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Proceedings of ACM CHI 2013 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Editors:Wendy E. Mackay; Stephen Brewster; Susanne Bødker
Location:Paris, France
Dates:2013-Apr-27 to 2013-May-02
Standard No:ISBN: 978-1-4503-1899-0; ACM DL: Table of Contents; hcibib: CHI13-1
Links:Conference Website
  1. CHI 2013-04-27 Volume 1
    1. Papers: managing social media
    2. Papers: enhancing access
    3. Papers: learning
    4. Papers: interaction in the wild
    5. Papers: 3D user interfaces
    6. Papers: crowdsourcing: people power
    7. Papers: multitouch and gesture
    8. Papers: gaze
    9. Papers: technologies for life 1
    10. Papers: evaluation methods 1
    11. Papers: co-design with users
    12. Papers: language and translation
    13. Papers: brain sensing and analysis
    14. Papers: crowdwork and online communities
    15. Papers: keyboards and hotkeys
    16. Papers: flexible displays
    17. Papers: smart tools, smart work
    18. Papers: creating and authoring
    19. Papers: exploring games
    20. Papers: tables and floors
    21. Papers: design for classrooms 1
    22. Papers: crowds and activism
    23. Papers: large and public displays
    24. Papers: interacting around devices
    25. Papers: design for the home
    26. Papers: social creativity
    27. Papers: design for classrooms 2
    28. Papers: reflecting on phones
    29. Papers: technologies for life 2
    30. Papers: gesture studies
    31. Papers: manipulating video
    32. Papers: sustainable energy
    33. Papers: impairment and rehabilitation
    34. Papers: exergames and beyond
    35. Papers: full-body interaction
    36. Papers: video communication
    37. Papers: ideation methods
    38. Papers: pointing and Fitts Law
    39. Papers: sensing touch
    40. Papers: displays everywhere
    41. Papers: clinical settings
    42. Papers: game design
    43. Papers: design for the home
    44. Papers: novel programming
    45. Papers: temporal design
    46. Papers: tactile experiences
    47. Papers: public displays
    48. Papers: communicating health
    49. Papers: reading and writing
    50. Papers: studying digital artifacts
    51. Papers: ethics in HCI
    52. Papers: embodied interaction 2
    53. Papers: design research
    54. Papers: developing the world
    55. Papers: collaborative creation
    56. Papers: aesthetics and the web
    57. Papers: evaluation methods 2
    58. Papers: design for the blind
    59. Papers: mobile interaction
    60. Papers: performing interaction
    61. Papers: engagement
    62. Papers: knowledge managment
    63. Papers: touch interaction
    64. Papers: data navigation
    65. Papers: passwords and errors
    66. Papers: social tagging
    67. Papers: food and health
    68. Papers: mobile applications
    69. Papers: crime and conflicts
    70. Papers: haptics
    71. Papers: fabrication
    72. Papers: mental health
    73. Papers: consent and privacy
    74. Papers: text visualization
    75. Papers: sustainability
    76. Papers: mobile text entry
    77. Papers: design for development
    78. Papers: narrative and materiality
    79. Papers: design for children
    80. Papers: evaluation methods 3
    81. Papers: visual perception
    82. Papers: searching and finding
    83. Papers: mobile gestures
    84. Papers: design for developers
    85. Papers: perception and awareness
    86. Papers: spatial interfaces
    87. Papers: autism
    88. Papers: information visualization
    89. Papers: social media practices
    90. Papers: different perspectives
    91. Papers: multi-device interaction
    92. Papers: On the move
    93. Papers: understanding privacy
    94. Papers: design strategies
    95. Papers: tensions in social media

CHI 2013-04-27 Volume 1

Papers: managing social media

The many faces of Facebook: experiencing social media as performance, exhibition, and personal archive BIBAFull-Text 1-10
  Xuan Zhao; Niloufar Salehi; Sasha Naranjit; Sara Alwaalan; Stephen Voida; Dan Cosley
Favors from Facebook friends: unpacking dimensions of social capital BIBAFull-Text 11-20
  Yumi Jung; Rebecca Gray; Cliff Lampe; Nicole Ellison
Quantifying the invisible audience in social networks BIBAFull-Text 21-30
  Michael S. Bernstein; Eytan Bakshy; Moira Burke; Brian Karrer
Gender, topic, and audience response: an analysis of user-generated content on Facebook BIBAFull-Text 31-34
  Yi-Chia Wang; Moira Burke; Robert E. Kraut
Using contextual integrity to examine interpersonal information boundary on social network sites BIBAFull-Text 35-38
  Pan Shi; Heng Xu; Yunan Chen

Papers: enhancing access

Older adults as digital content producers BIBAFull-Text 39-48
  Jenny Waycott; Frank Vetere; Sonja Pedell; Lars Kulik; Elizabeth Ozanne; Alan Gruner; John Downs
Health vlogger-viewer interaction in chronic illness management BIBAFull-Text 49-58
  Leslie S. Liu; Jina Huh; Tina Neogi; Kori Inkpen; Wanda Pratt
Accessible online content creation by end users BIBAFull-Text 59-68
  Katie Kuksenok; Michael Brooks; Jennifer Mankoff
Augmented endurance: controlling fatigue while handling objects by affecting weight perception using augmented reality BIBAFull-Text 69-78
  Yuki Ban; Takuji Narumi; Tatsuya Fujii; Sho Sakurai; Jun Imura; Tomohiro Tanikawa; Michitaka Hirose

Papers: learning

In search of learning: facilitating data analysis in educational games BIBAFull-Text 79-88
  Erik Harpstead; Brad A. Myers; Vincent Aleven
Optimizing challenge in an educational game using large-scale design experiments BIBAFull-Text 89-98
  Derek Lomas; Kishan Patel; Jodi L. Forlizzi; Kenneth R. Koedinger
From competition to metacognition: designing diverse, sustainable educational games BIBAFull-Text 99-108
  Stephen R. Foster; Sarah Esper; William G. Griswold
Why interactive learning environments can have it all: resolving design conflicts between competing goals BIBAFull-Text 109-118
  Martina A. Rau; Vincent Aleven; Nikol Rummel; Stacie Rohrbach

Papers: interaction in the wild

Electric materialities and interactive technology BIBAFull-Text 119-128
  James Pierce; Eric Paulos
A conversation between trees: what data feels like in the forest BIBAFull-Text 129-138
  Rachel Jacobs; Steve Benford; Mark Selby; Michael Golembewski; Dominic Price; Gabriella Giannachi
Unlimited editions: three approaches to the dissemination and display of digital art BIBAFull-Text 139-148
  Mark Blythe; Jo Briggs; Jonathan Hook; Peter Wright; Patrick Olivier
see me, feel me, touch me, hear me: trajectories and interpretation in a sculpture garden BIBAFull-Text 149-158
  Lesley Fosh; Steve Benford; Stuart Reeves; Boriana Koleva; Patrick Brundell

Papers: 3D user interfaces

Pointing at 3d target projections with one-eyed and stereo cursors BIBAFull-Text 159-168
  Robert J. Teather; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
Creating and analyzing stereoscopic 3D graphical user interfaces in digital games BIBAFull-Text 169-178
  Jonas Schild; Liane Bölicke; Joseph J., Jr. LaViola; Maic Masuch
BeThere: 3D mobile collaboration with spatial input BIBAFull-Text 179-188
  Rajinder S. Sodhi; Brett R. Jones; David Forsyth; Brian P. Bailey; Giuliano Maciocci
SpaceTop: integrating 2D and spatial 3D interactions in a see-through desktop environment BIBAFull-Text 189-192
  Jinha Lee; Alex Olwal; Hiroshi Ishii; Cati Boulanger
3D object position using automatic viewpoint transitions BIBAFull-Text 193-196
  Michael Ortega

Papers: crowdsourcing: people power

Form digitization in BPO: from outsourcing to crowdsourcing? BIBAFull-Text 197-206
  Jacki O'Neill; Shourya Roy; Antonietta Grasso; David Martin
Crowdsourcing performance evaluations of user interfaces BIBAFull-Text 207-216
  Steven Komarov; Katharina Reinecke; Krzysztof Z. Gajos
A multi-site field study of crowdsourced contextual help: usage and perspectives of end users and software teams BIBAFull-Text 217-226
  Parmit K. Chilana; Andrew J. Ko; Jacob O. Wobbrock; Tovi Grossman
A pilot study of using crowds in the classroom BIBAFull-Text 227-236
  Steven Dow; Elizabeth Gerber; Audris Wong

Papers: multitouch and gesture

Flexpad: highly flexible bending interactions for projected handheld displays BIBAFull-Text 237-246
  Jürgen Steimle; Andreas Jordt; Pattie Maes
A multi-touch interface for fast architectural sketching and massing BIBAFull-Text 247-256
  Qian Sun; Juncong Lin; Chi-Wing Fu; Sawako Kaijima; Ying He
Gesture studio: authoring multi-touch interactions through demonstration and declaration BIBAFull-Text 257-266
  Hao ; Yang Li
EventHurdle: supporting designers' exploratory interaction prototyping with gesture-based sensors BIBAFull-Text 267-276
  Ju-Whan Kim; Tek-Jin Nam
Small, medium, or large?: estimating the user-perceived scale of stroke gestures BIBAFull-Text 277-280
  Radu-Daniel Vatavu; Géry Casiez; Laurent Grisoni
Indirect shear force estimation for multi-point shear force operations BIBAFull-Text 281-284
  Seongkook Heo; Geehyuk Lee

Papers: gaze

Still looking: investigating seamless gaze-supported selection, positioning, and manipulation of distant targets BIBAFull-Text 285-294
  Sophie Stellmach; Raimund Dachselt
Individual user characteristics and information visualization: connecting the dots through eye tracking BIBAFull-Text 295-304
  Dereck Toker; Cristina Conati; Ben Steichen; Giuseppe Carenini
EyeContext: recognition of high-level contextual cues from human visual behaviour BIBAFull-Text 305-308
  Andreas Bulling; Christian Weichel; Hans Gellersen
A preliminary investigation of human adaptations for various virtual eyes in video see-through HMDS BIBAFull-Text 309-312
  Joong Ho Lee; Sei-young Kim; Hae Cheol Yoon; Bo Kyung Huh; Ji-Hyung Park

