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Proceedings of ACM INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing SystemsCHI93XAdjunct Proceedings of INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems -- Short TalksCHI93YAdjunct Proceedings of INTERCHI'93 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems -- Doctoral Consortium, Workshops, Research Symposium, Special Interest Groups, Interactive Experience, Tutorials
Note:Bridges Between Worlds
Editors:Stacey Ashlund; Kevin Mullet; Austin Henderson; Erik Hollnagel; Ted White; Stacey Ashlund; Kevin Mullet; Austin Henderson; Erik Hollnagel; Ted White; Stacey Ashlund; Kevin Mullet; Austin Henderson; Erik Hollnagel; Ted White
Location:Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Dates:1993-Apr-24 to 1993-Apr-29
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-574-7 (soft), 0-89791-575-5 (hard); ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608931; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-58883-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI93; acmdl: 259964 hcibib: CHI93X; hcibib: CHI93Y
Papers:111; 107; 81
Pages:547; 1-214; 215-243
  1. Panel
  2. Sharing Design Memory
  3. Interacting in 3 Dimensions
  4. Overviews
  5. Demonstrations
  6. Panel
  7. Understanding Programming
  8. Typing, Writing and Gesture
  9. Evolving Design
  10. Structuring Images for Interaction
  11. Demonstrations
  12. Panel
  13. Skill Development
  14. Voices and Faces
  15. Panel
  16. Usability Assessment Methods
  17. Auditory Interfaces
  18. Overviews
  19. Demonstrations
  20. Panel
  21. Conceptual Analysis of Users and Activity
  22. Demonstration Based Systems
  23. Demonstrations
  24. Panel
  25. Collecting User-Information for System Design


Mixing Oil and Water? Ethnography versus Experimental Psychology in the Study of Computer-Mediated Communication BIBKPDF 3-6
  Andrew Monk; Bonnie Nardi; Nigel Gilbert; Marilyn Mantei; John McCarthy

Sharing Design Memory

Preserving Knowledge in Design Projects: What Designers Need to Know BIBAKPDF 7-14
  James D. Herbsleb; Eiji Kuwana
From "Folklore" to "Living Design Memory" BIBAKPDF 15-22
  Loren G. Terveen; Peter G. Selfridge; M. David Long
WHERE Did You Put It? Issues in the Design and Use of a Group Memory BIBAKPDF 23-30
  Lucy M. Berlin; Robin Jeffries; Vicki L. O'Day; Andreas Paepcke; Cathleen Wharton

Interacting in 3 Dimensions

Facile 3D Direct Manipulation BIBAKPDF 31-36
  Dan Venolia
Fish Tank Virtual Reality BIBAKPDF 37-42
  Colin Ware; Kevin Arthur; Kellogg S. Booth
A Space Based Model for User Interaction in Shared Synthetic Environments BIBAKPDF 43-48
  Lennart E. Fahlen; Olov Stahl; Charles Grant Brown; Christer Carlsson


HCI in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University BIBAPDF 49-50
  Bonnie E. John; James H. Morris
Human Cognition Research Laboratory, The Open University (U.K.) BIBPDF 51-52
  Marc Eisenstadt
The Integrated User-Support Environment (IN-USE) Group at USC/ISI BIBAPDF 53-54
  Robert Neches; Peter Aberg; David Benjamin; Brian Harp; Liyi Hu; Ping Luo; Roberto Moriyon; Pedro Szekely


MUSiC Video Analysis and Context Tools for Usability Measurement BIBAKPDF 55
  Miles Macleod; Nigel Bevan
ADEPT -- Advanced Environment for Prototyping with Task Models BIBAPDF 56
  Peter Johnson; Stephanie Wilson; Panos Markopoulos; James Pycock


Software for the Usability Lab: A Sampling of Current Tools BIBAPDF 57-60
  Paul Weiler; Richard Cordes; Monty Hammontree; Derek Hoiem; Michael Thompson

