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Proceedings of ACM CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Celebrating Interdependence
Editors:Catherine Plaisant
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1994-Apr-24 to 1994-Apr-28
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-651-4 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608941; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI94-2
  1. CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 2
    2. INTERACTIVE POSTERS -- Social Action Posters
    4. PANELS

CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 2


The Effect of Evaluation and Redesign BIBAKPDF 69-70
  Thomas K. Landauer
The HCI Bibliography: Past, Present, and Future BIBAKPDF 71-72
  Gary Perlman
The ACM SIGCHI Education Survey BIBAKPDF 73-74
  Gary Perlman; Jean Gasen
Exploratory Learning of Interactive Devices BIBAKPDF 75-76
  Carol-Ina Trudel
Pointing in Entertainment-Oriented Environments: Appreciation versus Performance BIBAKPDF 77-78
  J. H. D. M. Westerink; K. van den Reek
Why You Can't Program Your VCR, or, Predicting Errors and Performance with Production System Models of Display-Based Action BIBAKPDF 79-80
  Wayne D. Gray; Haresh Sabnani
"FingeRing": A Full-Time Wearable Interface BIBAPDF 81-82
  Masaaki Fukumoto; Yasuhito Suenaga
Virtual Hand Tool with Force Feedback BIBAKPDF 83-84
  Ravin Balakrishnan; Colin Ware; Tim Smith
Input Techniques for HCI in 3D Environments BIBAKPDF 85-86
  Shumin Zhai; Paul Milgram
Electronic Meeting Assistance BIBAKPDF 87-88
  Stefanie Rather; Michael Stupperich
A Framework for Information Sharing in Collaborative Applications BIBAKPDF 89-90
  W. Keith Edwards
Using Cognitive Walkthrough for Evaluating a CSCW Application BIBAKPDF 91-92
  Anna-Lena Ereback; Kristina Höök
Characterising the Social Salience of Electronically Mediated Communication BIBAKPDF 93-94
  Owen Daly-Jones
Conveying Emotion in Remote Computer-Mediated-Communication BIBAKPDF 95-96
  Krisela Rivera; Nancy J. Cooke; Anna L. Rowe; Jeff A. Bauhs
A Comparison of Verbal Interaction in Literal and Virtual Shared Learning Environments BIBAKPDF 97-98
  Karl E. Steiner; Thomas G. Moher
Is Knowing More Really Better? Effects of System Development Information in Human-Expert System Interactions BIBAKPDF 99-100
  Jeff A. Bauhs; Nancy J. Cooke
Multiple Methods Mean More Minutes BIBAKPDF 101-102
  Marita Franzke
Observing Users in Multimodal Interaction BIBAKPDF 103-104
  Daniel Salber
Cost of Operations Affects Planfulness of Problem-Solving Behaviour BIBAKPDF 105-106
  Kenton O'Hara
User Acceptance of Handwritten Recognition Accuracy BIBAKPDF 107
  Mary J. LaLomia
A Comparison of Usability Evaluations Conducted by Different Teams BIBAKPDF 109-110
  Anna L. Rowe; Tammy Lowry; Shannon L. Halgren; Nancy J. Cooke
Wizard: Non-Wimp Oriented Prototyping of Direct Manipulative Behavior BIBAKPDF 111-112
  Martina Manhartsberger; Manfred Tscheligi
CHIRP: The Computer Human Interface Rapid Prototyping and Design Assistant Toolkit BIBAPDF 113-114
  Robert J. Remington
Participatory Design for Sensitive Interface Parameters: Contributions of Traumatic Brain Injury Patients to Their Prosthetic Software BIBAKPDF 115-116
  Elliot Cole; Parto Dehdashti; Linda Petti; Marlene Angert
Using a Game to Teach a Design Process BIBAKPDF 117-118
  Jared M. Spool; Carolyn Snyder; Don Ballman; Will Schroeder
Actors, Hairdos & Videotape -- Informance Design: Using Performance Techniques in Multi-Disciplinary, Observation Based Design BIBAKPDF 119-120
  Colin Burns; Eric Dishman; William Verplank; Bud Lassiter
Visual Layout Techniques in Multimedia Applications BIBAKPDF 121-122
  Francois Bodart; Jean Vanderdonckt
Automatic Generation of a User Interface for Highly Interactive Business-Oriented Applications BIBAKPDF 123-124
  Jean Vanderdonckt
Dual Task Model: An Evaluation Model for the Complex Operation BIBAKPDF 125-126
  Masaaki Kurosu
An EPIC Model for a High-Performance HCI Task BIBAKPDF 127-128
  Scott D. Wood; David E. Kieras; David E. Meyer
Dilemma -- A Tool for Rapid Manual Translation BIBAKPDF 129-130
  Jussi Karlgren; Hans Karlgren; Paul Pettersson; Magnus Nordstrom; Bengt Wahrolen
Hierarchical Events in Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 131-132
  David S. Kosbie
PVAT: Development of a Video Analysis Tool BIBAKPDF 133-134
  Mihriban Whitmore; Tim McKay
InHouse: An Information Manipulation Environment for Monitoring Parallel Programs BIBAKPDF 135-136
  Manfred Tscheligi; Sabine Musil
The Design of Animated Signs as Help BIBAKPDF 137-138
  C. Dormann
Examining Animated Algorithms: The Role of Problem Domain Experience and Problem Representation in Rule Development BIBAKPDF 139-140
  Faison P. Gibson; F. Javier Lerch; Mark Fichman
The Visual Browsing Tool for Astrophysical Data Management BIBAKPDF 141
  Paul Pinkney; Alice Bertini
Visual Access to Hyper-Information: Using Multiple Metaphors with Graphic Affordances BIBAKPDF 142
  Eviatar Shafrir; Jafar Nabkel
Library Information Access Client BIBAKPDF 143-144
  J. Ray Scott
V: A Visual Query Language for a Multimodal Environment BIBAKPDF 145-146
  Ivan Bretan; Robert Nilsson; Kent Saxin Hammarstrom

