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Proceedings of ACM CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI'94 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Celebrating Interdependence
Editors:Beth Adelson; Susan Dumais; Judith Olson
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1994-Apr-24 to 1994-Apr-28
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-650-6 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608940; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-76557-8; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI94-1
  1. CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 1
    1. Design in the Workplace
    2. Accessing and Exploring Information
    3. Supporting Distributed Work
    4. Multimedia in Use
    5. Expressive Interfaces
    6. Multimedia Interfaces
    7. Active Support for Interaction
    8. Studies of Communication and Cooperative Work
    9. Tools for Design
    10. Auditory Information Interfaces
    11. Accessing and Using Stored Documents
    12. Social Aspects of Design
    13. Designing Spoken Language Systems
    14. Automatic Support in Design and Use
    15. Evaluation Methods
    16. Pen Input
    17. HCI Research?
    18. Design Evaluation
    19. Information Visualization
    20. Access to Organized Data Structures
    21. GOMS Analysis
    22. Visual Interaction Techniques
    23. Designing Interaction Objects
    24. HCI in the Real World
    25. Evaluating Pointing Devices
    26. Analysis of Programming Environments
    27. Cognitive Models
    28. Interacting in 3-D

CHI 1994-04-24 Volume 1

Design in the Workplace

Scandinavian Design: Users in Product Development BIBAKPDF 3-9
  Morten Kyng
Designing Workscape: An Interdisciplinary Experience BIBAKPDF 10-15
  Joseph M. Ballay

Accessing and Exploring Information

An Improved Interface for Tutorial Dialogues: Browsing a Visual Dialogue History BIBAKPDF 16-22
  Benoit Lemaire; Johanna Moore
Using Aggregation and Dynamic Queries for Exploring Large Data Sets BIBAKPDF 23-29
  Jade Goldstein; Steven F. Roth
An Image Retrieval System Considering Subjective Perception BIBAKPDF 30-36
  Haruhiko Nishiyama; Sumi Kin; Teruo Yokoyama; Yutaka Matsushita

Supporting Distributed Work

Montage: Providing Teleproximity for Distributed Groups BIBAKPDF 37-43
  John C. Tang; Monica Rua
Courtyard: Integrating Shared Overview on a Large Screen and Per-User Detail on Individual Screens BIBAKPDF 44-50
  Masayuki Tani; Masato Horita; Kimiya Yamaashi; Koichiro Tanikoshi; Masayasu Futakawa
Distributed Collaborative Writing: A Comparison of Spoken and Written Modalities for Reviewing and Revising Documents BIBAKPDF 51-57
  Christine M. Neuwirth; Ravinder Chandhok; Davida Charney; Patricia Wojahn; Loel Kim

Multimedia in Use

Marquee: A Tool for Real-Time Video Logging BIBAKPDF 58-64
  Karon Weber; Alex Poon
A Comparison of the Use of Text and Multimedia Interfaces to Provide Information to the Elderly BIBAKPDF 65-71
  Virginia Z. Ogozalek

Expressive Interfaces

Computers are Social Actors BIBAKPDF 72-78
  Clifford Nass; Jonathan Steuer; Ellen R. Tauber
Form-Giving: Expressing the Nonobvious BIBAKPDF 79-84
  Gerda Smets; Kees Overbeeke; William Gaver
Using a Human Face in an Interface BIBAKPDF 85-91
  Janet H. Walker; Lee Sproull; R. Subramani

Multimedia Interfaces

Designing Presentation in Multimedia Interfaces BIBAKPDF 92-98
  Alistair Sutcliffe; Peter Faraday
The "Starfire" Video Prototype Project: A Case History BIBAKPDF 99-105
  Bruce Tognazzini

Active Support for Interaction

Creating Charts by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 106-111
  Brad A. Myers; Jade Goldstein; Matthew A. Goldberg
Interactive Graphic Design Using Automatic Presentation Knowledge BIBAKPDF 112-117
  Steven F. Roth; John Kolojejchick; Joe Mattis; Jade Goldstein
Repeat and Predict -- Two Keys to Efficient Text Editing BIBAKPDF 118-123
  Toshiyuki Masui; Ken Nakayama

