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Proceedings of ACM CHI'83 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of CHI'83 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Editors:Ann Janda
Location:Boston, Massachusetts
Dates:1983-Dec-12 to 1983-Dec-15
Standard No:ACM ISBN 0-89791-121-0 ACM ISSN 0713-5424; ACM Order Number 608830; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI83
  1. Plenary Speakers
  2. Interface Design 1 -- Prototyping Techniques
  3. Interface Design 2 -- The Design Process
  4. Interface Design 3 -- Experimental Evaluation
  5. Interface Design 4 -- Analyses of User Inputs
  6. Interface Design 5
  7. Command Languages
  8. Graphics-Based Interaction
  9. Menu and Query Language Design
  10. Text Editors
  11. Intelligent Interfaces
  12. Cognitive Models 1
  13. Cognitive Models 2
  14. Programming 1
  15. Programming 2 -- Documentation
  16. Physical Interface Devices
  17. User Documentation

Plenary Speakers

Design Principles for Human-Computer Interfaces BIBA 1-10
  Donald A. Norman
Manual Dexterity: A User-Oriented Approach to Creating Computer Documentation BIBA 11-18
  Patricia Wright

Interface Design 1 -- Prototyping Techniques

Soft Machines: A Philosophy of User-Computer Interface Design BIBA 19-23
  Lloyd H. Nakatani; John A. Rohrlich
Building a User-Defined Interface BIBA 24-27
  Dennis Wixon; John Whiteside; Michael Good; Sandra Jones
Executable Specifications for a Human-Computer Interface BIBA 28-34
  Robert J. K. Jacob
Formal Specifications for Modeling and Developing Human/Computer Interfaces BIB 35-39
  J. W. Roach; M. Nickson

Interface Design 2 -- The Design Process

Design Practice and Interface Usability: Evidence from Interviews with Designers BIB 40-44
  N. Hammond; A. Jorgensen; A. MacLean; P. Barnard; J. Long
Getting Into a System: External-Internal Task Mapping Analysis BIBA 45-49
  Thomas P. Moran
Designing for Usability -- Key Principles and What Designers Think BIBA 50-53
  John D. Gould; Clayton Lewis
Evaluation and Analysis of Users' Activity Organization BIBA 54-57
  Liam Bannon; Allen Cypher; Steven Greenspan; Melissa L. Monty

Interface Design 3 -- Experimental Evaluation

Computer Response Time and User Performance BIB 58-62
  T. W. Butler
Computer Communication System Design Affects Group Decision Making BIBA 63-67
  Sharon Murrel
A Methodology for Objectively Evaluating Error Messages BIBA 68-71
  Barbara S. Isa; James M. Boyle; Alan S. Neal; Roger M. Simons
Human Factors Testing in the Design of Xerox's 8010 `Star' Office Workstation BIBA 72-77
  William L. Bewley; Teresa L. Roberts; David Schroit; William L. Verplank

Interface Design 4 -- Analyses of User Inputs

Playback: A Method for Evaluating the Usability of Software and Its Documentation BIBA 78-82
  Alan S. Neal; Roger M. Simons
Questionnaires as a Software Evaluation Tool BIBA 83-87
  Robert W. Root; Steve Draper
Changes that Users Demanded in the Human Interface to the Hermes Message System BIBA 88-92
  Charlotte D. Mooers

Interface Design 5

Computing on a Shoestring: Initial Data Entry for Service Organizations BIB 93-97
  Martha R. Horton
The Consul/CUE Interface: An Integrated Interactive Environment BIBA 98-102
  T. Kaczmarek; W. Mark; N. Sondheimer
A Generalized Transition Network Representation for Interactive Systems BIBA 103-106
  David Kieras; Peter G. Polson
Application of a Model of Human Decision Making BIBA 107-111
  Mark E. Revesman; Joel S. Greenstein

Command Languages

Using Examples to Describe Categories BIBA 112-115
  Susan T. Dumais; Thomas K. Landauer
A Featural Approach to Command Names BIBA 116-119
  Jarrett Rosenberg
Command Use and Interface Design BIB 120-124
  Robert E. Kraut; Stephen J. Hanson; James M. Farber
Is There Really Trouble with UNIX? BIBA 125-129
  Lorenzo De Leon; William G. Harris; Martha Evens

