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Proceedings of ACM CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Celebrating Interdependence
Editors:Catherine Plaisant
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1994-Apr-24 to 1994-Apr-28
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-651-4 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608941; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI94-2
  1. CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 2
    2. SHORT PAPERS: Design in the Workplace
    3. SHORT PAPERS: Multimedia in Use
    4. SHORT PAPERS: Modeling I/O
    5. SHORT PAPERS: Multimedia Interfaces
    6. SHORT PAPERS: Auditory Information Interfaces
    7. SHORT PAPERS: Social Aspects of Design
    8. SHORT PAPERS: Designing Spoken Language Systems
    9. SHORT PAPERS: HCI Research?
    10. SHORT PAPERS: Access to Organized Data Structures
    11. SHORT PAPERS: Visual Interaction Techniques
    12. SHORT PAPERS: Designing Interaction Objects
    13. SHORT PAPERS: Cognitive Models
    14. SHORT PAPERS: Enhancing Interaction
    15. SHORT PAPERS: Virtual and Visual Environments

CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 2


The Coming of Age of Software Design BIBAPDF 237
  Mitchell Kapor
Constructing New Interface Frameworks BIBAKPDF 239-240
  S. Joy Mountford

SHORT PAPERS: Design in the Workplace

Keeping Viewers in the Picture: Real-World Usability Procedures in the Development of a Television Control Interface BIBAKPDF 243-244
  Alison Black; Oliver Bayley; Colin Burns; Ilkka Kuuluvainen; John Stoddard
A Comparison of Methods for Teaching Information Systems Design BIBAKPDF 245-246
  Penny Collings; David Walker; Frank Hicks; Anne McMahon; Errol Martin

SHORT PAPERS: Multimedia in Use

Graphical Interfaces for Young Children in a Software-Based Mathematics Curriculum BIBAKPDF 247-248
  Joe Berkovitz
ScienceWorks Modeler: Scaffolding the Doing of Science BIBAKPDF 249-250
  Shari L. Jackson; Jiannchuan Tony Hu; Elliot Soloway


Device Comparisons for Goal-Directed Drawing Tasks BIBAKPDF 251-252
  Shawna Meyer; Oryx Cohen; Erik Nilsen
Issues and Experience in Designing Two-Handed Interaction BIBAKPDF 253-254
  Stephane Chatty
Passive Force Feedback for Velocity Control BIBAKPDF 255-256
  Mark Paton; Colin Ware
Design of a Virtual Rigid Surface: Haptic/Audio Registration BIBAKPDF 257-258
  Louis B. Rosenberg
Anthropomorphic Model for Hand Gesture Interface BIBAKPDF 259-260
  Annelies Braffort; Christophe Collet; Daniel Teil
A System for Application-Independent Time-Critical Rendering BIBAKPDF 261-262
  Rich Gossweiler; Randy Pausch

SHORT PAPERS: Multimedia Interfaces

User Interfaces for Hypermedia: How to Find Good Metaphors? BIBAKPDF 263-264
  Kaisa Vaananen; Jens Schmidt
A Geographically-Based Multimedia Approach to City Planning BIBAKPDF 265-266
  Michael J. Shiffer

SHORT PAPERS: Auditory Information Interfaces

Multimodal Interfaces: New Solutions to the Problem of Computer Accessibility for the Blind BIBAKPDF 267-268
  Yacine Bellik; Dominique Burger
Designing with Auditory Icons: How Well Do We Identify Auditory Cues? BIBAKPDF 269-270
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt

SHORT PAPERS: Social Aspects of Design

Communicating HCI Modelling to Practitioners BIBAKWeb PagePDF 271-272
  Simon Buckingham Shum; Anker Helms Jorgensen; Annette Aboulafia; Nick Hammond
Using Electronic Group Decision-Making Technology for Usability Walkthroughs: An Initial Qualitative Cost/Benefit Analysis BIBAKPDF 273-274
  Lauren Weisberg Zack

SHORT PAPERS: Designing Spoken Language Systems

Talking vs Taking: Speech Access to Remote Computers BIBAKPDF 275-276
  Nicole Yankelovich
Storywriter: A Speech Oriented Editor BIBAKPDF 277-278
  Catalina Danis; Liam Comerford; Eric Janke; Ken Davies; Jackie DeVries; Alex Bertrand


A Survey on User Expectations for Interface Builders BIBAKPDF 279-280
  M. C. Desmarais; C. Hayne; S. Jagannath; R. Keller
Effects of Message Style on Users' Attributions toward Agents BIBAKPDF 281-282
  Susan E. Brennan; Justina O. Ohaeri
When Users Do and Don't Rely on Icon Shape BIBAKPDF 283-284
  Jackie Moyes
Toward a Deeper Comparison of Methods: A Reaction to Nielsen & Phillips and New Data BIBAKPDF 285-286
  Bonnie E. John

SHORT PAPERS: Access to Organized Data Structures

Electronic Proceedings (Eprocs) for IWANNT'93 BIBAKPDFCOM 287-288
  Robert B. Allen
Navigational View Builder: A Tool for Building Navigational Views of Information Spaces BIBAKPDF 289-290
  Sougata Mukherjea; James D. Foley

