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Proceedings of ACM CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Mosaic of Creativity
Location:Denver, Colorado
Dates:1995-May-07 to 1995-May-11
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-755-3 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608952; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI95-2
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  1. CHI 1995-05-07 Volume 2
    1. Organization Overviews
    2. Organization Overviews: Cognitive Modeling
    3. Organization Overviews: HCI Consulting
    4. Panels
    5. Plenary Session: Opening
    6. Plenary Session: Closing
    7. Short Papers: Information Visualization
    8. Short Papers: Audio Interfaces
    9. Short Papers: Agents and Anthropomorphism
    10. Short Papers: UI Specification and Programming
    11. Short Papers: Pens and Touchpads
    12. Short Papers: Workplaces and Classrooms
    13. Short Papers: Behavioral Issues and Studies
    14. Short Papers: Usability Evaluation
    15. Short Papers: Drawing, Painting and Sketching
    16. Short Papers: Multimodal Interfaces
    17. Short Papers: Web Browsing

CHI 1995-05-07 Volume 2

Organization Overviews

What You See, Some of What's in the Future, And How We Go About Doing It: HI at Apple Computer, Inc. BIBAKHTML 155
  Don Norman; Jim Miller; Austin Henderson
Usability at Eastman Kodak Company: A Study in Group Collaboration BIBAKHTML 156-157
  Elizabeth Rosenzweig; Cay Lodine
Interface Evaluation, Design and Research at Intel BIBAKHTML 158-159
  Jean Scholtz; Paul Sorenson

Organization Overviews: Cognitive Modeling

FRIEND21 Project: Two-Tiered Architecture for 21st-Century Human Interfaces BIBAKHTML 160-161
  Hajime Nonagaki; Hirotada Ueda
HCI at New Mexico State University BIBAKHTML 162-163
  Douglas J. Gillan

Organization Overviews: HCI Consulting

Interaction Design at IDEO Product Development BIBAKHTML 164-165
  Peter Spreenberg; Gitta Salomon; Phillip Joe
User Interface Engineering: Fostering Creative Product Development BIBAKHTML 166-167
  Jared M. Spool; Carolyn Snyder; Will Schroeder
Integrated Software Usability Services BIBAKHTML 168-169
  Christel Dehaes; Kris Vanstappen


Creative Prototyping Tools: What Interaction Designers Really Need to Produce Advanced User Interface Concepts BIBAKHTML 170-171
  Manfred Tscheligi; Stephanie Houde; Raghu Kolli; Aaron Marcus; Michael Muller; Kevin Mullet
Retrospective Views on Apple Computer's Interface Design Project BIBAKHTML 172-173
  S. Joy Mountford; Stephanie Houde; Ron Baecker; Sergio Canetti; Yvonne Rogers; Tom Bellman; Robert Girling; Patrick Meehan; Magnus Ramage
3D or Not 3d: "More is Better" or "Less is More"? BIBAKHTML 174-175
  Kevin Mullet; Diane J. Schiano; George Robertson; Joel Tesler; Barbara Tversky
Discount or Disservice? Discount Usability Analysis -- Evaluation at a Bargain Price or Simply Damaged Merchandise? BIBAKHTML 176-177
  Wayne D. Gray; Michael E. Atwood; Carolanne Fisher; Jakob Nielsen; John M. Carroll; John Long
Interface Styles: Direct Manipulation versus Social Interactions BIBAKHTML 178
  Lynn Streeter; Sara Kiesler; Clifford Nass; Ben Shneiderman
Browsing vs. Search: Can We Find a Synergy? BIBAKHTML 179-180
  Jock D. Mackinlay; Polle T. Zellweger; Mark Chignell; George Furnas; Gerard Salton
The NSF/ARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative: Opportunities for HCI Research BIBAKHTML 181-182
  William Hefley; Ann Bishop; Barbara Buttenfield; Joseph Hanes; Scott Stevens; Nancy Van House; Terry Winograd
The Anti-Mac: Violating the Macintosh Human Interface Guidelines BIBAKHTML 183-184
  Stuart Card; Don Gentner; Jakob Nielsen; Austin Henderson; Don Norman
Creativity: Interacting with Computers BIBAKHTML 185-186
  Ernest Edmonds; Gerhard Fischer; S. Joy Mountford; Frieder Nake; Douglas Riecken; Robert Spence
From Our Past to Our Future: User Interfaces Over the Lifespan BIBAHTML 187-188
  Maddy D. Brouwer-Janse; Jane Fulton Suri; Roger Coleman; Sandra Edwards; James L. Fozard; David V. Keyson
Mapping the Design Process: Visualizing What We Don't See BIBAKHTML 189-190
  Daniel Boyarski; Virginia Howlett; Scott Mathis; David Peters
Dealing with Complexity: Uniting Agents and Direct Manipulation BIB 191-192
  Doug Riecken; Pattie Maes; Ben Shneiderman; David Canfield Smith
CHI Conference User Feedback Session BIBAKHTML 193-194
  Kevin M. Schofield; Gene Lynch; Michael Tauber; Bill Curtis; Rodney Fuller; Terry Roberts