Papers: technologies for life 1

Digital motherhood: how does technology help new mothers? BIBAFull-Text 313-322
  Lorna Gibson; Vicki L. Hanson
Age-related performance issues for PIN and face-based authentication systems BIBAFull-Text 323-332
  James Nicholson; Lynne Coventry; Pam Briggs
The presentation of health-related search results and its impact on negative emotional outcomes BIBAFull-Text 333-342
  Carolyn Lauckner; Gary Hsieh
Age-related differences in performance with touchscreens compared to traditional mouse input BIBAFull-Text 343-346
  Leah Findlater; Jon E. Froehlich; Kays Fattal; Jacob O. Wobbrock; Tanya Dastyar
Access lens: a gesture-based screen reader for real-world documents BIBAFull-Text 347-350
  Shaun K. Kane; Brian Frey; Jacob O. Wobbrock

Papers: evaluation methods 1

LEMtool: measuring emotions in visual interfaces BIBAFull-Text 351-360
  Gijs Huisman; Marco van Hout; Elisabeth van Dijk; Thea van der Geest; Dirk Heylen
Exploring personality-targeted UI design in online social participation systems BIBAFull-Text 361-370
  Oded Nov; Ofer Arazy; Claudia López; Peter Brusilovsky
Using crowdsourcing to support pro-environmental community activism BIBAFull-Text 371-380
  Elaine Massung; David Coyle; Kirsten F. Cater; Marc Jay; Chris Preist
Designing and theorizing co-located interactions BIBAFull-Text 381-390
  Thomas Reitmaier; Pierre Benz; Gary Marsden
Scenario-based interactive UI design BIBAFull-Text 391-394
  Koki Kusano; Momoko Nakatani; Takehiko Ohno
Regularly visited patches in human mobility BIBAFull-Text 395-398
  Yan Qu; Jun Zhang

Papers: co-design with users

Large-scale participation: a case study of a participatory approach to developing a new public library BIBAFull-Text 399-408
  Peter Dalsgaard; Eva Eriksson
Probing bus stop for insights on transit co-design BIBAFull-Text 409-418
  Daisy Yoo; John Zimmerman; Tad Hirsch
A value sensitive action-reflection model: evolving a co-design space with stakeholder and designer prompts BIBAFull-Text 419-428
  Daisy Yoo; Alina Huldtgren; Jill Palzkill Woelfer; David G. Hendry; Batya Friedman
Configuring participation: on how we involve people in design BIBAFull-Text 429-438
  John Vines; Rachel Clarke; Peter Wright; John McCarthy; Patrick Olivier

Papers: language and translation

The efficacy of human post-editing for language translation BIBAFull-Text 439-448
  Spence Green; Jeffrey Heer; Christopher D. Manning
Same translation but different experience: the effects of highlighting on machine-translated conversations BIBAFull-Text 449-458
  Ge Gao; Hao-Chuan Wang; Dan Cosley; Susan R. Fussell
Improving teamwork using real-time language feedback BIBAFull-Text 459-468
  Yla R. Tausczik; James W. Pennebaker
SpatialEase: learning language through body motion BIBAFull-Text 469-472
  Darren Edge; Kai-Yin Cheng; Michael Whitney

Papers: brain sensing and analysis

Using fNIRS brain sensing to evaluate information visualization interfaces BIBAFull-Text 473-482
  Evan M. M. Peck; Beste F. Yuksel; Alvitta Ottley; Robert J. K. Jacob; Remco Chang
Weighted graph comparison techniques for brain connectivity analysis BIBAFull-Text 483-492
  Basak Alper; Benjamin Bach; Nathalie Henry Riche; Tobias Isenberg; Jean-Daniel Fekete
At the interface of biology and computation BIBAFull-Text 493-502
  Alex S. Taylor; Nir Piterman; Samin Ishtiaq; Jasmin Fisher; Byron Cook; Caitlin Cockerton; Sam Bourton; David Benque

Papers: crowdwork and online communities

Crowdfunding inside the enterprise: employee-initiatives for innovation and collaboration BIBAFull-Text 503-512
  Michael Muller; Werner Geyer; Todd Soule; Steven Daniels; Li-Te Cheng
Community insights: helping community leaders enhance the value of enterprise online communities BIBAFull-Text 513-522
  Tara Matthews; Steve Whittaker; Hernan Badenes; Barton A. Smith; Michael Muller; Kate Ehrlich; Michelle X. Zhou; Tessa Lau
CommunityCompare: visually comparing communities for online community leaders in the enterprise BIBAFull-Text 523-532
  Anbang Xu; Jilin Chen; Tara Matthews; Michael Muller; Hernan Badenes
Analyzing crowd workers in mobile pay-for-answer Q&A BIBAFull-Text 533-542
  Uichin Lee; Jihyoung Kim; Eunhee Yi; Juyup Sung; Mario Gerla

Papers: keyboards and hotkeys

Octopus: evaluating touchscreen keyboard correction and recognition algorithms via BIBAFull-Text 543-552
  Xiaojun Bi; Shiri Azenkot; Kurt Partridge; Shumin Zhai
TapBoard: making a touch screen keyboard more touchable BIBAFull-Text 553-562
  Sunjun Kim; Jeongmin Son; Geehyuk Lee; Hwan Kim; Woohun Lee
Métamorphe: augmenting hotkey usage with actuated keys BIBAFull-Text 563-572
  Gilles Bailly; Thomas Pietrzak; Jonathan Deber; Daniel J. Wigdor
Promoting Hotkey use through rehearsal with ExposeHK BIBAFull-Text 573-582
  Sylvain Malacria; Gilles Bailly; Joel Harrison; Andy Cockburn; Carl Gutwin

Papers: flexible displays

MorePhone: a study of actuated shape deformations for flexible thin-film smartphone notifications BIBAFull-Text 583-592
  Antonio Gomes; Andrea Nesbitt; Roel Vertegaal
Morphees: toward high "shape resolution" in self-actuated flexible mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 593-602
  Anne Roudaut; Abhijit Karnik; Markus Löchtefeld; Sriram Subramanian
LightCloth: senseable illuminating optical fiber cloth for creating interactive surfaces BIBAFull-Text 603-606
  Sunao Hashimoto; Ryohei Suzuki; Youichi Kamiyama; Masahiko Inami; Takeo Igarashi
Bending the rules: bend gesture classification for flexible displays BIBAFull-Text 607-610
  Kristen Warren; Jessica Lo; Vaibhav Vadgama; Audrey Girouard

Papers: smart tools, smart work

Turkopticon: interrupting worker invisibility in amazon mechanical turk BIBAFull-Text 611-620
  Lilly C. Irani; M. Six Silberman
Don't hide in the crowd!: increasing social transparency between peer workers improves crowdsourcing outcomes BIBAFull-Text 621-630
  Shih-Wen Huang; Wai-Tat Fu
Combining crowdsourcing and google street view to identify street-level accessibility problems BIBAFull-Text 631-640
  Kotaro Hara; Vicki Le; Jon Froehlich
Labor dynamics in a mobile micro-task market BIBAFull-Text 641-650
  Mohamed Musthag; Deepak Ganesan

Papers: creating and authoring

Creativity support for novice digital filmmaking BIBAFull-Text 651-660
  Nicholas Davis; Alexander Zook; Brian O'Neill; Brandon Headrick; Mark Riedl; Ashton Grosz; Michael Nitsche
AutoGami: a low-cost rapid prototyping toolkit for automated movable paper craft BIBAFull-Text 661-670
  Kening Zhu; Shengdong Zhao
HyperSlides: dynamic presentation prototyping BIBAFull-Text 671-680
  Darren Edge; Joan Savage; Koji Yatani
SidePoint: a peripheral knowledge panel for presentation slide authoring BIBAFull-Text 681-684
  Yefeng Liu; Darren Edge; Koji Yatani

Papers: exploring games

Control your game-self: effects of controller type on enjoyment, motivation, and personality in game BIBAFull-Text 685-694
  Max Birk; Regan L. Mandryk
Mastering the art of war: how patterns of gameplay influence skill in Halo BIBAFull-Text 695-704
  Jeff Huang; Thomas Zimmermann; Nachiappan Nagapan; Charles Harrison; Bruce C. Phillips
Villains, architects and micro-managers: what Tabula Rasa teaches us about game orchestration BIBAFull-Text 705-714
  T. C. Nicholas Graham; Irina Schumann; Mrunal Patel; Quentin Bellay; Raimund Dachselt
Playing with leadership and expertise: military tropes and teamwork in an ARG BIBAFull-Text 715-724
  Tamara Peyton; Alyson L. Young; Wayne Lutters

Papers: tables and floors

GravitySpace: tracking users and their poses in a smart room using a pressure-sensing floor BIBAFull-Text 725-734
  Alan Bränzel; Christian Holz; Daniel Hoffmann; Dominik Schmidt; Marius Knaust; Patrick Lühne; René Meusel; Stephan Richter; Patrick Baudisch
Improving digital handoff using the space above the table BIBAFull-Text 735-744
  Steven W. T. Sutcliffe; Zenja Ivkovic; David R. Flatla; Andriy Pavlovych; Ian Stavness; Carl Gutwin
An evaluation of state switching methods for indirect touch systems BIBAFull-Text 745-754
  Simon Voelker; Chat Wacharamanotham; Jan Borchers
Improving touch accuracy on large tabletops using predecessor and successor BIBAFull-Text 755-758
  Max Möllers; Norbert Dumont; Stefan Ladwig; Jan Borchers
Touchbugs: actuated tangibles on multi-touch tables BIBAFull-Text 759-762
  Diana Nowacka; Karim Ladha; Nils Y. Hammerla; Daniel Jackson; Cassim Ladha; Enrico Rukzio; Patrick Olivier

