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Proceedings of ACM CHI'89 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI'89 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:Wings for the Mind
Editors:Ken Bice; Clayton Lewis
Location:Austin, Texas
Dates:1989-Apr-30 to 1989-May-04
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-301-9; ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608890; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-50400-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI89
  1. New Directions in Theory for Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Panel
  3. Tools for Collaborative Work
  4. Lab Reviews
  5. New Paradigms for Programming
  6. Interacting with Computer Advisors
  7. Plenary Debate
  8. Plenary Panel
  9. Panel
  10. Performing Prediction: Predicting Performance
  11. User Interface Management Systems
  12. Lab Reviews
  13. Pointing and Painting
  14. Notation for Specification
  15. Panel
  16. Design as Organizational Activity
  17. User Interface System Evaluations
  18. Panel
  19. Gesture and Language
  20. Issues in Interface Design Methods
  21. Panel
  22. Tools and Environments for Interface Design
  23. Hypermedia Systems
  24. Lab Reviews
  25. Innovations in Graphical Interface Design
  26. Using Auditory Output
  27. Panel
  28. Innovative Designs for Information Systems
  29. Interfaces to Mathematical Systems
  30. Doctoral Consortium

New Directions in Theory for Human-Computer Interaction

Generalization, Consistency, and Control BIBAK 1-5
  Clayton Lewis; D. Charles Hair; Victor Schoenberg
Artifact as Theory-Nexus: Hermeneutics Meet Theory-Based Design BIBAK 7-14
  John M. Carroll; Wendy A. Kellogg
Programmable User Models for Predictive Evaluation of Interface Designs BIBAK 15-19
  Richard M. Young; T. R. G. Green; Tony Simon


Experience with Contextual Field Research BIB 21-24
  Michael Good; Robert Campbell; Gene Lynch; Peter Wright
Color in User Interface Design: Functionality and Aesthetics BIB 25-27
  Aaron Marcus; William B. Cowan; Wanda Smith

Tools for Collaborative Work

LIZA: An Extensible Groupware Toolkit BIBAK 29-35
  S. J. Gibbs
Collaboration in KMS, A Shared Hypermedia System BIBAK 37-42
  Elise Yoder; Robert Akscyn; Donald McCracken
The Effects of Bargaining Orientation and Communication Medium on Negotiations in the Bilateral Monopoly Task: A Comparison of Decision Room and Computer Conferencing Communication Media BIBAK 43-48
  Jim Sheffield

Lab Reviews

Institute of Cognitive Science, University of Colorado at Boulder BIB 49-50
  Gerhard Fischer; Stephanie Doane
What is EuroPARC? BIB 51-52
  Thomas P. Moran
Intelligent Interfaces Group, NYNEX Science and Technology Center BIB 53-54
  Michael E. Atwood
Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, NASA Johnson Space Center BIB 55-56
  Marianne Rudisill; Douglas J. Gillan

New Paradigms for Programming

Inducing Programs in a Direct-Manipulation Environment BIBAK 57-62
  David L. Maulsby; Ian H. Witten
A System for Example-Based Programming BIBAK 63-68
  Lisa Rubin Neal
Some Strategies of Reuse in an Object-Oriented Programming Environment BIBAK 69-73
  Beth M. Lange; Thomas G. Moher
A Spreadsheet Interface for Logic Programming BIBAK 75-80
  Michael Spenke; Christian Beilken

Interacting with Computer Advisors

On-Line Tutorials: What Kind of Inference Leads to the Most Effective Learning? BIBAK 81-83
  John B. Black; J. Scott Bechtold; Marco Mitrani; John M. Carroll
How Some Advice Fails BIBAK 85-90
  William C. Hill
Responding to "Huh?": Answering Vaguely Articulated Follow-Up Questions BIBAK 91-96
  Johanna D. Moore

Plenary Debate

Protecting User Interfaces Through Copyright: The Debate BIBAK 97-103
  Pamela Samuelson

Plenary Panel

Protecting User Interfaces Through Copyright Law BIB 104
  Pamela Samuelson; Jack E. Brown; Thomas M. S. Hemnes; Michael E. Lesk


