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Proceedings of ACM INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing SystemsCHI93XAdjunct Proceedings of INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems -- Short TalksCHI93YAdjunct Proceedings of INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems -- Doctoral Consortium, Workshops, Research Symposium, Special Interest Groups, Interactive Experience, Tutorials
Note:Bridges Between Worlds
Editors:Stacey Ashlund; Kevin Mullet; Austin Henderson; Erik Hollnagel; Ted White; Stacey Ashlund; Kevin Mullet; Austin Henderson; Erik Hollnagel; Ted White; Stacey Ashlund; Kevin Mullet; Austin Henderson; Erik Hollnagel; Ted White
Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dates:1993-Apr-24 to 1993-Apr-29
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-574-7 (soft), 0-89791-575-5 (hard); ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608931; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-58883-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI93; acmdl: 259964 hcibib: CHI93X; hcibib: CHI93Y
Papers:111; 107; 81
Pages:547; 1-214; 215-243
  1. Video Support for Workplace Collaboration
  2. Perspectives and Illusions
  3. Panel
  4. Model-Based UI Development Systems
  5. Meetings and Collaborative Writing
  6. Panel
  7. Automated UI Generation
  8. Searching: Tools and Strategies
  9. Overviews
  10. Demonstrations
  11. Panel
  12. Hands, Menus and Dr. Fitts
  13. Finding and Keeping Information
  14. Demonstrations
  15. Formal Video Programme: Visualisation
  16. Formal Video Programme: Novel Technologies
  17. Formal Video Programme: Speech
  18. Formal Video Programme: Hypermedia and Multimedia
  19. Formal Video Programme: Programming by Example and Demonstration
  20. Formal Video Programme: CSCW
  21. Formal Video Programme: Future Scenarios

Video Support for Workplace Collaboration

Turning Away from Talking Heads: The Use of Video-as-Data in Neurosurgery BIBAKPDF 327-334
  Bonnie A. Nardi; Heinrich Schwarz; Allan Kuchinsky; Robert Leichner; Steve Whittaker; Robert Sclabassi
One is Not Enough: Multiple Views in a Media Space BIBAKPDF 335-341
  William Gaver; Abigail Sellen; Christian Heath; Paul Luff

Perspectives and Illusions

How Fluent is Your Interface? Designing for International Users BIBAKPDF 342-347
  Patricia Russo; Stephen Boor
Representation in Virtual Space: Visual Convention in the Graphical User Interface BIBAKPDF 348-354
  Loretta Staples
Principles, Techniques, and Ethics of Stage Magic and Their Potential Application to Human Interface Design BIBAKPDF 355-362
  Bruce Tognazzini


Perceptual vs. Hardware Performance in Advanced Acoustic Interface Design BIBAKPDF 363-366
  Elizabeth M. Wenzel; William W. Gaver; Scott H. Foster; Haim Levkowitz; Roger Powell

Model-Based UI Development Systems

Separations of Concerns in the Chiron-1 User Interface Development and Management System BIBAKPDF 367-374
  Richard N. Taylor; Gregory F. Johnson
A Second Generation User Interface Design Environment: The Model and the Runtime Architecture BIBAKPDF 375-382
  Piyawadee "Noi" Sukaviriya; James D. Foley; Todd Griffith
Beyond Interface Builders: Model-Based Interface Tools BIBAKPDF 383-390
  Pedro Szekely; Ping Luo; Robert Neches

Meetings and Collaborative Writing

Tivoli: An Electronic Whiteboard for Informal Workgroup Meetings BIBAPDF 391-398
  Elin Ronby Pedersen; Kim McCall; Thomas P. Moran; Frank G. Halasz
The User-Centred Iterative Design of Collaborative Writing Software BIBAKPDF 399-405
  Ronald M. Baecker; Dimitrios Nastos; Ilona R. Posner; Kelly L. Mawby
Take CoVer: Exploiting Version Support in Cooperative Systems BIBAKPDF 406-413
  Anja Haake; Jorg M. Haake


Comparative Design Review: An Exercise in Parallel Design BIBAPDF 414-417
  Jakob Nielsen; Randy Kerr; Dan Rosenberg; Gitta Salomon; Heather Desurvire; Rolf Molich; Tom Stewart

Automated UI Generation

Generating User Interfaces from Data Models and Dialogue Net Specifications BIBAKPDF 418-423
  Christian Janssen; Anette Weisbecker; Jurgen Ziegler
Encapsulating Knowledge for Intelligent Automatic Interaction Objects Selection BIBAKPDF 424-429
  Jean M. Vanderdonckt; Francois Bodart
Providing High-Level Control and Expert Assistance in the User Interface Presentation Design BIBAKPDF 430-437
  Won Chul Kim; James D. Foley

Searching: Tools and Strategies

Orienteering in an Information Landscape: How Information Seekers Get from Here to There BIBAKPDF 438-445
  Vicki L. O'Day; Robin Jeffries
Using Icons to Find Documents: Simplicity is Critical BIBAKPDF 446-453
  Michael D. Byrne
Queries-R-Links: Graphical Markup for Text Navigation BIBAKPDF 454-460
  Gene Golovchinsky; Mark Chignell


