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Proceedings of ACM CHI'92 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:CHI'92 Short Talks
Note:Striking a Balance
Editors:Penny Bauersfeld; John Bennett; Gene Lynch; Dennis Wixon; Betsy Comstock; Dennis Wixon; Betsy Comstock
Location:Monterey, California
Dates:1992-May-03 to 1992-May-07
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-513-5; ACM Order Number 608921; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-53344-X; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI92; hcibib: CHI92X; hcibib: CHI92Y
Papers:116; 62; 26
Pages:736; 1-70; 71-130
  1. Demonstration: Information Visualization II
  2. Usability Walkthroughs
  3. Buttons and Gestures and Voice, Oh My!
  4. Panel
  5. Demonstration: Analysis Tools/Multimedia Help
  6. Special Panel
  7. Participatory Design
  8. Case Studies - Methods for Developing Systems Using Application Packages
  9. Understanding and Supporting the Design Process
  10. Panel
  11. Demonstration: Tutoring/Learning
  12. Systems for Media-Supported Collaboration
  13. The Role of the Organization in System Design
  14. Laboratory Overviews: Human Information Processing
  15. Panel
  16. Demonstration: Video Conferencing/Automation
  17. Desks, Video, and Screens
  18. Graphical Interfaces for Drawing, Exploring, and Organizing
  19. Panel
  20. Demonstration: User Interface Management Systems III
  21. Videos: Group Work
  22. Videos: Speech and Natural Language
  23. Videos: User Interface Tools
  24. Videos: User Interface Techniques
  25. Videos: Visualization
  26. Videos: Interface Designs

Demonstration: Information Visualization II

TreeViz: Treemap Visualization of Hierarchically Structured Information BIBPDF 369-370
  Brian Johnson

Usability Walkthroughs

Finding Usability Problems Through Heuristic Evaluation BIBAKPDF 373-380
  Jakob Nielsen
Applying Cognitive Walkthroughs to More Complex User Interfaces: Experiences, Issues, and Recommendations BIBAKPDF 381-388
  Cathleen Wharton; Janice Bradford; Robin Jeffries; Marita Franzke
The Cognitive Jogthrough: A Fast-Paced User Interface Evaluation Procedure BIBAKPDF 389-395
  David E. Rowley; David G. Rhoades
Comparison of Empirical Testing and Walkthrough Methods in User Interface Evaluation BIBAKPDF 397-404
  Clare-Marie Karat; Robert Campbell; Tarra Fiegel

Buttons and Gestures and Voice, Oh My!

One Dimensional Motion Tailoring for the Disabled: A User Study BIBAKPDF 405-411
  Randy Pausch; Laura Vogtle; Matthew Conway
Working with Audio: Integrating Personal Tape Recorders and Desktop Computers BIBAKPDF 413-418
  Leo Degen; Richard Mander; Gitta Salomon
Skip and Scan: Cleaning Up Telephone Interfaces BIBAKPDF 419-426
  Paul Resnick; Robert A. Virzi


Designing Collaborative, Knowledge-Building Environments for Tomorrow's Schools BIBAKPDF 427-430
  Anne Nicol Thomas; James Pellegrino; Peter Rowley; Marlene Scardamalia; Elliot Soloway; Jim Webb

Demonstration: Analysis Tools/Multimedia Help

Integrated Data Capture and Analysis Tools for Research and Testing on Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 431-432
  Monty L. Hammontree; Jeffrey J. Hendrickson; Billy W. Hensley
Multimedia Help: A Prototype and an Experiment BIBAKPDF 433-434
  Piyawadee "Noi" Sukaviriya; Ellen Isaacs; Krishna Bharat

Special Panel

Sci-Fi at CHI: Cyberpunk Novelists Predict Future User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 435-437
  Aaron Marcus; Donald A. Norman; Rudy Rucker; Bruce Sterling; Vernor Vinge

