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Proceedings of ACM CHI 2014 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2014 SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Editors:Matt Jones; Philippe Palanque; Albrecht Schmidt; Tovi Grossman
Location:Toronto, Canada
Dates:2014-Apr-26 to 2014-May-01
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-2473-1; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: CHI14-1
Links:Conference Website
  1. CHI 2014-04-26 Volume 1
    1. Visualization and aesthetics
    2. Stress
    3. Social local mobile
    4. Coordination and collaboration
    5. Watches and small devices
    6. The third dimension
    7. Audio interaction
    8. Sustainability and everyday practices
    9. Studying online communities
    10. Image and animation authoring
    11. Studying and designing gameplay
    12. Force input and haptic feedback
    13. Hackerspaces, making and breaking
    14. Activity recognition
    15. Managing income
    16. Designing and understanding visualizations
    17. Crowdfunding and crowd storage
    18. Novel approaches to navigation
    19. Interfaces for care and support
    20. Research through design
    21. Pointing and cursors
    22. Always connected: email and social media
    23. Smart homes and sustainability
    24. Multilingual communication
    25. Interactive visualization and visual elements
    26. Understanding and designing games
    27. Personal values and preferences
    28. Enabling interactive performances
    29. Battery life and energy harvesting
    30. Mid-air gestures
    31. Touch and stylus interaction
    32. Quantified self
    33. Sustainability perspectives
    34. Navigating video
    35. Crowds and creativity
    36. Interacting with the web
    37. Music, dance, and television
    38. Social media and health
    39. On and above the surface
    40. Interactive whiteboards and public displays
    41. Human-robot interaction
    42. Emergency response
    43. Sensemaking and information in use
    44. Presentation technologies
    45. Personal health and wellbeing
    46. Design theory
    47. Novel keyboards
    48. DIY and hacking
    49. User models and prediction
    50. Engage and educate children
    51. Studying visualization
    52. Exploring exergames
    53. Narratives and storytelling
    54. Designing for older adults and demographic change
    55. Critical design
    56. Understanding and modeling touch
    57. 3D interaction: modeling and prototyping
    58. The eyes have it
    59. Learning and education
    60. Telepresence and connecting over video
    61. Exergame design
    62. Designing and modeling GUIs
    63. Health and everyday life
    64. Text entry and evaluation
    65. Emotions and mobiles
    66. Privacy
    67. Issues that matter
    68. Understanding and using social media
    69. Working together
    70. Programming and development tools
    71. Interactive technologies for rehabilitation
    72. Shape-changing interfaces
    73. Touch input
    74. Risks and security
    75. CHI for social development
    76. Question and answer systems
    77. Cross-device interaction
    78. Exergaming for health and fitness
    79. Sensory experiences: smell and taste
    80. Multitouch interaction
    81. Authentication and passwords
    82. Policies and practice: doing the right thing
    83. Journalism and social news
    84. Interruptions and distractions
    85. Decisions, recommendations, and machine learning
    86. Accessibility
    87. Tangible interactions and technologies
    88. Head-worn displays
    89. Applications of body sensing
    90. Urban communities and social media
    91. Social media usage
    92. Games and education
    93. Learning and games
    94. Persuasive technologies and applications
    95. Whole body sensing and interaction
    96. Novel mobile displays and devices
    97. HCI paradigms: past, present and future
    98. PolitiCHI
    99. Location-based services and navigation
    100. Crowdsourcing
    101. Desktop search and history
    102. Lost and found in translation
    103. Participatory design
    104. Brain computer interfaces
    105. 3D printing and fabrication
    106. Modeling users and interaction
    107. Engaging older adults through technology
    108. Computer mediated intimacy and romance
    109. Network of care
    110. Tutorials
    111. Driving interfaces and evaluations
    112. Gesture-based interaction
    113. Interactive surfaces and pervasive displays
    114. Social Media for Relationships

CHI 2014-04-26 Volume 1

Visualization and aesthetics

Metaphone: machine aesthetics meets interaction design BIBAFull-Text 1-10
  Vygandas Šimbelis; Anders Lundström; Kristina Höök; Jordi Solsona; Vincent Lewandowski
Quantifying visual preferences around the world BIBAFull-Text 11-20
  Katharina Reinecke; Krzysztof Z. Gajos
The influence of aesthetics in usability testing: the case of dual-domain products BIBAFull-Text 21-30
  Andreas Sonderegger; Andreas Uebelbacher; Manuela Pugliese; Juergen Sauer
Extracting references between text and charts via crowdsourcing BIBAFull-Text 31-40
  Nicholas Kong; Marti A. Hearst; Maneesh Agrawala


Stress and multitasking in everyday college life: an empirical study of online activity BIBAFull-Text 41-50
  Gloria Mark; Yiran Wang; Melissa Niiya
Under pressure: sensing stress of computer users BIBAFull-Text 51-60
  Javier Hernandez; Pablo Paredes; Asta Roseway; Mary Czerwinski
MouStress: detecting stress from mouse motion BIBAFull-Text 61-70
  David Sun; Pablo Paredes; John Canny
Investigating the effects of using biofeedback as visual stress indicator during video-mediated collaboration BIBAFull-Text 71-80
  Chiew Seng Sean Tan; Johannes Schöning; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx

Social local mobile

Let's do it at my place instead?: attitudinal and behavioral study of privacy in client-side personalization BIBAFull-Text 81-90
  Alfred Kobsa; Bart P. Knijnenburg; Benjamin Livshits
The effect of developer-specified explanations for permission requests on smartphone user behavior BIBAFull-Text 91-100
  Joshua Tan; Khanh Nguyen; Michael Theodorides; Heidi Negrón-Arroyo; Christopher Thompson; Serge Egelman; David Wagner
Reflection or action?: how feedback and control affect location sharing decisions BIBAFull-Text 101-110
  Sameer Patil; Roman Schlegel; Apu Kapadia; Adam J. Lee
Effects of security warnings and instant gratification cues on attitudes toward mobile websites BIBAFull-Text 111-114
  Bo Zhang; Mu Wu; Hyunjin Kang; Eun Go; S. Shyam Sundar
Social media participation and performance at work: a longitudinal study BIBAFull-Text 115-118
  N. Sadat Shami; Jeffrey Nichols; Jilin Chen

Coordination and collaboration

The doing of doing stuff: understanding the coordination of social group-activities BIBAFull-Text 119-128
  Richard P. Schuler; Sukeshini A. Grandhi; Julia M. Mayer; Stephen T. Ricken; Quentin Jones
Effects of implicit sharing in collaborative analysis BIBAFull-Text 129-138
  Nitesh Goyal; Gilly Leshed; Dan Cosley; Susan R. Fussell
Effects of simultaneous and sequential work structures on distributed collaborative interdependent tasks BIBAFull-Text 139-148
  Paul André; Robert E. Kraut; Aniket Kittur
Necessary, unpleasant, and disempowering: reputation management in the internet age BIBAFull-Text 149-158
  Allison Woodruff

Watches and small devices

Duet: exploring joint interactions on a smart phone and a smart watch BIBAFull-Text 159-168
  Xiang 'Anthony' Chen; Tovi Grossman; Daniel J. Wigdor; George Fitzmaurice
Interaction on the edge: offset sensing for small devices BIBAFull-Text 169-178
  Ian Oakley; Doyoung Lee
More than touch: understanding how people use skin as an input surface for mobile computing BIBAFull-Text 179-188
  Martin Weigel; Vikram Mehta; Jürgen Steimle
TouchSense: expanding touchscreen input vocabulary using different areas of users' finger pads BIBAFull-Text 189-192
  Da-Yuan Huang; Ming-Chang Tsai; Ying-Chao Tung; Min-Lun Tsai; Yen-Ting Yeh; Liwei Chan; Yi-Ping Hung; Mike Y. Chen
Expanding the input expressivity of smartwatches with mechanical pan, twist, tilt and click BIBAFull-Text 193-196
  Robert Xiao; Gierad Laput; Chris Harrison

The third dimension

The use of surrounding visual context in handheld AR: device vs. user perspective rendering BIBAFull-Text 197-206
  Klen Copic Pucihar; Paul Coulton; Jason Alexander
Altering gameplay behavior using stereoscopic 3D vision-based video game design BIBAFull-Text 207-216
  Jonas Schild; Joseph J., Jr. LaViola; Maic Masuch
Depth perception with gaze-contingent depth of field BIBAFull-Text 217-226
  Michael Mauderer; Simone Conte; Miguel A. Nacenta; Dhanraj Vishwanath
Imperceptible depth shifts for touch interaction with stereoscopic objects BIBAFull-Text 227-236
  Dimitar Valkov; Alexander Giesler; Klaus H. Hinrichs

Audio interaction

SonicExplorer: fluid exploration of audio parameters BIBAFull-Text 237-246
  Alexander Travis Adams; Berto Gonzalez; Celine Latulipe
The boomRoom: mid-air direct interaction with virtual sound sources BIBAFull-Text 247-256
  Jörg Müller; Matthias Geier; Christina Dicke; Sascha Spors
ISSE: an interactive source separation editor BIBAFull-Text 257-266
  Nicholas J. Bryan; Gautham J. Mysore; Ge Wang
Evaluation of hear-through sound localization BIBAFull-Text 267-270
  Georgios Marentakis; Rudolfs Liepins

Sustainability and everyday practices

Performativity in sustainable interaction: the case of seasonal grocery shopping in ecofriends BIBAFull-Text 271-280
  Maria Normark; Jakob Tholander

Studying online communities

The impact of membership overlap on the survival of online communities BIBAFull-Text 281-290
  Haiyi Zhu; Robert E. Kraut; Aniket Kittur
Goals and perceived success of online enterprise communities: what is important to leaders & members? BIBAFull-Text 291-300
  Tara Matthews; Jilin Chen; Steve Whittaker; Aditya Pal; Haiyi Zhu; Hernan Badenes; Barton Smith
Selecting an effective niche: an ecological view of the success of online communities BIBAFull-Text 301-310
  Haiyi Zhu; Jilin Chen; Tara Matthews; Aditya Pal; Hernan Badenes; Robert E. Kraut
Snuggle: designing for efficient socialization and ideological critique BIBAFull-Text 311-320
  Aaron Halfaker; R. Stuart Geiger; Loren G. Terveen

Image and animation authoring

Offline painted media for digital animation authoring BIBAFull-Text 321-330
  Makoto Nakajima; Daisuke Sakamoto; Takeo Igarashi
Supporting informal design with interactive whiteboards BIBAFull-Text 331-340
  Nicolas Mangano; Thomas D. LaToza; Marian Petre; André van der Hoek
Juxtapoze: supporting serendipity and creative expression in clipart compositions BIBAFull-Text 341-350
  William Benjamin; Senthil Chandrasegaran; Devarajan Ramanujan; Niklas Elmqvist; SVN Vishwanathan; Karthik Ramani
Draco: bringing life to illustrations with kinetic textures BIBAFull-Text 351-360
  Rubaiat Habib Kazi; Fanny Chevalier; Tovi Grossman; Shengdong Zhao; George Fitzmaurice

Studying and designing gameplay

A user study of different gameplay visualizations BIBAFull-Text 361-370
  Simone Kriglstein; Günter Wallner; Margit Pohl
The influence of controllers on immersion in mobile games BIBAFull-Text 371-380
  Paul Cairns; Jing Li; Wendy Wang; A. Imran Nordin
Combining think-aloud and physiological data to understand video game experiences BIBAFull-Text 381-390
  Chek Tien Tan; Tuck Wah Leong; Songjia Shen
The MOY framework for collaborative play design in integrated shared and private interactive spaces BIBAFull-Text 391-400
  Wooi Boon Goh; Ming Chen; Cuong Hong Trinh; Jacquelyn Tan; Wei Shou

