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Proceedings of ACM CHI 96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI'96 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Common Ground
Editors:Michael J. Tauber; Victoria Bellotti; Robin Jeffries; Jock D. Mackinlay; Jakob Nielsen
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Dates:1996-Apr-14 to 1996-Apr-18
Standard No:ISBN 0-89791-777-4; ACM Order Number 608960; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI96-1
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  1. CHI 1996-04-14 Volume 1
    1. PAPERS: Learning From Users
    2. PAPERS: Empirical Studies of Graphics and Visual Design
    3. PAPERS: Collaborative Systems
    4. PAPERS: Alternative Methods of Interaction
    5. PAPERS: Multi-Modal Applications
    6. PAPERS: World Wide Web
    7. PAPERS: Virtual and Computer-Augmented Environments
    8. PAPERS: Design Methodology
    9. PAPERS: News and Mail
    10. PAPERS: Educational Applications
    11. PAPERS: Interactive Information Retrieval
    12. PAPERS: Evaluation
    13. PAPERS: Development Tools
    14. PAPERS: Collaborative Systems
    15. PAPERS: Fingers
    16. PAPERS: Models
    17. PAPERS: Real World Usage Patterns
    18. PAPERS: Agents
    19. PAPERS: Usability in Organizations
    20. PAPERS: Color and Transparency
    21. PAPERS: Information Structure
    22. PAPERS: Usability Issues
    23. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Small Objects of Desire
    24. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Design for Communication and Communication for Design
    25. DESIGN BRIEFINGS: User Interfaces for Large Markets

CHI 1996-04-14 Volume 1

PAPERS: Learning From Users

Self Disclosure on Computer Forms: Meta-Analysis and Implications BIBAKHTML 3-10
  Suzanne Weisband; Sara Kiesler
The Design and Long-Term Use of a Personal Electronic Notebook: A Reflective Analysis BIBAK 11-18
  Thomas Erickson
Technomethodology: Paradoxes and Possibilities BIBAKHTML 19-26
  Graham Button; Paul Dourish

PAPERS: Empirical Studies of Graphics and Visual Design

Does Animation in User Interfaces Improve Decision Making? BIBAK 27-34
  Cleotilde Gonzalez
Assessing the Effect of Non-Photorealistic Rendered Images in CAD BIBAKHTML 35-41
  Jutta Schumann; Thomas Strothotte; Andreas Raab; Stefan Laser
Gratuitous Graphics? Putting Preferences in Perspective BIBAKHTML 42-49
  Ellen Levy; Jeff Zacks; Barbara Tversky; Diane Schiano

PAPERS: Collaborative Systems

Beating the Limitations of Camera-Monitor Mediated Telepresence with Extra Eyes BIBAKHTML 50-57
  Kimiya Yamaashi; Jeremy R. Cooperstock; Tracy Narine; William Buxton
Talk and Embodiment in Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 58-65
  John Bowers; James Pycock; Jon O'Brien

PAPERS: Alternative Methods of Interaction

Emacspeak -- A Speech Interface BIBAKHTML 66-71
  T. V. Raman
Audio Enhanced 3D Interfaces for Visually Impaired Users BIBAKHTML 72-78
  Stephen W. Mereu; Rick Kazman

PAPERS: Multi-Modal Applications

Dual Device User Interface Design: PDAs and Interactive Television BIBAKHTML 79-86
  Scott Robertson; Cathleen Wharton; Catherine Ashworth; Marita Franzke
Pen Computing for Air Traffic Control BIBAKHTML 87-94
  Stephane Chatty Patrick Lecoanet
Multimodal Interfaces for Dynamic Interactive Maps BIBAKHTML 95-102
  Sharon Oviatt

PAPERS: World Wide Web

Using the Web Instead of a Window System BIBAKHTML 103-110
  James Rice; Adam Farquhar; Philippe Piernot; Thomas Gruber
The WebBook and the Web Forager: An Information Workspace for the World-Wide Web BIBAKHTML 111-117
  Stuart K. Card; George G. Robertson; William York
Silk from a Sow's Ear: Extracting Usable Structure from the Web BIBAKHTML 118-125
  Peter Pirolli; James Pitkow; Ramana Rao