SHORT PAPERS: Visual Interaction Techniques

Knurls: Effective 3D Intra-Molecular Manipulation with a 2D Device BIBAKPDF 291-292
  Scott D. Kahn; Gary A. Chappell; Andrew Smellie; Michael Shantz; Steven Teig
What You See Is What You Get -- But Do You Get What You See? BIBAKPDF 293-294
  Hermina J. M. Tabachneck; Herbert A. Simon

SHORT PAPERS: Designing Interaction Objects

Alice: A Rapid Prototyping System for Building Virtual Environments BIBAKPDF 295-296
  Matthew Conway; Randy Pausch; Rich Gossweiler; Tommy Burnette
Sage: Creating Reusable, Modularized Interactive Behaviors by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 297-298
  Gurminder Singh; Zhao Cuie

SHORT PAPERS: Cognitive Models

Acquisition of Display-Based Skill BIBAKPDF 299-300
  Stephen J. Payne
A Model-Based Analysis of Errors in Display-Based HCI BIBAKPDF 301-302
  Muneo Kitajima; Peter G. Polson

SHORT PAPERS: Enhancing Interaction

DeskSlate: A Shared Workspace for Telephone Partners BIBAKPDF 303-304
  Brid O'Conaill; Erik Geelhoed; Peter Toft
Towards the Interactive Office BIBAKPDF 305-306
  Steve Hodges; Gifford Louie
A Groupware Environment for Complete Meetings BIBAKPDF 307-308
  Ted O'Grady; Saul Greenberg
TeleCSILE: Facilitating Collaboration Between Teachers in Different Schools BIBAKPDF 309-310
  Peter Rowley
Synthesis of Sign Language Gestures BIBAKPDF 311-312
  Sylvie Gibet
Gestural Human-Machine Interaction for People with Severe Speech and Motor Impairment Due to Cerebral Palsy BIBAKPDF 313-314
  David M. Roy; Marilyn Panayi; Roman Erenshteyn; Richard Foulds; Robert Fawcus

SHORT PAPERS: Virtual and Visual Environments

Pad++: Advances in Multiscale Interfaces BIBAKPDF 315-316
  Benjamin B. Bederson; Larry Stead; James D. Hollan
An Approach for Designing Virtual Environment Training Systems BIBAKPDF 317-318
  Mark S. Schlager
VR Management Tools: Beyond Spatial Presence BIBAKPDF 319-320
  John A. Waterworth; Luis Serra
OPOSSUM: A Flexible Schema Visualization and Editing Tool BIBAKPDF 321-322
  Eban M. Haber; Yannis E. Ioannidis; Miron Livny
Analyzing Graphic and Textual Layouts with GOMS: Results of a Preliminary Analysis BIBAKPDF 323-324
  Mei C. Chuah; Bonnie E. John; John Pane
Immersive Environments: A Physical Approach to the Computer Interface BIBAKPDF 325-326
  Allison Druin; Ken Perlin


Current Issues in Assessing and Improving Documentation Usability BIBAKPDF 329
  Stephanie Rosenbaum; Judith Ramey
Usability Lab Tools: One Year Later BIBAKPDF 330
  Paul Weiler; Monty Hammontree
Ergonomic Standards for Software: Update for 1994 BIBAKPDF 331
  Patricia A. Billingsley
Educating the Next Generation of Information Systems Specialists: Report on a US National Science Foundation Task Force BIBAKPDF 332
  Michael J. Muller; Anita LaSalle; Michael C. Mulder
Issues in Human Factors Organization and Practices BIBAKPDF 333
  Barry Beith; Thyra L. Rauch; Thomas D. Wilson
SIGCHI Vision: Linking Research and Practice BIBAKPDF 334
  Vivienne Begg
Visual Interaction Design Special Interest Area Annual Meeting BIBAKPDF 335
  Loretta Staples; Andy Cargile
Reflective Practitioners: Connecting Research and Practice BIBAKPDF 336
  George Casaday; Cynthia Rainis; Dennis Wixon
HCI Challenges in Government Contracting BIBAKPDF 337
  Elizabeth Buie; Ira Winkler; Christopher Norloff; Michael Shafto; Nigel Bevan; Andrew Cohen; Bonnie Hawkins; Deborah Hix
International Usability Testing: How Can We Do It Early, Often, & Cost-Effectively BIBAKPDF 338
  Marta A. Miller; Catherine O'Donnell
New Directions in HCI Education and Research BIBAKPDF 339
  Gary W. Strong
The SIGCHI Identity Visioning Project BIBAKPDF 340
  Michael E. Atwood
East-West Human Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 341
  Eddy Boeve; Steven Pemberton
Usability Professionals Association Meeting BIBAKPDF 342
  Mary Beth Butler
War Stories and Experience Designing with Contextual Techniques BIBAKPDF 343
  Karen Holtzblatt
Electronic Resources in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDFHTML 344
  Gary Perlman; John "Scooter" Morris; Jakob Nielsen; Brian Shackel
Issues in End User Software Internationalization BIBAKPDF 345
  Tracy M. Jennings
SIGCHI Vision: Membership & Volunteers Action Proposal BIBAPDF 346
  Stacey Ashlund; John Bennett
Meeting Federal Accessibility/Disability Requirements in Interface Design BIBAKPDF 347
  Gary W. Strong
Tools for Working with Guidelines BIBAK --
  Iris Dilli; Peter Gorny; Harald Reiterer; Kaori Ueno; Jean Vanderdonckt