Force input and haptic feedback

Transient and transitional states: pressure as an auxiliary input modality for bimanual interaction BIBAFull-Text 401-410
  Ross McLachlan; Daniel Boland; Stephen Brewster
VacuumTouch: attractive force feedback interface for haptic interactive surface using air suction BIBAFull-Text 411-420
  Taku Hachisu; Masaaki Fukumoto
Expressive touch: studying tapping force on tabletops BIBAFull-Text 421-430
  Esben Warming Pedersen; Kasper Hornbæk
Presstures: exploring pressure-sensitive multi-touch gestures on trackpads BIBAFull-Text 431-434
  Christian Rendl; Patrick Greindl; Kathrin Probst; Martin Behrens; Michael Haller
Gaze gestures and haptic feedback in mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 435-438
  Jari Kangas; Deepak Akkil; Jussi Rantala; Poika Isokoski; Päivi Majaranta; Roope Raisamo

Hackerspaces, making and breaking

Emerging sites of HCI innovation: hackerspaces, hardware startups & incubators BIBAFull-Text 439-448
  Silvia Lindtner; Garnet D. Hertz; Paul Dourish
Breakdown, obsolescence and reuse: HCI and the art of repair BIBAFull-Text 449-458
  Steven J. Jackson; Laewoo Kang
Printing teddy bears: a technique for 3D printing of soft interactive objects BIBAFull-Text 459-468
  Scott E. Hudson
Taking things apart: reaching common ground and shared material understanding BIBAFull-Text 469-472
  Martin Murer; Mattias Jacobsson; Siri Skillgate; Petra Sundström
BIBAFull-Text 473-476
  Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell; Austin Toombs

Activity recognition

Toss 'n' turn: smartphone as sleep and sleep quality detector BIBAFull-Text 477-486
  Jun-Ki Min; Afsaneh Doryab; Jason Wiese; Shahriyar Amini; John Zimmerman; Jason I. Hong
Persuasive technology in the real world: a study of long-term use of activity sensing devices for fitness BIBAFull-Text 487-496
  Thomas Fritz; Elaine M. Huang; Gail C. Murphy; Thomas Zimmermann
Predictors of life satisfaction based on daily activities from mobile sensor data BIBAFull-Text 497-500
  Onur Yürüten; Jiyong Zhang; Pearl H. Z. Pu

Managing income

Pay or delay: the role of technology when managing a low income BIBAFull-Text 501-510
  John Vines; Paul Dunphy; Andrew Monk
Poverty on the cheap: estimating poverty maps using aggregated mobile communication networks BIBAFull-Text 511-520
  Christopher Smith-Clarke; Afra Mashhadi; Licia Capra
Money talks: tracking personal finances BIBAFull-Text 521-530
  Joseph Jofish Kaye; Mary McCuistion; Rebecca Gulotta; David A. Shamma
Fostering social capital in economically distressed communities BIBAFull-Text 531-540
  Tawanna R. Dillahunt

Designing and understanding visualizations

Automatic generation of semantic icon encodings for visualizations BIBAFull-Text 541-550
  Vidya Setlur; Jock D. Mackinlay
Task-driven evaluation of aggregation in time series visualization BIBAFull-Text 551-560
  Danielle Albers; Michael Correll; Michael Gleicher
Dive in!: enabling progressive loading for real-time navigation of data visualizations BIBAFull-Text 561-570
  Michael Glueck; Azam Khan; Daniel J. Wigdor
Sample-oriented task-driven visualizations: allowing users to make better, more confident decisions BIBAFull-Text 571-580
  Nivan Ferreira; Danyel Fisher; Arnd Christian Konig

Crowdfunding and crowd storage

Learning to fail: experiencing public failure online through crowdfunding BIBAFull-Text 581-590
  Michael D. Greenberg; Elizabeth M. Gerber
Show me the money!: an analysis of project updates during crowdfunding campaigns BIBAFull-Text 591-600
  Anbang Xu; Xiao Yang; Huaming Rao; Wai-Tat Fu; Shih-Wen Huang; Brian P. Bailey
Crowd storage: storing information on existing memories BIBAFull-Text 601-604
  Jeffrey P. Bigham; Walter S. Lasecki

Novel approaches to navigation

Walk this way: musically guided walking experiences BIBAFull-Text 605-614
  Adrian Hazzard; Steve Benford; Gary Burnett
Simplifying orientation measurement for mobile audio augmented reality applications BIBAFull-Text 615-624
  Florian Heller; Aaron Krämer; Jan Borchers
Gifting personal interpretations in galleries BIBAFull-Text 625-634
  Lesley Fosh; Steve Benford; Stuart Reeves; Boriana Koleva
Visual recognition in museum guide apps: do visitors want it? BIBAFull-Text 635-638
  Leonard Wein
A billion signposts: repurposing barcodes for indoor navigation BIBAFull-Text 639-642
  Simon Robinson; Jennifer S. Pearson; Matt Jones

Interfaces for care and support

Taking part: role-play in the design of therapeutic systems BIBAFull-Text 643-652
  Mark Matthews; Geri Gay; Gavin Doherty
Staccato social support in mobile health applications BIBAFull-Text 653-662
  Phil Adams; Eric PS Baumer; Geri Gay
My journey compass: a preliminary investigation of a mobile tool for cancer patients BIBAFull-Text 663-672
  Maia L. Jacobs; James Clawson; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
An assistive robotic table for older and post-stroke adults: results from participatory design and evaluation activities with clinical staff BIBAFull-Text 673-682
  Anthony L. Threatt; Jessica Merino; Keith Evan Green; Ian Walker; Johnell O. Brooks; Stan Healy

Research through design

Experience design theatre: exploring the role of live theatre in scaffolding design dialogues BIBAFull-Text 683-692
  John Vines; Tess Denman-Cleaver; Paul Dunphy; Peter Wright; Patrick Olivier
Non-finito products: a new design space of user creativity for personal user experience BIBAFull-Text 693-702
  Jin-min Seok; Jong-bum Woo; Youn-kyung Lim
Research through design fiction: narrative in real and imaginary abstracts BIBAFull-Text 703-712
  Mark Blythe
Research on research: design research at the margins: academia, industry and end-users BIBAFull-Text 713-722
  Juri Dachtera; Dave Randall; Volker Wulf

Pointing and cursors

Impact of form factors and input conditions on absolute indirect-touch pointing tasks BIBAFull-Text 723-732
  Jérémie Gilliot; Géry Casiez; Nicolas Roussel
Beating the bubble: using kinematic triggering in the bubble lens for acquiring small, dense targets BIBAFull-Text 733-742
  Martez E. Mott; Jacob O. Wobbrock
Mouse pointing endpoint prediction using kinematic template matching BIBAFull-Text 743-752
  Phillip T. Pasqual; Jacob O. Wobbrock
The implicit fan cursor: a velocity dependent area cursor BIBAFull-Text 753-762
  Xiaojun Su; Oscar Kin-Chung Au; Rynson W. H. Lau

Always connected: email and social media

The product of availability: understanding the economic underpinnings of constant connectivity BIBAFull-Text 763-772
  Melissa Mazmanian; Ingrid Erickson
Giving up Twitter for Lent: how and why we take breaks from social media BIBAFull-Text 773-782
  Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck
MinEMail: SMS alert system for managing critical emails BIBAFull-Text 783-792
  Kyle Rector; Joshua Hailpern
Overload is overloaded: email in the age of Gmail BIBAFull-Text 793-802
  Catherine Grevet; David Choi; Debra Kumar; Eric Gilbert

Smart homes and sustainability

Practical trigger-action programming in the smart home BIBAFull-Text 803-812
  Blase Ur; Elyse McManus; Melwyn Pak Yong Ho; Michael L. Littman
Doing the laundry with agents: a field trial of a future smart energy system in the home BIBAFull-Text 813-822
  Enrico Costanza; Joel E. Fischer; James A. Colley; Tom Rodden; Sarvapali D. Ramchurn; Nicholas R. Jennings
Making sustainability sustainable: challenges in the design of eco-interaction technologies BIBAFull-Text 823-832
  Rayoung Yang; Mark W. Newman; Jodi Forlizzi

Multilingual communication

Global connectivity and multilinguals in the Twitter network BIBAFull-Text 833-842
  Scott A. Hale
Effects of public vs. private automated transcripts on multiparty communication between native and non-native English speakers BIBAFull-Text 843-852
  Ge Gao; Naomi Yamashita; Ari MJ Hautasaari; Andy Echenique; Susan R. Fussell
Smart subtitles for vocabulary learning BIBAFull-Text 853-862
  Geza Kovacs; Robert C. Miller
Using annotations in online group chats BIBAFull-Text 863-866
  Na Li; Mary Beth Rosson

Interactive visualization and visual elements

Visualizing dynamic networks with matrix cubes BIBAFull-Text 877-886
  Benjamin Bach; Emmanuel Pietriga; Jean-Daniel Fekete
A table!: improving temporal navigation in soccer ranking tables BIBAFull-Text 887-896
  Charles Perin; Romain Vuillemot; Jean-Daniel Fekete
Kinetica: naturalistic multi-touch data visualization BIBAFull-Text 897-906
  Jeffrey M. Rzeszotarski; Aniket Kittur
Traffigram: distortion for clarification via isochronal cartography BIBAFull-Text 907-916
  Sungsoo (Ray) Hong; Yea-Seul Kim; Jong-Chul Yoon; Cecilia R. Aragon

Understanding and designing games

Understanding procedural content generation: a design-centric analysis of the role of PCG in games BIBAFull-Text 917-926
  Gillian Smith
A systematic review of quantitative studies on the enjoyment of digital entertainment games BIBAFull-Text 927-936
  Elisa D. Mekler; Julia Ayumi Bopp; Alexandre N. Tuch; Klaus Opwis
The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of aim-assist techniques in first-person shooter games BIBAFull-Text 937-946
  Rodrigo Vicencio-Moreira; Regan L. Mandryk; Carl Gutwin; Scott Bateman
Design tactics for authentic interactive fiction: insights from alternate reality game designers BIBAFull-Text 947-950
  Elizabeth Bonsignore; Vicki Moulder; Carman Neustaedter; Derek Hansen; Kari Kraus; Allison Druin
Jump and shoot!: prioritizing primary and alternative body gestures for intense gameplay BIBAFull-Text 951-954
  Chaklam Silpasuwanchai; Xiangshi Ren

Personal values and preferences

KnowMe and ShareMe: understanding automatically discovered personality traits from social media and user sharing preferences BIBAFull-Text 955-964
  Liang Gou; Michelle X. Zhou; Huahai Yang
Faces engage us: photos with faces attract more likes and comments on Instagram BIBAFull-Text 965-974
  Saeideh Bakhshi; David A. Shamma; Eric Gilbert
Photo sharing of the subject, by the owner, for the viewer: examining the subject's preference BIBAFull-Text 975-978
  Auk Kim; Gahgene Gweon
Does content determine information popularity in social media?: a case study of YouTube videos' content and their popularity BIBAFull-Text 979-982
  Flavio Figueiredo; Jussara M. Almeida; Fabrício Benevenuto; Krishna P. Gummadi
You read what you value: understanding personal values and reading interests BIBAFull-Text 983-986
  Gary Hsieh; Jilin Chen; Jalal U. Mahmud; Jeffrey Nichols
Gaining empathy for non-routine mobile device use through autoethnography BIBAFull-Text 987-990
  Aisling Ann O'Kane; Yvonne Rogers; Ann E. Blandford