Participatory Design

Participatory Design of a Portable Torque-Feedback Device BIBAKPDF 439-446
  Michael Good
User Centred Development of a General Practice Medical Workstation: The PEN&PAD Experience BIBAKPDF 447-453
  A. L. Rector; B. Horan; M. Fitter; S. Kay; P. D. Newton; W. A. Nowlan; D. Robinson; A. Wilson
Retrospective on a Year of Participatory Design using the PICTIVE Technique BIBAKPDF 455-462
  Michael J. Muller

Case Studies - Methods for Developing Systems Using Application Packages

Evolving Task Oriented Systems BIBAKPDF 463-469
  Paul Seaton; Tom Stewart
A Visit to a Very Small Database: Lessons from Managing the Review of Papers Submitted for CHI'91 BIBAKPDF 471-478
  John Rieman; Susan Davies; Jonathan Roberts
Designing Theory-Based Systems: A Case Study BIBAKPDF 479-488
  John B. Smith; Marcy Lansman

Understanding and Supporting the Design Process

Towards a Model of Cognitive Process in Logical Design: Comparing Object-Oriented and Traditional Functional Decomposition Software Methodologies BIBAKPDF 489-498
  Jinwoo Kim; F. Javier Lerch
Requirements and Design of DesignVision, An Object-Oriented Graphical Interface to an Intelligent Software Design Assistant BIBAKPDF 499-506
  Raymonde Guindon
Facilitating the Exploration of Interface Design Alternatives: The HUMANOID Model of Interface Design BIBAKPDF 507-515
  Pedro Szekely; Ping Luo; Robert Neches


Collaborating in the World of Interactive Media BIBKPDF 517-519
  Michael Arent; Donna Cohen; Mike Mills; Chris Krueger; Wendy Richmond

Demonstration: Tutoring/Learning

The MidasPlus Molecular Modeling System BIBPDF 521-522
  Thomas Ferrin; Conrad Huang; Gregory Couch; Eric Pettersen; Robert Langridge
Simulation-Based Learning Systems: Prototypes and Experiences BIBKPDF 523-524
  Arthur James; James C. Spohrer

Systems for Media-Supported Collaboration

ClearBoard: A Seamless Medium for Shared Drawing and Conversation with Eye Contact BIBAPDF 525-532
  Hiroshi Ishii; Minoru Kobayashi
Spatial Workspace Collaboration: A SharedView Video Support System for Remote Collaboration Capability BIBAKPDF 533-540
  Hideaki Kuzuoka
Portholes: Supporting Awareness in a Distributed Work Group BIBAKPDF 541-547
  Paul Dourish; Sara Bly

The Role of the Organization in System Design

A Method for (Recruiting) Methods: Facilitating Human Factors Input to System Design BIBAKPDF 549-556
  K. Y. Lim; J. B. Long
Teaching Experienced Developers to Design Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 557-564
  Jakob Nielsen; Rita M. Bush; Tom Dayton; Nancy E. Mond; Michael J. Muller; Robert W. Root
Integrating Human Factors on a Large Scale: "Product Usability Champions" BIBAKPDF 565-570
  Deborah Mrazek; Michael Rafeld

Laboratory Overviews: Human Information Processing

Overview of The Institute for Research on Learning BIBAKPDF 571-572
  William J. Clancey
CHI in Australia BIBPDF 573-574
  S. Howard; I. Kaplan; G. Lindgaard
The Institute for Perception Research IPO, A Joint Venture of Philips Electronics and Eindhoven University of Technology BIBPDF 575-576
  F. L. van Nes; H. Bouma; M. D. Brouwer-Janse


In Search of the Ideal Prototype BIBAKPDF 577-579
  Richard Munoz; Harold H. Miller-Jacobs; Jared M. Spool; Bill Verplank

Demonstration: Video Conferencing/Automation

The Rapport Multimedia Communication System BIBPDF 581-582
  J. R. Ensor; S. R. Ahuja; R. B. Connaghan; M. Pack; D. D. Seligmann
YAPO: Yet Another Preview ODA BIBAPDF 583-585
  M. A. Apollonio; G. Colasante; P. G. De Luca; A. Diana; A. Gisotti

