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Proceedings of ACM CHI 2003 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Fullname:Extended Abstracts of CHI 2003 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Note:New Horizons
Location:Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, USA
Dates:2003-Apr-05 to 2003-Apr-10
Standard No:ACM ISBN 1-58113-637-4 ACM Order Number 608035; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHI03-2
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  1. CHI 2003-04-05 Volume 2
    1. Demos
    2. Design & Usability Session Papers
    3. Doctoral Consortium Submissions
    4. Panels
    5. Short talks-Specialized section: interaction techniques for handheld devices
    6. Short talks-Specialized section: domesticated design
    7. Short talks-Specialized section: trust, security & safety
    8. Short talks-Specialized section: emotion
    9. Short talks-Specialized section: usability of large scale public systems
    10. Short talks-Specialized section: peripheral and ambient displays
    11. Short talks-Specialized section: Fitts' law & text input
    12. Short talks-Specialized section: editing and coordinating
    13. Short talks-Specialized section: gaze & information navigation
    14. Short talks-Specialized section: issues in software development
    15. Short talks-Specialized section: collaborative systems
    16. Short talks-Specialized section: brains, eyes and ears
    17. Short talks-Specialized section: tangible interfaces
    18. Short talks-Specialized section: world wide web
    19. Short talks-Specialized section: understanding the context of use
    20. Short talks-Specialized section: information visualization & navigation
    21. Short talks-Specialized section: recommender systems and social computing
    22. Short talks-Specialized section: haptic interfaces
    23. Special interest group
    24. Interactive posters: e-learning
    25. Interactive posters: emotion
    26. Interactive posters: mass communication
    27. Interactive posters: personal media
    28. Interactive posters: computer-mediated communication
    29. Interactive posters: input and interaction
    30. Interactive posters: gaze interaction
    31. Interactive posters: tangible interfaces
    32. Interactive posters: computers everywhere
    33. Interactive posters: intelligent interfaces
    34. Interactive posters: supporting design
    35. Workshops

CHI 2003-04-05 Volume 2


A fisheye calendar interface for PDAs: providing overviews for small displays BIBAFull-Text 618-619
  Benjamin B. Bederson; Aaron Clamage; Mary P. Czerwinski; George G. Robertson
Gesture + play: full-body interaction for virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 620-621
  Tollmar Konrad; David Demirdjian; Trevor Darrell
PENPETS: a physical environment for virtual animals BIBFull-Text 622-623
  Shaun O'Mahony; John A. Robinson
Personal universal controllers: controlling complex appliances with GUIs and speech BIBAFull-Text 624-625
  Jeffrey Nichols; Brad A. Myers; Michael Higgins; Joseph Hughes; Thomas K. Harris; Roni Rosenfeld; Kevin Litwack
Fusion: interactive coordination of diverse data, visualizations, and mining algorithms BIBAFull-Text 626-627
  Chris North; Nathan Conklin; Kiran Indukuri; Varun Saini; Qiang Yu
SILVER: simplifying video editing with metadata BIBAFull-Text 628-629
  A. Chris Long; Juan Casares; Brad A. Myers; Rishi Bhatnagar; Scott M. Stevens; Laura Dabbish; Dan Yocum; Albert Corbett
A tool supporting capture and analysis of field research data using the contextual design methodology BIBAFull-Text 630-631
  Karen Holtzblatt; Hugh Beyer
Streaming format software for usability testing BIBAFull-Text 632-633
  Michael Lister
Sparrow web: group-writable information on structured web pages BIBAFull-Text 634-635
  Eric Bier; Ken Pier
Interaction techniques and applications for peephole displays BIBAFull-Text 636-637
  Ka-Ping Yee