Enabling interactive performances

Designing for movement: evaluating computational models using LMA effort qualities BIBAFull-Text 991-1000
  Diego Silang Maranan; Sarah Fdili Alaoui; Thecla Schiphorst; Philippe Pasquier; Pattarawut Subyen; Lyn Bartram
The vocal chorder: empowering opera singers with a large interactive instrument BIBAFull-Text 1001-1010
  Carl Unander-Scharin; Åsa Unander-Scharin; Kristina Höök
Let me catch this!: experiencing interactive 3D cinema through collecting content with a mobile phone BIBAFull-Text 1011-1020
  Jonna R. Häkkilä; Maaret Posti; Stefan Schneegass; Florian Alt; Kunter Gultekin; Albrecht Schmidt
Coding livecoding BIBAFull-Text 1021-1024
  Ben Swift; Andrew Sorensen; Michael Martin; Henry Gardner
Exploring percussive gesture on iPads with ensemble metatone BIBAFull-Text 1025-1028
  Charles Martin; Henry Gardner; Ben Swift

Battery life and energy harvesting

How carat affects user behavior: implications for mobile battery awareness applications BIBAFull-Text 1029-1038
  Kumaripaba Athukorala; Eemil Lagerspetz; Maria von Kügelgen; Antti Jylhä; Adam J. Oliner; Sasu Tarkoma; Giulio Jacucci
EnergyBugs: energy harvesting wearables for children BIBAFull-Text 1039-1048
  Kimiko Ryokai; Peiqi Su; Eungchan Kim; Bob Rollins
OJAS: open source bi-directional inductive power link BIBAFull-Text 1049-1058
  Jussi Mikkonen; Ramyah Gowrishankar; Miia Oksanen; Harri Raittinen; Arto Kolinummi
Using asymmetric cores to reduce power consumption for interactive devices with bi-stable displays BIBAFull-Text 1059-1062
  Jaeyeon Kihm; François V. Guimbretière; Julia Karl; Rajit Manohar

Mid-air gestures

Consumed endurance: a metric to quantify arm fatigue of mid-air interactions BIBAFull-Text 1063-1072
  Juan David Hincapié-Ramos; Xiang Guo; Paymahn Moghadasian; Pourang Irani
Vulture: a mid-air word-gesture keyboard BIBAFull-Text 1073-1082
  Anders Markussen; Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen; Kasper Hornbæk
Understanding finger input above desktop devices BIBAFull-Text 1083-1092
  Chat Wacharamanotham; Kashyap Todi; Marty Pye; Jan Borchers
Exploring the usefulness of finger-based 3D gesture menu selection BIBAFull-Text 1093-1102
  Arun Kulshreshth; Joseph J., Jr. LaViola

Touch and stylus interaction

In the blink of an eye: investigating latency perception during stylus interaction BIBAFull-Text 1103-1112
  Albert Ng; Michelle Annett; Paul Dietz; Anoop Gupta; Walter F. Bischof
Pinch-drag-flick vs. spatial input: rethinking zoom & pan on mobile displays BIBAFull-Text 1113-1122
  Martin Spindler; Martin Schuessler; Marcel Martsch; Raimund Dachselt
InkAnchor: enhancing informal ink-based note taking on touchscreen mobile phones BIBAFull-Text 1123-1132
  Yi Ren; Yang Li; Edward Lank
Perception of ultrasonic haptic feedback on the hand: localisation and apparent motion BIBAFull-Text 1133-1142
  Graham Wilson; Thomas Carter; Sriram Subramanian; Stephen A. Brewster

Quantified self

Understanding quantified-selfers' practices in collecting and exploring personal data BIBAFull-Text 1143-1152
  Eun Kyoung Choe; Nicole B. Lee; Bongshin Lee; Wanda Pratt; Julie A. Kientz
BodyDiagrams: improving communication of pain symptoms through drawing BIBAFull-Text 1153-1162
  Amy Jang; Diana L. MacLean; Jeffrey Heer
Personal tracking as lived informatics BIBAFull-Text 1163-1172
  John Rooksby; Mattias Rost; Alistair Morrison; Matthew Chalmers Chalmers

Sustainability perspectives

Towards an holistic view of the energy and environmental impacts of domestic media and IT BIBAFull-Text 1173-1182
  Oliver Bates; Mike Hazas; Adrian Friday; Janine Morley; Adrian K. Clear
Beyond ethnography: engagement and reciprocity as foundations for design research out here BIBAFull-Text 1183-1186
  Margot Brereton; Paul Roe; Ronald Schroeter; Anita Lee Hong

Navigating video

Visualization of personal history for video navigation BIBAFull-Text 1187-1196
  Abir Al-Hajri; Gregor Miller; Matthew Fong; Sidney S. Fels
WaaZam!: supporting creative play at a distance in customized video environments BIBAFull-Text 1197-1206
  Seth E. Hunter; Pattie Maes; Anthony Tang; Kori M. Inkpen; Susan M. Hessey
LACES: live authoring through compositing and editing of streaming video BIBAFull-Text 1207-1216
  Dustin E. R. Freeman; Stephanie Santosa; Fanny Chevalier; Ravin Balakrishnan; Karan Singh
ThumbReels: query sensitive web video previews based on temporal, crowdsourced, semantic tagging BIBAFull-Text 1217-1220
  Barnaby Craggs; Myles Kilgallon Scott; Jason Alexander
Panopticon as an eLearning support search tool BIBAFull-Text 1221-1224
  James Nicholson; Mark Huber; Daniel Jackson; Patrick Olivier

Crowds and creativity

Searching for analogical ideas with crowds BIBAFull-Text 1225-1234
  Lixiu Yu; Aniket Kittur; Robert E. Kraut
skWiki: a multimedia sketching system for collaborative creativity BIBAFull-Text 1235-1244
  Zhenpeng Zhao; Sriram Karthik Badam; Senthil Chandrasegaran; Deok Gun Park; Niklas L. E. Elmqvist; Lorraine Kisselburgh; Karthik Ramani
Distributed analogical idea generation: inventing with crowds BIBAFull-Text 1245-1254
  Lixiu Yu; Aniket Kittur; Robert E. Kraut
Frenzy: collaborative data organization for creating conference sessions BIBAFull-Text 1255-1264
  Lydia B. Chilton; Juho Kim; Paul André; Felicia Cordeiro; James A. Landay; Daniel S. Weld; Steven P. Dow; Robert C. Miller; Haoqi Zhang

Interacting with the web

End-users publishing structured information on the web: an observational study of what, why, and how BIBAFull-Text 1265-1274
  Edward Benson; David R. Karger
Designing usable web forms: empirical evaluation of web form improvement guidelines BIBAFull-Text 1275-1284
  Mirjam Seckler; Silvia Heinz; Javier A. Bargas-Avila; Klaus Opwis; Alexandre N. Tuch
Choice overload in search engine use? BIBAFull-Text 1285-1294
  Pawitra Chiravirakul; Stephen J. Payne

Music, dance, and television

Coming in from the margins: amateur musicians in the online age BIBAFull-Text 1295-1304
  Michaela Hoare; Steve Benford; Rachel Jones; Natasa Milic-Frayling
Watching the footwork: second screen interaction at a dance and music performance BIBAFull-Text 1305-1314
  Louise Barkhuus; Arvid Engström; Goranka Zoric
Streaming on twitch: fostering participatory communities of play within live mixed media BIBAFull-Text 1315-1324
  William A. Hamilton; Oliver Garretson; Andruid Kerne
Long tail TV revisited: from ordinary camera phone use to pro-am video production BIBAFull-Text 1325-1334
  Oskar Juhlin; Arvid Engström; Elin Önnevall

Social media and health

Estimating county health statistics with Twitter BIBAFull-Text 1335-1344
  Aron Culotta
Unraveling abstinence and relapse: smoking cessation reflected in social media BIBAFull-Text 1345-1354
  Elizabeth L. Murnane; Scott Counts
Weaving clinical expertise in online health communities BIBAFull-Text 1355-1364
  Jina Huh; Wanda Pratt
Seeking and sharing health information online: comparing search engines and social media BIBAFull-Text 1365-1376
  Munmun De Choudhury; Meredith Ringel Morris; Ryen W. White

On and above the surface

RetroDepth: 3D silhouette sensing for high-precision input on and above physical surfaces BIBAFull-Text 1377-1386
  David Kim; Shahram Izadi; Jakub Dostal; Christoph Rhemann; Cem Keskin; Christopher Zach; Jamie Shotton; Timothy Large; Steven Bathiche; Matthias Nießner; D. Alex Butler; Sean Fanello; Vivek Pradeep
SurfaceLink: using inertial and acoustic sensing to enable multi-device interaction on a surface BIBAFull-Text 1387-1396
  Mayank Goel; Brendan Lee; Md. Tanvir Islam Aumi; Shwetak Patel; Gaetano Borriello; Stacie Hibino; Bo Begole
Comparing flat and spherical displays in a trust scenario in avatar-mediated interaction BIBAFull-Text 1397-1406
  Ye Pan; William Steptoe; Anthony Steed
PrintSense: a versatile sensing technique to support multimodal flexible surface interaction BIBAFull-Text 1407-1410
  Nan-Wei Gong; Jürgen Steimle; Simon Olberding; Steve Hodges; Nicholas Edward Gillian; Yoshihiro Kawahara; Joseph A. Paradiso
Let's kick it: how to stop wasting the bottom third of your large screen display BIBAFull-Text 1411-1414
  Ricardo Jota; Pedro Lopes; Daniel Wigdor; Joaquim Jorge

Interactive whiteboards and public displays

Communiplay: a field study of a public display mediaspace BIBAFull-Text 1415-1424
  Jörg Müller; Dieter Eberle; Konrad Tollmar
Posting for community and culture: considerations for the design of interactive digital bulletin boards BIBAFull-Text 1425-1434
  Claude Fortin; Carman Neustaedter; Kate Hennessy
I can wait a minute: uncovering the optimal delay time for pre-moderated user-generated content on public displays BIBAFull-Text 1435-1438
  Miriam Greis; Florian Alt; Niels Henze; Nemanja Memarovic

Human-robot interaction

Design patterns for exploring and prototyping human-robot interactions BIBAFull-Text 1439-1448
  Allison Sauppé; Bilge Mutlu
Improving social presence in human-agent interaction BIBAFull-Text 1449-1458
  André Tiago Pereira; Rui Prada; Ana Paiva
Robot gestures make difficult tasks easier: the impact of gestures on perceived workload and task performance BIBAFull-Text 1459-1466
  Manja Lohse; Reinier Rothuis; Jorge Gallego-Pérez; Daphne E. Karreman; Vanessa Evers
Measuring operator anticipatory inputs in response to time-delay for teleoperated human-robot interfaces BIBAFull-Text 1467-1470
  Jonathan Bidwell; Alexandra Holloway; Scott Davidoff
Stay on the boundary: artifact analysis exploring researcher and user framing of robot design BIBAFull-Text 1471-1474
  Hee Rin Lee; Selma Šabanovic; Erik Stolterman

Emergency response

Help beacons: design and evaluation of an ad-hoc lightweight S.O.S. system for smartphones BIBAFull-Text 1485-1494
  Amro Al-Akkad; Leonardo Ramirez; Alexander Boden; Dave Randall; Andreas Zimmermann
Upvoting hurricane Sandy: event-based news production processes on a social news site BIBAFull-Text 1495-1504
  Alex Leavitt; Joshua A. Clark
Online public communications by police & fire services during the 2012 Hurricane Sandy BIBAFull-Text 1505-1514
  Amanda L. Hughes; Lise A. A. St. Denis; Leysia Palen; Kenneth M. Anderson
EmergencyMessenger: a text based communication concept for indoor firefighting BIBAFull-Text 1515-1524
  Matthias Betz; Volker Wulf

