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Proceedings of ACM CHI'92 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:CHI'92 Short Talks
Note:Striking a Balance
Editors:Penny Bauersfeld; John Bennett; Gene Lynch; Dennis Wixon; Betsy Comstock; Dennis Wixon; Betsy Comstock
Location:Monterey, California
Dates:1992-May-03 to 1992-May-07
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-513-5; ACM Order Number 608921; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-53344-X; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI92; hcibib: CHI92X; hcibib: CHI92Y
Papers:116; 62; 26
Pages:736; 1-70; 71-130
  1. Text and Hypertext
  2. Studies of Media Supported Collaboration
  3. Laboratory Overviews: Graphics
  4. Panel
  5. Demonstration: User Interface Management Systems I
  6. Visualizing Objects, Graphs, and Video
  7. Perspectives on the Design of Collaborative Systems
  8. Direct Manipulation Theory, 3D Manipulation, and Design for Handicapped Users
  9. Panel
  10. Demonstration: Instructible Interfaces
  11. Models of the User I
  12. Tools and Techniques
  13. Perception/Performance Theory for HCI
  14. Panel
  15. Demonstration: User Interface Management Systems II
  16. Modeling the Expert User
  17. Beyond Widgets: Tools for Semantically Driven UI Design
  18. Laboratory Overviews: Usability Engineering
  19. Panel
  20. Demonstration: Information Visualization I
  21. Models of the User II
  22. Tools & Architectures for Virtual Reality and Multi-User, Shared Data
  23. Use and Evaluation of Learning Environments
  24. Panel

Text and Hypertext

Edit Wear and Read Wear BIBAKPDF 3-9
  William C. Hill; James D. Hollan; Dave Wroblewski; Tim McCandless
The Computer Sciences Electronic Magazine: Translating from Paper to Multimedia BIBAKPDF 11-18
  W. Randall Koons; Anne M. O'Dell; Nancy J. Frishberg; Mark R. Laff
Hypertext or Book: Which is Better for Answering Questions? BIBAKPDF 19-25
  Barbee T. Mynatt; Laura Marie Leventhal; Keith Instone; John Farhat; Diane S. Rohlman

Studies of Media Supported Collaboration

Realizing a Video Environment: EuroPARC's RAVE System BIBAKPDF 27-35
  William Gaver; Thomas Moran; Allan MacLean; Lennart Lovstrand; Paul Dourish; Kathleen Carter; William Buxton
Evaluating Video as a Technology for Informal Communication BIBAKPDF 37-48
  Robert S. Fish; Robert E. Kraut; Robert W. Root; Ronald E. Rice
Speech Patterns in Video-Mediated Conversations BIBAKPDF 49-59
  Abigail J. Sellen

Laboratory Overviews: Graphics

Human-Computer Interaction Research at Georgia Institute of Technology BIBPDF 61-62
  James D. Foley; Christine M. Mitchell; Neff Walker
The Virginia User Interface Laboratory BIBPDF 63-64
  Randy Pausch
System Ergonomics and Human-Computer Interaction at SIEMENS Corporate Research and Development BIBPDF 65-66
  H. Raffler; M. Schneider-Hufschmidt; T. Kuhme


Anthropomorphism: From Eliza to Terminator 2 BIBPDF 67-70
  Abbe Don; Susan Brennan; Brenda Laurel; Ben Shneiderman

Demonstration: User Interface Management Systems I

Action Assignable Graphics: A Flexible Human-Computer Interface Design Process BIBPDF 71-72
  Matthew D. Russell; Howard Xu; Lingtao Wang
The AT&T Display Construction Set User Interface Management System (UIMS) BIBPDF 73-74
  Joseph P. Rotella; Amy L. Bowman; Catherine A. Wittman

Visualizing Objects, Graphs, and Video

An Interface for Interactive Spatial Reasoning and Visualization BIBAKPDF 75-82
  James R. Osborn; Alice M. Agogino
Graphical Fisheye Views of Graphs BIBAKPDF 83-91
  Manojit Sarkar; Marc H. Brown
A Magnifier Tool for Video Data BIBAKPDF 93-98
  Michael Mills; Jonathan Cohen; Yin Yin Wong

Perspectives on the Design of Collaborative Systems

A Research Program to Assess User Perceptions of Group Work Support BIBAKPDF 99-106
  John Satzinger; Lorne Olfman
Gardeners and Gurus: Patterns of Cooperation among CAD Users BIBAKPDF 107-117
  Michelle Gantt; Bonnie A. Nardi
Beyond Being There BIBAKPDF 119-125
  Jim Hollan; Scott Stornetta

Direct Manipulation Theory, 3D Manipulation, and Design for Handicapped Users

Evaluating Two Aspects of Direct Manipulation in Advanced Cockpits BIBAKPDF 127-134
  James A. Ballas; Constance L. Heitmeyer; Manuel A. Perez
Iterative Design of an Interface for Easy 3-D Direct Manipulation BIBAKPDF 135-142
  Stephanie Houde
Computing for Users with Special Needs and Models of Computer-Human Interaction BIBAKPDF 143-148
  William W. McMillan


Designing Usable Systems Under Real-World Constraints: A Practitioners Forum BIBKPDF 149-152
  Robert M. Mulligan; Mary Dieli; Jakob Nielsen; Steven Poltrock; Daniel Rosenberg; Susan Ehrlich Rudman

Demonstration: Instructible Interfaces

Prototyping an Instructible Interface: Moctec BIBAKPDF 153-154
  David L. Maulsby
Interface Support for Comet: A Knowledge-Based Software Reuse Environment BIBPDF 155-156
  Sherman Tyler; Jon Schlossberg