Graphics-Based Interaction

Enhancing the Usability of an Office Information System Through Direct Manipulation BIBA 130-134
  Alison Lee; F. H. Lochovsky
An Assessment of Computer Generated Space Situation Map Projections BIBA 135-138
  Mark D. Phillips; James E. Allison; Valor S. Dodd
An Effective Graphics User Interface for Rules and Inference Mechanisms BIBAK 139-143
  J. W. Lewis
Effect of Font and Medium on Recognition/Confusion BIB 144-149
  S. M. Gupta; L. H. Geyer; J. A. Maalouf

Menu and Query Language Design

The Effects of Positional Constancy on Searching Menus for Information BIB 150-153
  Richard C. Teitelbaum; Richard E. Granda
Usable Natural Language Interfaces Through Menu-Based Natural Language Understanding BIBA 154-160
  Harry R. Tennant; Kenneth M. Ross; Craig W. Thompson
Query Languages for the Casual User: Exploring the Middle Ground Between Formal and Natural Languages BIB 161-165
  William C. Ogden; Susan R. Brooks

Text Editors

A Comparative Study of Moded and Modeless Text Editing by Experienced Editor Users BIB 166-170
  Merle F. Poller; Susan K. Garter
Patterns of Experience in Text Editing BIB 171-175
  Mary Beth Rosson
How Interface Design Determines Who Has Difficulty Learning To Use a Text Editor BIBA 176-181
  Louis M. Gomez; Dennis E. Egan; Evangeline A. Wheeler; Dhiraj K. Sharma; Aleta M. Gruchacz
How You Tell Your Computer What You Mean: Ostension in Interactive Systems BIBA 182-185
  James A. Galambos; Eloise S. Wikler; John B. Black; Marc M. Sebrechts

Intelligent Interfaces

A Qualitative Reasoning Approach to Mathematical and Heuristic Knowledge Integration BIBA 186-189
  Stephen E. Cross
The Effects of Limited Grammar on Interactive Natural Language BIB 190-192
  James A. Hendler; Paul Roller Michaelis
An Empirical Methodology for Writing User-Friendly Natural Language Computer Applications BIBA 193-196
  J. F. Kelley
Correcting Misconceptions: What to Say when the User is Mistaken BIBA 197-201
  Kathleen F. McCoy

Cognitive Models 1

The User's Perception of the Interaction Language: A Two-Level Model BIBA 202-206
  S. J. Payne; T. R. G. Green
Learning Text Editor Semantics by Analogy BIBA 207-211
  Sarah A. Douglas; Thomas P. Moran
Mental Models and Problem Solving in Using a Calculator BIBA 212-216
  Frank G. Halasz; Thomas P. Moran
Planning Units in Text Editing Behavior BIBA 217-221
  Scott P. Robertson; John B. Black

Cognitive Models 2

Remindings and Their Effects in Learning a Text Editor BIBA 222-225
  Brian H. Ross; Thomas P. Moran
Learning in an Instructionless Environment: Observation and Analysis BIBA 226-229
  Jeff Shrager; David Klahr
Human-Computer Discourse in the Design of a PASCAL Tutor BIBA 230-234
  Beverly Woolf; David D. McDonald

Programming 1

What Do Novice Programmers Know about Recursion BIBA 235-239
  Hank Kahney
Beyond Numbers: Don't Ask "How Many" ... Ask "Why" BIBA 240-246
  Elliot Soloway; Kate Ehrlich; John B. Black
Aesthetics and Programming BIBA 247-250
  Peter Molzberger

Programming 2 -- Documentation

On Enhancing the Interface to the Source Code of Computer Programs BIBA 251-255
  Ronald Baecker; Aaron Marcus
Documentation of Concurrent Programs BIB 256-261
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Andrew M. Fregly

Physical Interface Devices

Use of Mouse Buttons BIBA 262-266
  Lynne A. Price; Carlos A. Cordova
Speech Recognition at Two Field Sites BIBA 267-273
  A. Rollins; B. Constantine; S. Baker
Lighting Characteristics of Visual Display Terminals from an Ergonomic Point of View BIBA 274-276
  U. Brauninger; E. Grandjean

User Documentation

An Experimental Evaluation of On-Line HELP for Non-Programmers BIBA 277-281
  Celeste S. Magers
A Proposal for User Centered System Documentation BIBA 282-285
  C. O'Malley; P. Smolensky; L. Bannon; E. Conway; J. Graham; J. Sokolov; M. L. Monty
Autobiography of a First-Time Discretionary Microcomputer User BIB 286-290
  Marilyn Mantei; Nancy Haskell