INTERACTIVE POSTERS -- Social Action Posters

Social Action Posters BIBAPDF 147
  Pamela A. Burke; Michael J. Muller
Computer Science Olympiad: Community Project for Disadvantaged Schools BIBAKPDF 148
  Donald Cook
The Boston Peace and Justice Hotline: A Phone-Based Community Bulletin Board BIBAKPDF 149-150
  Paul Resnick
CAIS: A University-Based Social Action Project BIBAPDF 151-152
  Dov Te'eni
Science-by-Mail BIBAKPDF 153-154
  Ellen A. White; Marc E. Fusco


Usability at Digital After 15 Years: Principles and Pitfalls BIBAKPDF 157-158
  Elizabeth M. Comstock; Dennis R. Wixon
HCI Research in Paderborn, Germany BIBAKPDF 159-160
  Gerd Szwillus
"But, How Much Does It Cost?": Selling User Interface Design BIBAKPDF 161-162
  Ingrid K. Towey; James M., II Gill; Kurt W. Morehouse
An Overview of Interval Research Corporation BIBAKPDF 163-164
  David E. Liddle; Meg Withgott; Debby Hindus
Research at The Center for HCI Design -- City University BIBAPDF 165-166
  Alistair Sutcliffe
Communication and Cognitive Science Research in Linkoping BIBAKPDF 167-168
  Yvonne Wærn; Sture Hagglund
CMI and Ventana Corporation BIBAPDF 169-170
  Jay F., Jr. Nunamaker; Robert O. Briggs
The COMIC Research Project on CSCW BIBAPDF 171-172
  Tom Rodden; Liam Bannon; Kari Kuutti
The Ontario Telepresence Project BIBAKPDF 173-174
  Ron Riesenbach


What HCI Designers Can Learn from Video Game Designers BIBAKPDF 177-178
  Randy Pausch; Rich Gold; Tim Skelly; David Thiel
Diversified Parallel Design: Contrasting Design Approaches BIBAKPDF 179-180
  Jakob Nielsen; Tony Fernandes; Annette Wagner; Richard Wolf; Kate Ehrlich
Guilty or Not Guilty? Human Factors Structured Methods on Trial BIBAPDF 181-182
  John Long; Simon Hakiel; Leela Damodoran; Bill Hefley; Kee Yong Lim
Approaches to Managing Deviant Behavior in Virtual Communities BIBAKPDF 183-184
  Amy Bruckman; Pavel Curtis; Cliff Figallo; Brenda Laurel
Media Spaces and Their Application in K-12 and College Learning Communities BIBAKPDF 185-186
  Louis Gomez; Rob Fish; Sara Bly; Yvonne Andres; Sergio Canetti; Barry Fishman; Joseph Polman
Interaction Paradigms for Human-Computer Cooperation in Design BIBAKPDF 187-188
  Mark Friedell; Sandeep Kochhar; Joe Marks; Steve Sistare; Louis Weitzman
Is HCI Education Getting a Passing Grade from Industry? BIBAKPDFHTML 189-190
  Gary Perlman; Arye R. Ephrath; Thomas T. Hewett; John Long; S. Joy Mountford; Jenny Preece
Designing for Diverse Users: Will Just a Better Interface Do? BIBAKPDF 191-192
  Laura Leventhal; Barbee Teasley; Daryl Stone; Ann-Marie Lancaster; Aaron Marcus; Bonnie Nardi; Jakob Nielsen; Masaaki Kurosu; Rachelle Heller
Debating the Media Space Design Space BIBAKPDF 193-194
  Victoria Bellotti; Robert Fish; Robert Kraut; Paul Dourish; Bill Gaver; Annette Adler; Sara Bly; Marilyn Mantei; Gale Moore
Beyond Accuracy, Reliability, and Efficiency: Criteria for a Good Computer System BIBAKPDF 195
  Batya Friedman; Nancy Leveson; Ben Shneiderman; Lucy Suchman; Terry Winograd