Understanding Programming

Do Algorithm Animations Assist Learning? An Empirical Study and Analysis BIBAKPDF 61-66
  John Stasko; Albert Badre; Clayton Lewis
Reducing the Variability of Programmers' Performance Through Explained Examples BIBAKPDF 67-73
  David F. Redmiles
Mental Representations of Programs by Novices and Experts BIBAKPDF 74-79
  Vikki Fix; Susan Wiedenbeck; Jean Scholtz

Typing, Writing and Gesture

Touch-Typing with a Stylus BIBAKPDF 80-87
  David Goldberg; Cate Richardson
Half-QWERTY: A One-Handed Keyboard Facilitating Skill Transfer from QWERTY BIBAKPDFWeb Page 88-94
  Edgar Matias; I. Scott MacKenzie; William Buxton
Incremental Recognition in Gesture-Based and Syntax-Directed Diagram Editors BIBAKPDF 95-100
  Rui Zhao

Evolving Design

Integrating Theoreticians' and Practitioners' Perspectives with Design Rationale BIBAKPDF 101-106
  Victoria Bellotti
Management of Interface Design in HUMANOID BIBAKPDF 107-114
  Ping Luo; Pedro Szekely; Robert Neches
The Evolution of an Interface for Choreographers BIBAKPDF 115-122
  Tom W. Calvert; Armin Bruderlin; Sang Mah; Thecla Schiphorst; Chris Welman

Structuring Images for Interaction

Human-Machine Perceptual Cooperation BIBAKPDF 123-130
  Francis K. H. Quek; Michael C. Petro
VideoMAP and VideoSpaceIcon: Tools for Anatomizing Video Content BIBAKPDF 131-136
  Yoshinobu Tonomura; Akihito Akutsu; Kiyotaka Otsuji; Toru Sadakata
Automatic Structure Visualization for Video Editing BIBAKPDF 137-141
  Hirotada Ueda; Takafumi Miyatake; Shigeo Sumino; Akio Nagasaka


Agentsheets: A Tool for Building Domain-Oriented Visual Programming Environments BIBAPDF 142-143
  Alex Repenning; Lennart E. Fahlen
Mondrian: A Teachable Graphical Editor BIBAKPDF 144
  Henry Lieberman; Staffan Romberger; Kerstin Severinson Eklundh


Usability Measurement -- Its Practical Value to the Computer Industry BIBAKPDF 145-148
  M. Maguire; A. Dillon; John Brooke; Johan van Gerven; Nigel Bevan; Anna Maria Paci; John Karat; Brian Shackel

Skill Development

The Growth of Software Skill: A Longitudinal Look at Learning & Performance BIBAKPDF 149-156
  Erik Nilsen; HeeSen Jong; Judith S. Olson; Kevin Biolsi; Henry Rueter; Sharon Mutter
Embedding Computer-Based Critics in the Contexts of Design BIBAKPDF 157-164
  Gerhard Fischer; Kumiyo Nakakoji; Jonathan Ostwald; Gerry Stahl; Tamara Sumner
How to Aid Non-Experts BIBAKPDF 165-171
  Mark Neerincx; Paul de Greef

Voices and Faces

A Design Space for Multimodal Systems: Concurrent Processing and Data Fusion BIBAKPDF 172-178
  Laurence Nigay; Joelle Coutaz
VoiceNotes: A Speech Interface for a Hand-Held Voice Notetaker BIBAKPDF 179-186
  Lisa J. Stifelman; Barry Arons; Chris Schmandt; Eric A. Hulteen
Communicative Facial Displays as a New Conversational Modality BIBAKPDF 187-193
  Akikazu Takeuchi; Katashi Nagao


Sign Language Interfaces BIBAKPDF 194-197
  Nancy Frishberg; Serena Corazza; Linda Day; Sherman Wilcox; Rolf Schulmeister

