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Proceedings of ACM CHI'88 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI'88 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Editors:Elliot Soloway; Douglas Frye; Sylvia B. Sheppard
Location:Washington, DC
Dates:1988-May-15 to 1988-May-19
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-265-9; ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608880; Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-14237-6; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI88
  1. Plenary Address
  2. Input Devices
  3. Visualization
  4. Panel
  5. Organizational Issues on Effective Use of Interfaces
  6. User Interface Management Systems
  7. Panel
  8. Feedback
  9. Menus
  10. Panel
  11. Navigation Through Information Spaces
  12. Panel
  13. User Models
  14. Panel
  15. Command Reuse
  16. Advising Systems
  17. Panel
  18. Interface Evaluations
  19. Panel
  20. Adaptive Interfaces
  21. Panel
  22. Psychology of Programming
  23. Innovative Information Access
  24. Panel
  25. Doctoral Consortium

Plenary Address

Grasping Reality Through Illusion -- Interactive Graphics Serving Science BIBAK 1-11
  Frederick P., Jr. Brooks

Input Devices

Exploratory Evaluation of a Planar Foot-Operated Cursor-Positioning Device BIBAK 13-18
  Glenn Pearson; Mark Weiser
An Improved Automatic Lipreading System to Enhance Speech Recognition BIBAK 19-25
  Eric Petajan; Bradford Bischoff; David Bodoff; N. Michael Brooke
Improving the Accuracy of Touch Screens: An Experimental Evaluation of Three Strategies BIBAK 27-32
  Richard L. Potter; Linda J. Weldon; Ben Shneiderman


Perspectives on Algorithm Animation BIBAK 33-38
  Marc H. Brown
A Graphical Programming Language Interface for an Intelligent Lisp Tutor BIBAK 39-44
  Brian J. Reiser; Patricia Friedmann; Jody Gevins; Daniel Y. Kimberg; Michael Ranney; Antonio Romero
Users' Preferences among Different Techniques for Displaying the Evaluation of LISP Functions in an Interactive Debugger BIBAK 45-50
  Joseph M. Hary; Lori A. Cohan; Michael J. Darnell


Retrieval Systems for the Information Seeker: Can the Role of the Intermediary be Automated? BIBA 51-53
  Christine L. Borgman; Nicholas J. Belkin; W. Bruce Croft; Michael E. Lesk; Thomas K. Landauer

Organizational Issues on Effective Use of Interfaces

Transferring Skills from Training to the Actual Work Situation: The Role of Task Application Knowledge, Action Styles and Job Decision Latitude BIBAK 55-60
  Patricia Von Papstein; Michael Frese
A Case Study of CSCW in a Dispersed Organization BIBA 61-66
  R. P. Carasik; C. E. Grantham

User Interface Management Systems

A Knowledge-Based User Interface Management System BIBAK 67-72
  James Foley; Christina Gibbs; Won Chul Kim; Srdjan Kovacevic
A Grammar-Based Approach to the Automatic Generation of User-Interface Dialogues BIBAK 73-78
  Michael L. Scott; Sue-Ken Yap


Dealing with Diversity: Approaches to Individual Differences in Human-Computer Interaction BIBA 79-81
  Dennis E. Egan; Louis M. Gomez; Kathy McKeown; Elliot Soloway; Brian J. Reiser; Catherine R. Marshall


The Design of Auditory Interfaces for Visually Disabled Users BIBAK 83-88
  Alistair D. N. Edwards
Multifunctional Cursor for Direct Manipulation User Interfaces BIBAK 89-94
  Michael J. Muller


An Empirical Comparison of Pie vs. Linear Menus BIBAK 95-100
  Jack Callahan; Don Hopkins; Mark Weiser; Ben Shneiderman
Color-Coding Categories in Menus BIBAK 101-106
  James E. McDonald; Mark E. Molander; Ronald W. Noel
Transfer Between Menu Systems BIBAK 107-112
  Peter W. Foltz; Susan E. Davies; Peter G. Polson; David E. Kieras


Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Breakthroughs for User Acceptance BIB 113-114
  Irene Greif; John Seely Brown; Esther Dyson; Mitch Kapor; Thomas Malone

Navigation Through Information Spaces

The Data Model is the Heart of Interface Design BIBAK 115-120
  Robert Akscyn; Elise Yoder; Donald McCracken
Navigating Integrated Facilities: Initiating and Terminating Interaction Sequences BIBAK 121-126
  Philip Barnard; Allan MacLean; Michael Wilson
Pictures and Category Labels as Navigational Aids for Catalog Browsing BIBAK 127-132
  Carmen Egido; John Patterson