Plenary Session: Opening

The Design Challenge -- Creating a Mosaic Out of Chaos BIBAHTML 195-196
  Joan Greenbaum; Morten Kyng

Plenary Session: Closing

Learning from Diversity: Interactive TV, Computers, and the Frontier of the Cognitive Sciences BIBA 197
  Scott McDonald

Short Papers: Information Visualization

Designing Glyphs to Exploit Patterns in Multidimensional Datasets BIBAK 198-199
  Christopher Joslyn; Clayton Lewis; Brigitta Domik
Livemap -- A System for Viewing Multiple Transparent and Time-Varying Planes in Three Dimensional Space BIBAKHTML 200-201
  Robert Silvers
Automatic Generation of Starfield Displays Using Constraints BIBAKHTML 202-203
  Scott E. Hudson; Ian Smith
Visualising Complex Interacting Systems BIBAKHTML 204-205
  Nick Drew; Bob Hendley
Issues of Gestural Navigation in Abstract Information Spaces BIBAKHTML 206-207
  David Allport; Earl Rennison; Lisa Strausfeld
Financial Viewpoints: Using Point-of-View to Enable Understanding of Information BIBAKHTML 208-209
  Lisa Strausfeld

Short Papers: Audio Interfaces

Audio Augmented Reality: A Prototype Automated Tour Guide BIBAKHTML 210-211
  Benjamin B. Bederson
Speaker Segmentation for Browsing Recorded Audio BIBAKHTML 212-213
  Donald D. Kimber; Lynn D. Wilcox; Francine R. Chen; Thomas P. Moran
Ear Tracking: Visualizing Auditory Localization Strategies BIBAKHTML 214-215
  William Joseph King; Suzanne J. Weghorst
A Metaphor for the Visually Impaired: Browsing Information in a 3D Auditory Environment BIBAKHTML 216-217
  Mauricio Lumbreras; Gustavo Rossi
AudioStreamer: Exploiting Simultaneity for Listening BIBAHTML 218-219
  Chris Schmandt; Atty Mullins
Musical vs. Real World Feedback Signals BIBAKHTML 220-221
  Cynthia A. Sikora; Linda Roberts; La Tondra Murray

Short Papers: Agents and Anthropomorphism

Visual Annotation of Links in Adaptive Hypermedia BIBAKHTML 222-223
  Peter Brusilovsky; Leonid Pesin
Conceptually Adapted Hypertext for Learning BIBAKHTML 224-225
  Kelvin Clibbon
"It's the Computer's Fault" -- Reasoning about Computers as Moral Agents BIBAKHTML 226-227
  Batya Friedman
Can Computer Personalities be Human Personalities? BIBAKHTML 228-229
  Clifford Nass; Youngme Moon; BJ Fogg; Byron Reeves; Chris Dryer
A Model of Optimal Exploration and Decision Making in Novel Interfaces BIBAKHTML 230-231
  Bob Rehder; Clayton Lewis; Bob Terwilliger; Peter Polson; John Rieman
The Use of an Automatic "To Do" List to Guide Structured Interaction BIBAHTML 232-233
  Ian Rogers