Papers: design for classrooms 1

The effect of virtual achievements on student engagement BIBAFull-Text 763-772
  Paul Denny
A trace-based framework for analyzing and synthesizing educational progressions BIBAFull-Text 773-782
  Erik Andersen; Sumit Gulwani; Zoran Popovic
Wikipedia classroom experiment: bidirectional benefits of students' engagement in online production communities BIBAFull-Text 783-792
  Rosta Farzan; Robert E. Kraut
TypeRighting: combining the benefits of handwriting and typeface in online educational videos BIBAFull-Text 793-796
  Andrew Cross; Mydhili Bayyapunedi; Edward Cutrell; Anant Agarwal; William Thies
Tweeting for class: co-construction as a means for engaging students in lectures BIBAFull-Text 797-800
  Jeremy Birnholtz; Jeff Hancock; Daniela Retelny

Papers: crowds and activism

Delivering patients to sacré coeur: collective intelligence in digital volunteer communities BIBAFull-Text 801-810
  Kate Starbird
Does slacktivism hurt activism?: the effects of moral balancing and consistency in online activism BIBAFull-Text 811-820
  Yu-Hao Lee; Gary Hsieh
A longitudinal study of follow predictors on Twitter BIBAFull-Text 821-830
  C. J. Hutto; Sarita Yardi; Eric Gilbert

Papers: large and public displays

High-precision pointing on large wall displays using small handheld devices BIBAFull-Text 831-840
  Mathieu Nancel; Olivier Chapuis; Emmanuel Pietriga; Xing-Dong Yang; Pourang P. Irani; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon
StrikeAPose: revealing mid-air gestures on public displays BIBAFull-Text 841-850
  Robert Walter; Gilles Bailly; Jörg Müller
SideWays: a gaze interface for spontaneous interaction with situated displays BIBAFull-Text 851-860
  Yanxia Zhang; Andreas Bulling; Hans Gellersen

Papers: interacting around devices

IllumiRoom: peripheral projected illusions for interactive experiences BIBAFull-Text 869-878
  Brett R. Jones; Hrvoje Benko; Eyal Ofek; Andrew D. Wilson
WorldKit: rapid and easy creation of ad-hoc interactive applications on everyday surfaces BIBAFull-Text 879-888
  Robert Xiao; Chris Harrison; Scott E. Hudson
Understanding palm-based imaginary interfaces: the role of visual and tactile cues when browsing BIBAFull-Text 889-898
  Sean G. Gustafson; Bernhard Rabe; Patrick M. Baudisch
Ad-binning: leveraging around device space for storing, browsing and retrieving mobile device content BIBAFull-Text 899-908
  Khalad Hasan; David Ahlström; Pourang Irani

Papers: design for the home

Designing web-connected physical artefacts for the 'aesthetic' of the home BIBAFull-Text 909-918
  Salu Ylirisku; Siân Lindley; Giulio Jacucci; Richard Banks; Craig Stewart; Abigail Sellen; Richard Harper; Tim Regan
On the relation of ordinary gestures to TV screens: general lessons for the design of collaborative interactive techniques BIBAFull-Text 919-930
  Oskar Juhlin; Elin Önnevall
From codes to patterns: designing interactive decoration for tableware BIBAFull-Text 931-940
  Rupert Meese; Shakir Ali; Emily-Clare Thorne; Steve D. Benford; Anthony Quinn; Richard Mortier; Boriana N. Koleva; Tony Pridmore; Sharon L. Baurley
Pass the iPad: collaborative creating and sharing in family groups BIBAFull-Text 941-950
  Nicola Yuill; Yvonne Rogers; Jochen Rick

Papers: social creativity

Revisiting social practices surrounding music BIBAFull-Text 951-960
  Tuck W. Leong; Peter C. Wright
Write here, write now!: an experimental study of group maintenance in collaborative writing BIBAFull-Text 961-970
  Jeremy Birnholtz; Stephanie Steinhardt; Antonella Pavese
Machinima production tools: a vernacular history of a creative medium BIBAFull-Text 971-980
  Shad Gross; Tyler Pace; Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell
Front-camera video recordings as emotion responses to mobile photos shared within close-knit groups BIBAFull-Text 981-990
  Yanqing Cui; Jari Kangas; Jukka Holm; Guido Grassel

Papers: design for classrooms 2

Building open bridges: collaborative remixing and reuse of open educational resources across organisations BIBAFull-Text 991-1000
  Tim Coughlan; Rebecca Pitt; Patrick McAndrew
ARTFul: adaptive review technology for flipped learning BIBAFull-Text 1001-1010
  Daniel Szafir; Bilge Mutlu
Challenges and opportunities for technology in foreign language classrooms BIBAFull-Text 1011-1020
  Katie Kuksenok; Michael Brooks; Qian Wang; Charlotte P. Lee
Tables in the wild: lessons learned from a large-scale multi-tabletop deployment BIBAFull-Text 1021-1030
  Ahmed Kharrufa; Madeline Balaam; Phil Heslop; David Leat; Paul Dolan; Patrick Olivier

Papers: reflecting on phones

iPhone in vivo: video analysis of mobile device use BIBAFull-Text 1031-1040
  Barry Brown; Moira McGregor; Eric Laurier
AnyType: provoking reflection and exploration with aesthetic interaction BIBAFull-Text 1041-1050
  Laura Devendorf; Kimiko Ryokai
Stories of the Smartphone in everyday discourse: conflict, tension & instability BIBAFull-Text 1051-1060
  Ellie Harmon; Melissa Mazmanian
Emotions, experiences and usability in real-life mobile phone use BIBAFull-Text 1061-1070
  Sari Kujala; Talya Miron-Shatz

Papers: technologies for life 2

Echoes from the past: how technology mediated reflection improves well-being BIBAFull-Text 1071-1080
  Ellen Isaacs; Artie Konrad; Alan Walendowski; Thomas Lennig; Victoria Hollis; Steve Whittaker
The dynamics of younger and older adult's paired behavior when playing an interactive silhouette game BIBAFull-Text 1081-1090
  Mark Rice; Wah Pheow Tan; Jeremy Ong; Lih Jie Yau; Marcus Wan; Jamie Ng
Multiple notification modalities and older users BIBAFull-Text 1091-1094
  David Warnock; Marilyn McGee-Lennon; Stephen Brewster
The power of mobile notifications to increase wellbeing logging behavior BIBAFull-Text 1095-1098
  Frank Bentley; Konrad Tollmar

Papers: gesture studies

Memorability of pre-designed and user-defined gesture sets BIBAFull-Text 1099-1108
  Miguel A. Nacenta; Yemliha Kamber; Yizhou Qiang; Per Ola Kristensson
Learning and performance with gesture guides BIBAFull-Text 1109-1118
  Fraser Anderson; Walter F. Bischof
Your left hand can do it too!: investigating intermanual, symmetric gesture transfer on touchscreens BIBAFull-Text 1119-1128
  Michelle Annett; Walter F. Bischof
The challenges and potential of end-user gesture customization BIBAFull-Text 1129-1138
  Uran Oh; Leah Findlater

Papers: manipulating video

NoteVideo: facilitating navigation of blackboard-style lecture videos BIBAFull-Text 1139-1148
  Toni-Jan Keith Palma Monserrat; Shengdong Zhao; Kevin McGee; Anshul Vikram Pandey
Direct space-time trajectory control for visual media editing BIBAFull-Text 1149-1158
  Stephanie Santosa; Fanny Chevalier; Ravin Balakrishnan; Karan Singh
Swifter: improved online video scrubbing BIBAFull-Text 1159-1168
  Justin Matejka; Tovi Grossman; George Fitzmaurice
Direct manipulation video navigation in 3D BIBAFull-Text 1169-1172
  Cuong Nguyen; Yuzhen Niu; Feng Liu

Papers: sustainable energy

At home with agents: exploring attitudes towards future smart energy infrastructures BIBAFull-Text 1173-1182
  Tom A. Rodden; Joel E. Fischer; Nadia Pantidi; Khaled Bachour; Stuart Moran
Everyday activities and energy consumption: how families understand the relationship BIBAFull-Text 1183-1192
  Carman Neustaedter; Lyn Bartram; Aaron Mah
Cultivating energy literacy: results from a longitudinal living lab study of a home energy management system BIBAFull-Text 1193-1202
  Tobias Schwartz; Sebastian Denef; Gunnar Stevens; Leonardo Ramirez; Volker Wulf
The Dubuque electricity portal: evaluation of a city-scale residential electricity consumption feedback system BIBAFull-Text 1203-1212
  Thomas Erickson; Ming Li; Younghun Kim; Ajay Deshpande; Sambit Sahu; Tian Chao; Piyawadee Sukaviriya; Milind Naphade

Papers: impairment and rehabilitation

PointAssist: assisting individuals with motor impairments BIBAFull-Text 1213-1222
  Guarionex Salivia; Juan Pablo Hourcade
Analyzing user-generated YouTube videos to understand touchscreen use by people with motor impairments BIBAFull-Text 1223-1232
  Lisa Anthony; YooJin Kim; Leah Findlater
Exploring & designing tools to enhance falls rehabilitation in the home BIBAFull-Text 1233-1242
  Stephen Uzor; Lynne Baillie
Stroke rehabilitation with a sensing surface BIBAFull-Text 1243-1246
  Cati Boulanger; Adam Boulanger; Lilian de Greef; Andy Kearney; Kiley Sobel; Russell Transue; Z. Sweedyk; Paul H. Dietz; Steven Bathiche
Pt Viz: towards a wearable device for visualizing knee rehabilitation exercises BIBAFull-Text 1247-1250
  Swamy Ananthanarayan; Miranda Sheh; Alice Chien; Halley Profita; Katie Siek