PAPERS: Virtual and Computer-Augmented Environments

A Palmtop Display for Dextrous Manipulation with Haptic Sensation BIBAKHTML 126-133
  Haruo Noma; Tsutomu Miyasato; Fumio Kishino
BrightBoard: A Video-Augmented Environment BIBAKHTML 134-141
  Quentin Stafford-Fraser; Peter Robinson
Wayfinding Strategies and Behaviors in Large Virtual Worlds BIBAKHTML 142-149
  Rudolph P. Darken; John L. Sibert

PAPERS: Design Methodology

An Empirical Evaluation of Design Rationale Documents BIBAKHTML 150-156
  Laurent Karsenty
Systematic Design of Spoken Prompts BIBAKHTML 157-164
  Brian Hansen; David G. Novick; Stephen Sutton

PAPERS: News and Mail

MailCall: Message Presentation and Navigation in a Nonvisual Environment BIBAKHTML 165-172
  Matthew Marx; Chris Schmandt
NewsComm: A Hand-Held Interface for Interactive Access to Structured Audio BIBAKHTML 173-180
  Deb K. Roy; Chris Schmandt

PAPERS: Educational Applications

The Thin Glass Line: Designing Interfaces to Algorithms BIBAKHTML 181-188
  Michael Eisenberg
Learning Theory in Practice: Case Studies of Learner-Centered Design BIBAKHTML 189-196
  Elliot Soloway; Shari L. Jackson; Jonathan Klein; Chris Quintana; James Reed; Jeff Spitulnik; Steven J. Stratford; Scott Studer; Jim Eng; Nancy Scala
Assessing Dynamics in Computer-Based Instruction BIBAKHTML 197-204
  John F. Pane; Albert T. Corbett; Bonnie E. John

PAPERS: Interactive Information Retrieval

A Case for Interaction: A Study of Interactive Information Retrieval Behavior and Effectiveness BIBAKHTML 205-212
  Jurgen Koenemann; Nicholas J. Belkin
Scatter/Gather Browsing Communicates the Topic Structure of a Very Large Text Collection BIBAKHTML 213-220
  Peter Pirolli; Patricia Schank; Marti Hearst; Christine Diehl
LifeLines: Visualizing Personal Histories BIBAKHTML 221-227
  Catherine Plaisant; Brett Milash; Anne Rose; Seth Widoff; Ben Shneiderman

PAPERS: Evaluation

Remote Evaluation: The Network as an Extension of the Usability Laboratory BIBAKHTML 228-235
  H. Rex Hartson; Jose C. Castillo; John Kelso; Wayne C. Neale
Usability Problem Identification Using Both Low- and High-Fidelity Prototype BIBAKHTML 236-243
  Robert A. Virzi; Jeffrey L. Sokolov; Demetrios Karis
Toward Automatic Generation of Novice User Test Scripts BIBAKHTML 244-251
  David J. Kasik; Harry G. George

PAPERS: Development Tools

Pavlov: Programming by Stimulus-Response Demonstration BIBAKHTML 252-259
  David Wolber
Reusable Hierarchical Command Objects BIBAKHTML 260-267
  Brad A. Myers; David S. Kosbie

PAPERS: Collaborative Systems

The Zephyr Help Instance: Promoting Ongoing Activity in a CSCW System BIBAKHTML 268-275
  Mark S. Ackerman; Leysia Palen
Email Overload: Exploring Personal Information Management of Email BIBAKHTML 276-283
  Steve Whittaker; Candace Sidner
HomeNet: A Field Trial of Residential Internet Services BIBAKHTML 284-291
  Robert Kraut; William Scherlis; Tridas Mukhopadhyay; Jane Manning; Sara Kiesler

PAPERS: Fingers

Physical Versus Virtual Pointing BIBAKHTML 292-299
  Evan D. Graham; Christine L. MacKenzie
Differences in Movement Microstructure of the Mouse and the Finger-Controlled Isometric Joystick BIBAKHTML 300-307
  Anant Kartik Mithal; Sarah A. Douglas
The Influence of Muscle Groups on Performance of Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Input BIBAKHTML 308-315
  Shumin Zhai; Paul Milgram; William Buxton

PAPERS: Models

A Collaborative Model of Feedback in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKHTML 316-323
  Manuel A. Perez Quinones; John L. Sibert
A Comprehension-Based Model of Exploration BIBAKHTML 324-331
  Muneo Kitajima; Peter G. Polson

