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Proceedings of ACM CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Mosaic of Creativity
Location:Denver, Colorado
Dates:1995-May-07 to 1995-May-11
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-755-3 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608952; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI95-2
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  1. CHI 1995-05-07 Volume 2
    1. Demonstrations: Programming
    2. Demonstrations: Educational Applications
    3. Demonstrations: Multi-Media Applications
    4. Demonstrations: Visualization
    5. Demonstrations: Interface Design Tools
    6. Demonstrations: Information Navigation/Usability
    7. Demonstrations: Tools for Designing Interactive Services
    8. Demonstrations: Accessing Information
    9. Demonstrations: Interfaces for Children
    10. Doctoral Consortium
    11. Interactive Experience
    12. Interactive Posters
    13. Interactive Posters: Social Action

CHI 1995-05-07 Volume 2

Demonstrations: Programming

Programming as Driving: Unsafe at Any Speed? BIBAHTML 3-4
  Christopher Fry; Henry Lieberman
Creating Real-Time Animated Interfaces with Stimulus-Response Demonstration BIBAKHTML 5-6
  David Wolber; Edward Janne; Kirk Chen

Demonstrations: Educational Applications

The ScienceWare Modeler: A Learner-Centered Tool for Students Building Models BIBAKHTML 7-8
  Shari L. Jackson
Teaching Problem-Solving Through a Cooperative Learning Environment BIBAKHTML 9-10
  Rebecca Denning; Philip J. Smith

Demonstrations: Multi-Media Applications

Home Health Care Support BIBAKHTML 11-12
  Linda Tetzlaff; Michelle Kim; Robert J. Schloss
Interactive Multimedia Conference Proceedings BIBAKHTML 13-14
  Samuel A. Rebelsky; James Ford; Kenneth Harker; Fillia Makedon; P. Takis Metaxas; Charles Owen

Demonstrations: Visualization

IVEE: An Environment for Automatic Creation of Dynamic Queries Applications BIBAKHTML 15-16
  Christopher Ahlberg; Erik Wistrand
Interactive Data Visualization at AT&T Bell Labs BIBAKHTML 17-18
  Stephen G. Eick; Brian S. Johnson

Demonstrations: Interface Design Tools

Reno: A Component-Based User Interface BIBAKHTML 19-20
  Randy Kerr; Mike Markley; Martin Sonntag; Tandy Trower
Building Dynamic Graphical Interfaces with Escalante BIBAKHTML 21-22
  Jeffery D. McWhirter

Demonstrations: Information Navigation/Usability

Pad++: A Zooming Graphical Interface System BIBAKHTML 23-24
  Benjamin B. Bederson; James D. Hollan
PDA-Based Observation Logging BIBAKHTML 25-26
  Monty Hammontree; Paul Weiler; Bob Hendrich

Demonstrations: Tools for Designing Interactive Services

NIC: Interaction on the World Wide Web BIBAHTML 27-28
  Dan Olsen; Ken Rodham; Doug Kohlert; Jeff Jensen; Brett Ahlstrom; Mike Bastian; Darren Davis
DynaDesigner: A Tool for Rapid Design and Deployment of Device-Independent Interactive Services BIBAKHTML 29-30
  Loren Terveen; Elena Papavero; Mark Tuomenoksa

Demonstrations: Accessing Information

Personalized Galaxies of Information BIBAKHTML 31-32
  Earl Rennison
Hyper-G and Harmony: Towards the Next Generation of Networked Information Technology BIBAKHTML 33-34
  Keith Andrews; Frank Kappe; Hermann Maurer

Demonstrations: Interfaces for Children

KidSim: End User Programming of Simulations BIBAKHTML 35-36
  Allen Cypher; David Canfield Smith
Creative Multimedia for Children: Isis Story Builder BIBAKHTML 37-38
  Michelle Y. Kim