Sensemaking and information in use

Odin: contextual document opinions on the go BIBAFull-Text 1525-1534
  Joshua M. Hailpern; Bernardo A. Huberman
Monadic exploration: seeing the whole through its parts BIBAFull-Text 1535-1544
  Marian Dörk; Rob Comber; Martyn Dade-Robertson
Photographing information needs: the role of photos in experience sampling method-style research BIBAFull-Text 1545-1554
  Zhen Yue; Eden Litt; Carrie J. Cai; Jeff Stern; Kathy K. Baxter; Zhiwei Guan; Nikhil Sharma; Guangqiang (George) Zhang
Design insights for the next wave ontology authoring tools BIBAFull-Text 1555-1558
  Markel Vigo; Caroline Jay; Robert Stevens
The role of interactive biclusters in sensemaking BIBAFull-Text 1559-1562
  Maoyuan Sun; Lauren Bradel; Chris L. North; Naren Ramakrishnan

Presentation technologies

SmartVoice: a presentation support system for overcoming the language barrier BIBAFull-Text 1563-1570
  Xiang Li; Jun Rekimoto
PitchPerfect: integrated rehearsal environment for structured presentation preparation BIBAFull-Text 1571-1580
  Ha Trinh; Koji Yatani; Darren Edge
DemoWiz: re-performing software demonstrations for a live presentation BIBAFull-Text 1581-1590
  Pei-Yu Chi; Bongshin Lee; Steven M. Drucker
TurningPoint: narrative-driven presentation planning BIBAFull-Text 1591-1594
  Larissa Pschetz; Koji Yatani; Darren Edge

Personal health and wellbeing

Supporting treatment of people living with HIV / AIDS in resource limited settings with IVRs BIBAFull-Text 1595-1604
  Anirudha Joshi; Mandar Rane; Debjani Roy; Nagraj Emmadi; Padma Srinivasan; N. Kumarasamy; Sanjay Pujari; Davidson Solomon; Rashmi Rodrigues; D. G. Saple; Kamalika Sen; Els Veldeman; Romain Rutten
Reflection through design: immigrant women's self-reflection on managing health and wellness BIBAFull-Text 1605-1614
  Deana Brown; Victoria Ayo; Rebecca E. Grinter
DDFSeeks same: sexual health-related language in online personal ads for men who have sex with men BIBAFull-Text 1615-1624
  Oliver L. Haimson; Jed R. Brubaker; Gillian R. Hayes
Support matching and satisfaction in an online breast cancer support community BIBAFull-Text 1625-1634
  Tatiana A. Vlahovic; Yi-Chia Wang; Robert E. Kraut; John M. Levine

Design theory

Between theory and practice: bridging concepts in HCI research BIBAFull-Text 1635-1644
  Peter Dalsgaard; Christian Dindler
Evolution of design competence in UX practice BIBAFull-Text 1645-1654
  Colin M. Gray
Causal interactions BIBAFull-Text 1655-1664
  Adam Darlow; Gideon Goldin; Steven Sloman
Personas is applicable: a study on the use of personas in Denmark BIBAFull-Text 1665-1674
  Lene Nielsen; Kira Storgaard Hansen

Novel keyboards

GestKeyboard: enabling gesture-based interaction on ordinary physical keyboard BIBAFull-Text 1675-1684
  Haimo Zhang; Yang Li
Gesture script: recognizing gestures and their structure using rendering scripts and interactively trained parts BIBAFull-Text 1685-1694
  Hao ; James A. Fogarty; Yang Li
Type-hover-swipe in 96 bytes: a motion sensing mechanical keyboard BIBAFull-Text 1695-1704
  Stuart Taylor; Cem Keskin; Otmar Hilliges; Shahram Izadi; John Helmes
B#: chord-based correction for multitouch braille input BIBAFull-Text 1705-1708
  Hugo Nicolau; Kyle Montague; Tiago Guerreiro; João Guerreiro; Vicki L. Hanson
Representatively memorable: sampling the right phrase set to get the text entry experiment right BIBAFull-Text 1709-1712
  Luis A. Leiva; Germán Sanchis-Trilles

DIY and hacking

Sketching in circuits: designing and building electronics on paper BIBAFull-Text 1713-1722
  Jie Qi; Leah Buechley
Do-it-yourself cellphones: an investigation into the possibilities and limits of high-tech DIY BIBAFull-Text 1723-1732
  David A. Mellis; Leah Buechley
3D printed interactive speakers BIBAFull-Text 1733-1742
  Yoshio Ishiguro; Ivan Poupyrev
Circuit stickers: peel-and-stick construction of interactive electronic prototypes BIBAFull-Text 1743-1746
  Steve Hodges; Nicolas Villar; Nicholas Chen; Tushar Chugh; Jie Qi; Diana Nowacka; Yoshihiro Kawahara

User models and prediction

Modeling the perception of user performance BIBAFull-Text 1747-1756
  Max Nicosia; Antti Oulasvirta; Per Ola Kristensson
Edit distance modulo bisimulation: a quantitative measure to study evolution of user models BIBAFull-Text 1757-1766
  Himanshu Zade; Santosh Arvind Adimoolam; Sai Gollapudi; Anind K. Dey; Venkatesh Choppella
The law of unintended consequences: the case of external subgoal support BIBAFull-Text 1767-1776
  J. Gregory Trafton; Raj M. Ratwani
Causality: a conceptual model of interaction history BIBAFull-Text 1777-1786
  Mathieu Nancel; Andy Cockburn

Engage and educate children

Conversing with children: cartoon and video people elicit similar conversational behaviors BIBAFull-Text 1787-1796
  Jennifer Hyde; Sara Kiesler; Jessica K. Hodgins; Elizabeth J. Carter
Involving children in content control: a collaborative and education-oriented content filtering approach BIBAFull-Text 1797-1806
  Yasmeen Hashish; Andrea Bunt; James E. Young
What did spot hide?: a question-answering game for preschool children BIBAFull-Text 1807-1816
  Anuj Tewari; John Canny
Rafigh: a living media interface for speech intervention BIBAFull-Text 1817-1820
  Foad Hamidi; Melanie Baljko
A comparative study about children's and adults' perception of targeted web search engines BIBAFull-Text 1821-1824
  Tatiana Gossen; Juliane Höbel; Andreas Nürnberger

Studying visualization

Structuring the space: a study on enriching node-link diagrams with visual references BIBAFull-Text 1825-1834
  Basak E. Alper; Nathalie Henry Riche; Tobias Hollerer
Highlighting interventions and user differences: informing adaptive information visualization support BIBAFull-Text 1835-1844
  Giuseppe Carenini; Cristina Conati; Enamul Hoque; Ben Steichen; Dereck Toker; James Enns

Exploring exergames

Exertion in the small: improving differentiation and expressiveness in sports games with physical controls BIBAFull-Text 1845-1854
  Mike Sheinin; Carl Gutwin
BIBAFull-Text 1855-1864
  Frank X. Chen; Abby C. King; Eric B. Hekler
Human factors of speed-based exergame controllers BIBAFull-Text 1865-1874
  Taiwoo Park; Uichin Lee; Scott MacKenzie; Miri Moon; Inseok Hwang; Junehwa Song
Establishing design guidelines in interactive exercise gaming: preliminary data from two posing studies BIBAFull-Text 1875-1884
  Monica Zaczynski; Anthony D. Whitehead

Narratives and storytelling

The dept. of hidden stories: playful digital storytelling for children in a public library BIBAFull-Text 1885-1894
  Gavin Wood; John Vines; Madeline Balaam; Nick Taylor; Thomas Smith; Clara Crivellaro; Juliana Mensah; Helen Limon; John Challis; Linda Anderson; Adam Clarke; Peter C. Wright
Visualizing interactive narratives: employing a branching comic to tell a story and show its readings BIBAFull-Text 1895-1904
  Daniel Andrews; Chris Baber
FOCUS: enhancing children's engagement in reading by using contextual BCI training sessions BIBAFull-Text 1905-1908
  Jin Huang; Chun Yu; Yuntao Wang; Yuhang Zhao; Siqi Liu; Chou Mo; Jie Liu; Lie Zhang; Yuanchun Shi
Sensing a live audience BIBAFull-Text 1909-1912
  Chen Wang; Erik N. Geelhoed; Phil P. Stenton; Pablo Cesar

Designing for older adults and demographic change

Interface design for older adults with varying cultural attitudes toward uncertainty BIBAFull-Text 1913-1922
  Shathel Haddad; Joanna McGrenere; Claudia Jacova
Social dependency and mobile autonomy: supporting older adults' mobility with ridesharing ict BIBAFull-Text 1923-1932
  Johanna Meurer; Martin Stein; David Randall; Markus Rohde; Volker Wulf
From checking on to checking in: designing for low socio-economic status older adults BIBAFull-Text 1933-1936
  Ingrid Arreola; Zan Morris; Matthew Francisco; Kay Connelly; Kelly Caine; Ginger White
Invisible connections: investigating older people's emotions and social relations around objects BIBAFull-Text 1937-1940
  Kate Vaisutis; Margot Brereton; Toni Robertson; Frank Vetere; Jeannette Durick; Bjorn Nansen; Laurie Buys

Critical design

Always somewhere, never there: using critical design to understand database interactions BIBAFull-Text 1941-1950
  Melanie Feinberg; Daniel Carter; Julia Bullard
Reading critical designs: supporting reasoned interpretations of critical design BIBAFull-Text 1951-1960
  Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell; Erik Stolterman
Designing for slowness, anticipation and re-visitation: a long term field study of the photobox BIBAFull-Text 1961-1970
  William T. Odom; Abigail J. Sellen; Richard Banks; David S. Kirk; Tim Regan; Mark Selby; Jodi L. Forlizzi; John Zimmerman
Generating implications for design through design research BIBAFull-Text 1971-1980
  Corina Sas; Steve Whittaker; Steven Dow; Jodi Forlizzi; John Zimmerman

Understanding and modeling touch

Investigating the effects of encumbrance on one- and two- handed interactions with mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 1981-1990
  Alexander Ng; Stephen A. Brewster; John H. Williamson
Modeling the functional area of the thumb on mobile touchscreen surfaces BIBAFull-Text 1991-2000
  Joanna Bergstrom-Lehtovirta; Antti Oulasvirta
Coordination of tilt and touch in one- and two-handed use BIBAFull-Text 2001-2004
  Theophanis Tsandilas; Caroline Appert; Anastasia Bezerianos; David Bonnet
28 frames later: predicting screen touches from back-of-device grip changes BIBAFull-Text 2005-2008
  Mohammad Faizuddin Mohd Noor; Andrew Ramsay; Stephen Hughes; Simon Rogers; John Williamson; Roderick Murray-Smith
Probabilistic palm rejection using spatiotemporal touch features and iterative classification BIBAFull-Text 2009-2012
  Julia Schwarz; Robert Xiao; Jennifer Mankoff; Scott E. Hudson; Chris Harrison
Orientation matters: efficiency of translation-rotation multitouch tasks BIBAFull-Text 2013-2016
  Quan Nguyen; Michael Kipp

3D interaction: modeling and prototyping

MotionMontage: a system to annotate and combine motion takes for 3D animations BIBAFull-Text 2017-2026
  Ankit Gupta; Maneesh Agrawala; Brian Curless; Michael Cohen
History assisted view authoring for 3D models BIBAFull-Text 2027-2036
  Hsiang-Ting Chen; Tovi Grossman; Li-Yi Wei; Ryan M. Schmidt; Björn Hartmann; George Fitzmaurice; Maneesh Agrawala
FrameBox and MirrorBox: tools and guidelines to support designers in prototyping interfaces for 3D displays BIBAFull-Text 2037-2046
  Nora Broy; Stefan Schneegass; Florian Alt; Albrecht Schmidt
Direct drawing on 3D shapes with automated camera control BIBAFull-Text 2047-2050
  Michaël Ortega; Thomas Vincent
Interactively stylizing camera motion BIBAFull-Text 2051-2054
  Neel S. Joshi; Dan Morris; Michael F. Cohen