Video: Data for Studying Human-Computer Interaction BIB 133-137
  Wendy E. Mackay; Raymonde Guindon; Marilyn M. Mantei; Lucy Suchman; Deborah G. Tatar

User Models

Choosing Between Methods: Analysing the User's Decision Space in Terms of Schemas and Linear Models BIBAK 139-143
  Richard M. Young; Allan MacLean
A General User Modelling Facility BIBAK 145-150
  Robert Kass; Tim Finin
Misconceived Misconceptions? BIBAK 151-156
  Michael E. J. Masson; William C. Hill; Joyce Conner; Raymonde Guindon


Integrating Human Factors and Software Development BIBA 157-159
  Jonathan Grudin; John Carroll; Susan Ehrlich; Mike Grisham; Harry Hersh; Patricia Seybold
Groupware: Interface Design for Meetings BIB 161-163
  Marilyn Mantei; Lucy Suchman; Gerardine DeSanctis; Lynda Applegate; Sirkka Jarvenpaa

Command Reuse

A New Conceptual Model for Interactive User Recovery and Command Reuse Facilities BIBAK 165-170
  Yiya Yang
How Users Repeat Their Actions on Computers: Principles for Design of History Mechanisms BIBAK 171-178
  Saul Greenberg; Ian H. Witten

Advising Systems

Planning for Advising BIBAK 179-184
  Jean McKendree; Jay Zaback
Justified Advice: A Semi-Naturalistic Study of Advisory Strategies BIBAK 185-190
  William C. Hill; James R. Miller
How to Interface to Advisory Systems? Users Request Help with a Very Simple Language BIBAK 191-196
  Raymonde Guindon


UIMSs: Threat or Menace? BIB 197-200
  Jarrett Rosenberg; Ralph Hill; Jim Miller; Andrew Schulert; David Shewmake

Interface Evaluations

Designing Keybindings to be Easy to Learn and Resistant to Forgetting Even When the Set of Commands is Large BIBAK 201-206
  Neff Walker; Judith Reitman Olson
Effects of Interface Design Upon User Productivity BIBAK 207-212
  Wayne A. Bailey; Stephen T. Knox; Eugene F. Lynch
Development of an Instrument Measuring User Satisfaction of the Human-Computer Interface BIBAKTechnical ReportPDF formatQUIS Home Page 213-218
  John P. Chin; Virginia A. Diehl; Kent L. Norman


Public Law 99-506, "Section 508" Electronic Equipment Accessibility for Disabled Workers BIB 219-222
  Richard E. Ladner; Francis A. McDonough; William Roth; Lawrence A. Scadden; Gregg C. Vanderheiden
A Critical Assessment of Hypertext Systems BIB 223-227
  Gerhard Fischer; Stephen A. Weyer; William P. Jones; Alan C. Kay; Walter Kintsch; Randall H. Trigg

Adaptive Interfaces

Multimodal Response Planning: An Adaptive Rule Based Approach BIBAK 229-234
  Robert A., Jr. Gargan; Joseph W. Sullivan; Sherman W. Tyler
SAUCI: A Knowledge-Based Interface Architecture BIBAK 235-240
  Sherman W. Tyler
Task-Oriented Parsing - A Diagnostic Method to be Used by Adaptive Systems BIBAK 241-247
  H. U. Hoppe


Making Interactive Graphics Accessible: Comparison of Approaches BIBA 249
  Gary Olson; Alan Borning; Andy DiSessa; Clayton Lewis; Bruce Sherwood; Randall Smith

Psychology of Programming

Plan-Based Representations of Pascal and Fortran Code BIBAK 251-256
  Chiung-Chen Yu; Scott P. Robertson
Providing the Requisite Knowledge Via Software Documentation BIBAK 257-261
  Jeannine Pinto; Elliot Soloway
Control of Cognitive Processes During Software Design: What Tools Are Needed? BIBAK 263-268
  Raymonde Guindon; Bill Curtis

Innovative Information Access

Travels Around a Learning Support Environment: Rambling, Orienteering or Touring? BIBAK 269-273
  Nick Hammond; Lesley Allinson
Palenque: An Interactive Multimedia Digital Video Interactive Prototype for Children BIBAK 275-279
  Kathleen S. Wilson
Using Latent Semantic Analysis to Improve Access to Textual Information BIBA 281-285
  Susan T. Dumais; George W. Furnas; Thomas K. Landauer; Scott Deerwester; Richard Harshman


Online Help System: Design and Implementation Issues BIBAK 287-288
  Greg Kearsley; Robert L. Campbell; Jay Elkerton; Wallace Judd; Jan Walker

Doctoral Consortium

Summary of the CHI'88 Doctoral Consortium BIBA 289-290
  Judith Reitman Olson