Design & Usability Session Papers

Designing an on-line map tool for Dutch farmers BIBAFull-Text 638-639
  Karin van der Hiele; Rob van der Haar; Raghu Kolli
An interactive poster exhibit puts visitors in the picture, in real time BIBAFull-Text 640-641
  Kevin Walker
A lost cause: the ever-improving developer's map BIBAFull-Text 642-643
  Mette Kjaersgaard; Jesper Pedersen; Tom Djajadiningrat
A tenant interface for energy and maintenance systems BIBAFull-Text 644-645
  Clifford Federspiel; Luis Villafana
Designing a mobile terminal for horse aficionados BIBAFull-Text 646-647
  Kaisa Still; Minna Isomursu; Pekka Isomursu; Mika Mustonen; Jari Ijas
A user-centered approach to designing home network interfaces BIBAFull-Text 648-649
  Kook Hyun Chung; Kyoung Soon Oh; Cheong Hyun Lee; Jae Hyun Park; Sunae Kim; Soon Hee Kim; Beth Loring; Chris Hass
Using ethnography to design a mass detection tool (MDT) for the early discovery of insurance fraud BIBAFull-Text 650-651
  Thomas Ormerod; Nicola Morley; Linden Ball; Charles Langley; Clive Spenser
Ethnographic interviews guide design of ford vehicles website BIBAFull-Text 652-653
  Lori Anschuetz; Stephanie Rosenbaum
Using converging methods across disciplines to guide the redesign of a large, information-rich web site BIBAFull-Text 654-655
  Susan J. Robinson; Bradford W. Hesse; Abdul R. Shaikh; Mike Coss; Carol Crawford
MiTAP for real users, real data, real problems BIBAFull-Text 656-657
  Laurie Damianos; Steve Wohlever; Robyn Kozierok; Jay Ponte
Designing the user interface of a data collection instrument for the consumer price index BIBAFull-Text 658-659
  Jean Fox
Developing an airline freight management system: meeting airline and end-user challenges BIBAFull-Text 660-661
  Sam J. Racine; John P. Curtin

Doctoral Consortium Submissions

Cellular phone manuals: users' benefit from spatial maps BIBAFull-Text 662-663
  Susanne Bay
Mobile information re-finding as a continuing dialogue BIBAFull-Text 664-665
  Robert G. Capra
The digital set-top box as a virtual channel provider BIBAFull-Text 666-667
  Konstantinos Chorianopoulos
Personal media exploration with semantic regions BIBAFull-Text 668-669
  Hyunmo Kang
Cultural usability: a localization study of mobile text messaging use BIBAFull-Text 670-671
  Huatong Sun
Social regulation in virtual spaces BIBAFull-Text 672-673
  Jack Muramatsu
Interpersonal cues and consumer trust in e-commerce BIBAFull-Text 674-675
  Jens Riegelsberger
Emotional interaction BIBAFull-Text 676-677
  Pedro Branco
ClearPen: improving the legibility of handwriting BIBAFull-Text 678-679
  Timothy S. Butler
Modeling command selection for speech-based applications BIBAFull-Text 680-681
  Jinjuan Feng
Partitioning cursor movements in "point and click" tasks BIBAFull-Text 682-683
  Faustina Hwang
The gateway: a navigation technique for migrating to small screens BIBAFull-Text 684-685
  Bonnie MacKay
Modelling cyclic interaction: an account of feedback BIBAFull-Text 686-687
  Hokyoung Ryu
Utilizing mobile devices to capture case stories for knowledge management BIBAFull-Text 688-689
  Jia Shen
Understanding and enhancing call centre computer BIBAFull-Text 690-691
  Anette Steel


Post-cognitivist HCI: second-wave theories BIBAFull-Text 692-693
  Victor Kaptelinin; Bonnie Nardi; Susanne Bødker; John Carroll; Jim Hollan; Edwin Hutchins; Terry Winograd
Politics and usability: test your skills against the experts BIBAFull-Text 694-695
  Rolf Molich; Kara Pernice Coyne; Ron Perkins; Deborah J. Mayhew
Use of research-based guidelines in the development of websites BIBAFull-Text 696-697
  Sanjay Koyani; Susan Allison
The "magic number 5": is it enough for web testing? BIBAFull-Text 698-699
  Nigel Bevan; Carol Barnum; Gilbert Cockton; Jakob Nielsen; Jared Spool; Dennis Wixon
Voting: user experience, technology and practice BIBAFull-Text 700-701
  Ted Selker; Eric A. Fischer; Benjamin B. Bederson; Conny Mccormack; Clifford Nass
Culture issues and mobile UI design BIBAFull-Text 702-703
  Emilie W. Gould; Pia Honold; Masaaki Kurosu; Jay Melican; Aaron Marcus; Li Anne Yu
Evaluating globally: how to conduct international or intercultural usability research BIBAFull-Text 704-705
  Laurie Roshak; Jared Spool; Vanessa Evers; Rolf Molich; Colleen Page; Ann-Byrd Platt
Spam, spam, spam, spam: how can we stop it BIBAFull-Text 706-707
  Jenny Preece; Jonathan Lazar; Elizabeth Churchill; Hans de Graaff; Batya Friedman; Joseph Konstan
The next revolution: vehicle user-interfaces and the global rider/driver experience BIBAFull-Text 708-709
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis; Aaron Marcus; Paul Allan Green; Hideki Hada; David Wheatley