Short Papers: UI Specification and Programming

Evaluating Program Representation in a Demonstrational Visual Shell BIBAKHTML 234-235
  Francesmary Modugno; Albert Corbett; Brad A. Myers
Virtual Slots: Increasing Power and Reusability for User Interface Development Languages BIBAKHTML 236-237
  Francisco Saiz; Javier Contreras; Roberto Moriyon
Students' Use of Animations for Algorithm Understanding BIBAKHTML 238-239
  Judith Wilson; Irvin R. Katz; Giorgio Ingargiola; Robert Aiken; Nathan Hoskin
Abstract Specification of User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 240-241
  Ole Lauridsen
Interface Engineering in an Office Information Appliance BIBAKHTML 242-243
  Constance Fleuriot; David Y. Lees; Robert D. Macredie; Peter J. Thomas; John F. Meech
Building Non-Visual Interaction through the Development of the Rooms Metaphor BIBAKHTML 244-245
  Anthony Savidis; Constantine Stephanidis

Short Papers: Pens and Touchpads

The TrackPad -- A Study on User Comfort and Performance BIBAKHTML 246-247
  Ahmet E. Cakir; Gisela Cakir; Thomas Mller; Pieter Unema
BITS: Browsing in Time and Space BIBAKHTML 248-249
  Antonio Eduardo Dias; Joao Pedro Silva; Antonio S. Camara
Translucent History BIBAKHTML 250-251
  Andreas Genau; Axel Kramer
Scribbler: A Tool for Searching Digital Ink BIBAKHTML 252-253
  Alex Poon; Karon Weber; Todd Cass
A Virtual Oval Keyboard and a Vector Input Method for Pen-Based Character Input BIBAKHTML 254-255
  Minako Hashimoto; Masatomo Togasi
MEMO-PEN: A New Input Device BIBAKHTML 256-257
  Shinji Nabeshima; Shinichirou Yamamoto; Kiyoshi Agusa; Toshio Taguchi

Short Papers: Workplaces and Classrooms

Give and Take: Children Collaborating on One Computer BIBAKHTML 258-259
  Kori Inkpen; Kellogg S. Booth; Steven D. Gribble; Maria Klawe
Community Help: Discovering Tools and Locating Experts in a Dynamic Environment BIBAKHTML 260-261
  Carlos Maltzahn
Timespace in the Workplace: Dealing with Interruptions BIBAKHTML 262-263
  Brid O'Conaill; David Frohlich
Parallel Design in the Classroom BIBAKHTML 264-265
  Saila Ovaska; Kari-Jouko Raiha
Why are Computer Manuals So Bad? BIBAKHTML 266-267
  Charles Woodson
Reducing Visual Stress Symptoms of VDT Users with Prescription Eyeglasses BIBAKHTML 268-269
  Erik Nilsen; David Fencsik; Aidan Smith; Linda Solares; Scott Stratton

Short Papers: Behavioral Issues and Studies

Oh What a Tangled Web We Weave: Metaphor and Mapping in Graphical Interfaces BIBAKHTML 270-271
  William W. Gaver
To Influence Time Perception BIBAKHTML 272-273
  Erik Geelhoed; Peter Toft; Suzanne Roberts; Patrick Hyland
A Poor Quality Video Link Affects Speech But Not Gaze BIBAKHTML 274-275
  Andrew F. Monk; Leon Watts
Improved Reasoning with Convince Me BIBAKHTML 276-277
  Patricia Schank; Michael Ranney
Looking and Lingering as Conversational Cues in Video-Mediated Communication BIBAHTML 278-279
  Herbert L. Colston; Diane J. Schiano
Dynamic What-If Analysis: Exploring Computational Dependencies with Slidercells and Micrographs BIBAKHTML 280-281
  Staffan Truve

