; Sally Rudmann; Larry Sachs; John Svirbley; Melanie Kennedy; Patricia L. Strohm

DEMONSTRATIONS: Video: Authoring and Indexing

MMVIS: A Multimedia Visual Information Seeking Environment for Video Analysis BIBAKHTML 15-16
  Stacie Hibino; Elke A. Rundensteiner
MAD: A Movie Authoring and Design System BIBAKHTML 17-18
  Naomi Friedlander; Ronald Baecker; Alan J. Rosenthal; Eric Smith


Visage: Dynamic Information Exploration BIBAKHTML 19-20
  Peter Lucas; Steven F. Roth; Cristina C. Gomberg
Using Animation to Aid Process Flow Visualization BIBAKHTML 21-22
  Brenda J. Burkhart; Marc E. Fusco

DEMONSTRATIONS: Tools for UI Analysis

Lotus Notes Database Support for Usability Testing BIBAKHTML 23-24
  Mary Beth Butler; Ericca Lahti
QGOMS: A Direct-Manipulation Tool for Simple GOMS Models BIBAK 25-26
  David V. Beard; Dana K. Smith; Kevin M. Denelsbeck

Doctoral Consortium

Providing Explicit Support for Social Constraints: In Search of the Social Computer BIBAKHTML 27-28
  Ben Anderson
Effects of Field of View on Task Performance with Head-Mounted Displays BIBAKHTML 29-30
  Kevin Arthur
A Computational Theory of Working Memory BIBAKHTML 31-32
  Michael D. Byrne
Putting Context into Design BIBAKHTML 33-34
  Steven J. Clarke
The Effects of Information Accuracy on User Trust and Compliance BIBAKHTML 35-36
  Jean E. Fox
Harnessing the Interface for Domain Learning BIBAKHTML 37-38
  David Golightly
Understanding the Role of Configuration Management Systems in Software Development BIBAKHTML 39-40
  Rebecca E. Grinter
Extending and Evaluating Visual Information Seeking for Video Data BIBAKHTML 41-42
  Stacie Hibino
Direct Learner Attention with Manipulation Styles BIBAKHTML 43-44
  Shirley J. Holst
Formal Modelling of Task Interruptions BIBAKHTML 45-46
  Francis Jambon
Visualizing Patterns in the Execution of Object-Oriented Programs BIBAKHTML 47-48
  Dean F. Jerding
Supporting Interactive Information Retrieval Through Relevance Feedback BIBAHTML 49-50
  Jurgen Koenemann
Interface Agents for Interacting with Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 51-52
  Britta Lenzmann
Towards Organizational Learning: Growing Group Memories in the Workplace BIBAKHTML 53-54
  Stefanie N. Lindstaedt
Improving Communication in Programming-by-Demonstration BIBAKHTML 55-56
  Richard G. McDaniel
Providing Awareness Information to Support Transitions in Remote Computer-Mediated Collaboration BIBAKHTML 57-58
  Susan E. McDaniel
Toolkits for Multimedia Awareness BIBAKHTML 59-60
  Ian Smith
Usability and the Software Production Life Cycle BIBAKHTML 61-62
  Suziah Sulaiman
Exploring the Information Landscape BIBAKHTML 63-64
  Elaine G. Toms
Multimedia, Mental Models and Complex Tasks BIBAKHTML 65-66
  David Williams


Touchscreen Usability in Microgravity BIBAKHTML 67-68
  Jurine A. Adolf; Kritina L. Holden
A Wearable Computer for Use in Microgravity Space and Other Non-Desktop Environments BIBAKHTMLWeb Page 69-70
  Edgar Matias; I. Scott MacKenzie; William Buxton
Efficacy of a Predictive Display, Steering Device, and Vehicle Body Representation in the Operation of a Lunar Vehicle BIBAKHTML 71-72
  Santosh Mathan; Arn Hyndman; Karl Fischer; Jeremiah Blatz; Douglas Brams
Common Ground for Critical Shuttle and Space Station User Interfaces: An Independent Verification and Validation Approach BIBAKHTML 73-74
  Mihriban Whitmore; Andrea H. Berman

INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Designing and Evaluating Interfaces and Systems

GUI Users Have Trouble Using Graphic Conventions on Novel Tasks BIBAKHTML 75-76
  Catherine A. Ashworth
Looking for Usability Problems with the Ergonomic Criteria and with the ISO 9241-10 Dialogue Principles BIBAKHTML 77-78
  J. M. Christian Bastien; Dominique L. Scapin; Corinne Leulier
Examining Basic Items of a Screen Design BIBAK 79-80
  Kenji Ido; Toshiki Yamaoka
Case Based Reasoning Approach to Creating User Interface Components BIBAKHTML 81-82
  Suneela R. Joshi; William W. McMillan
CockpitView: A User Interface Framework for Future Network Terminals BIBAK 83-84
  Georg Michelitsch
Multi-Skill Cooperation in User Interface Design BIBAKHTML 85-86
  I. Lambert; N. Portolan
The Group Elicitation Method for Participatory Design and Usability Testing BIBAKHTML 87-88
  Guy A. Boy


ScienceSpace: Lessons for Designing Immersive Virtual Realities BIBAK 89-90
  Marilyn C. Salzman; Chris Dede; Deirdre McGlynn; R. Bowen Loftin
Appropriateness of Graphical Program Representations for Training Applications BIBAKHTML 91-92
  Marian G. Williams; Hyxia Villegas; J. Nicholas Buehler