Drama and Personality in User Interface Design BIBA 105-108
  S. Joy Mountford; Bill Buxton; Myron Krueger; Brenda Laurel; Laurie Vertelney

Performing Prediction: Predicting Performance

Cumulating the Science of HCI: From S-R Compatibility to Transcription Typing BIBAK 109-114
  Bonnie E. John; Allen Newell
Learning and Transfer of Measurement Tasks BIBAK 115-120
  Adrienne Y. Lee; Peter G. Polson; Wayne A. Bailey
Skilled Financial Planning: The Cost of Translating Ideas into Action BIBAK 121-126
  F. Javier Lerch; Marilyn M. Mantei; Judith R. Olson

User Interface Management Systems

A Case Study of User Interface Management System Development and Application BIBAK 127-132
  Jerry M. Manheimer; Rodney C. Burnett; Jo Ann Wallers
A High-Level User Interface Management System BIBAK 133-138
  Gurminder Singh; Mark Green
Graphical Specification of User Interfaces with Behavior Abstraction BIBAK 139-144
  John F. DeSoi; William M. Lively; Sallie V. Sheppard

Lab Reviews

Center for Coordination Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology BIB 145-146
  Thomas W. Malone
CHI Research at MCC BIB 147-149
  Jim Hollan; Bill Curtis
Cognitive Science and Machine Intelligence Laboratory, The University of Michigan BIB 151-152
  Gary M. Olson
The Ergonomics Psychology Protect at INRIA BIB 153-154
  Andre Bisseret

Pointing and Painting

Bat Brushes: On the Uses of Six Position and Orientation Parameters in a Paint Program BIBAK 155-160
  Colin Ware; Curtis Baxter
Circling: A Method of Mouse-Based Selection Without Button Presses BIBAK 161-166
  Jeffrey C. Jackson; Renate J. Roske-Hofstrand
Systemic Implications of Leap and an Improved Two-Part Cursor: A Case Study BIBAK 167-170
  Jef Raskin

Notation for Specification

A Programming Language Basis for User Interface Management BIBAK 171-176
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen
Statemaster: A UIMS Based on Statecharts for Prototyping and Target Implementation BIBAK 177-182
  Pierre D. Wellner
Task-Oriented Representation of Asynchronous User Interfaces BIBAK 183-188
  Antonio C. Siochi; H. Rex Hartson


Recent Progress Creating Environments with the Sense of Feel: Giving "Look and Feel" Its Missing Meaning BIBA 189-190
  Margaret Minsky; Fred Brooks; Max Behensky; Doug Milliken; Massimo Russo; Allison Druin

Design as Organizational Activity

Innovation in User Interface Development: Obstacles and Opportunities BIBAK 191-195
  Steven E. Poltrock
User Interface Design in Large Corporations: Coordination and Communication Across Disciplines BIBAK 197-203
  Jonathan Grudin; Steven E. Poltrock

User Interface System Evaluations

Behavioral Evaluation and Analysis of a Hypertext Browser BIBAK 205-210
  Dennis E. Egan; Joel R. Remde; Thomas K. Landauer; Carol C. Lochbaum; Louis M. Gomez
How Do Experienced Information Lens Users Use Rules? BIBAK 211-216
  Wendy E. Mackay; Thomas W. Malone; Kevin Crowston; Ramana Rao; David Rosenblitt; Stuart K. Card
Performance, Preference, and Visual Scan Patterns on a Menu-Based System: Implications for Interface Design BIBAK 217-222
  Jeffrey J. Hendrickson


"My User Interface is the Best Because..." BIB 223-225
  A. Brady Farrand; Tom Erickson; Tony Hoeber; Bill Parkhurst; Ted Wilson

Gesture and Language

Synergistic Use of Direct Manipulation and Natural Language BIBAK 227-233
  Philip R. Cohen; Mary Dalrymple; Douglas B. Moran; Fernando C. N. Pereira; Joseph W. Sullivan; Robert A., Jr. Gargan; Jon L. Schlossberg; Sherman W. Tyler
A Synthetic Visual Environment with Hand Gesturing and Voice Input BIBAK 235-240
  David Weimer; S. K. Ganapathy
Speech and Gestures for Graphic Image Manipulation BIBAK 241-245
  Alexander G. Hauptmann