Doctoral Consortium

Merging Language, Direct Manipulation, and Visualization: A Programmable Research Environment for Diffusion-Limited Aggregation BIBAKHTML 39-40
  Eric Blough
Human and Machine Dimensions of 3D Interfaces for Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 41-42
  Casey Boyd
AdventurePlayer: An Intelligent Learning Environment BIBAKHTML 43-44
  Thaddeus R., Jr. Crews
Wayfinding in Large-Scale Virtual Worlds BIBAKHTML 45-46
  Rudolph P. Darken
Evaluating Distributed Environments Based on Communicative Efficacy BIBAKHTML 47-48
  Eckehard Doerry
Evaluating Multimedia Presentations for Comprehension BIBAKHTML 49-50
  Peter Faraday
High-End High School Communication: Strategies and Practices of Students in a Networked Environment BIBAKHTML 51-52
  Barry J. Fishman
A System for Application-Independent Time-Critical Rendering BIBAKHTML 53-54
  Rich Gossweiler
The Effect of Domain Knowledge on Elementary School Children's Search Behavior on an Information Retrieval System: The Science Library Catalog BIBAKHTML 55-56
  Sandra Goldstein Hirsh
Conflicting Class Structures between the Object Oriented Paradigm and Users Concepts BIBAKHTML 57-58
  Charles M. Hymes
STRIPE: Remote Driving Using Limited Image Data BIBAKHTML 59-60
  Jennifer S. Kay
Supporting Design Activities in the Written Medium BIBAHTML 61-62
  Axel Kramer
Interactive Sketching for User Interface Design BIBAKHTML 63-64
  James A. Landay
Using Psychomotor Models of Movement in the Analysis and Design of Computer Pointing Devices BIBAKHTML 65-66
  Anant Kartik Mithal
Transforming Graphical Interfaces into Auditory Interfaces BIBKHTML 67-68
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Supporting Collaborative Design with Representations for Mutual Understanding BIBAKHTML 69-70
  Jonathan Ostwald
Conversational Dialogue in Graphical User Interfaces: Interaction Technique Feedback and Dialogue Structure BIBAKHTML 71-72
  Manuel A. Perez
Describing Interactive Visualization Artifacts -- DIVA BIBAKHTML 73-74
  Lisa Tweedie; Imperial College
Integrating Multiple Cues for Spoken Language Understanding BIBAKHTML 75-76
  Karen Ward

Interactive Experience

Interactive City Planning Using Multimedia Representation Aids BIBAKHTML 77-78
  Michael J. Schiffer
Directed Improvisation with Animated Puppets BIBAKHTML 79-80
  Barbara Hayes-Roth; Erik Sincoff; Lee Brownston; Ruth Huard; Brian Lent
A Prototype User Interface for a Mobile Multimedia Terminal BIBAKHTML 81-82
  Allan Christian, Jr. Long; Shankar Narayanaswamy; Andrew Burstein; Richard Han; Ken Lutz; Brian Richards; Samuel Sheng; Robert W. Brodersen; Jan Rabaey
On Site Wearable Computer System BIBAKHTML 83-84
  Len Bass; Dan Siewiorek; Asim Smailagic; John Stivoric
Audio GUIs: Interacting with Graphical Applications in an Auditory World BIBAKHTML 85-86
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; W. Keith Edwards
DO-IT: Deformable Objects as Input Tools BIBAKHTML 87-88
  Tamostsu Murakami; Kazuhiko Hayashi; Kazuhiro Oikawa; Naomasa Nakajima
Designing a Multimedia Publication: American Center for Design Interact Journal BIBAKHTML 89-90
  Peter Spreenberg