Short talks-Specialized section: interaction techniques for handheld devices

Shared freeform input for note taking across devices BIBAFull-Text 710-711
  Laurent Denoue; Patrick Chiu; Tohru Fuse
Typing in thin air: the canesta projection keyboard -- a new method of interaction with electronic devices BIBAFull-Text 712-713
  Helena Roeber; John Bacus; Carlo Tomasi

Short talks-Specialized section: domesticated design

Effects of voice vs. remote on U.S. and Japanese user satisfaction with interactive HDTV systems BIBAFull-Text 714-715
  Garry Tan; Scott Brave; Clifford Nass; Masaru Takechi
On natural living room communication with "ComAdapter": adapting to the differences in room structure BIBAFull-Text 716-717
  Kazuyuki Iso; Takashi Yagi; Minoru Kobayashi; Satoshi Iwaki; Satoshi Ishibashi

Short talks-Specialized section: trust, security & safety

Interpersonal trust and empathy online: a fragile relationship BIBAFull-Text 718-719
  Jinjuan Feng; Jenny Preece; Jonathan Lazar
Identity disclosure and the creation of social capital BIBAFull-Text 720-721
  David R. Millen; John F. Patterson
Prominence-interpretation theory: explaining how people assess credibility online BIBAFull-Text 722-723
  B. J. Fogg
Who wants to know what when? privacy preference determinants in ubiquitous computing BIBAFull-Text 724-725
  Scott Lederer; Jennifer Mankoff; Anind K. Dey
Safe & sound: a wireless leash BIBAFull-Text 726-727
  Natalia Marmasse; Chris Schmandt
Cell phone communication and driver visual behavior: the impact of cognitive distraction BIBAFull-Text 728-729
  Patricia Trbovich; Joanne L. Harbluk

Short talks-Specialized section: emotion

Co-experience: the social user experience BIBAFull-Text 730-731
  Katja Battarbee
Affective gaming: measuring emotion through the gamepad BIBAFull-Text 732-733
  Jonathan Sykes; Simon Brown
Measurement of user frustration: a biologic approach BIBAFull-Text 734-735
  Richard Hazlett
User recalled occurrences of usability errors: implications on the user experience BIBAFull-Text 736-737
  Helena Mentis; Geri Gay
Predicting user satisfaction from subject satisfaction BIBAFull-Text 738-739
  Margaret B. Swan; Mark Notess
Visualizing the affective structure of a text document BIBAFull-Text 740-741
  Hugo Liu; Ted Selker; Henry Lieberman

Short talks-Specialized section: usability of large scale public systems

Conversation thumbnails for large-scale discussions BIBAFull-Text 742-743
  Martin Wattenberg; David Millen
Communities of design practice in electronic government BIBAFull-Text 744-745
  Richard Halstead-Nussloch; Doris Konneh; Robert Woodruff

Short talks-Specialized section: peripheral and ambient displays

AttrActive windows: dynamic windows for digital bulletin boards BIBAFull-Text 746-747
  Laurent Denoue; Les Nelson; Elizabeth Churchill
Information voyeurism: social impact of physically large displays on information privacy BIBAFull-Text 748-749
  Desney S. Tan; Mary Czerwinski

Short talks-Specialized section: Fitts' law & text input

Interface with pre-typing visual feedback for touch-sensitive keyboard BIBAFull-Text 750-751
  Roman Ilinski
Combined model for text entry rate development BIBAFull-Text 752-753
  Poika Isokoski; I. Scott MacKenzie
Phrase sets for evaluating text entry techniques BIBAFull-Text 754-755
  I. Scott MacKenzie; R. William Soukoreff
Evaluation of thumbwheel text entry methods BIBAFull-Text 756-757
  Peter Tarasewich
Scroll ring performance evaluation BIBAFull-Text 758-759
  Elaine Wherry
Card, English, and Burr (1978): 25 years later BIBAFull-Text 760-761
  I. Scott MacKenzie; R. William Soukoreff

Short talks-Specialized section: editing and coordinating

When one isn't enough: an analysis of virtual desktop usage strategies and their implications for design BIBAFull-Text 762-763
  Meredith Ringel
MediaFinder: an interface for dynamic personal media management with semantic regions BIBAFull-Text 764-765
  Hyunmo Kang; Ben Shneiderman