The eyes have it

Stimulating a blink: reduction of eye fatigue with visual stimulus BIBAFull-Text 2055-2064
  Tarik Crnovrsanin; Yang Wang; Kwan-Liu Ma
Smart photo selection: interpret gaze as personal interest BIBAFull-Text 2065-2074
  Tina Caroline Walber; Ansgar Scherp; Steffen Staab
Pupil responses during discrete goal-directed movements BIBAFull-Text 2075-2084
  Xianta Jiang; M. Stella Atkins; Geoffrey Tien; Roman Bednarik; Bin Zheng
Collocating interface objects: zooming into maps BIBAFull-Text 2085-2094
  Jon May; Tim Gamble

Learning and education

Showing face in video instruction: effects on information retention, visual attention, and affect BIBAFull-Text 2095-2102
  René F. Kizilcec; Kathryn Papadopoulos; Lalida Sritanyaratana
Supporting learners in collecting and exploring data from immersive simulations in collective inquiry BIBAFull-Text 2103-2112
  Michelle Lui; Alex C. Kuhn; Alisa Acosta; Chris Quintana; James D. Slotta
Learning to see the body: supporting instructional practices in laparoscopic surgical procedures BIBAFull-Text 2113-2122
  Helena M. Mentis; Amine Chellali; Steven Schwaitzberg
Information-building applications: designing for data exploration and analysis by elementary school students BIBAFull-Text 2123-2132
  Tia Shelley; Leilah Lyons; Tom Moher; Chandan Dasgupta; Brenda Lopez Silva; Alexandra Silva

Telepresence and connecting over video

Remote handshaking: touch enhances video-mediated social telepresence BIBAFull-Text 2143-2152
  Hideyuki Nakanishi; Kazuaki Tanaka; Yuya Wada
Bodies in motion: mobility, presence, and task awareness in telepresence BIBAFull-Text 2153-2162
  Irene Rae; Bilge Mutlu; Leila Takayama
Exploring video streaming in public settings: shared geocaching over distance using mobile video chat BIBAFull-Text 2163-2172
  Jason Procyk; Carman Neustaedter; Carolyn Pang; Anthony Tang; Tejinder K. Judge
A gaze-preserving situated multiview telepresence system BIBAFull-Text 2173-2176
  Ye Pan; Anthony Steed
OneSpace: shared visual scenes for active freeplay BIBAFull-Text 2177-2180
  Maayan Cohen; Kody R. Dillman; Haley MacLeod; Seth Hunter; Anthony Tang

Exergame design

i-dentity: innominate movement representation as engaging game element BIBAFull-Text 2181-2190
  Jayden Garner; Gavin Wood; Sebastiaan Pijnappel; Martin Murer; Florian Mueller
Movement-based game guidelines BIBAFull-Text 2191-2200
  Florian Mueller; Katherine Isbister
Effects of balancing for physical abilities on player performance, experience and self-esteem in exergames BIBAFull-Text 2201-2210
  Kathrin Maria Gerling; Matthew Miller; Regan L. Mandryk; Max Valentin Birk; Jan David Smeddinck
Supporting the creative game design process with exertion cards BIBAFull-Text 2211-2220
  Florian Mueller; Martin R. Gibbs; Frank Vetere; Darren Edge

Designing and modeling GUIs

WADE: simplified GUI add-on development for third-party software BIBAFull-Text 2221-2230
  Xiaojun Meng; Shengdong Zhao; Yongfeng Huang; Zhongyuan Zhang; James Eagan; Ramanathan Subramanian
Pixel-based methods for widget state and style in a runtime implementation of sliding widgets BIBAFull-Text 2231-2240
  Morgan E. Dixon; Gierad Laput; James A. Fogarty
The usability of CommandMaps in realistic tasks BIBAFull-Text 2241-2250
  Joey Scarr; Andy Cockburn; Carl Gutwin; Andrea Bunt; Jared E. Cechanowicz
Novice use of a predictive human performance modeling tool to produce UI recommendations BIBAFull-Text 2251-2254
  Kyung Wha Hong; Robert St. Amant
On the selection of 2D objects using external labeling BIBAFull-Text 2255-2258
  Jan Balata; Ladislav Cmolik; Zdenek Mikovec

Health and everyday life

Real-time feedback for improving medication taking BIBAFull-Text 2259-2268
  Matthew L. Lee; Anind K. Dey
Don't forget your pill!: designing effective medication reminder apps that support users' daily routines BIBAFull-Text 2269-2278
  Katarzyna Stawarz; Anna L. Cox; Ann Blandford
@BabySteps: design and evaluation of a system for using Twitter for tracking children's developmental milestones BIBAFull-Text 2279-2288
  Hyewon Suh; John R. Porter; Alexis Hiniker; Julie A. Kientz
DoDo game, a color vision deficiency screening test for young children BIBAFull-Text 2289-2292
  Linh Chi Nguyen; Ellen Yi-Luen Do; Audrey Chia; Yuan Wang; Henry Been-Lirn Duh
The influence of emotion on number entry errors BIBAFull-Text 2293-2296
  Paul Cairns; Pratyush Pandab; Christopher Power

Text entry and evaluation

Both complete and correct?: multi-objective optimization of touchscreen keyboard BIBAFull-Text 2297-2306
  Xiaojun Bi; Tom Ouyang; Shumin Zhai
Uncertain text entry on mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 2307-2316
  Daryl Weir; Henning Pohl; Simon Rogers; Keith Vertanen; Per Ola Kristensson

Emotions and mobiles

Mobile attachment causes and consequences for emotional bonding with mobile phones BIBAFull-Text 2317-2326
  Alexander Meschtscherjakov; David Wilfinger; Manfred Tscheligi
Hooked on smartphones: an exploratory study on smartphone overuse among college students BIBAFull-Text 2327-2336
  Uichin Lee; Joonwon Lee; Minsam Ko; Changhun Lee; Yuhwan Kim; Subin Yang; Koji Yatani; Gahgene Gweon; Kyong-Mee Chung; Junehwa Song
Broken display = broken interface': the impact of display damage on smartphone interaction BIBAFull-Text 2337-2346
  Florian Schaub; Julian Seifert; Frank Honold; Michael Müller; Enrico Rukzio; Michael Weber


Leakiness and creepiness in app space: perceptions of privacy and mobile app use BIBAFull-Text 2347-2356
  Irina Shklovski; Scott D. Mainwaring; Halla Hrund Skúladóttir; Höskuldur Borgthorsson
Personalisation and privacy in future pervasive display networks BIBAFull-Text 2357-2366
  Nigel Davies; Marc Langheinrich; Sarah Clinch; Ivan Elhart; Adrian Friday; Thomas Kubitza; Bholanathsingh Surajbali
A field trial of privacy nudges for Facebook BIBAFull-Text 2367-2376
  Yang Wang; Pedro Giovanni Leon; Alessandro Acquisti; Lorrie Faith Cranor; Alain Forget; Norman Sadeh
In situ with bystanders of augmented reality glasses: perspectives on recording and privacy-mediating technologies BIBAFull-Text 2377-2386
  Tamara Denning; Zakariya Dehlawi; Tadayoshi Kohno

Issues that matter

Listening to the forest and its curators: lessons learnt from a bioacoustic smartphone application deployment BIBAFull-Text 2387-2396
  Stuart Moran; Nadia Pantidi; Tom Rodden; Alan Chamberlain; Chloe Griffiths; Davide Zilli; Geoff Merrett; Alex Rogers
Making public things: how HCI design can express matters of concern BIBAFull-Text 2397-2406
  Carl DiSalvo; Jonathan Lukens; Thomas Lodato; Tom Jenkins; Tanyoung Kim
Just awful enough: the functional dysfunction of the something awful forums BIBAFull-Text 2407-2410
  Jessica Annette Pater; Yacin Nadji; Elizabeth D. Mynatt; Amy S. Bruckman

Understanding and using social media

Everyday ideation: all of my ideas are on Pinterest BIBAFull-Text 2411-2420
  Rhema Linder; Clair Snodgrass; Andruid Kerne
Understanding user adaptation strategies for the launching of Facebook timeline BIBAFull-Text 2421-2430
  Pamela Wisniewski; Heng Xu; Yunan Chen
Curation through use: understanding the personal value of social media BIBAFull-Text 2431-2440
  Xuan Zhao; Siân E. Lindley
Together alone: motivations for live-tweeting a television series BIBAFull-Text 2441-2450
  Steven Schirra; Huan Sun; Frank Bentley

Working together

Documentscape: intertextuality, sequentiality, & autonomy at work BIBAFull-Text 2451-2460
  Lars Rune Christensen; Pernille Bjorn
Cloudy forecast: an exploration of the factors underlying shared repository use BIBAFull-Text 2461-2470
  Charlotte Massey; Thomas Lennig; Steve Whittaker
Designing information savvy societies: an introduction to assessability BIBAFull-Text 2471-2480
  Andrea Forte; Nazanin Andalibi; Thomas Park; Heather Willever-Farr

Programming and development tools

Addressing misconceptions about code with always-on programming visualizations BIBAFull-Text 2481-2490
  Tom Lieber; Joel R. Brandt; Rob C. Miller
Emergent, crowd-scale programming practice in the IDE BIBAFull-Text 2491-2500
  Ethan Fast; Daniel Steffee; Lucy Wang; Joel R. Brandt; Michael S. Bernstein
Design considerations for parallel performance tools BIBAFull-Text 2501-2510
  Roman Atachiants; David Gregg; Kim Jarvis; Gavin Doherty
The patchworks code editor: toward faster navigation with less code arranging and fewer navigation mistakes BIBAFull-Text 2511-2520
  Austin Z. Henley; Scott D. Fleming

Interactive technologies for rehabilitation

A novel knee rehabilitation system for the home BIBAFull-Text 2521-2530
  Mobolaji Ayoade; Lynne Baillie
GaitAssist: a daily-life support and training system for Parkinson's disease patients with freezing of gait BIBAFull-Text 2531-2540
  Sinziana Mazilu; Ulf Blanke; Michael Hardegger; Gerhard Tröster; Eran Gazit; Jeffrey M. Hausdorff
A technology probe of wearable in-home computer-assisted physical therapy BIBAFull-Text 2541-2550
  Kevin Huang; Patrick J. Sparto; Sara Kiesler; Asim Smailagic; Jennifer Mankoff; Dan Siewiorek
Exploring the acceptability of google glass as an everyday assistive device for people with Parkinson's BIBAFull-Text 2551-2554
  Rísin McNaney; John Vines; Daniel Roggen; Madeline Balaam; Pengfei Zhang; Ivan Poliakov; Patrick Olivier
Non-intrusive tongue machine interface BIBAFull-Text 2555-2558
  Qiao Zhang; Shyamnath Gollakota; Ben Taskar; Raj P. N. Rao