Short Papers: Usability Evaluation

A Comparison of Four Navigation Techniques in a 2D Browsing Task BIBAKHTML 282-283
  Victor Kaptelinin
The Effect of Computer Experience on Subjective and Objective Software Usability Measures BIBAHTML 284-285
  George V. Kissel
Apple Guide: A Case Study in User-Aided Design of Online Help BIBAKHTML 286-287
  Kevin Knabe
Why are Geographic Information Systems Hard to Use? BIBAKHTML 288-289
  Carol Traynor; Marian G. Williams
User Action Graphing Effort (UsAGE) BIBAKHTML 290-291
  Dana Uehling; Karl Wolf
Apparent Usability vs. Inherent Usability: Experimental Analysis on the Determinants of the Apparent Usability BIBAKHTML 292-293
  Masaaki Kurosu; Kaori Kashimura

Short Papers: Drawing, Painting and Sketching

Diagram Entry Mechanisms in Graphical Environments BIBAHTML 294-295
  Wayne Citrin; Jeffrey D. McWhirter
3D Painting: Paradigms for Painting in a New Dimension BIBAKHTML 296-297
  Julie Daily; Kenneth Kiss
Some Effects of Angle of Approach on Icon Selection BIBAKHTML 298-299
  Thomas G. Whisenand; Henry H. Emurian
Color Adaptive Graphics: What You See in Your Color Palette Isn't What You Get! BIBAKHTML 300-301
  Suguru Ishizaki
Mark Your Calendar! Learning Personalized Annotation from Integrated Sketch and Speech BIBAKHTML 302-303
  Robin L. Kullberg
Hyperbolic User Interfaces for Computer Aided Architectural Design BIBAKHTML 304-305
  Volkmar Hovestadt; Oliver Gramberg; Oliver Deussen

Short Papers: Multimodal Interfaces

An Experimental Evaluation of Video Support for Shared Work-Space Interaction BIBAKHTML 306-307
  Mark Apperley; Masood Masoodian
Voicefax: A Shared Workspace for Voicemail Partners BIBAKHTML 308-309
  David Frohlich; Owen Daly-Jones
Exploring Tabla Drumming Using Rhythmic Input BIBAKHTML 310-311
  jae Hun Roh; Lynn Wilcox
An Empirical Study of Collaborative Wearable Computer Systems BIBAKHTML 312-313
  Jane Siegel; Robert E. Kraut; Bonnie E. John; Kathleen M. Carley
Pointing on a Computer Display BIBAKHTML 314-315
  Evan Graham; Christine L. MacKenzie
Negative Inertia: A Dynamic Pointing Function BIBAKHTML 316-317
  R. C. Barrett; E. J. Selker; J. D. Rutledge; R. S. Olyha

Short Papers: Web Browsing

The Audible Web: Auditory Enhancements for Mosaic BIBAKHTML 318-319
  Michael C. Albers; Eric Bergman
A New Paradigm for Browsing the Web BIBAKHTML 320-321
  Marc H. Brown; Robert A. Shillner
CyberBELT: Multi-Modal Interaction with a Multi-Threaded Documentary BIBAKHTML 322-323
  Joshua Bers; Sara Elo; Sherry Lassiter; David Tames
VGrep: A Graphical Tool for the Exploration of Textual Documents BIBAKHTML 324-325
  Jeffrey D. McWhirter
Showing the Context of Nodes in the World-Wide Web BIBAKHTML 326-327
  Sougata Mukherjea; James D. Foley
Interaction Design for Shared World-Wide Web Annotations BIBAKHTML 328-329
  Martin Rscheisen; Christian Mogensen; Terry Winograd