Short talks-Specialized section: gaze & information navigation

Auditory and visual feedback during eye typing BIBAFull-Text 766-767
  Paivi Majaranta; I. Scott MacKenzie; Anne Aula; Kari-Jouko Raiha
Where do helpers look?: gaze targets during collaborative physical tasks BIBAFull-Text 768-769
  Susan R. Fussell; Leslie D. Setlock; Elizabeth M. Parker
EyePliances: attention-seeking devices that respond to visual attention BIBAFull-Text 770-771
  Jeffrey S. Shell; Roel Vertegaal; Alexander W. Skaburskis
Gaze- vs. hand-based pointing in virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 772-773
  Nathan Cournia; John D. Smith; Andrew T. Duchowski
Isometric pointer interfaces for wearable 3D visualization BIBAFull-Text 774-775
  David M. Krum; Rob Melby; William Ribarsky; Larry Hodges
"This is a lot easier!": constrained movement speeds navigation BIBAFull-Text 776-777
  Susanne Jul

Short talks-Specialized section: issues in software development

Paper prototyping -- what is it good for?: a comparison of paper- and computer-based low-fidelity prototyping BIBAFull-Text 778-779
  Reinhard Sefelin; Manfred Tscheligi; Verena Giller
PRESPE: participatory requirements elicitation using scenarios and photo essays BIBAFull-Text 780-781
  Kentaro Go; Yasuaki Takamoto; John M. Carroll; Atsumi Imamiya; Hisanori Masuda

Short talks-Specialized section: collaborative systems

Activity rhythm detection and modeling BIBAFull-Text 782-783
  Rosco Hill; James Begole
AwarenessMaps: visualizing awareness in shared workspaces BIBAFull-Text 784-785
  Tom Gross; Wido Wirsam; Wolfgang Graether
Coordinating communication: awareness displays and interruption BIBAFull-Text 786-787
  Laura Dabbish; Robert Kraut
Assessing the value of a cursor pointing device for remote collaboration on physical tasks BIBAFull-Text 788-789
  Susan R. Fussell; Leslie D. Setlock; Elizabeth M. Parker; Jie Yang
The effectiveness of multiscale collaboration in virtual environments BIBAFull-Text 790-791
  Xiaolong Zhang; George W. Furnas
Avatar proxies: configurable informants of collaborative activities BIBAFull-Text 792-793
  Umer Farooq; Con Rodi; John M. Carroll; Philip Isenhour

Short talks-Specialized section: brains, eyes and ears

"Unvoiced speech recognition using EMG -- mime speech recognition" BIBAFull-Text 794-795
  Hiroyuki Manabe; Akira Hiraiwa; Toshiaki Sugimura
The neurally controllable internet browser (BrainBrowser) BIBAFull-Text 796-797
  Ope Tomori; Melody Moore
AudioBattleship: blind learners collaboration through sound BIBAFull-Text 798-799
  Jaime Sanchez; Nelson Baloian; Tiago Hassler; Ulrich Hoppe

Short talks-Specialized section: tangible interfaces

A tangible interface for IP network simulation BIBAFull-Text 800-801
  Kazue Kobayashi; Mitsunori Hirano; Atsunobu Narita; Hiroshi Ishii
On interfaces projected onto real-world objects BIBAFull-Text 802-803
  Mark Podlaseck; Claudio Pinhanez; Nancy Alvarado; Margaret Chan; Elisa Dejesus
FantasyA and SenToy BIBAFull-Text 804-805
  Kristina Höök; Adrian Bullock; Ana Paiva; Marco Vala; Ricardo Chaves; Rui Prada
EEWWW!!: tangible interfaces for navigating into the human body BIBAFull-Text 806-807
  Edward De Guzman; F. Wai-ling Ho-Ching; Tara Matthews; Tye Rattenbury; Maribeth Back; Steve Harrison
Super cilia skin: an interactive membrane BIBAFull-Text 808-809
  Hayes Raffle; Mitchell W. Joachim; James Tichenor
A physical interface for system dynamics simulation BIBAFull-Text 810-811
  Oren Zuckerman; Mitchel Resnick

Short talks-Specialized section: world wide web

Mr.Web: an automated interactive webmaster BIBAFull-Text 812-813
  Andrea Lockerd; Huy Pham; Taly Sharon; Ted Selker
Two methods for auto-organizing personal web history BIBAFull-Text 814-815
  Scott LeeTiernan; Shelly Farnham; Lili Cheng
Exploring the distribution of online healthcare information BIBAFull-Text 816-817
  Suresh K. Bhavnani; Renju T. Jacob; Jennifer Nardine; Frederick A. Peck
Looks good to me BIBAFull-Text 818-819
  Linda Roberts; Leigh Rankin; Edward Silver; Darryl Moore; Stephanie Plunkett; David Washburn; Brenda Wilch-Ringen