Papers: exergames and beyond

Understanding exergame users' physical activity, motivation and behavior over time BIBAFull-Text 1251-1260
  Andrew Macvean; Judy Robertson
Designing action-based exergames for children with cerebral palsy BIBAFull-Text 1261-1270
  Hamilton A. Hernandez; Zi Ye; T. C. Nicholas Graham; Darcy Fehlings; Lauren Switzer
4 design themes for skateboarding BIBAFull-Text 1271-1274
  Sebastiaan Pijnappel; Florian Mueller
Bodily interaction in the dark BIBAFull-Text 1275-1278
  Linden Vongsathorn; Kenton O'Hara; Helena M. Mentis

Papers: full-body interaction

Make it move: a movement design method of simple standing products based on systematic mapping of torso movements & product messages BIBAFull-Text 1279-1288
  Jinyung Jung; Seok-Hyung Bae; Joon Hyub Lee; Myung-Suk Kim
Information capacity of full-body movements BIBAFull-Text 1289-1298
  Antti Oulasvirta; Teemu Roos; Arttu Modig; Laura Leppänen
Body-centric design space for multi-surface interaction BIBAFull-Text 1299-1308
  Julie Wagner; Mathieu Nancel; Sean G. Gustafson; Stephane Huot; Wendy E. Mackay
MotionMA: motion modelling and analysis by demonstration BIBAFull-Text 1309-1318
  Eduardo Velloso; Andreas Bulling; Hans Gellersen

Papers: video communication

Panoinserts: mobile spatial teleconferencing BIBAFull-Text 1319-1328
  Fabrizio Pece; William Steptoe; Fabian Wanner; Simon Julier; Tim Weyrich; Jan Kautz; Anthony Steed
Putting things in focus: establishing co-orientation through video in context BIBAFull-Text 1329-1338
  James Norris; Holger M. Schnädelbach; Paul K. Luff
HomeProxy: exploring a physical proxy for video communication in the home BIBAFull-Text 1339-1342
  John C. Tang; Robert Xiao; Aaron Hoff; Gina Venolia; Patrick Therien; Asta Roseway

Papers: ideation methods

Brainstorm, Chainstorm, Cheatstorm, Tweetstorm: new ideation strategies for distributed HCI design BIBAFull-Text 1343-1352
  Haakon Faste; Nir Rachmel; Russell Essary; Evan Sheehan
Fashionable shape switching: explorations in outfit-centric design BIBAFull-Text 1353-1362
  Oskar Juhlin; Yanqing Zhang; Cristine Sundbom; Ylva Fernaeus

Papers: pointing and Fitts Law

FFitts law: modeling finger touch with Fitts' law BIBAFull-Text 1363-1372
  Xiaojun Bi; Yang Li; Shumin Zhai
The effect of time-based cost of error in target-directed pointing tasks BIBAFull-Text 1373-1382
  Nikola Banovic; Tovi Grossman; George Fitzmaurice
How low can you go?: human limits in small unidirectional mouse movements BIBAFull-Text 1383-1386
  Jonathan Aceituno; Géry Casiez; Nicolas Roussel
Can we beat the mouse with MAGIC? BIBAFull-Text 1387-1390
  Ribel Fares; Shaomin Fang; Oleg Komogortsev

Papers: sensing touch

GaussBits: magnetic tangible bits for portable and occlusion-free near-surface interactions BIBAFull-Text 1391-1400
  Rong-Hao Liang; Kai-Yin Cheng; Liwei Chan; Chuan-Xhyuan Peng; Mike Y. Chen; Rung-Huei Liang; De-Nian Yang; Bing-Yu Chen
Swiss-cheese extended: an object recognition method for ubiquitous interfaces based on capacitive proximity sensing BIBAFull-Text 1401-1410
  Tobias Grosse-Puppendahl; Andreas Braun; Felix Kamieth; Arjan Kuijper
HACHIStack: dual-layer photo touch sensing for haptic and auditory tapping interaction BIBAFull-Text 1411-1420
  Taku Hachisu; Hiroyuki Kajimoto
LongPad: a touchpad using the entire area below the keyboard of a laptop computer BIBAFull-Text 1421-1430
  Jiseong Gu; Seongkook Heo; Jaehyun Han; Sunjun Kim; Geehyuk Lee

Papers: displays everywhere

Reasons to question seven segment displays BIBAFull-Text 1431-1440
  Harold Thimbleby
Sublimate: state-changing virtual and physical rendering to augment interaction with shape displays BIBAFull-Text 1441-1450
  Daniel Leithinger; Sean Follmer; Alex Olwal; Samuel Luescher; Akimitsu Hogge; Jinha Lee; Hiroshi Ishii
Watchit: simple gestures and eyes-free interaction for wristwatches and bracelets BIBAFull-Text 1451-1460
  Simon T. Perrault; Eric Lecolinet; James Eagan; Yves Guiard
NailDisplay: bringing an always available visual display to fingertips BIBAFull-Text 1461-1464
  Chao-Huai Su; Liwei Chan; Chien-Ting Weng; Rong-Hao Liang; Kai-Yin Cheng; Bing-Yu Chen
An interactive belt-worn badge with a retractable string-based input mechanism BIBAFull-Text 1465-1468
  Norman Pohl; Steve Hodges; John Helmes; Nicolas Villar; Tim Paek

Papers: clinical settings

SimMed: combining simulation and interactive tabletops for medical education BIBAFull-Text 1469-1478
  Ulrich von Zadow; Sandra Buron; Tina Harms; Florian Behringer; Kai Sostmann; Raimund Dachselt
Imaging the body: embodied vision in minimally invasive surgery BIBAFull-Text 1479-1488
  Helena M. Mentis; Alex S. Taylor
A matter of life and death: practical and ethical constraints in the development of a mobile verbal autopsy tool BIBAFull-Text 1489-1498
  Jon Bird; Peter Byass; Kathleen Kahn; Paul Mee; Edward Fottrell

Papers: game design

How does it play better?: exploring user testing and biometric storyboards in games user research BIBAFull-Text 1499-1508
  Pejman Mirza-Babaei; Lennart E. Nacke; John Gregory; Nick Collins; Geraldine Fitzpatrick
Design metaphors for procedural content generation in games BIBAFull-Text 1509-1518
  Rilla Khaled; Mark J. Nelson; Pippin Barr
Prototyping in PLACE: a scalable approach to developing location-based apps and games BIBAFull-Text 1519-1528
  Anne E. Bowser; Derek L. Hansen; Jocelyn Raphael; Matthew Reid; Ryan J. Gamett; Yurong R. He; Dana Rotman; Jenny J. Preece
Designing reusable alternate reality games BIBAFull-Text 1529-1538
  Derek Hansen; Elizabeth Bonsignore; Marc Ruppel; Amanda Visconti; Kari Kraus

Papers: design for the home

Designing for the living room: long-term user involvement in a living lab BIBAFull-Text 1539-1548
  Corinna Ogonowski; Benedikt Ley; Jan Hess; Lin Wan; Volker Wulf
Leaving the wild: lessons from community technology handovers BIBAFull-Text 1549-1558
  Nick Taylor; Keith Cheverst; Peter Wright; Patrick Olivier
How groups of users associate wireless devices BIBAFull-Text 1559-1568
  Ming Ki Chong; Hans W. Gellersen
MultiNet: reducing interaction overhead in domestic wireless networks BIBAFull-Text 1569-1578
  Anthony Brown; Richard Mortier; Tom Rodden

Papers: novel programming

Use of an agile bridge in the development of assistive technology BIBAFull-Text 1579-1588
  Suzanne Prior; Annalu Waller; Rolf Black; Thilo Kroll
Codeable objects: computational design and digital fabrication for novice programmers BIBAFull-Text 1589-1598
  Jennifer Jacobs; Leah Buechley
I can do text analytics!: designing development tools for novice developers BIBAFull-Text 1599-1608
  Huahai Yang; Daina Pupons-Wickham; Laura Chiticariu; Yunyao Li; Benjamin Nguyen; Arnaldo Carreno-Fuentes
Debugging support for end user mashup programming BIBAFull-Text 1609-1618
  Sandeep Kaur Kuttal; Anita Sarma; Gregg Rothermel

Papers: temporal design

Authoring personal histories: exploring the timeline as a framework for meaning making BIBAFull-Text 1619-1628
  Elizabeth Thiry; Siân Lindley; Richard Banks; Tim Regan
Looking past yesterday's tomorrow: using futures studies methods to extend the research horizon BIBAFull-Text 1629-1638
  Jennifer Mankoff; Jennifer A. Rode; Haakon Faste
Toying with time: considering temporal themes in interactive artifacts BIBAFull-Text 1639-1648
  Sus Lundgren
Designing with traces BIBAFull-Text 1649-1658
  Daniela K. Rosner; Miwa Ikemiya; Diana Kim; Kristin Koch

Papers: tactile experiences

Talking about tactile experiences BIBAFull-Text 1659-1668
  Marianna Obrist; Sue Ann Seah; Sriram Subramanian
Tactile perceptions of digital textiles: a design research approach BIBAFull-Text 1669-1678
  Douglas Atkinson; Pawel Orzechowski; Bruna Petreca; Nadia Bianchi-Berthouze; Penelope Watkins; Sharon Baurley; Stefano Padilla; Mike Chantler
The roles of touch during phone conversations: long-distance couples' use of POKE in their homes BIBAFull-Text 1679-1688
  Young-Woo Park; Kyoung-Min Baek; Tek-Jin Nam
The design and field observation of a haptic notification system for timing awareness during oral presentations BIBAFull-Text 1689-1698
  Diane Tam; Karon E. MacLean; Joanna McGrenere; Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Papers: public displays