Studies of Communication and Cooperative Work

Communicating About Communicating: Cross-Disciplinary Design of a Media Space Interface BIBAKPDF 124-130
  Beverly Harrison; Marilyn Mantei; Garry Beirne; Tracy Narine
Informal Workplace Communication: What is It Like and How Might We Support It? BIBAKPDF 131-137
  Steve Whittaker; David Frohlich; Owen Daly-Jones
A Room of Our Own: Experiences from a Direct Office Share BIBAKPDF 138-144
  Annette Adler; Austin Henderson

Tools for Design

Methods in Search of Methodology -- Combining HCI and Object Orientation BIBAKPDF 145-151
  Susan E. McDaniel; Gary M. Olson; Judith S. Olson
Enhancing the Explanatory Power of Usability Heuristics BIBAKPDF 152-158
  Jakob Nielsen
Development and Evaluation of a Taxonomical Model of Behavioral Representation Techniques BIBAKPDF 159-165
  J. D. Chase; Robert S. Schulman; H. Rex Hartson; Deborah Hix

Auditory Information Interfaces

Nonvisual Presentation of Graphical User Interfaces: Contrasting Two Approaches BIBAKPDF 166-172
  Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Gerhard Weber
The Design and Evaluation of an Auditory-Enhanced ScrollBar BIBAKPDF 173-179
  Stephen A. Brewster; Peter C. Wright; Alistair D. N. Edwards

Accessing and Using Stored Documents

Protofoil: Storing and Finding the Information Worker's Paper Documents in an Electronic File Cabinet BIBAKPDF 180-185
  Ramana Rao; Stuart K. Card; Walter Johnson; Leigh Klotz; Randall H. Trigg
The Marks are on the Knowledge Worker BIBAKPDF 186-191
  Alison Kidd

Social Aspects of Design

Raison d'Etre: Capturing Design History and Rationale in Multimedia Narratives BIBAKPDF 192-197
  John M. Carroll; Sherman R. Alpert; John Karat; Mary Van Deusen; Mary Beth Rosson
Facilitating Effective HCI Design Meetings BIBAKPDF 198-204
  John L. Bennett; John Karat

Designing Spoken Language Systems

Interface Techniques for Minimizing Disfluent Input to Spoken Language Systems BIBAKPDF 205-210
  Sharon Oviatt
An Object-Oriented Approach to Dialogue Management in Spoken Language Systems BIBAKPDF 211-217
  Randall Sparks; Lori Meiskey; Hans Brunner

Automatic Support in Design and Use

Automatic Generation of Interactively Consistent Search Dialogs BIBAKPDF 218-224
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Walter Holladay
Automatic Generation of Help from Interface Design Models BIBAKPDF 225-231
  Roberto Moriyon; Pedro Szekely; Robert Neches
Automating Interface Evaluation BIBAKPDF 232-237
  Michael D. Byrne; Scott D. Wood; Piyawadee "Noi" Sukaviriya; James D. Foley; David Kieras

Evaluation Methods

The Cost-of-Knowledge Characteristic Function: Display Evaluation for Direct-Walk Dynamic Information Visualizations BIBAKPDF 238-244
  Stuart K. Card; Peter Pirolli; Jock D. Mackinlay
Comparative Usability Evaluation: Critical Incidents and Critical Threads BIBAKPDF 245-251
  Jurgen Koenemann-Belliveau; John M. Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson; Mark K. Singley
Usability Testing in the Field: Bringing the Laboratory to the User BIBAKPDF 252-257
  David E. Rowley

Pen Input

User Learning and Performance with Marking Menus BIBAKPDF 258-264
  Gordon Kurtenbach; William Buxton
T-Cube: A Fast, Self-Disclosing Pen-Based Alphabet BIBAKPDF 265-270
  Dan Venolia; Forrest Neiberg
Filochat: Handwritten Notes Provide Access to Recorded Conversations BIBAKPDF 271-277
  Steve Whittaker; Patrick Hyland; Myrtle Wiley

HCI Research?

