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Proceedings of ACM CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI'95 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Mosaic of Creativity
Location:Denver, Colorado
Dates:1995-May-07 to 1995-May-11
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-694-8 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608950 Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-84705-1; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI95-1
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  1. CHI 1995-05-07 Volume 1
    1. Papers: Cognitive Models
    2. Papers: Programming by Example
    3. Papers: Information Access
    4. Papers: End-User Training and Help
    5. Papers: Multimodal Interfaces
    6. Papers: Studying Work
    7. Papers: Usability Analysis: From Research to Practice
    8. Papers: Learning from Design Experiences
    9. Papers: Using the Information of Others
    10. Papers: Navigating and Scaling in 2D Space
    11. Papers: Advanced Media for Collaboration
    12. Papers: Innovative Interaction I
    13. Papers: Technology at Work
    14. Papers: Visual Display Techniques
    15. Papers: Creating Visualizations
    16. Papers: Making Choices for Communication
    17. Papers: Design Tools
    18. Papers: Information Visualization
    19. Papers: Applying Cognitive Analysis to Design
    20. Papers: Innovative Interaction II
    21. Papers: Pictures and Programming
    22. Papers: Pen Interfaces
    23. Design Briefings: Interfaces for Children
    24. Design Briefings: Redesigning Existing Products
    25. Design Briefings: Managing Complex Data
    26. Design Briefings: Interfaces for Communication
    27. Design Briefings: Designing with Metaphors

CHI 1995-05-07 Volume 1

Papers: Cognitive Models

Display Navigation by an Expert Programmer: A Preliminary Model of Memory BIBAKHTML 3-10
  Erik M. Altmann; Jill H. Larkin; Bonnie E. John
Predictive Engineering Models Using the EPIC Architecture for a High-Performance Task BIBAHTML 11-18
  David E. Kieras; Scott D. Wood; David E. Meyer
Modeling Time-Constrained Learning in a Highly Interactive Task BIBAKHTML 19-26
  Malcolm I. Bauer; Bonnie E. John

Papers: Programming by Example

KidSim: End User Programming of Simulations BIBAKHTML 27-34
  Allen Cypher; David Canfield Smith
Building Geometry-Based Widgets by Example BIBAKHTML 35-42
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Brett Ahlstrom; Douglas Kohlert
Interactive Sketching for the Early Stages of User Interface Design BIBAKHTML 43-50
  James A. Landay; Brad A. Myers

Papers: Information Access

Information Foraging in Information Access Environments BIBAKHTML 51-58
  Peter Pirolli; Stuart Card
TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access BIBAHTML 59-66
  Marti A. Hearst
An Organic User Interface for Searching Citation Links BIBAKHTML 67-73
  Jock D. Mackinlay; Ramana Rao; Stuart K. Card

Papers: End-User Training and Help

End-User Training: An Empirical Study Comparing On-Line Practice Methods BIBAKHTML 74-81
  Susan Wiedenbeck; Patti L. Zila; Daniel S. McConnell
A Comparison of Still, Animated, or Nonillustrated On-Line Help with Written or Spoken Instructions in a Graphical User Interface BIBAKHTML 82-89
  Susan M. Harrison
Dynamic Generation of Follow Up Question Menus: Facilitating Interactive Natural Language Dialogues BIBAKHTML 90-97
  Vibhu O. Mittal; Johanna D. Moore

Papers: Multimodal Interfaces

A Generic Platform for Addressing the Multimodal Challenge BIBAKHTML 98-105
  Laurence Nigay; Joelle Coutaz
Developing Dual Interfaces for Integrating Blind and Sighted Users: The HOMER UIMS BIBAKHTML 106-113
  Anthony Savidis; Constantine Stephanidis
Improving GUI Accessibility for People with Low Vision BIBAKHTML 114-121
  Richard L. Kline; Ephraim P. Glinert

Papers: Studying Work

Collaborative Tools and the Practicalities of Professional Work at the International Monetary Fund BIBAKHTML 122-129
  Richard Harper; Abigail Sellen
Telephone Operators as Knowledge Workers: Consultants Who Meet Customer Needs BIBAKHTML 130-137
  Michael J. Muller; Rebecca Carr; Catherine Ashworth; Barbara Diekmann; Cathleen Wharton; Cherie Eickstaedt; Joan Clonts
Ethics, Lies and Videotape... BIBAKHTML 138-145
  Wendy E. Mackay

Papers: Usability Analysis: From Research to Practice

Multidisciplinary Modeling in HCI Design ...In Theory and in Practice BIBAKHTML 146-153
  Victoria Bellotti; Simon Buckingham Shum; Allan MacLean; Nick Hammond
Design Space Analysis as "Training Wheels" in a Framework for Learning User Interface Design BIBAKHTML 154-161
  J. W. van Aalst; T. T. Carey; D. L. McKerlie
Practical Education for Improving Software Usability BIBAKHTML 162-169
  John Karat; Tom Dayton