PAPERS: Real World Usage Patterns

Exploring the Unrealized Potential of Computer-Aided Drafting BIBAKHTML 332-339
  Suresh K. Bhavnani; Bonnie E. John
User Customization of a Word Processor BIBAKHTML 340-346
  Stanley R. Page; Todd J. Johnsgard; Uhl Albert; C. Dennis Allen

PAPERS: Agents

Multiagent Model of Dynamic Design: Visualization as an Emergent Behavior of Active Design Agents BIBAKHTML 347-354
  Suguru Ishizaki
Helping Users Program Their Personal Agents BIBAKHTML 355-361
  Loren G. Terveen; La Tondra Murray

PAPERS: Usability in Organizations

A Collaborative Approach to Developing Style Guides BIBAKHTML 362-367
  Stephen Gale
Integrating Human Factors in Customer Support Systems Development Using a Multi-Level Organisational Approach BIBAKHTML 368-375
  Anne Miller
Making a Difference -- The Impact of Inspections BIBAKHTML 376-382
  Paul Sawyer; Alicia Flanders; Dennis Wixon

PAPERS: Color and Transparency

Using Small Screen Space More Efficiently BIBAKHTML 383-390
  Tomonari Kamba; Shawn Elson; Terry Harpold; Tim Stamper; Piyawadee "Noi" Sukaviriya
An Experimental Evaluation of Transparent Menu Usage BIBAKHTML 391-398
  Beverly L. Harrison; Kim J. Vicente
Do Color Models Really Make a Difference? BIBAKHTML 399-405
  Sarah Douglas; Ted Kirkpatrick

PAPERS: Information Structure

Externalising Abstract Mathematical Models BIBAKHTML 406-412
  Lisa Tweedie; Robert Spence; Huw Dawkes; Hua Su
Structuring Information with Mental Models: A Tour of Boston BIBAKHTML 413-419
  Ishantha Lokuge; Stephen A. Gilbert; Whitman Richards

PAPERS: Usability Issues

Embed User Values in System Architecture: The Declaration of System Usability BIBAKHTML 420-427
  Elizabeth M. Comstock; William M. Duane

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Small Objects of Desire

Sensuality in Product Design: A Structured Approach BIBAKHTML 428-435
  G. H. Hofmeester; J. A. M. Kemp; A. C. M. Blankendaal
Designing the muse: A Digital Music Stand for the Symphony Musician BIBAKHTML 436-441
  Christopher Graefe; Derek Wahila; Justin Maguire; Orya Dasna
Rapid Scout: Bridging the Gulf Between Physical and Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 442-449
  David S. Ranson; Emily S. Patterson; Daniel L. Kidwell; Gavin A. Renner; Mike L. Matthews; Jim M. Corban; Emil Seculov; Constantine S. Souhleris

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: Design for Communication and Communication for Design

Interaction Design and Human Factors Support in the Development of a Personal Communicator for Children BIBAKHTML 450-457
  Ron Oosterholt; Mieko Kusano; Govert de Vries
Demo or Die: User Interface as Marketing Theatre BIBAKHTML 458-465
  Annette Wagner; Maria Capucciati
A User Interface for Accessing 3D Content on the World Wide Web BIBAKHTML 466-472
  Mike Mohageg; Rob Myers; Chris Marrin; Jim Kent; David Mott; Paul Isaacs

DESIGN BRIEFINGS: User Interfaces for Large Markets

The Windows 95 User Interface: A Case Study in Usability Engineering BIBAKHTML 473-480
  Kent Sullivan
Usability Improvements in Lotus cc:Mail for Windows BIBAKHTML 481-488
  Stacey Ashlund; Karen J. Horwitz
Real World Design in the Corporate Environment: Designing an Interface for the Technically Challenged BIBAKHTML 489-495
  Susan Hopper; Harold Hambrose; Paul Kanevsky


New Technological Windows into Mind: There is More in Eyes and Brains for Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 496-503
  Boris M. Velichkovsky; John Paulin Hansen
The Virtual Library: A New Common Ground BIBA 504-505
  Andrew Magpantay
CHIKids: A Common Ground for Kids and Adults BIBAK 506-507
  Allison Druin