A Preliminary Analysis of the Products of HCI Research, Using Pro Forma Abstracts BIBAKPDF 278-284
  William Newman

Design Evaluation

Supporting Knowledge-Base Evolution with Incremental Formalization BIBAKPDF 285-291
  Frank M., III Shipman; Raymond McCall
Seeding, Evolutionary Growth and Reseeding: Supporting the Incremental Development of Design Environments BIBAKPDF 292-298
  Gerhard Fischer; Ray McCall; Jonathan Ostwald; Brent Reeves; Frank Shipman
Talking Through Design: Requirements and Resistance in Cooperative Prototyping BIBAKPDF 299-305
  John Bowers; James Pycock

Information Visualization

The Movable Filter as a User Interface Tool BIBAKPDF 306-312
  Maureen C. Stone; Ken Fishkin; Eric A. Bier
Visual Information Seeking: Tight Coupling of Dynamic Query Filters with Starfield Displays BIBAKPDF 313-317
  Christopher Ahlberg; Ben Shneiderman
The Table Lens: Merging Graphical and Symbolic Representations in an Interactive Focus+Context Visualization for Tabular Information BIBAKPDF 318-322
  Ramana Rao; Stuart K. Card

Access to Organized Data Structures

Evaluating the Influence of Interface Styles and Multiple Access Paths in Hypertext BIBAKPDF 323-329
  Pawan R. Vora; Martin G. Helander; Valerie L. Shalin
Multitrees: Enriching and Reusing Hierarchical Structure BIBAKPDF 330-336
  George W. Furnas; Jeff Zacks

GOMS Analysis

A Keystroke Level Analysis of a Graphics Application: Manual Map Digitizing BIBAKPDF 337-343
  Peter Haunold; Werner Kuhn
A GOMS Analysis of the Advanced Automated Cockpit BIBAKPDF 344-350
  Sharon Irving; Peter Polson; J. E. Irving
A Validation of the GOMS Model Methodology in the Development of a Specialized, Commercial Software Application BIBAKPDF 351-357
  Richard Gong; David Kieras

Visual Interaction Techniques

A Taxonomy of See-Through Tools BIBAKPDF 358-364
  Eric A. Bier; Maureen C. Stone; Ken Fishkin; William Buxton; Thomas Baudel
The Alphaslider: A Compact and Rapid Selector BIBAKPDF 365-371
  Christopher Ahlberg; Ben Shneiderman

Designing Interaction Objects

Specification of Interface Interaction Objects BIBAKPDF 372-378
  David A. Carr
Recursive Interfaces for Reactive Objects BIBAKPDF 379-385
  Michael Travers

HCI in the Real World

The Value of a Baseline in Determining Design Success BIBAKPDF 386-391
  Brenda Burkhart; Darold Hemphill; Scott Jones
User Preferences for Task-Specific vs. Generic Application Software BIBAKPDF 392-398
  Bonnie A. Nardi; Jeff A. Johnson
Surrogate Users: Mediating Between Social and Technical Interaction BIBAKPDF 399-404
  Deborah Lawrence; Michael E. Atwood; Shelly Dews

Evaluating Pointing Devices

Children's Use of Mouse-Based Interfaces to Control Virtual Travel BIBAKPDF 405-410
  Erik Strommen
The Effect of Reducing Homing Time on the Speed of a Finger-Controlled Isometric Pointing Device BIBAKPDF 411-416
  Sarah A. Douglas; Anant Kartik Mithal
Two-Handed Input in a Compound Task BIBAKPDF 417-423
  Paul Kabbash; William Buxton; Abigail Sellen

Analysis of Programming Environments

In Search of Design Principles for Programming Environments BIBAKPDF 424-430
  Stephanie Houde; Royston Sellman
Programmable Design Environments: Integrating End-User Programming with Domain-Oriented Assistance BIBAKPDF 431-437
  Michael Eisenberg; Gerhard Fischer

Cognitive Models

"Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk?" Lessons in Interface Consistency and Analogical Reasoning from Two Cognitive Architectures BIBAKPDF 438-444
  John Rieman; Clayton Lewis; Richard M. Young; Peter G. Polson
A Model of the Acquisition of Menu Knowledge by Exploration BIBAKPDF 445-451
  Andrew Howes

Interacting in 3-D

Passive Real-World Interface Props for Neurosurgical Visualization BIBAKPDF 452-458
  Ken Hinckley; Randy Pausch; John C. Goble; Neal F. Kassell
The "Silk Cursor": Investigating Transparency for 3D Target Acquisition BIBAKPDF 459-464
  Shumin Zhai; William Buxton; Paul Milgram
Direct and Intuitive Input Device for 3-D Shape Deformation BIBAKPDF 465-470
  Tamotsu Murakami; Naomasa Nakajima