Usability Assessment Methods

Iterative Methodology and Designer Training in Human-Computer Interface Design BIBAKPDF 198-205
  Gregg (Skip) Bailey
A Mathematical Model of the Finding of Usability Problems BIBAKPDF 206-213
  Jakob Nielsen; Thomas K. Landauer
Estimating the Relative Usability of Two Interfaces: Heuristic, Formal, and Empirical Methods Compared BIBAKPDF 214-221
  Jakob Nielsen; Victoria L. Phillips

Auditory Interfaces

An Evaluation of Earcons for Use in Auditory Human-Computer Interfaces BIBAKPDF 222-227
  Stephen A. Brewster; Peter C. Wright; Alistair D. N. Edwards
Synthesizing Auditory Icons BIBAKPDF 228-235
  William W. Gaver
Computer Aided Conversation for Severely Physically Impaired Non-Speaking People BIBAKPDF 236-241
  Norman Alm; John Todman; Leona Elder; A. F. Newell


MicroCentre, Dundee: Ordinary and Extra-Ordinary HCI Research BIBAPDF 242-243
  Alan F. Newell
Human-Computer Interaction Research at Massey University, New Zealand BIBPDF 244-245
  Mark Apperley; Chris Phillips
The MultiG Research Programme -- Distributed Multimedia Applications on Gigabit Networks BIBAPDF 246-247
  Bjorn Pehrson; Yngve Sundblad


Flexible, Active Support for Collaboration with ConversationBuilder BIBAKPDF 248
  Simon M. Kaplan; William J. Tolone; Douglas P. Bogia; Theodore A. Phelps
A Groupware Engine Using UIMS Methodologies BIBAKPDF 249-250
  Lever Wang


User Involvement in the Design Process: Why, When and How? BIBAKPDF 251-254
  Jared Spool; C. Dennis Allen; Don Ballman; Vivienne Begg; Harold H. Miller-Jacobs; Michael Muller; Jakob Nielsen

Conceptual Analysis of Users and Activity

Exploding the Interface: Experiences of a CSCW Network BIBAKPDF 255-262
  John Bowers; Tom Rodden
Searching for Unity among Diversity: Exploring the "Interface" Concept BIBAKPDF 263-268
  Kari Kuutti; Liam J. Bannon
The Cost Structure of Sensemaking BIBAKPDF 269-276
  Daniel M. Russell; Mark J. Stefik; Peter Pirolli; Stuart K. Card

Demonstration Based Systems

Prototyping an Intelligent Agent through Wizard of Oz BIBAKPDF 277-284
  David Maulsby; Saul Greenberg; Richard Mander
A Synergistic Approach to Specifying Simple Number Independent Layouts by Example BIBAKPDF 285-292
  Scott E. Hudson; Chen-Ning Hsi
Marquise: Creating Complete User Interfaces by Demonstration BIBAKPDF 293-300
  Brad A. Myers; Richard G. McDaniel; David S. Kosbie


LogoMedia: A Sound-Enhanced Programming Environment for Monitoring Program Behavior BIBAKPDF 301-302
  Christopher J. DiGiano; Ronald M. Baecker; Russell N. Owen
A Telewriting System on a LAN Using a Pen-Based Computer as the Terminal BIBPDF 303
  Seiichi Higaki; Hiroshi Taninaka; Shinji Moriya


Heuristics in Real User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 304-307
  Brad A. Myers; Richard Wolf; Kathy Potosnak; Chris Graham

Collecting User-Information for System Design

Exploring the Applications of User-Expertise Assessment for Intelligent Interfaces BIBAKPDF 308-313
  Michel C. Desmarais; Jiming Liu
Planning for Multiple Task Work -- An Analysis of a Medical Reception Worksystem BIBAKPDF 314-320
  Becky Hill; John Long; Walter Smith; Andy Whitefield
The Diary Study: A Workplace-Oriented Research Tool to Guide Laboratory Efforts BIBAKPDF 321-326
  John Rieman