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Proceedings of ACM CHI+GI'87 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems and Graphics Interface

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI+GI'87 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems and Graphics InterfaceCHI87Proceedings of the 1987 CHI+GI Conference
Editors:John M. Carroll; Peter P. Tanner
Location:Toronto, Canada
Dates:1987-Apr-05 to 1987-Apr-09
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-213-6; ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608870; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI87; ISSN 0713-5424; acmdl: 29933 hcibib: CHI87
Papers:59; 58
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  1. Displays and Output
  2. Predictive Cognitive Modeling
  3. Panel
  4. User Interface Metaphors
  5. User Interfaces for the Physically Disabled
  6. Panel
  7. Adaptive Interfaces
  8. Graphics Algorithms
  9. Panel
  10. Design
  11. Animation
  12. Panel
  13. Training and Advice
  14. Input
  15. Panel
  16. Learning to Use Systems
  17. Graphics Systems
  18. Panel
  19. User Interface Management Systems 1
  20. User System Interaction
  21. Panel
  22. User Interface Management Systems 2
  23. Methodological Issues
  24. Panel
  25. Systems in Organizations
  26. Panel
  27. Plenary Address
  28. Doctoral Consortium

Displays and Output

Designing Optimum CRT Text Blinking for Video Image Presentation BIBAK 1-6
  Seiji Kitakaze; Yutaka Kasahara
Why Reading Was Slower from CRT Displays Than from Paper BIBAK 7-11
  John D. Gould; Lizette Alfaro; Rich Finn; Brian Haupt; Angela Minuto; Josiane Salaun
On the Parameters of Human Visual Performance: An Investigation of the Benefits of Antialiasing BIBAK 13-19
  K. S. Booth; M. P. Bryden; W. B. Cowan; M. F. Morgan; B. L. Plante

Predictive Cognitive Modeling

Approximate Modelling of Cognitive Activity: Towards an Expert System Design Aid BIBAK 21-26
  Phil Barnard; Michael Wilson; Allan MacLean
Transfer Between Text Editors BIBA 27-32
  Peter G. Polson; Susan Bovair; David Kieras
Predicting the Time to Recall Computer Command Abbreviations BIBAK 33-40
  Bonnie E. John; Allen Newell


Voice: Technology Searching for Communication Needs BIBA 41-44
  Arlene Aucella; Robin Kinkead; Chris Schmandt; Anna Wichansky

User Interface Metaphors

NoteCards in a Nutshell BIBA 45-52
  Frank G. Halasz; Thomas P. Moran; Randall H. Trigg
A Multiple, Virtual-Workspace Interface to Support User Task Switching BIBA 53-59
  Stuart K. Card; Austin, Jr. Henderson
Experiences with the Alternate Reality Kit: An Example of the Tension between Literalism and Magic BIBAK 61-67
  Randall B. Smith

User Interfaces for the Physically Disabled

A Case Example of Human Factors in Product Definition: Needs Finding for a Voice Output Workstation for the Blind BIBAK 69-73
  Richard M. Kane; Matthew Yuschik
A User Interface for Deaf-Blind People (Preliminary Report) BIBA 75-80
  Richard Ladner; Randy Day; Dennis Gentry; Karin Meyer; Scott Rose
Towards Universality of Access: Interfacing Physically Disabled Students to the Icon Educational Microcomputer BIBAK 81-87
  Gerbrand Verburg; Debbie Field; Francois St. Pierre; Stephen Naumann


Psychology and Design: Contrasting Approaches BIB 89-91
  Robert L. Campbell; Peter G. Polson; John Whiteside

Adaptive Interfaces

Interface Design: A Neglected Issue in Educational Software BIBAK 93-97
  Douglas Frye; Elliot Soloway
Cognition-Sensitive Design and User Modeling for Syntax-Directed Editors BIBAK 99-102
  Lisa Rubin Neal
A Self-Regulating Adaptive System BIBAK 103-107
  Robert Trevellyan; Dermot P. Browne

Graphics Algorithms

The Definition, Editing, and Contouring of Surfaces for the Analysis of Field Problems BIBAK 109-114
  Robert R. Dickinson; Richard H. Bartels
From Contours to Surfaces: Testbed and Initial Results BIBAK 115-120
  Kenneth R., Jr. Sloan; James Painter


Social Science and System Design: Interdisciplinary Collaborations BIBA 121-123
  Lucy Suchman; William Beeman; Michael Pear; Randy Trigg; Barbara Fox; Paul Smolensky


Positioning Human Factors in the User Interface Development Chain BIBAK 125-131
  Jonathan Grudin; Susan F. Ehrlich; Rick Shriner
The Interface is Often Not the Problem BIBAK 133-136
  Bengt Goransson; Mats Lind; Else Pettersson; Bengt Sandblad; Patrik Schwalbe
Designing for Designers: An Analysis of Design Practice in the Real World BIBAK 137-142
  Mary Beth Rosson; Susanne Maass; Wendy A. Kellogg


Automated Lip-Synch and Speech Synthesis for Character Animation BIBAK 143-147
  J. P. Lewis; F. I. Parke
Story Driven Animation BIBAK 149-153
  Yosuke Takashima; Hideo Shimazu; Masahiro Tomono