Papers: Learning from Design Experiences

Evolution of a Reactive Environment BIBAKHTML 170-177
  Jeremy R. Cooperstock; Koichiro Tanikoshi; Garry Beirne; Tracy Narine; William Buxton
The High-Tech Toolbelt: A Study of Designers in the Workplace BIBAKHTML 178-185
  Tamara Sumner
Time Affordances: The Time Factor in Diagnostic Usability Heuristics BIBAKHTML 186-193
  Alex Paul Conn

Papers: Using the Information of Others

Recommending and Evaluating Choices in a Virtual Community of Use BIBAKHTML 194-201
  Will Hill; Larry Stead; Mark Rosenstein; George Furnas
Pointing the Way: Active Collaborative Filtering BIBAKHTML 202-209
  David Maltz; Kate Ehrlich
Social Information Filtering: Algorithms for Automating "Word of Mouth" BIBAKHTML 210-217
  Upendra Shardanand; Patti Maes

Papers: Navigating and Scaling in 2D Space

A Comparison of User Interfaces for Panning on a Touch-Controlled Display BIBAKHTML 218-225
  Jeff A. Johnson
Pre-Screen Projection: From Concept to Testing of a New Interaction Technique BIBAKHTML 226-233
  Deborah Hix; James N. Templeman; Robert J. K. Jacob
Space-Scale Diagrams: Understanding Multiscale Interfaces BIBAKHTML 234-241
  George W. Furnas; Benjamin B. Bederson

Papers: Advanced Media for Collaboration

User Embodiment in Collaborative Virtual Environments BIBAKHTML 242-249
  Steve Benford; John Bowers; Lennart E. Fahlen; Chris Greenhalgh; Dave Snowdon
Providing Assurances in a Multimedia Interactive Environment BIBAKHTML 250-256
  Doree Duncan Seligmann; Rebecca T. Mercuri; John T. Edmark
A Virtual Window on Media Space BIBAKHTML 257-264
  William W. Gaver; Gerda Smets; Kees Overbeeke

Papers: Innovative Interaction I

Virtual Reality on a WIM: Interactive Worlds in Miniature BIBAKHTML 265-272
  Richard Stoakley; Matthew J. Conway; Randy Pausch
The "Prince" Technique: Fitts' Law and Selection Using Area Cursors BIBAK 273-279
  Paul Kabbash; William Buxton
Applying Electric Field Sensing to Human-Computer Interfaces BIBAKHTML 280-287
  Thomas G. Zimmerman; Joshua R. Smith; Joseph A. Paradiso; David Allport; Neil Gershenfeld

Papers: Technology at Work

Learning to Write Together Using Groupware BIBAKHTML 288-295
  Alex Mitchell; Ilona Posner; Ronald Baecker
Electronic Futures Markets versus Floor Trading: Implications for Interface Design BIBAKHTML 296-303
  Satu S. Parikh; Gerald L. Lohse
Dinosaur Input Device BIBAKHTML 304-309
  Brian Knep; Craig Hayes; Rick Sayre; Tom Williams

Papers: Visual Display Techniques

Dynamic Stereo Displays BIBAKHTML 310-316
  Colin Ware
Transparent Layered User Interfaces: An Evaluation of a Display Design to Enhance Focused and Divided Attention BIBAKHTML 317-324
  Beverly L. Harrison; Hiroshi Ishii; Kim J. Vicente; William A. S. Buxton
User-Centered Video: Transmitting Video Images Based on the User's Interest BIBAKHTML 325-330
  Kimaya Yamaashi; Yukihiro Kawamata; Masayuki Tani; Hidekazu Matsumoto

Papers: Creating Visualizations

Visualizing Complex Hypermedia Networks through Multiple Hierarchical Views BIBAKHTML 331-337
  Sougata Mukherjea; James D. Foley; Scott Hudson
SageBook: Searching Data-Graphics by Content BIBAKHTML 338-345
  Mei C. Chuah; Steven F. Roth; John Kolojejchick; Joe Mattis; Octavio Juarez
Finding and Using Implicit Structure in Human-Organized Spatial Layouts of Information BIBAKHTML 346-353
  Frank M., III Shipman; Catherine C. Marshall; Thomas P. Moran

Papers: Making Choices for Communication

Comparison of Face-To-Face and Distributed Presentations BIBAKHTML 354-361
  Ellen A. Isaacs; Trevor Morris; Thomas K. Rodriguez; John C. Tang
What Mix of Video and Audio is Useful for Small Groups Doing Remote Real-Time Design Work? BIBAKHTML 362-368
  Judith S. Olson; Gary M. Olson; David K. Meader
Designing SpeechActs: Issues in Speech User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 369-376
  Nicole Yankelovich; Gina-Anne Levow; Matt Marx