What makes you click: exploring visual signals to entice interaction on public displays BIBAFull-Text 1699-1708
  Hannu Kukka; Heidi Oja; Vassilis Kostakos; Jorge Gonçalves; Timo Ojala
Interaction techniques for creating and exchanging content with public displays BIBAFull-Text 1709-1718
  Florian Alt; Alireza Sahami Shirazi; Thomas Kubitza; Albrecht Schmidt
Screenfinity: extending the perception area of content on very large public displays BIBAFull-Text 1719-1728
  Constantin Schmidt; Jörg Müller; Gilles Bailly
Squaring the circle: how framing influences user behavior around a seamless cylindrical display BIBAFull-Text 1729-1738
  Gilbert Beyer; Florian Köttner; Manuel Schiewe; Ivo Haulsen; Andreas Butz

Papers: communicating health

Messaging to your doctors: understanding patient-provider communications via a portal system BIBAFull-Text 1739-1748
  Si Sun; Xiaomu Zhou; Joshua C. Denny; Trent S. Rosenbloom; Hua Xu
HeartLink: open broadcast of live biometric data to social networks BIBAFull-Text 1749-1758
  Franco Curmi; Maria Angela Ferrario; Jen Southern; Jon Whittle
Technology preferences and routines for sharing health information during the treatment of a chronic illness BIBAFull-Text 1759-1768
  Carolyn E. Pang; Carman Neustaedter; Bernhard E. Riecke; Erick Oduor; Serena Hillman
A text message a day keeps the pulmonologist away BIBAFull-Text 1769-1778
  Tae-Jung Yun; Rosa I. Arriaga

Papers: reading and writing

Community enhanced tutorials: improving tutorials with multiple demonstrations BIBAFull-Text 1779-1788
  Benjamin Lafreniere; Tovi Grossman; George Fitzmaurice
Kolibri: tiny and fast gestures for large pen-based surfaces BIBAFull-Text 1789-1798
  Jakob F. Leitner; Florian Perteneder; Can Liu; Christian Rendl; Michael Haller
Graduate student use of a multi-slate reading system BIBAFull-Text 1799-1808
  Nicholas Chen; François Guimbretière; Abigail Sellen
The wheels are turning: content rotation on steering wheel displays BIBAFull-Text 1809-1812
  David Wilfinger; Martin Murer; Sebastian Osswald; Alexander Meschtscherjakov; Manfred Tscheligi

Papers: studying digital artifacts

Digital artifacts as legacy: exploring the lifespan and value of digital data BIBAFull-Text 1813-1822
  Rebecca Gulotta; William Odom; Jodi Forlizzi; Haakon Faste
Design for forgetting: disposing of digital possessions after a breakup BIBAFull-Text 1823-1832
  Corina Sas; Steve Whittaker
Fragmentation and transition: understanding perceptions of virtual possessions among young adults in Spain, South Korea and the United States BIBAFull-Text 1833-1842
  William Odom; John Zimmerman; Jodi Forlizzi; Ana López Higuera; Mauro Marchitto; José Cañas; Youn-kyung Lim; Tek-Jin Nam; Moon-Hwan Lee; Yeoreum Lee; Da-jung Kim; Yea-kyung Row; Jinmin Seok; Bokyung Sohn; Heather Moore
Instagram at the museum: communicating the museum experience through social photo sharing BIBAFull-Text 1843-1852
  Alexandra Weilenmann; Thomas Hillman; Beata Jungselius

Papers: ethics in HCI

Categorised ethical guidelines for large scale mobile HCI BIBAFull-Text 1853-1862
  Donald McMillan; Alistair Morrison; Matthew Chalmers
Benevolent deception in human computer interaction BIBAFull-Text 1863-1872
  Eytan Adar; Desney S. Tan; Jaime Teevan
HCI in the press: online public reactions to mass media portrayals of HCI research BIBAFull-Text 1873-1882
  John Vines; Anja Thieme; Rob Comber; Mark Blythe; Peter C. Wright; Patrick Olivier
The emotional wellbeing of researchers: considerations for practice BIBAFull-Text 1883-1890
  Wendy Moncur

Papers: embodied interaction 2

The effects of tactile feedback and movement alteration on interaction and awareness with digital embodiments BIBAFull-Text 1891-1900
  Andre Doucette; Regan L. Mandryk; Carl Gutwin; Miguel Nacenta; Andriy Pavlovych
Designing for perceptual crossing: designing and comparing three behaviors BIBAFull-Text 1901-1910
  Eva Deckers; Stephan Wensveen; Pierre Levy; Rene Ahn
I see you there!: developing identity-preserving embodied interaction for museum exhibits BIBAFull-Text 1911-1920
  Francesco Cafaro; Alessandro Panella; Leilah Lyons; Jessica Roberts; Josh Radinsky
In-body experiences: embodiment, control, and trust in robot-mediated communication BIBAFull-Text 1921-1930
  Irene Rae; Leila Takayama; Bilge Mutlu

Papers: design research

Crossing the bridge over norman's gulf of execution: revealing feedforward's true identity BIBAFull-Text 1931-1940
  Jo Vermeulen; Kris Luyten; Elise van den Hoven; Karin Coninx
Q-methodology as a research and design tool for HCI BIBAFull-Text 1941-1950
  Kathleen O'Leary; Jacob O. Wobbrock; Eve A. Riskin
Design research at CHI and its applicability to design practice BIBAFull-Text 1951-1954
  David J. Roedl; Erik Stolterman
DesignLibs: a scenario-based design method for ideation BIBAFull-Text 1955-1958
  Jared S. Bauer; Julie A. Kientz

Papers: developing the world

Powering the cellphone revolution: findings from mobile phone charging trials in off-grid Kenya BIBAFull-Text 1959-1968
  Susan P. Wyche; Laura L. Murphy
Deep conservation in urban India and its implications for the design of conservation technologies BIBAFull-Text 1969-1978
  Yedendra B. Shrinivasan; Mohit Jain; Deva P. Seetharam; Abhishek Choudhary; Elaine M. Huang; Tawanna Dillahunt; Jennifer Mankoff
Fighting against the wall: social media use by political activists in a Palestinian village BIBAFull-Text 1979-1988
  Volker Wulf; Konstantin Aal; Ibrahim Abu Kteish; Meryem Atam; Kai Schubert; Markus Rohde; George P. Yerousis; David Randall
The mobile media actor-network in urban India BIBAFull-Text 1989-1998
  Neha Kumar; Nimmi Rangaswamy

Papers: collaborative creation

Cascade: crowdsourcing taxonomy creation BIBAFull-Text 1999-2008
  Lydia B. Chilton; Greg Little; Darren Edge; Daniel S. Weld; James A. Landay
Let's get together: the formation and success of online creative collaborations BIBAFull-Text 2009-2018
  Burr Settles; Steven Dow
A tribute to Mad skill: expert amateur visuality and world of Warcraft Machinima BIBAFull-Text 2019-2028
  Tyler Pace; Austin Toombs; Shad Gross; Tony Pattin; Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell
Virtual birding: extending an environmental pastime into the virtual world for citizen science BIBAFull-Text 2029-2032
  Mark Cottman-Fields; Margot Brereton; Paul Roe
Warping time for more effective real-time crowdsourcing BIBAFull-Text 2033-2036
  Walter S. Lasecki; Christopher D. Miller; Jeffrey P. Bigham

Papers: aesthetics and the web

Predicting users' first impressions of website aesthetics with a quantification of perceived visual complexity and colorfulness BIBAFull-Text 2049-2058
  Katharina Reinecke; Tom Yeh; Luke Miratrix; Rahmatri Mardiko; Yuechen Zhao; Jenny Liu; Krzysztof Z. Gajos
Love it or hate it!: interactivity and user types BIBAFull-Text 2059-2068
  Jennefer Hart; Alistair G. Sutcliffe; Antonella De Angeli
SPRWeb: preserving subjective responses to website colour schemes through automatic recolouring BIBAFull-Text 2069-2078
  David R. Flatla; Katharina Reinecke; Carl Gutwin; Krzysztof Z. Gajos

Papers: evaluation methods 2

Analyzing users' narratives to understand experience with interactive products BIBAFull-Text 2079-2088
  Alexandre N. Tuch; Rune Trusell; Kasper Hornbæk
Extracting usability and user experience information from online user reviews BIBAFull-Text 2089-2098
  Steffen Hedegaard; Jakob Grue Simonsen
UMUX-LITE: when there's no time for the SUS BIBAFull-Text 2099-2102
  James R. Lewis; Brian S. Utesch; Deborah E. Maher
Non-parametric decision trees and online HCI BIBAFull-Text 2103-2106
  Torben Sko; Henry J. Gardner; Michael Martin

Papers: design for the blind

Listen to it yourself!: evaluating usability of what's around me? for the blind BIBAFull-Text 2107-2116
  Sabrina A. Panëels; Adriana Olmos; Jeffrey R. Blum; Jeremy R. Cooperstock
Visual challenges in the everyday lives of blind people BIBAFull-Text 2117-2126
  Erin Brady; Meredith Ringel Morris; Yu Zhong; Samuel White; Jeffrey P. Bigham
Accessible photo album: enhancing the photo sharing experience for people with visual impairment BIBAFull-Text 2127-2136
  Susumu Harada; Daisuke Sato; Dustin W. Adams; Sri Kurniawan; Hironobu Takagi; Chieko Asakawa

Papers: mobile interaction

A study on icon arrangement by smartphone users BIBAFull-Text 2137-2146
  Matthias Böhmer; Antonio Krüger
SeeSay and HearSay CAPTCHA for mobile interaction BIBAFull-Text 2147-2156
  Sajad Shirali-Shahreza; Gerald Penn; Ravin Balakrishnan; Yashar Ganjali
Phoneprioception: enabling mobile phones to infer where they are kept BIBAFull-Text 2157-2166
  Jason Wiese; T. Scott Saponas; A. J. Bernheim Brush
Facilitating parallel web browsing through multiple-page view BIBAFull-Text 2167-2170
  Wenchang Xu; Chun Yu; Songmin Zhao; Jie Liu; Yuanchun Shi
Swipe vs. scroll: web page switching on mobile browsers BIBAFull-Text 2171-2174
  Andrew Warr; Ed H. Chi