Interactive Posters

Merging Language, Direct Manipulation, and Visualization: Programmable Research Environments for Computational Scientists BIBAKHTML 91-92
  Eric Blough
Directing Pictures with Art Pals BIBAKHTML 93-94
  James Ambach
The Just Noticeable Difference of Speech Recognition Accuracy BIBAKHTML 95
  Ron Van Buskirk; Mary LaLomia
A Comparison of Speech and Mouse/Keyboard GUI Navigation BIBAKHTML 96
  Ron Van Buskirk; Mary LaLomia
The TrackPad -- A Study on User Comfort and Performance BIBAKHTML 97-98
  Ahmet E. Cakir; Gisela Cakir; Thomas Miller; Pieter Unema
High-End High School Communication: Strategies and Practices of Students in a Networked Environment BIBAKHTML 99-100
  Barry J. Fishman
Improving Human-Proceedings Interaction: Indexing the CHI Index BIBAKHTML 101-102
  Peter Foltz
An Example of Formal Usability Inspections in Practice at Hewlett-Packard Company BIBAKHTML 103-104
  Cathy Gunn
Rewriting Interaction BIBAKHTML 105-106
  Roland Hubscher
STRIPE: Remote Driving Using Limited Image Data BIBAKHTML 107-108
  Jennifer S. Kay
Teachers in Charge: Model-Based Authoring of Educational Software BIBAKHTML 109-110
  Smadar Kedar; Benjamin Bell
Is Multimedia-Based Training Effective? Yes and No. BIBAKHTML 111-112
  Adrienne Y. Lee; Douglas J. Gillan; Evan E. Upchurch; Jeffrey S. Melton
Generalized Fitts' Law Model Builder BIBAKHTML 113-114
  R. William Soukoreff; I. Scott MacKenzie
Validating an Extension to Participatory Heuristic Evaluation: Quality of Work and Quality of Work Life BIBAKHTML 115-116
  Michael J. Muller; Anne McClard; Brigham Bell; Scott Dooley; Lori Meiskey; Judith A. Meskill; Randall Sparks; Donna Tellam
Remote Exploratoriums: Combining Network Media with Design Environments BIBAKHTML 117-118
  Corrina Perrone; Alexander Repenning
On Site Maintenance Using a Wearable Computer System BIBAKHTML 119-120
  Bethany Smith; Len Bass; Jane Siegel
3-D Displays for Real-Time Monitoring of Air Traffic BIBAKHTML 121-122
  Dick Steinberg; Charles DePlachett; Kacheshwar Pathak; Dennis Strickland
Belvedere: Stimulating Students' Critical Discussion BIBAKHTML 123-124
  Massimo Paolucci; Daniel Suthers; Arlene Weiner
The Gear Model of HCI Education BIBAKHTML 125-126
  Manfred Tscheligi; Verena Giller
Readability of Fonts in the Windows Environment BIBAKHTML 127-128
  Thomas S. Tullis; Jennifer L. Boynton; Harry Hersh
The Influence Explorer BIBAHTML 129-130
  Lisa Tweedie; Bob Spence; Huw Dawkes; Hua Su
Integrating Multiple Cues for Spoken Language Understanding BIBAKHTML 131-132
  Karen Ward; David G. Novick
Usability Testing of Posture Video Analysis Tool BIBAKHTML 133-134
  Mihriban Whitmore; Tim McKay
Human and Machine Dimensions of 3D Interfaces for Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 135-136
  Casey Boyd
Editing User-Specific Diagrams by Direct Manipulation BIBAKHTML 137-138
  G. Viehstaedt; M. Minas
Growing Simplicity: A Task-Based Approach to Containing Complexity BIBAKHTML 139-140
  Jason Cassee; Meghan R. Ede; Todd Kemp
InteractiveDESK: A Computer-Augmented Desk which Responds to Operations on Real Objects BIBAKHTML 141-142
  Toshifumi Arai; Kimiyoshi Machii; Soshiro Kuzunuki; Hiroshi Shojima
Elastic Graphical Interfaces for Precise Data Manipulation BIBAKHTML 143-144
  Toshiyuki Masui; Kouichi Kashiwagi; George R., IV Borden
Simulation-Based Dialogue Design for Speech-Controlled Telephone Services BIBAKHTML 145-146
  Ivan Bretan; Anna-Lena Ereback; Catriona MacDermid; Annika Wærn
Abstract Specification of User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 147-148
  Ole Lauridsen

Interactive Posters: Social Action

Science-by-Mail BIBAKHTML 149-150
  Ellen A. White; Marc E. Fusco
A Computer Science Community Service Project BIBAKHTML 151-152
  Saul Jimenez
CompuMentor: People Helping Computers Help People BIBAKHTML 153-154
  Melissa Schofield; Daniel Ben-Horin