Gender and Skill in Human Computer Interaction BIBAKHTML 93-94
  Ellen Balka

INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Remote Communication

Anthropometric Data on Horizontal Head Movements in Videcommunications BIBAKHTML 95-96
  Martin Bocker; Werner Blohm; Lothar Muhlbach
The Freedom to Work from an Arbitrary Position BIBAK 97-98
  Britt Jonsson; Anna Schomer; Konrad Tollmar
The Effects of Emotional Icons on Remote Communication BIBAKHTML 99-100
  Krisela Rivera; Nancy J. Cooke; Jeff A. Bauhs
Remote Assistance: A View of the Work and a View of the Face? BIBAKHTML 101-102
  Leon Watts; Andrew F. Monk

INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Structuring and Finding Information

A Task-Oriented Interface to a Digital Library BIBAKHTML 103-104
  Steve B. Cousins
ESPACE 2: An Experimental HyperAudio Environment BIBAKHTML 105-106
  Nitin "Nick" Sawhney; Arthur Murphy
Structuring Voice Records Using Keyword Labels BIBAKHTML 107-108
  Nick Haddock
A Study of User Participation in Standards Setting BIBAK 109-110
  Kai Jacobs; Rob Procter; Robin Williams
BDDTCL: An Environment for Visualizing and Manipulating Binary Decisions Diagrams BIBAK 111-114
  Kurt E. Partridge
Characterization and Assessment of HTML Style Guides BIBAKHTML 115-116
  Julie Ratner; Eric M. Grose; Chris Forsythe

INTERACTIVE POSTERS: Video and Television

Concurrent Engineering for an Interactive TV Interface BIBAKHTML 117-118
  Ivan Bretan; Per Kroon
Interfaces for Managing Access to a Video Archive BIBAKHTML 119-120
  Andrew Gordon; Smadar Kedar; Eric Domeshek
The Effect of Frame Rate and Video Information Redundancy on the Perceptual Learning of American Sign Language Gestures BIBAK 121-122
  B. F. Johnson; J. K. Caird


Science-By-Mail BIBAKHTML 123-124
  Marc E. Fusco; Ellen A. White
Encouraging Social Responsibility through Collaborative Team Learning BIBAKHTML 125-126
  Jean Gasen
Community Volunteers -- Getting Involved Locally BIBAKHTML 127-128
  David R. Millen; Patricia A. Young; Perry F. Sennewald

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS: Innovative User Interfaces

Research in 3D User Interface Design at Columbia University BIBAKHTML 129-130
  Steven K. Feiner
Real{cubed} Communication and Aromatic Group Computing: HCI and CSCW Research at Canon Media Technology Laboratory BIBAHTML 131-132
  Yuichi Bannai; Hideyuki Tamura
MIT Media Laboratory: A View after Ten Years BIBA 133-134
  Chris Schmandt


HCI at Banc Sabadell BIBAHTML 135-136
  Lynne E. Hall
The Usability Group at Reuters: Virtually Global BIBAK 137-138
  Greg Garrison; Robin Heath; Allison Jaynes
The Claris Interface Design Group: A Personal Retrospective BIBAKHTML 139-140
  Tony Fernandes


The Hiser Group: Pioneering Usability and User Interface Design in Australia BIBAK 141-142
  Sarah A. Bloomer; Susan J. Wolfe
Research on Human-Computer Interaction and Cooperative Hypermedia at GMD-IPSI BIBAKHTML 143-144
  Norbert A. Streitz; Heinz-Dieter Bocker
Taming Complexity at MAYA Design BIBAKHTML 145-146
  Peter Lucas; Susan Salis

ORGANIZATION OVERVIEWS: Multidisciplinary HCI Research

HCI Group at Computer Research Institute of Montreal BIBAK 147-148
  Frances de Verteuil; Daniel Engelberg
The Center for People and Systems Interaction (CPSI) BIBAK 149-150
  Jenny Preece; Judith Ramsay; Richard Jacques; Alessandro Barabesi
Virginia Tech's Center for Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 151-152
  John M. Carroll


Universal Design: Everyone has Special Needs BIBAKHTML 153-154
  Eric Bergman; Earl Johnson; Alistair Edwards; Deborah Kaplan; Greg Lowney; T. V. Raman; Clayton Lewis
Technology Transfer: So Much Research So Few Good Products BIBAHTML 155-156
  Ellen A. Isaacs; John C. Tang; Jim Foley; Jeff Johnson; Allan Kuchinsky; Jean Scholtz; John Bennett
Criteria for Effective Groupware BIBAKHTML 157-158
  Andrew F. Monk; Jean Scholtz; Bill Buxton; Sara Bly; David Frohlich; Steve Whittaker
Real Meets Virtual: Blending Real World Artifacts with Computational Media BIBAKHTML 159-160
  Michael Eisenberg; Wendy Mackay; Allison Druin; Sheila Lehman; Mitchel Resnick
User Centered Design: Quality or Quackery? BIBAK 161-162
  John Karat; Michael E. Atwood; Susan M. Dray; Martin Rantzer; Dennis R. Wixon
Visualizing the Internet: Putting the User in the Driver's Seat BIBAK 163-164
  Nahum Gershon; Keith Andrews; Steven G. Eick; Jim Foley; William Ruh

Plenary Session

Arranging to Do Things With Others BIBA 165-167
  Herbert H. Clark
A New Look to the Art of Seeing BIBA 168
  Betty Edwards