Papers: performing interaction

Flights in my hands: coherence concerns in designing strip'tic, a tangible space for air traffic controllers BIBAFull-Text 2175-2184
  Catherine Letondal; Christophe Hurter; Rémi Lesbordes; Jean-Luc Vinot; Stéphane Conversy
PixelTone: a multimodal interface for image editing BIBAFull-Text 2185-2194
  Gierad P. Laput; Mira Dontcheva; Gregg Wilensky; Walter Chang; Aseem Agarwala; Jason Linder; Eytan Adar
The space between the notes: adding expressive pitch control to the piano keyboard BIBAFull-Text 2195-2204
  Andrew P. McPherson; Adrian Gierakowski; Adam M. Stark
Reflexive loopers for solo musical improvisation BIBAFull-Text 2205-2208
  François Pachet; Pierre Roy; Julian Moreira; Mark d'Inverno
8D: interacting with a relightable glasses-free 3D display BIBAFull-Text 2209-2212
  Matthew Hirsch; Shahram Izadi; Henry Holtzman; Ramesh Raskar

Papers: engagement

Exploring the effects of space and place on engagement with an interactive installation BIBAFull-Text 2213-2222
  Imeh Akpan; Paul Marshall; Jon Bird; Daniel Harrison
Focused and casual interactions: allowing users to vary their level of engagement BIBAFull-Text 2223-2232
  Henning Pohl; Roderick Murray-Smith
Designing engagement-aware agents for multiparty conversations BIBAFull-Text 2233-2242
  Qianli Xu; Liyuan Li; Gang Wang
Ownership and control of point of view in remote assistance BIBAFull-Text 2243-2252
  Joel Lanir; Ran Stone; Benjamin Cohen; Pavel Gurevich

Papers: knowledge managment

Effects of peer feedback on contribution: a field experiment in Wikipedia BIBAFull-Text 2253-2262
  Haiyi Zhu; Amy Zhang; Jiping He; Robert E. Kraut; Aniket Kittur
Activity-centric support for ad hoc knowledge work: a case study of co-activity manager BIBAFull-Text 2263-2272
  Steven Houben; Jakob E. Bardram; Jo Vermeulen; Kris Luyten; Karin Coninx
Turbulence in the clouds: challenges of cloud-based information work BIBAFull-Text 2273-2282
  Amy Voida; Judith S. Olson; Gary M. Olson
Factors impacting community response in an interest-sharing network BIBAFull-Text 2283-2286
  Iris Howley; Todd Newman
Using an open card sort with children to categorize games in a mobile phone application store BIBAFull-Text 2287-2290
  Brendan Cassidy; Dipti Saurabh Antani; Janet C. Read

Papers: touch interaction

How fast is fast enough?: a study of the effects of latency in direct-touch pointing tasks BIBAFull-Text 2291-2300
  Ricardo Jota; Albert Ng; Paul Dietz; Daniel Wigdor
TouchViz: a case study comparing two interfaces for data analytics on tablets BIBAFull-Text 2301-2310
  Steven M. Drucker; Danyel Fisher; Ramik Sadana; Jessica Herron; m.c. schraefel
W3touch: metrics-based web page adaptation for touch BIBAFull-Text 2311-2320
  Michael Nebeling; Maximilian Speicher; Moira Norrie
FlashTouch: data communication through touchscreens BIBAFull-Text 2321-2324
  Masa Ogata; Yuta Sugiura; Hirotaka Osawa; Michita Imai
Augmented letters: mnemonic gesture-based shortcuts BIBAFull-Text 2325-2328
  Quentin Roy; Sylvain Malacria; Yves Guiard; Eric Lecolinet; James Eagan

Papers: data navigation

Improving navigation-based file retrieval BIBAFull-Text 2329-2338
  Stephen Fitchett; Andy Cockburn; Carl Gutwin
Carpé data: supporting serendipitous data integration in personal information management BIBAFull-Text 2339-2348
  Max Van Kleek; Daniel A. Smith; Heather S. Packer; Jim Skinner; Nigel R. Shadbolt
The challenges of specifying intervals and absences in temporal queries: a graphical language approach BIBAFull-Text 2349-2358
  Megan Monroe; Rongjian Lan; Juan Morales del Olmo; Ben Shneiderman; Catherine Plaisant; Jeff Millstein
Beyond the filter bubble: interactive effects of perceived threat and topic involvement on selective exposure to information BIBAFull-Text 2359-2368
  Q. Vera Liao; Wai-Tat Fu

Papers: passwords and errors

My profile is my password, verify me!: the privacy/convenience tradeoff of Facebook connect BIBAFull-Text 2369-2378
  Serge Egelman
Does my password go up to eleven?: the impact of password meters on password selection BIBAFull-Text 2379-2388
  Serge Egelman; Andreas Sotirakopoulos; Ildar Muslukhov; Konstantin Beznosov; Cormac Herley
Back-of-device authentication on smartphones BIBAFull-Text 2389-2398
  Alexander De Luca; Emanuel von Zezschwitz; Ngo Dieu Huong Nguyen; Max-Emanuel Maurer; Elisa Rubegni; Marcello Paolo Scipioni; Marc Langheinrich
Using fake cursors to secure on-screen password entry BIBAFull-Text 2399-2402
  Alexander De Luca; Emanuel von Zezschwitz; Laurent Pichler; Heinrich Hussmann
Using Checksums to Detect Number Entry Error BIBAFull-Text 2403-2406
  Sarah Wiseman; Anna L. Cox; Duncan P. Brumby; Sandy J. J. Gould; Sarah O'Carroll

Papers: social tagging

All the news that's fit to read: a study of social annotations for news reading BIBAFull-Text 2407-2416
  Chinmay Kulkarni; Ed Chi
"Shared joy is double joy": the social practices of user networks within group shopping sites BIBAFull-Text 2417-2426
  Serena Hillman; Carman Neustaedter; Carolyn Pang; Erick Oduor
"I need to try this"?: a statistical overview of Pinterest BIBAFull-Text 2427-2436
  Eric Gilbert; Saeideh Bakhshi; Shuo Chang; Loren Terveen

Papers: food and health

I am what I eat: identity & critical thinking in an online health forum for kids BIBAFull-Text 2437-2446
  Andrea Grimes Parker; Ian McClendon; Catherine Grevet; Victoria Ayo; WonTaek Chung; Veda Johnson; Elizabeth D. Mynatt
Domestic food and sustainable design: a study of university student cooking and its impacts BIBAFull-Text 2447-2456
  Adrian K. Clear; Mike Hazas; Janine Morley; Adrian Friday; Oliver Bates
Food practices as situated action: exploring and designing for everyday food practices with households BIBAFull-Text 2457-2466
  Rob Comber; Jettie Hoonhout; Aart van Halteren; Paula Moynihan; Patrick Olivier
Tailoring persuasive health games to gamer type BIBAFull-Text 2467-2476
  Rita Orji; Regan L. Mandryk; Julita Vassileva; Kathrin M. Gerling

Papers: mobile applications

When the price is right: enabling time-dependent pricing of broadband data BIBAFull-Text 2477-2486
  Soumya Sen; Carlee Joe-Wong; Sangtae Ha; Jasika Bawa; Mung Chiang
Mobile advertising: evaluating the effects of animation, user and content relevance BIBAFull-Text 2487-2496
  Marco de Sa; Vidhya Navalpakkam; Elizabeth F. Churchill
Validating a mobile phone application for the everyday, unobtrusive, objective measurement of sleep BIBAFull-Text 2497-2506
  Shaun Lawson; Sue Jamison-Powell; Andrew Garbett; Conor Linehan; Erica Kucharczyk; Sanne Verbaan; Duncan A. Rowland; Kevin Morgan

Papers: crime and conflicts

Protecting the home: exploring the roles of technology and citizen activism from a burglar's perspective BIBAFull-Text 2507-2516
  Sheena Lewis Erete
Digital portraits: photo-sharing after domestic violence BIBAFull-Text 2517-2526
  Rachel Clarke; Peter Wright; Madeline Balaam; John McCarthy
Envisioning across generations: a multi-lifespan information system for international justice in Rwanda BIBAFull-Text 2527-2536
  Daisy Yoo; Milli Lake; Trond Nilsen; Molly E. Utter; Robert Alsdorf; Theoneste Bizimana; Lisa P. Nathan; Mark Ring; Elizabeth J. Utter; Robert F. Utter; Batya Friedman
Digital apartheid: an ethnographic account of racialised hci in Cape Town hip-hop BIBAFull-Text 2537-2546
  Gary W. Pritchard; John Vines

Papers: haptics

Gesture output: eyes-free output using a force feedback touch surface BIBAFull-Text 2547-2556
  Anne Roudaut; Andreas Rau; Christoph Sterz; Max Plauth; Pedro Lopes; Patrick Baudisch
Reality jockey: lifting the barrier between alternate realities through audio and haptic feedback BIBAFull-Text 2557-2566
  Kevin Fan; Hideyuki Izumi; Yuta Sugiura; Kouta Minamizawa; Sohei Wakisaka; Masahiko Inami; Naotaka Fujii; Susumu Tachi
Real-time perception-level translation from audio signals to vibrotactile effects BIBAFull-Text 2567-2576
  Jaebong Lee; Seungmoon Choi
Muscle-propelled force feedback: bringing force feedback to mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 2577-2580
  Pedro Lopes; Patrick Baudisch
uTouch: sensing touch gestures on unmodified LCDs BIBAFull-Text 2581-2584
  Ke-Yu Chen; Gabe A. Cohn; Sidhant Gupta; Shwetak N. Patel