Models of the User I

The Art of Search: A Study of Art Directors BIBAKPDF 157-163
  Sharon R. Garber; Mitch B. Grunes
Browser-Soar: A Computational Model of a Highly Interactive Task BIBAKPDF 165-172
  Virginia A. Peck; Bonnie E. John
Towards Task Models for Embedded Information Retrieval BIBAKPDF 173-180
  H. Ulrich Hoppe; Franz Schiele

Tools and Techniques

Knowledge-Based Evaluation as Design Support for Graphical User Interfaces BIBAKPDF 181-188
  Jonas Lowgren; Tommy Nordqvist
Controlling User Interface Objects Through Pre- and Postconditions BIBAKPDF 189-194
  Daniel F. Gieskens; James D. Foley
Survey on User Interface Programming BIBAKPDF 195-202
  Brad A. Myers; Mary Beth Rosson

Perception/Performance Theory for HCI

Orderable Dimensions of Visual Texture Useful for Data Display: Orientation, Size, and Contrast BIBAKPDF 203-209
  Colin Ware; William Knight
The Perceptual Structure of Multidimensional Input Device Selection BIBAKPDF 211-218
  Robert J. K. Jacob; Linda E. Sibert
Extending Fitts' Law to Two-Dimensional Tasks BIBAKPDF 219-226
  I. Scott MacKenzie; William Buxton


When TVs are Computers are TVs BIBAKPDF 227-230
  S. Joy Mountford; Peter Mitchell; Pat O'Hara; Joe Sparks; Max Whitby

Demonstration: User Interface Management Systems II

Transportable Applications Environment (TAE) Plus User Interface Designer WorkBench BIBAKPDF 231-232
  Martha R. Szczur
CHIRP: The Computer-Human Interface Rapid Prototyping Toolkit BIBPDF 233-234
  Bob Remington

Modeling the Expert User

The Art of the Obvious BIBAKPDF 235-239
  E. Nygren; M. Lind; M. Johnson; B. Sandblad
A Computational Model of Skilled Use of a Graphical User Interface BIBAKPDF 241-249
  Muneo Kitajima; Peter G. Polson
A GOMS Analysis of a Graphic, Machine-Paced, Highly Interactive Task BIBAKPDF 251-258
  Bonnie E. John; Alonso H. Vera

Beyond Widgets: Tools for Semantically Driven UI Design

Coupling Application Design and User Interface Design BIBAKPDF 259-266
  Dennis J. M. J. de Baar; James D. Foley; Kevin E. Mullet
Workspaces: An Architecture for Editing Collections of Objects BIBAKPDF 267-272
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Thomas G. McNeill; David C. Mitchell
Selectors: Going Beyond User-Interface Widgets BIBAKPDF 273-279
  Jeff Johnson

Laboratory Overviews: Usability Engineering

HUSAT - 21 Years of HCI: The Human Sciences & Advanced Technology Research Institute BIBPDF 281-282
  Brian Shackel
The Human-Computer Technology Group at Bellcore BIBKPDF 283-284
  Rita M. Bush
The Human Factors Group at Compaq Computer Corporation BIBPDF 285-286


Interfaces for Consumer Products: "How to Camouflage the Computer?" BIBPDF 287-290
  Maddy D. Brouwer-Janse; Raymond W. Bennett; Takaya Endo; Floris L. van Nes; Hugo J. Strubbe; Donald R. Gentner

Demonstration: Information Visualization I

A Window System with Leafing Through Mode: BookWindow BIBAPDF 291-292
  Kyoichi Arai; Teruo Yokoyama; Yutaka Matsushita
Value Bars: An Information Visualization and Navigation Tool for Multi-Attribute Listings BIBPDF 293-294
  Richard Chimera

Models of the User II

A Performance Model of System Delay and User Strategy Selection BIBAKPDF 295-305
  Steven L. Teal; Alexander I. Rudnicky
The Precis of Project Ernestine, or, An Overview of a Validation of GOMS BIBKPDF 307-312
  Wayne D. Gray; Bonnie E. John; Michael E. Atwood
Method Engineering: From Data to Model to Practice BIBAKPDF 313-320
  Erik Nilsen; HeeSen Jong; Judith S. Olson; Peter G. Polson

Tools & Architectures for Virtual Reality and Multi-User, Shared Data

The Decoupled Simulation Model for Virtual Reality Systems BIBAKPDF 321-328
  Chris Shaw; Jiandong Liang; Mark Green; Yunqi Sun
Interactive Simulation in a Multi-Person Virtual World BIBAKPDF 329-334
  Christopher Codella; Reza Jalili; Lawrence Koved; J. Bryan Lewis; Daniel T. Ling; James S. Lipscomb; David A. Rabenhorst; Chu P. Wang; Alan Norton; Paula Sweeney; Greg Turk
The Abstraction-Link-View Paradigm: Using Constraints to Connect User Interfaces to Applications BIBAKPDF 335-342
  Ralph D. Hill

Use and Evaluation of Learning Environments

Grace Meets the "Real World": Tutoring COBOL as a Second Language BIBAKPDF 343-350
  Bob Radlinski; Jean McKendree
Evocative Agents and Multi-Media Interface Design BIBAKPDF 351-356
  Beth Adelson
Graphic StoryWriter: An Interactive Environment for Emergent Storytelling BIBAKPDF 357-364
  Karl E. Steiner; Thomas G. Moher


Toward a More Humane Keyboard BIBPDF 365-368
  William Hargreaves; David Rempel; Nachman (Manny) Halpern; Robert Markison; Karl Kroemer; Jack Litewka