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Proceedings of ACM CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Companion of CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Celebrating Interdependence
Editors:Catherine Plaisant
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1994-Apr-24 to 1994-Apr-28
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-651-4 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608941; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI94-2
  1. CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 2
    1. Introduction
    2. DEMONSTRATIONS: Evaluation
    3. DEMONSTRATIONS: Information Retrieval
    4. DEMONSTRATIONS: Education/Training
    5. DEMONSTRATIONS: Multimedia and Education
    7. DEMONSTRATIONS: Demonstrational Interfaces
    9. DEMONSTRATIONS: Virtual Reality Multimedia

CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 2


Introduction to the Technical Program BIB 1
  Thomas Landauer; Wendy W. Mackay


A Toolset for Systematic Observation and Evaluation of Computer-Human Interaction BIBAKPDF 5-6
  James Hicinbothom; Mark Watanabe; William Weiland; James Boardway; Wayne Zachary
Timelines, A Tool for the Gathering, Coding and Analysis of Temporal HCI Usability Data BIBAKPDF 7-8
  Russell N. Owen; Ronald M. Baecker; Beverly Harrison

DEMONSTRATIONS: Information Retrieval

Workscape: A Scriptable Document Management Environment BIBAKPDF 9-10
  Peter Lucas; Lauren Schneider
InfoCrystal: A Visual Tool for Information Retrieval & Management BIBAKPDF 11-12
  Anselm Spoerri

DEMONSTRATIONS: Education/Training

Studying Motion with KidVid, A Data Collection and Analysis Tool for Digitized Video BIBAKPDF 13-14
  Andee Rubin; Dewi Win
DIME: Distributed Intelligent Multimedia Education BIBAKPDF 15-16
  Bob Radlinski; Michael E. Atwood; Michael Villano

DEMONSTRATIONS: Multimedia and Education

Media Fusion: An Application of Model-Based Communication BIBAKPDF 17-18
  R. D. Borovoy; E. B. W. Cooper; R. K. E. Bellamy
The Development of an Interactive Multimedia Courseware Program Highlighting Visual Momentum BIBAKPDF 19-20
  Wayne C. Neale; Pamela Kurstedt


The Upper Atmospheric Research Collaboratory BIBAKPDF 21
  S. E. McDaniel; G. M. Olson; T. E. Weymouth; C. E. Rasmussen; A. Prakash; C. R. Clauer; D. E. Atkins; L. R. Penmetsa; N. R. Manohar; H. S. Shim
The Collaborative Desktop: An Environment for Computer Supported Cooperative Work BIBAKPDF 23-24
  Konrad Tollmar; Hans Marmolin; Yngve Sundblad

DEMONSTRATIONS: Demonstrational Interfaces

The Garnet User Interface Development Environment BIBAKPDF 25-26
  Brad A. Myers
SAGE Tools: A Knowledge-Based Environment for Designing and Perusing Data Visualizations BIBAKPDF 27-28
  Steven F. Roth; John Kolojejchick; Joe Mattis; Mei C. Chuah; Jade Goldstein; Octavio Juarez


Demonstrating Raison d'Etre: Multimedia Design History and Rationale BIBAKPDF 29-30
  John M. Carroll; Sherman R. Alpert; John Karat; Mary S. Van Deusen; Mary Beth Rosson
Repeat and Predict -- Two Keys to Efficient Text Editing BIBAKPDF 31-32
  Toshiyuki Masui; Ken Nakayama

DEMONSTRATIONS: Virtual Reality Multimedia

DesignSpace: A Manual Interaction Environment for Computer Aided Design BIBAKPDF 33-34
  William L. Chapin; Timothy A. Lacey; Larry Leifer
Man-Machine Integration Design and Analysis System (MIDAS) BIBAPDF 35-36
  Sherman W. Tyler


LiveWorld: A Construction Kit for Animate Systems BIBAKPDF 37-38
  Michael Travers
ReActor: A System for Real-Time, Reactive Animations BIBAKPDF 39-40
  J. Eugene Ball; Daniel T. Ling; David Pugh; Tim Skelly; Andrew Stankosky; David Thiel


List of Students Selected to Participate in the Doctoral Consortium BIBAPDF 41
  Marilyn Mantei; Andrew Monk


3-D Interactive Percussion: The Virtual Drum Kit BIBAKPDF 45-46
  David Burgess; Elizabeth Mynatt
DesignSpace: A Manual Interaction Environment for Computer Aided Design BIBAKPDF 47-48
  William L. Chapin; Timothy A. Lacey; Larry Leifer
The Future of Programming Interactive Experience BIBAPDF 49-50
  Chris DiGiano; Clayton Lewis; Chris Hurtt
Half-QWERTY: Typing with One Hand Using Your Two-Handed Skills BIBAKPDFWeb Page 51-52
  Edgar Matias; I. Scott MacKenzie; William Buxton
Making it Macintosh: Process, People and Product BIBAKPDF 53-54
  Lauralee Alben; Jim Faris; Harry J. Saddler
Memory Map: An Interactive Installation that Maps Memory Space to Physical Space BIBAKPDF 55-56
  Stephen Wilson
The Pantograph: A Large Workspace Haptic Device for Multi-Modal Human-Computer Interaction BIBAKPDF 57-58
  Christophe Ramstein; Vincent Hayward
Portraits of People Living with AIDS: An Interactive Documentary BIBAKPDF 59-60
  Hazen Reed
StillDancing: Interacting Inside the Dance BIBAKPDF 61-62
  Thecla Schiphorst; Sang Mah; John Crawford
Tabletop and Tabletop Jr.: Two Tools for Hands-On Data Exploration for Kids BIBAKPDF 63-64
  Laura Bagnall
Video Streamer BIBAKPDF 65-66
  Eddie Elliott; Glorianna Davenport