Papers: fabrication

LaserOrigami: laser-cutting 3D objects BIBAFull-Text 2585-2592
  Stefanie Mueller; Bastian Kruck; Patrick Baudisch
Evaluating the efficiency of physical visualizations BIBAFull-Text 2593-2602
  Yvonne Jansen; Pierre Dragicevic; Jean-Daniel Fekete
Democratizing technology: pleasure, utility and expressiveness in DIY and maker practice BIBAFull-Text 2603-2612
  Joshua G. Tanenbaum; Amanda M. Williams; Audrey Desjardins; Karen Tanenbaum
FreeD: a freehand digital sculpting tool BIBAFull-Text 2613-2616
  Amit Zoran; Joseph A. Paradiso

Papers: mental health

A design-led inquiry into personhood in dementia BIBAFull-Text 2617-2626
  Jayne Wallace; Peter C. Wright; John McCarthy; David Philip Green; James Thomas; Patrick Olivier
Designing mobile health technology for bipolar disorder: a field trial of the monarca system BIBAFull-Text 2627-2636
  Jakob E. Bardram; Mads Frost; Károly Szántó; Maria Faurholt-Jepsen; Maj Vinberg; Lars Vedel Kessing
Understanding the conflicting demands of family caregivers caring for depressed family members BIBAFull-Text 2637-2646
  Naomi Yamashita; Hideaki Kuzuoka; Keiji Hirata; Takashi Kudo
Design to promote mindfulness practice and sense of self for vulnerable women in secure hospital services BIBAFull-Text 2647-2656
  Anja Thieme; Jayne Wallace; Paula Johnson; John McCarthy; Siân Lindley; Peter Wright; Patrick Olivier; Thomas D. Meyer

Papers: consent and privacy

Why do people seek anonymity on the internet?: informing policy and design BIBAFull-Text 2657-2666
  Ruogu Kang; Stephanie Brown; Sara Kiesler
Preference-based location sharing: are more privacy options really better? BIBAFull-Text 2667-2676
  Bart P. Knijnenburg; Alfred Kobsa; Hongxia Jin
The secret life of a persona: when the personal becomes private BIBAFull-Text 2677-2686
  Elina Eriksson; Henrik Artman; Anna Swartling
Consent for all: revealing the hidden complexity of terms and conditions BIBAFull-Text 2687-2696
  Ewa Luger; Stuart Moran; Tom Rodden

Papers: text visualization

Quantity estimation in visualizations of tagged text BIBAFull-Text 2697-2706
  Michael A. Correll; Eric C. Alexander; Michael Gleicher
Contextifier: automatic generation of annotated stock visualizations BIBAFull-Text 2707-2716
  Jessica Hullman; Nicholas Diakopoulos; Eytan Adar
A comparative evaluation of multiple chat stream interfaces for information-intensive environments BIBAFull-Text 2717-2720
  Yiran Wang; Andy Echenique; Martin Shelton; Gloria Mark
Effects of visualization and note-taking on sensemaking and analysis BIBAFull-Text 2721-2724
  Nitesh Goyal; Gilly Leshed; Susan R. Fussell

Papers: sustainability

Beyond being green: simple living families and ICT BIBAFull-Text 2725-2734
  Maria Håkansson; Phoebe Sengers
The power of play: design lessons for increasing the lifespan of outdated computers BIBAFull-Text 2735-2744
  Derek Lomas; Anuj Kumar; Kishan Patel; Dixie Ching; Meera Lakshmanan; Matthew Kam; Jodi L. Forlizzi
inAir: a longitudinal study of indoor air quality measurements and visualizations BIBAFull-Text 2745-2754
  Sunyoung Kim; Eric Paulos; Jennifer Mankoff
"I want to imagine how that place looks": designing technologies to support connectivity between Africans living abroad and home BIBAFull-Text 2755-2764
  Susan P. Wyche; Marshini Chetty

Papers: mobile text entry

Improving two-thumb text entry on touchscreen devices BIBAFull-Text 2765-2774
  Antti Oulasvirta; Anna Reichel; Wenbin Li; Yan Zhang; Myroslav Bachynskyi; Keith Vertanen; Per Ola Kristensson
Making touchscreen keyboards adaptive to keys, hand postures, and individuals: a hierarchical spatial backoff model approach BIBAFull-Text 2775-2784
  Ying Yin; Tom Yu Ouyang; Kurt Partridge; Shumin Zhai
Gestures and widgets: performance in text editing on multi-touch capable mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 2785-2794
  Vittorio Fuccella; Poika Isokoski; Benoit Martin
ContextType: using hand posture information to improve mobile touch screen text entry BIBAFull-Text 2795-2798
  Mayank Goel; Alex Jansen; Travis Mandel; Shwetak N. Patel; Jacob O. Wobbrock
ZoomBoard: a diminutive qwerty soft keyboard using iterative zooming for ultra-small devices BIBAFull-Text 2799-2802
  Stephen Oney; Chris Harrison; Amy Ogan; Jason Wiese

Papers: design for development

Job opportunities through entertainment: virally spread speech-based services for low-literate users BIBAFull-Text 2803-2812
  Agha Ali Raza; Farhan Ul Haq; Zain Tariq; Mansoor Pervaiz; Samia Razaq; Umar Saif; Roni Rosenfeld
Some evidence for the impact of limited education on hierarchical user interface navigation BIBAFull-Text 2813-2822
  Indrani Medhi; Meera Lakshmanan; Kentaro Toyama; Edward Cutrell
Hustling online: understanding consolidated Facebook use in an informal settlement in Nairobi BIBAFull-Text 2823-2832
  Susan P. Wyche; Andrea Forte; Sarita Yardi Schoenebeck
VideoKheti: making video content accessible to low-literate and novice users BIBAFull-Text 2833-2842
  Sebastien Cuendet; Indrani Medhi; Kalika Bali; Edward Cutrell

Papers: narrative and materiality

Design-driven narrative: using stories to prototype and build immersive design worlds BIBAFull-Text 2843-2852
  Eric Spaulding; Haakon Faste
Materials, materiality, and media BIBAFull-Text 2853-2862
  Verena Fuchsberger; Martin Murer; Manfred Tscheligi
Mobiles, music, and materiality BIBAFull-Text 2863-2872
  Neha Kumar; Tapan S. Parikh
Infrastructure and vocation: field, calling and computation in ecology BIBAFull-Text 2873-2882
  Steven J. Jackson; Sarah Barbrow

Papers: design for children

Design research by proxy: using children as researchers to gain contextual knowledge about user experience BIBAFull-Text 2883-2892
  Fenne van Doorn; Pieter Jan Stappers; Mathieu Gielen
FACIT PD: a framework for analysis and creation of intergenerational techniques for participatory design BIBAFull-Text 2893-2902
  Greg Walsh; Elizabeth Foss; Jason Yip; Allison Druin
Three tensions in participatory design for inclusion BIBAFull-Text 2903-2906
  Harald Holone; Jo Herstad
Interview approaches to researching embodiment BIBAFull-Text 2907-2910
  Sara Price; Carey Jewitt

Papers: evaluation methods 3

Using behavioral data to identify interviewer fabrication in surveys BIBAFull-Text 2911-2920
  Benjamin Birnbaum; Gaetano Borriello; Abraham D. Flaxman; Brian DeRenzi; Anna R. Karlin
Footprint tracker: supporting diary studies with lifelogging BIBAFull-Text 2921-2930
  Rúben Gouveia; Evangelos Karapanos
Investigating self-reporting behavior in long-term studies BIBAFull-Text 2931-2940
  Andreas Möller; Matthias Kranz; Barbara Schmid; Luis Roalter; Stefan Diewald
The effect of global instructions on think-aloud testing BIBAFull-Text 2941-2944
  Sharon McDonald; Helen Petrie
Reifying social movement trajectories BIBAFull-Text 2945-2948
  Adam Fouse; Nadir Weibel; Christine Johnson; James D. Hollan

Papers: visual perception

Influencing visual judgment through affective priming BIBAFull-Text 2949-2958
  Lane Harrison; Drew Skau; Steven Franconeri; Aidong Lu; Remco Chang
Play it by ear: a case for serendipitous discovery of places with musicons BIBAFull-Text 2959-2968
  Anupriya Ankolekar; Thomas Sandholm; Louis Yu
Waves: exploring idiographic design for live performance BIBAFull-Text 2969-2978
  Jonathan Hook; John McCarthy; Peter Wright; Patrick Olivier
Effects of the display angle in museums on user's cognition, behavior, and subjective responses BIBAFull-Text 2979-2988
  Junko Ichino; Kazuo Isoda; Ayako Hanai; Tetsuya Ueda

Papers: searching and finding

Costs and benefits of structured information foraging BIBAFull-Text 2989-2998
  Aniket Kittur; Andrew M. Peters; Abdigani Diriye; Trupti Telang; Michael R. Bove
Supporting orientation during search result examination BIBAFull-Text 2999-3008
  Henry Feild; Ryen W. White; Xin Fu
TrailMap: facilitating information seeking in a multi-scale digital map via implicit bookmarking BIBAFull-Text 3009-3018
  Jian Zhao; Daniel Wigdor; Ravin Balakrishnan
Leading people to longer queries BIBAFull-Text 3019-3022
  Elena Agapie; Gene Golovchinsky; Pernilla Qvarfordt
Pirates of the search results page BIBAFull-Text 3023-3026
  Kathy Baxter; Lori Wu Malahy; Jeremy Lubin

Papers: mobile gestures

Bezel-Tap gestures: quick activation of commands from sleep mode on tablets BIBAFull-Text 3027-3036
  Marcos Serrano; Eric Lecolinet; Yves Guiard
iGrasp: grasp-based adaptive keyboard for mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 3037-3046
  Lung-Pan Cheng; Hsiang-Sheng Liang; Che-Yang Wu; Mike Y. Chen
Multi-touch rotation gestures: performance and ergonomics BIBAFull-Text 3047-3050
  Eve Hoggan; John Williamson; Antti Oulasvirta; Miguel Nacenta; Per Ola Kristensson; Anu Lehtiö
IrotateGrasp: automatic screen rotation based on grasp of mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 3051-3054
  Lung-Pan Cheng; Meng Han Lee; Che-Yang Wu; Fang-I Hsiao; Yen-Ting Liu; Hsiang-Sheng Liang; Yi-Ching Chiu; Ming-Sui Lee; Mike Y. Chen