Short talks-Specialized section: understanding the context of use

Investigating police patrol practice for design of IT BIBAFull-Text 820-821
  Urban Nulden
Extending ubiquitous computing to vineyards BIBAFull-Text 822-823
  Jenna Burrell; Tim Brooke; Richard Beckwith
Design considerations for a financial management system for rural, semi-literate users BIBAFull-Text 824-825
  Kaushik Ghosh; Tapan S. Parikh; Apala Lahiri Chavan
Imagery saystems for enhanced crewmember habitability, performance and productivity on ISS BIBAFull-Text 826-827
  Mihriban Whitmore; Vicky Byrne
What is a place?: allowing users to name and define places BIBAFull-Text 828-829
  Petra Fagerberg; Fredrik Espinoza; Per Persson
Persona development for information-rich domains BIBAFull-Text 830-831
  Rashmi Sinha

Short talks-Specialized section: information visualization & navigation

SeismoSpin: a physical instrument for digital data BIBAFull-Text 832-833
  Mark McKelvin; Ragnhild Nestande; Leticia Valdez; Ka-Ping Yee; Maribeth Back; Steve Harrison
Dynamic query sliders vs. brushing histograms BIBAFull-Text 834-835
  Qing Li; Xiaofeng Bao; Chen Song; Jinfei Zhang; Chris North
Efficient user interest estimation in fisheye views BIBAFull-Text 836-837
  Jeffrey Heer; Stuart K. Card
City lights: contextual views in minimal space BIBAFull-Text 838-839
  Polle T. Zellweger; Jock D. Mackinlay; Lance Good; Mark Stefik; Patrick Baudisch
Are there benefits in seeing double?: a study of collaborative information visualization BIBAFull-Text 840-841
  Gloria Mark; Keri Carpenter; Alfred Kobsa
Experimental study of cockpit displays of traffic information for pilot self-spacing in congested airspace BIBAFull-Text 842-843
  Kirk Benson; Glenn Dean; Geoffrey Kuhlmann; Brian Sperling; Amy R. Pritchett; Julie A. Jacko

Short talks-Specialized section: recommender systems and social computing

Evaluating social trails BIBAFull-Text 844-845
  Martin Svensson; Kristina Höök; Rickard Coster
Designing visualizations of social activity: six claims BIBAFull-Text 846-847
  Thomas Erickson

Short talks-Specialized section: haptic interfaces

Tangible search for stacked objects BIBAFull-Text 848-849
  Kensaku Fujii; Jun Shimamura; Kenichi Arakawa; Tomohiko Arikawa
SmartPad: a finger-sensing keypad for mobile interaction BIBAFull-Text 850-851
  Jun Rekimoto; Haruo Oba; Takaaki Ishizawa
ThumbSense: automatic input mode sensing for touchpad-based interactions BIBAFull-Text 852-853
  Jun Rekimoto
Tactile virtual buttons for mobile devices BIBAFull-Text 854-855
  Andrew Nashel; Sharif Razzaque
Designing effective haptic interaction: inverted damping BIBAFull-Text 856-857
  Jason Williams; Georg Michelitsch
Assessing haptic properties for data representation BIBAFull-Text 858-859
  Steven A. Wall; Stephen A. Brewster

Special interest group

Meeting the challenge of measuring return on investment for user centered development BIBAFull-Text 860-861
  Thomas M. Graefe; Susan L. Keenan; Karen C. Bowen
Making customer-centered design work in the real world of organizations BIBAFull-Text 862-863
  Karen Holtzblatt; Joerg Beringer
Challenges in teaching user interface design for telephones and cell phones BIBAFull-Text 864-865
  James A. Larson; Juan E. Gilbert; Michael McTear
Consultants' forum: successful adaptation during tough economic times BIBAFull-Text 866-867
  Carolyn Snyder; Verena Giller; Chauncey Wilson; Aaron Marcus
Current issues in assessing and improving information usability BIBAFull-Text 868-869
  Stephanie Rosenbaum; Judith Ramey
eLearning SIG BIBAFull-Text 870-871
  Lisa Neal; Ken Korman
Design of usable multi-platform interactive systems BIBAFull-Text 872-873
  Fabio Paterno; Manfred Tscheligi
Toward a unified universal remote console standard BIBAFull-Text 874-875
  Gottfried Zimmermann; Toby Nixon; Marney Beard; Eran Sitnik; Bill LaPlant; Shari Trewin; Sharon Laskowski; Gregg Vanderheiden
HCI and the arts: a conflicted convergence? BIBAFull-Text 876-877
  Phoebe Sengers; Chris Csikszentmihalyi
New tips and tricks for a better usability test BIBAFull-Text 878-879
  Rolf Molich; Chauncey E. Wilson