Shape-changing interfaces

Causing commotion with a shape-changing bench: experiencing shape-changing interfaces in use BIBAFull-Text 2559-2568
  Erik Grönvall; Sofie Kinch; Marianne Graves Petersen; Majken K. Rasmussen
Paddle: highly deformable mobile devices with physical controls BIBAFull-Text 2569-2578
  Raf Ramakers; Johannes Schöning; Kris Luyten
Is my phone alive?: a large-scale study of shape change in handheld devices using videos BIBAFull-Text 2579-2588
  Esben W. Pedersen; Sriram Subramanian; Kasper Hornbæk
Evaluating the effectiveness of physical shape-change for in-pocket mobile device notifications BIBAFull-Text 2589-2592
  Panteleimon Dimitriadis; Jason Alexander
Changibles: analyzing and designing shape changing constructive assembly BIBAFull-Text 2593-2596
  Anne Roudaut; Rebecca Reed; Tianbo Hao; Sriram Subramanian

Touch input

Expanding touch input vocabulary by using consecutive distant taps BIBAFull-Text 2597-2606
  Seongkook Heo; Jiseong Gu; Geehyuk Lee
LinearDragger: a linear selector for target acquisition on touch screens BIBAFull-Text 2607-2616
  Oscar Kin-Chung Au; Xiaojun Su; Rynson W. H. Lau
Faster command selection on tablets with FastTap BIBAFull-Text 2617-2626
  Carl Gutwin; Andy Cockburn; Joey Scarr; Sylvain Malacria; Scott C. Olson
Crossing-based selection with direct touch input BIBAFull-Text 2627-2636
  Yuexing Luo; Daniel Vogel

Risks and security

Easy does it: more usable CAPTCHAs BIBAFull-Text 2637-2646
  Elie Bursztein; Angelique Moscicki; Celine Fabry; Steven Bethard; John C. Mitchell; Dan Jurafsky
Using personal examples to improve risk communication for security & privacy decisions BIBAFull-Text 2647-2656
  Marian Harbach; Markus Hettig; Susanne Weber; Matthew Smith
"My religious aunt asked why i was trying to sell her Viagra": experiences with account hijacking BIBAFull-Text 2657-2666
  Richard Shay; Iulia Ion; Robert W. Reeder; Sunny Consolvo
Experimenting at scale with google chrome's SSL warning BIBAFull-Text 2667-2670
  Adrienne Porter Felt; Robert W. Reeder; Hazim Almuhimedi; Sunny Consolvo
Betrayed by updates: how negative experiences affect future security BIBAFull-Text 2671-2674
  Kami E. Vaniea; Emilee Rader; Rick Wash

CHI for social development

Understanding sustained community engagement: a case study in heritage preservation in rural Argentina BIBAFull-Text 2675-2684
  Mara Balestrini; Jon Bird; Paul Marshall; Alberto Zaro; Yvonne Rogers
Human values in curating a human rights media archive BIBAFull-Text 2685-2694
  Abigail C. Durrant; David S. Kirk; Stuart Reeves
Protibadi: a platform for fighting sexual harassment in urban Bangladesh BIBAFull-Text 2695-2704
  Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed; Steven J. Jackson; Nova Ahmed; Hasan Shahid Ferdous; Md. Rashidujjaman Rifat; A. S. M Rizvi; Shamir Ahmed; Rifat Sabbir Mansur
How technology supports family communication in rural, suburban, and urban Kenya BIBAFull-Text 2705-2714
  Erick Oduor; Carman Neustaedter; Tejinder K. Judge; Kate Hennessy; Carolyn Pang; Serena Hillman

Question and answer systems

Towards crowd-based customer service: a mixed-initiative tool for managing Q&A sites BIBAFull-Text 2725-2734
  Tiziano Piccardi; Gregorio Convertino; Massimo Zancanaro; Ji Wang; Cedric Archambeau
Estimating the social costs of friendsourcing BIBAFull-Text 2735-2744
  Jeffrey M. Rzeszotarski; Meredith Ringel Morris
Expert voices in echo chambers: effects of source expertise indicators on exposure to diverse opinions BIBAFull-Text 2745-2754
  Q. Vera Liao; Wai-Tat Fu
Is anyone out there?: unpacking Q&A hashtags on Twitter BIBAFull-Text 2755-2758
  Jeffrey M. Rzeszotarski; Emma S. Spiro; Jorge Nathan Matias; Andrés Monroy-Hernández; Meredith Ringel Morris
What if we ask a different question?: social inferences create product ratings faster BIBAFull-Text 2759-2762
  Eric Gilbert

Cross-device interaction

Smarties: an input system for wall display development BIBAFull-Text 2763-2772
  Olivier Chapuis; Anastasia Bezerianos; Stelios Frantzeskakis
Conductor: enabling and understanding cross-device interaction BIBAFull-Text 2773-2782
  Peter Hamilton; Daniel J. Wigdor
Panelrama: enabling easy specification of cross-device web applications BIBAFull-Text 2783-2792
  Jishuo Yang; Daniel Wigdor
Interactive development of cross-device user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 2793-2802
  Michael Nebeling; Theano Mintsi; Maria Husmann; Moira Norrie

Exergaming for health and fitness

Motivating people with chronic pain to do physical activity: opportunities for technology design BIBAFull-Text 2803-2812
  Aneesha Singh; Annina Klapper; Jinni Jia; Antonio Fidalgo; Ana Tajadura-Jiménez; Natalie Kanakam; Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze; Amanda Williams
Investigating the long-term use of exergames in the home with elderly fallers BIBAFull-Text 2813-2822
  Stephen Uzor; Lynne Baillie
StepStream: a school-based pervasive social fitness system for everyday adolescent health BIBAFull-Text 2823-2832
  Andrew D. Miller; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Social fabric fitness: the design and evaluation of wearable E-textile displays to support group running BIBAFull-Text 2833-2842
  Matthew Mauriello; Michael Gubbels; Jon E. Froehlich

Sensory experiences: smell and taste

Opportunities for odor: experiences with smell and implications for technology BIBAFull-Text 2843-2852
  Marianna Obrist; Alexandre N. Tuch; Kasper Hornbaek
Temporal, affective, and embodied characteristics of taste experiences: a framework for design BIBAFull-Text 2853-2862
  Marianna Obrist; Rob Comber; Sriram Subramanian; Betina Piqueras-Fiszman; Carlos Velasco; Charles Spence
SensaBubble: a chrono-sensory mid-air display of sight and smell BIBAFull-Text 2863-2872
  Sue Ann Seah; Diego Martinez Plasencia; Peter D. Bennett; Abhijit Karnik; Vlad Stefan Otrocol; Jarrod Knibbe; Andy Cockburn; Sriram Subramanian
Food messaging: using edible medium for social messaging BIBAFull-Text 2873-2882
  Jun Wei; Xiaojuan Ma; Shengdong Zhao

Multitouch interaction

Multi-finger chords for hand-held tablets: recognizable and memorable BIBAFull-Text 2883-2892
  Julie Wagner; Eric Lecolinet; Ted Selker
Prospective motor control on tabletops: planning grasp for multitouch interaction BIBAFull-Text 2893-2902
  Halla B. Olafsdottir; Theophanis Tsandilas; Caroline Appert
Quantitative measurement of virtual vs. physical object embodiment through kinesthetic figural after effects BIBAFull-Text 2903-2912
  Ayman Alzayat; Mark Hancock; Miguel Nacenta
TouchTools: leveraging familiarity and skill with physical tools to augment touch interaction BIBAFull-Text 2913-2916
  Chris Harrison; Robert Xiao; Julia Schwarz; Scott E. Hudson

Authentication and passwords

Passhint: memorable and secure authentication BIBAFull-Text 2917-2926
  Soumyadeb Chowdhury; Ron Poet; Lewis Mackenzie
Can long passwords be secure and usable? BIBAFull-Text 2927-2936
  Richard Shay; Saranga Komanduri; Adam L. Durity; Phillip (Seyoung) Huh; Michelle L. Mazurek; Sean M. Segreti; Blase Ur; Lujo Bauer; Nicolas Christin; Lorrie Faith Cranor
Now you see me, now you don't: protecting smartphone authentication from shoulder surfers BIBAFull-Text 2937-2946
  Alexander De Luca; Marian Harbach; Emanuel von Zezschwitz; Max-Emanuel Maurer; Bernhard Ewald Slawik; Heinrich Hussmann; Matthew Smith
The presentation effect on graphical passwords BIBAFull-Text 2947-2950
  Julie Thorpe; Muath Al-Badawi; Brent MacRae; Amirali Salehi-Abari
An implicit author verification system for text messages based on gesture typing biometrics BIBAFull-Text 2951-2954
  Ulrich Burgbacher; Klaus Hinrichs

Policies and practice: doing the right thing

HCI as a means to prosociality in the economy BIBAFull-Text 2955-2964
  John Harvey; David Golightly; Andrew Smith
Towards a closer dialogue between policy and practice: responsible design in HCI BIBAFull-Text 2965-2974
  Barbara Grimpe; Mark Hartswood; Marina Jirotka
Towards community-centered support for peer-to-peer service exchange: rethinking the timebanking metaphor BIBAFull-Text 2975-2984
  Victoria M. E. Bellotti; Sara Cambridge; Karen Hoy; Patrick C. Shih; Lisa Renery Handalian; Kyungsik Han; John M. Carroll

Journalism and social news

Designing for dabblers and deterring drop-outs in citizen science BIBAFull-Text 2985-2994
  Alexandra Eveleigh; Charlene Jennett; Ann Blandford; Philip Brohan; Anna L. Cox
Utilising insight journalism for community technology design BIBAFull-Text 2995-3004
  Nick Taylor; David M. Frohlich; Paul Egglestone; Justin Marshall; Jon Rogers; Alicia Blum-Ross; John Mills; Mike Shorter; Patrick Olivier
NewsViews: an automated pipeline for creating custom geovisualizations for news BIBAFull-Text 3005-3014
  Tong Gao; Jessica R. Hullman; Eytan Adar; Brent Hecht; Nicholas Diakopoulos
Finding "real people": trust and diversity in the interface between professional and citizen journalists BIBAFull-Text 3015-3024
  Andrew Thomas Garbett; Rob Comber; Paul Egglestone; Maxine Glancy; Patrick Olivier

Interruptions and distractions

Bored Mondays and focused afternoons: the rhythm of attention and online activity in the workplace BIBAFull-Text 3025-3034
  Gloria Mark; Shamsi T. Iqbal; Mary Czerwinski; Paul Johns
CRISP: an interruption management algorithm based on collaborative filtering BIBAFull-Text 3035-3044
  Tammar Shrot; Avi Rosenfeld; Jennifer Golbeck; Sarit Kraus
Interrupted by a phone call: exploring designs for lowering the impact of call notifications for smartphone users BIBAFull-Text 3045-3054
  Matthias Böhmer; Christian Lander; Sven Gehring; Duncan P. Brumby; Antonio Krüger
Large-scale assessment of mobile notifications BIBAFull-Text 3055-3064
  Alireza Sahami Shirazi; Niels Henze; Tilman Dingler; Martin Pielot; Dominik Weber; Albrecht Schmidt

Decisions, recommendations, and machine learning

Customization bias in decision support systems BIBAFull-Text 3065-3074
  Jacob Solomon
Structured labeling for facilitating concept evolution in machine learning BIBAFull-Text 3075-3084
  Todd Kulesza; Saleema Amershi; Rich Caruana; Danyel Fisher; Denis Charles
Choice-based preference elicitation for collaborative filtering recommender systems BIBAFull-Text 3085-3094
  Benedikt Loepp; Tim Hussein; Jüergen Ziegler
Finding dependencies between actions using the crowd BIBAFull-Text 3095-3098
  Walter S. Lasecki; Leon Weingard; George Ferguson; Jeffrey P. Bigham
Scalable multi-label annotation BIBAFull-Text 3099-3102
  Jia Deng; Olga Russakovsky; Jonathan Krause; Michael S. Bernstein; Alex Berg; Li Fei-Fei