Papers: design for developers

The whats and hows of programmers' foraging diets BIBAFull-Text 3063-3072
  David J. Piorkowski; Scott D. Fleming; Irwin Kwan; Margaret M. Burnett; Christopher Scaffidi; Rachel K. E. Bellamy; Joshua Jordahl
How tools in IDEs shape developers' navigation behavior BIBAFull-Text 3073-3082
  Jan-Peter Krämer; Thorsten Karrer; Joachim Kurz; Moritz Wittenhagen; Jan Borchers
Webzeitgeist: design mining the web BIBAFull-Text 3083-3092
  Ranjitha Kumar; Arvind Satyanarayan; Cesar Torres; Maxine Lim; Salman Ahmad; Scott R. Klemmer; Jerry O. Talton
Informal cognitive walkthroughs (ICW): paring down and pairing up for an agile world BIBAFull-Text 3093-3096
  Valentina Grigoreanu; Manal Mohanna
Picode: inline photos representing posture data in source code BIBAFull-Text 3097-3100
  Jun Kato; Daisuke Sakamoto; Takeo Igarashi

Papers: perception and awareness

Modeling how people extract color themes from images BIBAFull-Text 3101-3110
  Sharon Lin; Pat Hanrahan
Reducing disruption from subtle information delivery during a conversation: mode and bandwidth investigation BIBAFull-Text 3111-3120
  Eyal Ofek; Shamsi T. Iqbal; Karin Strauss
Adaptive automation and cue invocation: the effect of cue timing on operator error BIBAFull-Text 3121-3130
  Daniel Gartenberg; Leonard A. Breslow; Joo Park; J. Malcolm McCurry; J. Gregory Trafton
Distraction beyond the driver: predicting the effects of in-vehicle interaction on surrounding traffic BIBAFull-Text 3131-3134
  Dario D. Salvucci
I feel for my avatar: embodied perception in VEs BIBAFull-Text 3135-3138
  Sangseok You; S. Shyam Sundar

Papers: spatial interfaces

Testing the robustness and performance of spatially consistent interfaces BIBAFull-Text 3139-3148
  Joey Scarr; Andy Cockburn; Carl Gutwin; Sylvain Malacria
Canyon: providing location awareness of multiple moving objects in a detail view on large displays BIBAFull-Text 3149-3158
  Alexandra Ion; Y.-L. Betty Chang; Michael Haller; Mark Hancock; Stacey D. Scott
Designing graphical menus for novices and experts: connecting design characteristics with design goals BIBAFull-Text 3159-3168
  Krystian Samp
Binocular cursor: enabling selection on transparent displays troubled by binocular parallax BIBAFull-Text 3169-3172
  Joon Hyub Lee; Seok-Hyung Bae
Studying spatial memory and map navigation performance on projector phones with peephole interaction BIBAFull-Text 3173-3176
  Bonifaz Kaufmann; David Ahlström

Papers: autism

Why do they still use paper?: understanding data collection and use in Autism education BIBAFull-Text 3177-3186
  Gabriela Marcu; Kevin Tassini; Quintin Carlson; Jillian Goodwyn; Gabrielle Rivkin; Kevin J. Schaefer; Anind K. Dey; Sara Kiesler
TOBY: early intervention in autism through technology BIBAFull-Text 3187-3196
  Svetha Venkatesh; Dinh Phung; Thi Duong; Stewart Greenhill; Brett Adams
Evaluation of tablet apps to encourage social interaction in children with autism spectrum disorders BIBAFull-Text 3197-3206
  Juan Pablo Hourcade; Stacy R. Williams; Ellen A. Miller; Kelsey E. Huebner; Lucas J. Liang
Investigating the use of circles in social networks to support independence of individuals with autism BIBAFull-Text 3207-3216
  Hwajung Hong; Svetlana Yarosh; Jennifer G. Kim; Gregory D. Abowd; Rosa I. Arriaga

Papers: information visualization

Interactive horizon graphs: improving the compact visualization of multiple time series BIBAFull-Text 3217-3226
  Charles Perin; Frédéric Vernier; Jean-Daniel Fekete
Patina: dynamic heatmaps for visualizing application usage BIBAFull-Text 3227-3236
  Justin Matejka; Tovi Grossman; George Fitzmaurice
Evaluation of alternative glyph designs for time series data in a small multiple setting BIBAFull-Text 3237-3246
  Johannes Fuchs; Fabian Fischer; Florian Mansmann; Enrico Bertini; Petra Isenberg
Motif simplification: improving network visualization readability with fan, connector, and clique glyphs BIBAFull-Text 3247-3256
  Cody Dunne; Ben Shneiderman

Papers: social media practices

Limiting, leaving, and (re)lapsing: an exploration of Facebook non-use practices and experiences BIBAFull-Text 3257-3266
  Eric P. S. Baumer; Phil Adams; Vera D. Khovanskaya; Tony C. Liao; Madeline E. Smith; Victoria Schwanda Sosik; Kaiton Williams
Predicting postpartum changes in emotion and behavior via social media BIBAFull-Text 3267-3276
  Munmun De Choudhury; Scott Counts; Eric Horvitz
"i read my Twitter the next morning and was astonished": a conversational perspective on Twitter regrets BIBAFull-Text 3277-3286
  Manya Sleeper; Justin Cranshaw; Patrick Gage Kelley; Blase Ur; Alessandro Acquisti; Lorrie Faith Cranor; Norman Sadeh
Understanding motivations for Facebook use: usage metrics, network structure, and privacy BIBAFull-Text 3287-3296
  Tasos Spiliotopoulos; Ian Oakley

Papers: different perspectives

What is "critical" about critical design? BIBAFull-Text 3297-3306
  Jeffrey Bardzell; Shaowen Bardzell
Mind the theoretical gap: interpreting, using, and developing behavioral theory in HCI research BIBAFull-Text 3307-3316
  Eric B. Hekler; Predrag Klasnja; Jon E. Froehlich; Matthew P. Buman
Beyond digital and physical objects: the intellectual work as a concept of interest for HCI BIBAFull-Text 3317-3326
  Melanie Feinberg
Critical perspective on persuasive technology reconsidered BIBAFull-Text 3327-3330
  Fahri Yetim
How categories come to matter BIBAFull-Text 3331-3334
  Lucian Leahu; Marisa Cohn; Wendy March

Papers: multi-device interaction

Personal clipboards for individual copy-and-paste on shared multi-user surfaces BIBAFull-Text 3335-3344
  Dominik Schmidt; Corina Sas; Hans Gellersen
Collaborative sensemaking on a digital tabletop and personal tablets: prioritization, comparisons, and tableaux BIBAFull-Text 3345-3354
  James R. Wallace; Stacey D. Scott; Carolyn G. MacGregor
A comparative evaluation of touch-based methods to bind mobile devices for collaborative interactions BIBAFull-Text 3355-3364
  Tero Jokela; Andrés Lucero

Papers: On the move

The design space of body games: technological, physical, and social design BIBAFull-Text 3365-3374
  Elena Márquez Segura; Annika Waern; Jin Moen; Carolina Johansson
Seeing movement qualities BIBAFull-Text 3375-3384
  Helena M. Mentis; Carolina Johansson
CrashAlert: enhancing peripheral alertness for eyes-busy mobile interaction while walking BIBAFull-Text 3385-3388
  Juan David Hincapié-Ramos; Pourang Irani
Three perspectives on behavior change for serious games BIBAFull-Text 3389-3392
  Joshua G. Tanenbaum; Alissa N. Antle; John Robinson

Papers: understanding privacy

Privacy as part of the app decision-making process BIBAFull-Text 3393-3402
  Patrick Gage Kelley; Lorrie Faith Cranor; Norman Sadeh
"Everybody knows what you're doing": a critical design approach to personal informatics BIBAFull-Text 3403-3412
  Vera Khovanskaya; Eric P. S. Baumer; Dan Cosley; Stephen Voida; Geri Gay
Shifting dynamics or breaking sacred traditions?: the role of technology in twelve-step fellowships BIBAFull-Text 3413-3422
  Svetlana Yarosh
Taking data exposure into account: how does it affect the choice of sign-in accounts? BIBAFull-Text 3423-3426
  Shahar Ronen; Oriana Riva; Maritza Johnson; Donald Thompson
Understanding the privacy-personalization dilemma for web search: a user perspective BIBAFull-Text 3427-3430
  Saurabh Panjwani; Nisheeth Shrivastava; Saurabh Shukla; Sharad Jaiswal

Papers: design strategies

Slow design for meaningful interactions BIBAFull-Text 3431-3440
  Barbara Grosse-Hering; Jon Mason; Dzmitry Aliakseyeu; Conny Bakker; Pieter Desmet
Making design probes work BIBAFull-Text 3441-3450
  Jayne Wallace; John McCarthy; Peter C. Wright; Patrick Olivier
Indoor weather stations: investigating a ludic approach to environmental HCI through batch prototyping BIBAFull-Text 3451-3460
  William W. Gaver; John Bowers; Kirsten Boehner; Andy Boucher; David W. T. Cameron; Mark Hauenstein; Nadine Jarvis; Sarah Pennington

Papers: tensions in social media

Reveal-it!: the impact of a social visualization projection on public awareness and discourse BIBAFull-Text 3461-3470
  Nina Valkanova; Sergi Jorda; Martin Tomitsch; Andrew Vande Moere
Social media and the police: tweeting practices of British police forces during the August 2011 riots BIBAFull-Text 3471-3480
  Sebastian Denef; Petra S. Bayerl; Nico A. Kaptein
Whoo.ly: facilitating information seeking for hyperlocal communities using social media BIBAFull-Text 3481-3490
  Yuheng Hu; Shelly D. Farnham; Andrés Monroy-Hernández