Issues in Interface Design Methods

Design Rationale: The Argument Behind the Artifact BIBAK 247-252
  Allan MacLean; Richard M. Young; Thomas P. Moran
Conversational Resources for Situated Action BIBAK 253-258
  David M. Frohlich; Paul Luff
Prototyping Techniques for Different Problem Contexts BIBAK 259-264
  Oscar Gutierrez


The Role of Laboratory Experiments in HCI: Help, Hindrance, or Ho-Hum? BIB 265-268
  Catherine G. Wolf; John M. Carroll; Thomas K. Landauer; Bonnie E. John; John Whiteside

Tools and Environments for Interface Design

Design Environments for Constructive and Argumentative Design BIBAK 269-275
  Gerhard Fischer; Raymond McCall; Anders Morch
Generating Highly Interactive User Interfaces BIBAK 277-282
  Charles Wiecha; William Bennett; Stephen Boies; John Gould
Directed Dialogue Protocols: Verbal Data for User Interface Design BIBAK 283-287
  Stephen T. Knox; Wayne A. Bailey; Eugene F. Lynch

Hypermedia Systems

Conversational Hypertext: Information Access Through Natural Language Dialogues with Computers BIBAK 289-292
  Thomas Whalen; Andrew Patrick
Transforming Text into Hypertext for a Compact Disc Encyclopedia BIBAK 293-298
  Robert J. Glushko
The Tourist Artificial Reality BIBA 299-304
  Kim Fairchild; Greg Meredith; Alan Wexelblat

Lab Reviews

Human-Computer Interaction Department, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories BIB 305-306
  Nancy Kendzierski
"Cognitive User Interface" Laboratory, GMD - IPSI BIB 307-308
  H. U. Hoppe; R. T. King; F. Schiele; A. Tissen
Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, University of Maryland, Center for Automation Research BIB 309-310
  Ben Shneiderman
Search Technology, Inc. BIB 311-312
  Ruston M. Hunt

Innovations in Graphical Interface Design

Planar Maps: An Interaction Paradigm for Graphic Design BIBAK 313-318
  Patrick Baudelaire; Michel Gangnet
Encapsulating Interactive Behaviors BIBAK 319-324
  Brad A. Myers
Constraint Grammars -- A New Model for Specifying Graphical Applications BIBAK 325-330
  Bradley T. Vander Zanden

Using Auditory Output

The Effects of Device Technology on the Usability of Advanced Telephone Functions BIBAK 331-337
  Teresa L. Roberts; George Engelbeck
An Experiment into the Use of Auditory Cues to Reduce Visual Workload BIBA 339-346
  Megan L. Brown; Sandra L. Newsome; Ephraim P. Glinert
The Design of Phone-Based Interfaces for Consumers BIBAK 347-352
  Richard Halstead-Nussloch


Tools for Supporting Cooperative Work Near and Far: Highlights from the CSCW Conference BIBA 353-356
  Susan F. Ehrlich; Tora Bikson; Wendy Mackay; John C. Tang

Innovative Designs for Information Systems

HELGON: Extending the Retrieval Reformulation Paradigm BIBAK 357-362
  Gerhard Fischer; Helga Nieper-Lemke
User-Interface Design for a Clinical Neurophysiological Intensive Monitoring System BIBAK 363-368
  Thomas F. Collura; Ernest C. Jacobs; Richard C. Burgess; George H. Klem
A Document Layout System Using Automatic Document Architecture Extraction BIBAK 369-374
  Isamu Iwai; Miwako Doi; Koji Yamaguchi; Mika Fukui; Yoichi Takebayashi

Interfaces to Mathematical Systems

Models of User Interactions with Graphical Interfaces: I. Statistical Graphs BIBAK 375-380
  Douglas J. Gillan; Robert Lewis; Marianne Rudisill
Understanding Bayesian Reasoning Via Graphical Displays BIBAK 381-386
  William G. Cole
Mathematical Formula Editor for CAI BIBAK 387-392
  Yasutomo Nakayama

Doctoral Consortium

Summary of the CHI'89 Doctoral Consortium BIBA 393-394
  Peter G. Polson