Papers: Design Tools

Integrating Task and Software Development for Object-Oriented Applications BIBAKHTML 377-384
  Mary Beth Rosson; John M. Carroll
Using Computational Critics to Facilitate Long-Term Collaboration in User Interface Design BIBAKHTML 385-392
  Uwe Malinowski; Kumiyo Nakakoji
A Theoretically Motivated Tool for Automatically Generating Command Aliases BIBAKHTML 393-400
  Sarah Nichols; Frank E. Ritter

Papers: Information Visualization

A Focus+Context Technique Based on Hyperbolic Geometry for Visualizing Large Hierarchies BIBAKHTML 401-408
  John Lamping; Ramana Rao; Peter Pirolli
GeoSpace: An Interactive Visualization System for Exploring Complex Information Spaces BIBAKHTML 409-414
  Ishantha Lokuge; Suguru Ishizaki
Enhanced Dynamic Queries via Movable Filters BIBAKHTML 415-420
  Ken Fishkin; Maureen C. Stone

Papers: Applying Cognitive Analysis to Design

Turning Research into Practice: Characteristics of Display-Based Interaction BIBAKHTML 421-428
  Marita Franzke
Learning and Using the Cognitive Walkthrough Method: A Case Study Approach BIBAKHTML 429-436
  Bonnie E. John; Hilary Packer
What Help Do Users Need?: Taxonomies for On-Line Information Needs and Access Methods BIBAKHTML 437-441
  A. W. Roesler; S. G. McLellan

Papers: Innovative Interaction II

Bricks: Laying the Foundations for Graspable User Interfaces BIBAKHTML 442-449
  George W. Fitzmaurice; Hiroshi Ishii; William Buxton
Situated Facial Displays: Towards Social Interaction BIBAKHTML 450-455
  Akikazu Takeuchi; Taketo Naito
GloveTalkII: An Adaptive Gesture-to-Formant Interface BIBAKHTML 456-463
  Sidney Fels; Geoffrey Hinton

Papers: Pictures and Programming

Pictures as Input Data BIBAKHTML 464-471
  Douglas C. Kohlert; Dan R., Jr. Olsen
Planning-Based Control of Interface Animation BIBAKHTML 472-479
  David Kurlander; Daniel T. Ling
Bridging the Gulf Between Code and Behavior in Programming BIBAKHTML 480-486
  Henry Lieberman; Christopher Fry

Papers: Pen Interfaces

Implicit Structures for Pen-Based Systems within a Freeform Interaction Paradigm BIBAKHTML 487-494
  Thomas P. Moran; Patrick Chiu; William van Melle; Gordon Kurtenbach
Back to the Future: Pen and Paper Technology Supports Complex Group Coordination BIBAKHTML 495-502
  Steve Whittaker; Heinrich Schwarz
Recognition Accuracy and User Acceptance of Pen Interfaces BIBAKHTML 503-510
  Clive Frankish; Richard Hull; Pam Morgan

Design Briefings: Interfaces for Children

Designing the PenPal: Blending Hardware and Software in a User-Interface for Children BIBAKHTML 511-518
  Philippe Piernot; Ramon M. Felciano; Roby Stancel; Jonathan Marsh; Marc Yvon
Amazing Animation: Movie Making for Kids BIBAKHTML 519-524
  Shannon L. Halgren; Tony Fernandes; Deanna Thomas

Design Briefings: Redesigning Existing Products

Drag Me, Drop Me, Treat Me Like an Object BIBAKHTML 525-530
  Annette Wagner; Patrick Curran; Robert O'Brien
The Effects of Practical Business Constraints on User Interface Design BIBAKHTML 531-537
  Debra Hershmann

Design Briefings: Managing Complex Data

Replacing a Networking Interface "From Hell" BIBAKHTML 538-545
  Roxanne F. Bradley; Linn D. Johnk
User-Centered Development of a Large-Scale Complex Networked Virtual Environment BIBAKHTML 546-552
  Thomas W. Mastaglio; Jeanine Williamson

Design Briefings: Interfaces for Communication

Neither Rain, Nor Sleet, Nor Gloom of Night: Adventures in Electronic Mail BIBAKHTML 553-557
  Maria Capucciati; Patrick Curran; Kimberly Donner O'Brien; Annette Wagner
The Interchange Online Network: Simplifying Information Access BIBAKHTML 558-565
  Ron Perkins

Design Briefings: Designing with Metaphors

Articulating a Metaphor through User-Centered Design BIBAKHTML 566-572
  H. J. Moll-Carrillo; Gitta Salomon; Matthew Marsh; Jane Fulton Suri; Peter Spreenberg
Designing a "Front Panel" for Unix: The Evolution of a Metaphor BIBAKHTML 573-579
  Jay Lundell; Steve Anderson