Desks, Video, and Screens

A Desk Supporting Computer-Based Interaction with Paper Documents BIBAKPDF 587-592
  William Newman; Pierre Wellner
Object-Oriented Video: Interaction with Real-World Objects through Live Video BIBAKPDF 593-598
  Masayuki Tani; Kimiya Yamaashi; Koichiro Tanikoshi; Masayasu Futakawa; Shinya Tanifuji
Liveboard: A Large Interactive Display Supporting Group Meetings, Presentations and Remote Collaboration BIBAKPDF 599-607
  Scott Elrod; Richard Bruce; Rich Gold; David Goldberg; Frank Halasz; William Janssen; David Lee; Kim McCall; Elin Pedersen; Ken Pier; John Tang; Brent Welch

Graphical Interfaces for Drawing, Exploring, and Organizing

Interactive Constraint-Based Search and Replace BIBAKPDF 609-618
  David Kurlander; Steven Feiner
Dynamic Queries for Information Exploration: An Implementation and Evaluation BIBAPDF 619-626
  Christopher Ahlberg; Christopher Williamson; Ben Shneiderman
A 'Pile' Metaphor for Supporting Casual Organization of Information BIBAKPDF 627-634
  Richard Mander; Gitta Salomon; Yin Yin Wong


HCI Standards on Trial: You be the Jury BIBPDF 635-638
  Jaclyn R. Schrier; Evelyn L. Williams; Kevin S. MacDonell; Larry A. Peterson; Paulien F. Strijland; Anna M. Wichansky; James R. Williams

Demonstration: User Interface Management Systems III

The Ircam Signal Processing Workstation Prototyping Environment BIBAKPDF 639-640
  M. De Cecco; E. Lindeman; M. Puckette
Building User Interfaces Interactively Using Pre- and Postconditions BIBAKPDF 641-642
  Martin R. Frank; J. J. "Hans" de Graaff; Daniel F. Gieskens; James D. Foley

Videos: Group Work

MMM: The Multi-Device Multi-User Multi-Editor BIBPDF 645-646
  Eric A. Bier; Steve Freeman; Ken Pier
Go Fish! A Multi-User Game in the Rendezvous System BIBAPDF 647
  Steven L. Rohall; John F. Patterson; Ralph D. Hill
A Case Study of a Multimedia Co-Working Task and the Resulting Interface Design of a Collaborative Communication Tool BIBAPDF 649-650
  Amanda Ropa; Bengt Ahlstrom
Using Spatial Cues to Improve Videoconferencing BIBPDF 651-652
  Abigail Sellen; Bill Buxton; John Arnott

Videos: Speech and Natural Language

Multi-Modal Natural Dialogue BIBPDF 653-654
  Kristinn R. Thorisson; David B. Koons; Richard A. Bolt
Wordspotting for Voice Editing and Audio Indexing BIBPDF 655-656
  Lynn Wilcox; Ian Smith; Marcia Bush

Videos: User Interface Tools

Coupling Application Design and User Interface Design BIBAKPDF 657-658
  Mark H. Gray; Dennis J. M. J. de Baar; James D. Foley; Kevin Mullet

Videos: User Interface Techniques

Combining Gestures and Direct Manipulation BIBPDF 659-660
  Dean Rubine
Briar: A Constraint-Based Drawing Program BIBKPDF 661-662
  Michael Gleicher

Videos: Visualization

An Introduction to Zeus: Audiovisualization of Some Elementary Sequential and Parallel Sorting Algorithms BIBPDF 663-664
  Marc H. Brown
Pointing and Visualization BIBAKPDF 665-666
  William C. Hill; James D. Hollan

Videos: Interface Designs

Touchscreen Toggle Design BIBPDF 667-668
  Catherine Plaisant; Daniel Wallace
Dynamic Queries: Database Searching by Direct Manipulation BIBPDF 669-670
  Ben Shneiderman; Christopher Williamson; Christopher Ahlberg