Wearables and chairables: inclusive design of mobile input and output techniques for power wheelchair users BIBAFull-Text 3103-3112
  Patrick Carrington; Amy Hurst; Shaun K. Kane
The last meter: blind visual guidance to a target BIBAFull-Text 3113-3122
  Roberto Manduchi; James M. Coughlan
Current and future mobile and wearable device use by people with visual impairments BIBAFull-Text 3123-3132
  Hanlu Ye; Meethu Malu; Uran Oh; Leah Findlater
Visually impaired users on an online social network BIBAFull-Text 3133-3142
  Shaomei Wu; Lada A. Adamic

Tangible interactions and technologies

Kickables: tangibles for feet BIBAFull-Text 3143-3152
  Dominik Schmidt; Raf Ramakers; Esben W. Pedersen; Johannes Jasper; Sven Köhler; Aileen Pohl; Hannes Rantzsch; Andreas Rau; Patrick Schmidt; Christoph Sterz; Yanina Yurchenko; Patrick Baudisch
GaussBricks: magnetic building blocks for constructive tangible interactions on portable displays BIBAFull-Text 3153-3162
  Rong-Hao Liang; Liwei Chan; Hung-Yu Tseng; Han-Chih Kuo; Da-Yuan Huang; De-Nian Yang; Bing-Yu Chen
Designing tangible video games: lessons learned from the Sifteo Cubes BIBAFull-Text 3163-3166
  Clément Pillias; Raphaël Robert-Bouchard; Guillaume Levieux
A low-cost transparent electric field sensor for 3d interaction on mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 3167-3170
  Mathieu Le Goc; Stuart Taylor; Shahram Izadi; Cem Keskin

Head-worn displays

The personal cockpit: a spatial interface for effective task switching on head-worn displays BIBAFull-Text 3171-3180
  Barrett M. Ens; Rory Finnegan; Pourang P. Irani
Exploring the use of hand-to-face input for interacting with head-worn displays BIBAFull-Text 3181-3190
  Marcos Serrano; Barrett M. Ens; Pourang P. Irani
Permulin: mixed-focus collaboration on multi-view tabletops BIBAFull-Text 3191-3200
  Roman Lissermann; Jochen Huber; Martin Schmitz; Jürgen Steimle; Max Mühlhäuser
In-your-face, yet unseen?: improving head-stabilized warnings to reduce reaction time BIBAFull-Text 3201-3204
  Felix Lauber; Andreas Butz

Applications of body sensing

Kinect-taped communication: using motion sensing to study gesture use and similarity in face-to-face and computer-mediated brainstorming BIBAFull-Text 3205-3214
  Hao-Chuan Wang; Chien-Tung Lai
Is motion capture-based biomechanical simulation valid for HCI studies?: study and implications BIBAFull-Text 3215-3224
  Myroslav Bachynskyi; Antti Oulasvirta; Gregorio Palmas; Tino Weinkauf
RecoFit: using a wearable sensor to find, recognize, and count repetitive exercises BIBAFull-Text 3225-3234
  Dan Morris; T. Scott Saponas; Andrew Guillory; Ilya Kelner
Improving automatic speech recognition through head pose driven visual grounding BIBAFull-Text 3235-3238
  Soroush Vosoughi

Urban communities and social media

Tensions in scaling-up community social media: a multi-neighborhood study of nextdoor BIBAFull-Text 3239-3248
  Christina A. Masden; Catherine Grevet; Rebecca E. Grinter; Eric Gilbert; W. Keith Edwards
Curated city: capturing individual city guides through social curation BIBAFull-Text 3249-3258
  Justin B. Cranshaw; Kurt Luther; Patrick Gage Kelley; Norman Sadeh
ZWERM: a modular component network approach for an urban participation game BIBAFull-Text 3259-3268
  Thomas Laureyssens; Tanguy Coenen; Laurence Claeys; Peter Mechant; Johan Criel; Andrew Vande Moere
Studying digital graffiti as a location-based social network BIBAFull-Text 3269-3278
  David K. McGookin; Stephen A. Brewster; Georgi Christov

Social media usage

Social epistemic cognition in online interactions BIBAFull-Text 3289-3298
  Rosanna Yuen-Yan Chan; Silu Li; Diane Hui
Share your view: impact of co-navigation support and status composition in collaborative online shopping BIBAFull-Text 3299-3308
  Yanzhen Yue; Xiaojuan Ma; Zhenhui Jiang
Nutriflect: reflecting collective shopping behavior and nutrition BIBAFull-Text 3309-3318
  Wolfgang H. Reitberger; Wolfgang Spreicer; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Didn't you see my message?: predicting attentiveness to mobile instant messages BIBAFull-Text 3319-3328
  Martin Pielot; Rodrigo de Oliveira; Haewoon Kwak; Nuria Oliver

Games and education

Using extracted features to inform alignment-driven design ideas in an educational game BIBAFull-Text 3329-3338
  Erik Harpstead; Christopher J. MacLellan; Vincent Aleven; Brad A. Myers
Brain points: a growth mindset incentive structure boosts persistence in an educational game BIBAFull-Text 3339-3348
  Eleanor O'Rourke; Kyla Haimovitz; Christy Ballweber; Carol Dweck; Zoran Popovic
Towards automatic experimentation of educational knowledge BIBAFull-Text 3349-3358
  Yun-En Liu; Travis Mandel; Emma Brunskill; Zoran Popovic
Spending real money: purchasing patterns of virtual goods in an online social game BIBAFull-Text 3359-3368
  Donghee Yvette Wohn

Learning and games

CADament: a gamified multiplayer software tutorial system BIBAFull-Text 3369-3378
  Wei Li; Tovi Grossman; George Fitzmaurice
Combining crowdsourcing and learning to improve engagement and performance BIBAFull-Text 3379-3388
  Mira Dontcheva; Robert R. Morris; Joel R. Brandt; Elizabeth M. Gerber
A game-based learning approach to road safety: the Code of Everand BIBAFull-Text 3389-3398
  Ian Dunwell; Sara de Freitas; Panagiotis Petridis; Maurice Hendrix; Sylvester Arnab; Petros Lameras; Craig Stewart
L.IVE: an integrated interactive video-based learning environment BIBAFull-Text 3399-3402
  Toni-Jan Keith Palma Monserrat; Yawen Li; Shengdong Zhao; Xiang Cao

Persuasive technologies and applications

Persuasive technology for overcoming food cravings and improving snack choices BIBAFull-Text 3403-3412
  Anne Hsu; Jing Yang; Yigit Han Yilmaz; Md Sanaul Haque; Cengiz Can; Ann E. Blandford
The effects of embodied persuasive games on player attitudes toward people using wheelchairs BIBAFull-Text 3413-3422
  Kathrin Maria Gerling; Regan L. Mandryk; Max Valentin Birk; Matthew Miller; Rita Orji
Spent: changing students' affective learning toward homelessness through persuasive video game play BIBAFull-Text 3423-3432
  Dana N. Ruggiero
Incentives to participate in online research: an experimental examination of "surprise" incentives BIBAFull-Text 3433-3442
  Andrew T. Fiore; Coye Cheshire; Lindsay Shaw Taylor; G. A. Mendelsohn

Whole body sensing and interaction

Combining body pose, gaze, and gesture to determine intention to interact in vision-based interfaces BIBAFull-Text 3443-3452
  Julia Schwarz; Charles Claudius Marais; Tommer Leyvand; Scott E. Hudson; Jennifer Mankoff
Wave to me: user identification using body lengths and natural gestures BIBAFull-Text 3453-3462
  Eiji Hayashi; Manuel Maas; Jason I. Hong
Haptic turk: a motion platform based on people BIBAFull-Text 3463-3472
  Lung-Pan Cheng; Patrick Lühne; Pedro Lopes; Christoph Sterz; Patrick Baudisch
Audience experience in social videogaming: effects of turn expectation and game physicality BIBAFull-Text 3473-3482
  John Downs; Frank Vetere; Steve Howard; Steve Loughnan; Wally Smith

Novel mobile displays and devices

Exploiting thermal reflection for interactive systems BIBAFull-Text 3483-3492
  Alireza Sahami Shirazi; Yomna Abdelrahman; Niels Henze; Stefan Schneegass; Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi; Albrecht Schmidt
MisTable: reach-through personal screens for tabletops BIBAFull-Text 3493-3502
  Diego Martinez Plasencia; Edward Joyce; Sriram Subramanian
What is a device bend gesture really good for? BIBAFull-Text 3503-3512
  Teemu T. Ahmaniemi; Johan Kildal; Merja Haveri
SurfacePhone: a mobile projection device for single- and multiuser everywhere tabletop interaction BIBAFull-Text 3513-3522
  Christian Winkler; Markus Löchtefeld; David Dobbelstein; Antonio Krüger; Enrico Rukzio

HCI paradigms: past, present and future

Is once enough?: on the extent and content of replications in human-computer interaction BIBAFull-Text 3523-3532
  Kasper Hornbæk; Søren S. Sander; Javier Andrés Bargas-Avila; Jakob Grue Simonsen
Binding the material and the discursive with a relational approach of affordances BIBAFull-Text 3533-3542
  Huatong Sun; William F. Hart-Davidson
The turn to practice in HCI: towards a research agenda BIBAFull-Text 3543-3552
  Kari Kuutti; Liam J. Bannon
CHI 1994-2013: mapping two decades of intellectual progress through co-word analysis BIBAFull-Text 3553-3562
  Yong Liu; Jorge Goncalves; Denzil Ferreira; Bei Xiao; Simo Hosio; Vassilis Kostakos


"Narco" emotions: affect and desensitization in social media during the Mexican drug war BIBAFull-Text 3563-3572
  Munmun De Choudhury; Andrés Monroy-Hernández; Gloria Mark
A pool of dreams: Facebook, politics and the emergence of a social movement BIBAFull-Text 3573-3582
  Clara Crivellaro; Rob Comber; John Bowers; Peter C. Wright; Patrick Olivier
Shared values/conflicting logics: working around e-government systems BIBAFull-Text 3583-3592
  Amy Voida; Lynn Dombrowski; Gillian R. Hayes; Melissa Mazmanian
Rethinking plan A for sustainable HCI BIBAFull-Text 3593-3596
  Bran Knowles; Lynne Blair; Paul Coulton; Mark Lochrie

Location-based services and navigation

HaptiMoto: turn-by-turn haptic route guidance interface for motorcyclists BIBAFull-Text 3597-3606
  Manoj Prasad; Paul Taele; Daniel Goldberg; Tracy A. Hammond
Experimental evaluation of user interfaces for visual indoor navigation BIBAFull-Text 3607-3616
  Andreas Möller; Matthias Kranz; Stefan Diewald; Luis Roalter; Robert Huitl; Tobias Stockinger; Marion Koelle; Patrick A. Lindemann
Digitally driven: how location based services impact the work practices of London bus drivers BIBAFull-Text 3617-3626
  Gary Pritchard; John Vines; Pam Briggs; Lisa Thomas; Patrick Olivier
Smart flashlight: map navigation using a bike-mounted projector BIBAFull-Text 3627-3630
  Alexandru Dancu; Zlatko Franjcic; Morten Fjeld
Partially intelligent automobiles and driving experience at the moment of system transition BIBAFull-Text 3631-3634
  Key Jung Lee; Yeon Kyoung Joo; Clifford Nass