The Applied Ergonomics Group at Philips BIBAPDF 461-462
  Ian McClelland
Information Design Methods and the Applications of Virtual Worlds Technology at WORLDESIGN, Inc. BIBAKPDF 463-464
  Robert Jacobson
The Silicon Graphics Customer Research and Usability Group BIBAPDF 465-466
  Mike Mohageg


Filtered Suggestions BIBAPDF 467
  Joris Verrips
From Undo to Multi-User Applications -- The Demo BIBAKPDF 468-469
  Michael Spenke


Common Elements in Today's Graphical User Interfaces: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly BIBAKPDF 470-473
  A. Brady Farrand; Marc Rochkind; Jean-Marie Chauvet; Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini; David C. Smith

Hands, Menus and Dr. Fitts

Human Performance Using Computer Input Devices in the Preferred and Non-Preferred Hands BIBAKPDF 474-481
  Paul Kabbash; I. Scott MacKenzie; William Buxton
The Limits of Expert Performance Using Hierarchic Marking Menus BIBAKPDF 482-487
  Gordon Kurtenbach; William Buxton
Lag as a Determinant of Human Performance in Interactive Systems BIBAKPDF 488-493
  I. Scott MacKenzie; Colin Ware

Finding and Keeping Information

Computer Image Retrieval by Features: Suspect Identification BIBAKPDF 494-499
  Eric Lee; Thom Whalen
Empirically-Based Re-Design of a Hypertext Encyclopedia BIBAKPDF 500-506
  Keith Instone; Barbee Mynatt Teasley; Laura Marie Leventhal
Bridging the Paper and Electronic Worlds: The Paper User Interface BIBAPDF 507-512
  Walter Johnson; Herbert Jellinek; Leigh, Jr. Klotz; Ramana Rao; Stuart Card


Integrated CSCW Tools within a Shared 3D Virtual Environment BIBAKPDF 513
  Christer Carlsson; Lennart E. Fahlen
The Paper Model for Computer-Based Writing BIBAPDF 514
  Ann Fatton; Staffan Romberger; Kerstin Severinson Eklundh

Formal Video Programme: Visualisation

The Human Guidance of Automated Design BIBAPDF 515
  Lynne Colgan; Robert Spence; Paul Rankin
Browsing Graphs Using a Fisheye View BIBAPDF 516
  Marc H. Brown; James R. Meehan; Manojit Sarkar
High Interaction Data Visualization Using Seesoft to Visualize Program Change History BIBAKPDF 517
  Joseph L. Steffen; Stephen G. Eick
Exploring Remote Images: A Telepathology Workstation BIBAPDF 518
  Catherine Plaisant; David A. Carr; Hiroaki Hasegawa
QOC in Action: Using Design Rationale to Support Design BIBAPDF 519
  Diane McKerlie; Allan MacLean

Formal Video Programme: Novel Technologies

Touch-Typing with a Stylus BIBAPDF 520
  David Goldberg; Cate Richardson
ARGOS: A Display System for Augmenting Reality BIBAKPDF 521
  David Drascic; Julius J. Grodski; Paul Milgram; Ken Ruffo; Peter Wong; Shumin Zhai

Formal Video Programme: Speech

Talking to Machines BIBAKPDF 522
  Christopher K. Cowley; Dylan M. Jones
The ALFRESCO Interactive System BIBAKPDF 523
  Oliviero Stock
Hyperspeech BIBAKPDF 524
  Barry Arons

Formal Video Programme: Hypermedia and Multimedia

IMPACT: Interactive Motion Picture Authoring System for Creative Talent BIBAPDF 525
  Hirotada Ueda; Takafumi Miyatake; Satoshi Yoshizawa
Microcosm: An Open Hypermedia System BIBAPDF 526
  Hugh Davis; Wendy Hall; Adrian Pickering; Rob Wilkins
Multimedia Documents as User Interfaces BIBAPDF 527-528
  M. Cecelia Buchanan; Polle T. Zellweger; Ken Pier

Formal Video Programme: Programming by Example and Demonstration

Graphical Editing by Example BIBAPDF 529
  David Kurlander
Guiding Automation with Pixels: A Technique for Programming in the User Interface BIBAPDF 530
  Richard Potter
Inferring Graphical Constraints with Rockit BIBAPDF 531
  Solange Karsenty; Chris Weikart; James A. Landay
Tourmaline: Macrostyles by Example BIBAKPDF 532
  Andrew J. Werth; Brad A. Myers

Formal Video Programme: CSCW

The Active Badge System BIBAPDF 533-534
  Andy Hopper; Andy Harter; Tom Blackie

Formal Video Programme: Future Scenarios

IMAGINE: A Vision of Health Care in 1997 BIBAPDF 535
  Steve Anderson; Shiz Kobara; Barry Mathis; Ev Shafrir