Issues Limiting the Acceptance of User Interfaces Using Gesture Input and Handwriting Character Recognition BIBA 155-158
  John Sibert; Michael G. Buffa; Hewitt D. Crane; Wolfgang Doster; James Rhyne; Jean Renard Ward

Training and Advice

What Kind of Minimal Instruction Manual is the Most Effective BIBAK 159-162
  John B. Black; John M. Carroll; Stuart M. McGuigan
Intelligent Help in a One-Shot Dialog: A Protocol Study BIBAK 163-168
  Amy Aaronson; John M. Carroll
Learning a Word Processing System with Training Wheels and Guided Exploration BIBAK 169-174
  Richard Catrambone; John M. Carroll


Behavioral Experiments on Handmarkings BIBAK 175-181
  John D. Gould; Josiane Salaun
An Evaluation of an Eye Tracker as a Device for Computer Input BIBAK 183-188
  Colin Ware; Harutune H. Mikaelian
A Hand Gesture Interface Device BIBAK 189-192
  Thomas G. Zimmerman; Jaron Lanier; Chuck Blanchard; Steve Bryson; Young Harvill


Developing Computer Animation Packages BIB 193-196
  Jeffrey Graber; Kevin Lefebvre; Michael Sciulli; Donald Leich; Milan Novacek; David Ross; David Zeltzer; David Sturman

Learning to Use Systems

Learning about Hidden Events in System Interactions BIBAK 197-203
  Stephen Casner; Clayton Lewis
Transfer of Learning: Beyond Common Elements BIBAK 205-210
  Linda Tetzlaff

Graphics Systems

Sophisticated Image Rendering in Environmental Design Review BIBAK 211-217
  John W. Danahy
The User Interface and Program Structure of a Graphical VLSI Layout Editor BIBAK 219-225
  Kevin S. B. Szabo; Mohamed I. Elmasry


Computer-Supported Cooperative Work: Is This REALLY a New Field of Research? BIB 227-228
  Irene Greif; Bill Curtis; Herb Krasner; Thomas W. Malone; Ben Shneiderman

User Interface Management Systems 1

Specifying Complex Dialogs in ALGAE BIBAK 229-234
  Mark A. Flecchia; R. Daniel Bergeron
Modular Implementation of Presentations BIBAK 235-240
  Pedro Szekely
Event-Response Systems -- A Technique for Specifying Multi-Threaded Dialogues BIBAK 241-248
  Ralph D. Hill

User System Interaction

Towards a Model of User Perception of Computer System Response Time BIBAK 249-253
  Robert Geist; Robert Allen; Ronald Nowaczyk
A Comparison of Rule-Based and Positionally Constant Arrangements of Computer Menu Items BIBAK 255-260
  Benjamin L. Somberg
Comparing a Form-Based and a Language-Based User Interface for Instructing a Mail Program BIBAK 261-266
  Robin Jeffries; Jarrett Rosenberg


Intelligence in Interfaces BIBA 267-269
  Robert Neches; John Seely Brown; Tom Malone; Norm Sondheimer; Mike Williams

User Interface Management Systems 2

Creating Dynamic Interaction Techniques by Demonstration BIBAK 271-278
  Brad A. Myers
Panther: A Specification System for Graphical Controls BIBAK 279-284
  J. I. Helfman
A Control Panel Interface for Graphics and Image Processing Applications BIBAK 285-290
  Gene L. Fisher; Kenneth I. Joy

Methodological Issues

The Use of Scenarios in Human-Computer Interaction Research: Turbocharging the Tortoise of Cumulative Science BIBAK 291-296
  Richard M. Young; Phil Barnard
Structural Analysis of Verbal Data BIBAK 297-301
  Wayne A. Bailey; Edwin J. Kay
Evaluating User and System Models: Applying Scaling Techniques to Problems in Human-Computer Interaction BIBAK 303-308
  Wendy A. Kellogg; Timothy J. Breen


Issues from the 1986 Workshop on Interactive 3D Graphics BIB 309
  Henry Fuchs; Stuart Card; Frank Crow; Stephen M. Pizer
Whither (or Wither) UIMS? BIBA 311-314
  Dan R., Jr. Olsen; Mark Green; Keith A. Lantz; Andrew Schulert; John L. Sibert

Systems in Organizations

Evolution of an Organizational Interface: The New Business Department at a Large Insurance Firm BIBAK 315-322
  Andrew Clement; C. C. Gotlieb
Social and Psychological Factors Influencing the Design of Office Communication Systems BIBAK 323-329
  Susan F. Ehrlich


The Politics of Human Factors BIB 331-332
  William Mosteller; Stephen J. Boies; Charles E. Grantham; Thomas Irby; Richard Rubinstein; Dennis Wixon

Plenary Address

Psychology as a Mother of Invention BIBA 333-335
  Thomas K. Landauer
The Social Dimensions of Computerization BIBK 337-339
  Rob Kling

Doctoral Consortium

Summary of the CHI'87 Doctoral Consortium BIBA 341-342
  Tom Carey