Slide to X: unlocking the potential of smartphone unlocking BIBAFull-Text 3635-3644
  Khai N. Truong; Thariq Shihipar; Daniel J. Wigdor
Twitch crowdsourcing: crowd contributions in short bursts of time BIBAFull-Text 3645-3654
  Rajan Vaish; Keith Wyngarden; Jingshu Chen; Brandon Cheung; Michael S. Bernstein
Crowdsourcing the future: predictions made with a social network BIBAFull-Text 3655-3664
  Clifton Forlines; Sarah Miller; Leslie Guelcher; Robert Bruzzi
Cognitively inspired task design to improve user performance on crowdsourcing platforms BIBAFull-Text 3665-3674
  Harini Alagarai Sampath; Rajeev Rajeshuni; Bipin Indurkhya

Desktop search and history

Searching for myself: motivations and strategies for self-search BIBAFull-Text 3675-3684
  Catherine C. Marshall; Siân E. Lindley
Finder highlights: field evaluation and design of an augmented file browser BIBAFull-Text 3685-3694
  Stephen Fitchett; Andy Cockburn; Carl Gutwin
PIM and personality: what do our personal file systems say about us? BIBAFull-Text 3695-3704
  Charlotte Massey; Sean TenBrook; Chaconne Tatum; Steve Whittaker
Show me the invisible: visualizing hidden content BIBAFull-Text 3705-3714
  Thomas Geymayer; Markus Steinberger; Alexander Lex; Marc Streit; Dieter Schmalstieg

Lost and found in translation

"Maybe it was a joke": emotion detection in text-only communication by non-native English speakers BIBAFull-Text 3715-3724
  Ari MJ Hautasaari; Naomi Yamashita; Ge Gao
TransPhoner: automated mnemonic keyword generation BIBAFull-Text 3725-3734
  Manolis Savva; Angel X. Chang; Christopher D. Manning; Pat Hanrahan
AudioCanvas: internet-free interactive audio photos BIBAFull-Text 3735-3738
  Simon Robinson; Jennifer S. Pearson; Matt Jones
The impact of visual contextualization on UI localization BIBAFull-Text 3739-3742
  Luis A. Leiva; Vicent Alabau
Improving machine translation by showing two outputs BIBAFull-Text 3743-3746
  Bin Xu; Ge Gao; Susan R. Fussell; Dan Cosley

Participatory design

Diversity for design: a framework for involving neurodiverse children in the technology design process BIBAFull-Text 3747-3756
  Laura Benton; Asimina Vasalou; Rilla Khaled; Hilary Johnson; Daniel Gooch
Canine-centered interface design: supporting the work of diabetes alert dogs BIBAFull-Text 3757-3766
  Charlotte L. Robinson; Clara Mancini; Janet van der Linden; Claire Guest; Robert Harris
Co-constructing child personas for health-promoting services with vulnerable children BIBAFull-Text 3767-3776
  Pontus Wärnestål; Petra Svedberg; Jens Nygren
Balancing design tensions: iterative display design to support ad hoc and multidisciplinary medical teamwork BIBAFull-Text 3777-3786
  Diana S. Kusunoki; Aleksandra Sarcevic; Nadir Weibel; Ivan Marsic; Zhan Zhang; Genevieve Tuveson; Randall S. Burd

Brain computer interfaces

Error related negativity in observing interactive tasks BIBAFull-Text 3787-3796
  Chi Thanh Vi; Izdihar Jamil; David Coyle; Sriram Subramanian
Dynamic difficulty using brain metrics of workload BIBAFull-Text 3797-3806
  Daniel Afergan; Evan M. Peck; Erin T. Solovey; Andrew Jenkins; Samuel W. Hincks; Eli T. Brown; Remco Chang; Robert J. K. Jacob
Measuring the effect of think aloud protocols on workload using fNIRS BIBAFull-Text 3807-3816
  Matthew F. Pike; Horia A. Maior; Martin Porcheron; Sarah C. Sharples; Max L. Wilson
An EEG-based approach for evaluating audio notifications under ambient sounds BIBAFull-Text 3817-3826
  Yi-Chieh Lee; Wen-Chieh Lin; Jung-Tai King; Li-Wei Ko; Yu-Ting Huang; Fu-Yin Cherng

3D printing and fabrication

faBrickation: fast 3D printing of functional objects by integrating construction kit building blocks BIBAFull-Text 3827-3834
  Stefanie Mueller; Tobias Mohr; Kerstin Guenther; Johannes Frohnhofen; Patrick Baudisch
Understanding physical activity through 3D printed material artifacts BIBAFull-Text 3835-3844
  Rohit Ashok Khot; Larissa Hjorth; Florian 'Floyd' Mueller
Supporting the design and fabrication of physical visualizations BIBAFull-Text 3845-3854
  Saiganesh Swaminathan; Conglei Shi; Yvonne Jansen; Pierre Dragicevic; Lora A. Oehlberg; Jean-Daniel Fekete
MixFab: a mixed-reality environment for personal fabrication BIBAFull-Text 3855-3864
  Christian Weichel; Manfred Lau; David Kim; Nicolas Villar; Hans W. Gellersen

Modeling users and interaction

Model of visual search and selection time in linear menus BIBAFull-Text 3865-3874
  Gilles Bailly; Antti Oulasvirta; Duncan P. Brumby; Andrew Howes
Towards accurate and practical predictive models of active-vision-based visual search BIBAFull-Text 3875-3884
  David E. Kieras; Anthony J. Hornof
Understanding multitasking through parallelized strategy exploration and individualized cognitive modeling BIBAFull-Text 3885-3894
  Yunfeng Zhang; Anthony J. Hornof
How does knowing what you are looking for change visual search behavior? BIBAFull-Text 3895-3898
  Duncan P. Brumby; Anna L. Cox; Jacqueline Chung; Byron Fernandes
Automated nonlinear regression modeling for HCI BIBAFull-Text 3899-3902
  Antti Oulasvirta

Engaging older adults through technology

Understanding digital and material social communications for older adults BIBAFull-Text 3903-3912
  Alexis Hope; Ted Schwaba; Anne Marie Piper
Never too old: engaging retired people inventing the future with MaKey MaKey BIBAFull-Text 3913-3922
  Yvonne Rogers; Jeni Paay; Margot Brereton; Kate L. Vaisutis; Gary Marsden; Frank Vetere
What's on your mind?: investigating recommendations for inclusive social networking and older adults BIBAFull-Text 3923-3932
  Chris Norval; John L. Arnott; Vicki L. Hanson
Being senior and ICT: a study of seniors using ICT in China BIBAFull-Text 3933-3942
  Yuling Sun; Xianghua Ding; Silvia Lindtner; Tun Lu; Ning Gu

Computer mediated intimacy and romance

The lonely raccoon at the ball: designing for intimacy, sociability, and selfhood BIBAFull-Text 3943-3952
  Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell; Guo Zhang; Tyler Pace
Room for interpretation: the role of self-esteem and CMC in romantic couple conflict BIBAFull-Text 3953-3962
  Lauren E. Scissors; Michael E. Roloff; Darren Gergle
Exploring affective communication through variable-friction surface haptics BIBAFull-Text 3963-3972
  Joe Mullenbach; Craig Shultz; J. Edward Colgate; Anne Marie Piper
Wrigglo: shape-changing peripheral for interpersonal mobile communication BIBAFull-Text 3973-3976
  Joohee Park; Young-Woo Park; Tek-Jin Nam

Network of care

Recreating living experiences from past memories through virtual worlds for people with dementia BIBAFull-Text 3977-3986
  Panote Siriaraya; Chee Siang Ang
Addressing the subtleties in dementia care: pre-study & evaluation of a GPS monitoring system BIBAFull-Text 3987-3996
  Lin Wan; Claudia Müller; Volker Wulf; David William Randall
Sweet Home: understanding diabetes management via a Chinese online community BIBAFull-Text 3997-4006
  Xiaomu Zhou; Si Sun; Jiang Yang


Investigating the feasibility of extracting tool demonstrations from in-situ video content BIBAFull-Text 4007-4016
  Ben Lafreniere; Tovi Grossman; Justin Matejka; George Fitzmaurice
Crowdsourcing step-by-step information extraction to enhance existing how-to videos BIBAFull-Text 4017-4026
  Juho Kim; Phu Tran Nguyen; Sarah Weir; Philip J. Guo; Robert C. Miller; Krzysztof Z. Gajos
EverTutor: automatically creating interactive guided tutorials on smartphones by user demonstration BIBAFull-Text 4027-4036
  Cheng-Yao Wang; Wei-Chen Chu; Hou-Ren Chen; Chun-Yen Hsu; Mike Y. Chen
TaggedComments: promoting and integrating user comments in online application tutorials BIBAFull-Text 4037-4046
  Andrea Bunt; Patrick Dubois; Ben Lafreniere; Michael A. Terry; David T. Cormack

Driving interfaces and evaluations

A smartphone-based sensing platform to model aggressive driving behaviors BIBAFull-Text 4047-4056
  Jin-Hyuk Hong; Ben Margines; Anind K. Dey
Classifying driver workload using physiological and driving performance data: two field studies BIBAFull-Text 4057-4066
  Erin T. Solovey; Marin Zec; Enrique Abdon Garcia Perez; Bryan Reimer; Bruce Mehler
Evaluating multimodal driver displays under varying situational urgency BIBAFull-Text 4067-4076
  Ioannis Politis; Stephen A. Brewster; Frank Pollick

Gesture-based interaction

Multi-viewer gesture-based interaction for omni-directional video BIBAFull-Text 4077-4086
  Gustavo Alberto Rovelo Ruiz; Davy Vanacken; Kris Luyten; Francisco Abad; Emilio Camahort
Making big gestures: effects of gesture size on observability and identification for co-located group awareness BIBAFull-Text 4087-4096
  Adrian Reetz; Carl Gutwin
A chair as ubiquitous input device: exploring semaphoric chair gestures for focused and peripheral interaction BIBAFull-Text 4097-4106
  Kathrin Probst; David Lindlbauer; Michael Haller; Bernhard Schwartz; Andreas Schrempf
Exploring the design space of gestural interaction with active tokens through user-defined gestures BIBAFull-Text 4107-4116
  Consuelo Valdes; Diana Eastman; Casey Grote; Shantanu Thatte; Orit Shaer; Ali Mazalek; Brygg Ullmer; Miriam K. Konkel

Interactive surfaces and pervasive displays

Pervasive information through constant personal projection: the ambient mobile pervasive display (AMP-D) BIBAFull-Text 4117-4126
  Christian Winkler; Julian Seifert; David Dobbelstein; Enrico Rukzio
Bigger is not always better: display size, performance, and task load during peephole map navigation BIBAFull-Text 4127-4136
  Roman Rädle; Hans-Christian Jetter; Jens Müller; Harald Reiterer
Mechanical force redistribution: enabling seamless, large-format, high-accuracy surface interaction BIBAFull-Text 4137-4146
  Alex M. Grau; Charles Hendee; John-Ross Rizzo; Ken Perlin
Effects of display size and navigation type on a classification task BIBAFull-Text 4147-4156
  Can Liu; Olivier Chapuis; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon; Eric Lecolinet; Wendy E. Mackay

Social Media for Relationships

Stewarding a legacy: responsibilities and relationships in the management of post-mortem data BIBAFull-Text 4157-4166
  Jed R. Brubaker; Lynn S. Dombrowski; Anita M. Gilbert; Nafiri Kusumakaulika; Gillian R. Hayes
Captioned photographs in psychosocial aged care: relationship building and boundary work BIBAFull-Text 4167-4176
  Jenny Waycott; Hilary Davis; Frank Vetere; Amee Morgans; Alan Gruner; Elizabeth Ozanne; Lars Kulik
The routines and needs of grandparents and parents for grandparent-grandchild conversations over distance BIBAFull-Text 4177-4186
  Azadeh Forghani; Carman Neustaedter
Growing closer on Facebook: changes in tie strength through social network site use BIBAFull-Text 4187-4196
  Moira Burke; Robert E. Kraut