Interactive posters: e-learning

VirtualCase: a tool for online collaborative learning BIBAFull-Text 866-867
  Gina Cherry; Mark Alway; Daniel Parshall
Interaction patterns with a classroom feedback system: making time for feedback BIBAFull-Text 880-881
  Richard Anderson; Tammy VanDeGrift; Steven A. Wolfman; Ken Yasuhara; Ruth Anderson
Combining handhelds with a whole-class display to support the learning of scientific control BIBAFull-Text 882-883
  Tom Moher; Xun Ding; Jennifer Wiley; Syeda Hussain; Preeti Singh; Vasisht Srinivasan; Diane Conmy
Learners on the back-end: students contributing to web-based information systems BIBAFull-Text 884-885
  Gina Cherry; William Washington; Janice Fournier; Kristen Shuyler
Supporting engagement in asynchronous education BIBAFull-Text 888-889
  Scott LeeTiernan; Jonathan Grudin
Annotation in the wild: benefits of linking paper to digital media BIBAFull-Text 890-891
  Silvia Gabrielli; Andy Law
Designing an integrated review sheet for an electronic textbook BIBAFull-Text 892-893
  Neema Moraveji; Abigail Travis; Maura Bidinost; Matthew Halpern
Kana no senshi (kana warrior): a new interface for learning Japanese characters BIBAFull-Text 894-895
  Kristen Stubbs

Interactive posters: emotion

PhotoPhone entertainment BIBAFull-Text 896-897
  Johan Thoresson

Interactive posters: mass communication

MyInfo: a personal news interface BIBAFull-Text 898-899
  John Zimmerman; Nevenka Dimitrova; Lalitha Agnihotri; Angel Janevski; Lira Nikolovska
Breakingstory: visualizing change in online news BIBAFull-Text 900-901
  Jean Ann Fitzpatrick; James Reffell; Moryma Aydelott

Interactive posters: personal media

Supporting notable information in office work BIBAFull-Text 902-903
  Christopher Campbell; Paul Maglio
Practices for capturing short important thoughts BIBAFull-Text 904-905
  Gillian Hayes; Jeffrey S. Pierce; Gregory D. Abowd
A sensemaking-supporting information gathering system BIBAFull-Text 906-907
  Yan Qu
Designing to support communication on the move BIBAFull-Text 908-909
  Jacqueline Brodie
Amigo -- wireless image based instant messaging for handheld computers BIBAFull-Text 910-911
  Helena Fabersjo; Elisabeth Windt; Ylva Wridell; Johan Sanneblad
What's in a barcode? informed consent and machine scannable driver licenses BIBAFull-Text 912-913
  Jennifer Hagman; Ann Hendrickson; Amanda Whitty
Kinetic typography-based instant messaging BIBAFull-Text 914-915
  Kerry Bodine; Mathilde Pignol
Desktop aksi: virtual workspace concept integrating personal social communication and task management BIBAFull-Text 916-917
  Abhijit Rao
Mobile ADVICE: an accessible device for visually impaired capability enhancement BIBAFull-Text 918-919
  Robert Amar; Steven Dow; Richard Gordon; Muhammad Raafay Hamid; Chad Sellers

Interactive posters: computer-mediated communication

'Today' messages: lightweight group awareness via email BIBAFull-Text 920-921
  A. J. Brush; Alan Borning
PHEmail: designing a privacy honoring email system BIBAFull-Text 922-923
  David Nguyen; Khai Truong
Marked for deletion: an analysis of email data BIBAFull-Text 924-925
  Laura Dabbish; Gina Venolia; JJ Cadiz
Reality instant messaging: injecting a dose of reality into online chat BIBAFull-Text 926-927
  Mei Chuah
TelMeA2003: social summarization in online communities BIBAFull-Text 928-929
  Toru Takahashi; Yasuhiro Katagiri
Leaders leading? a shift in technology adoption BIBAFull-Text 930-931
  Jonathan Grudin

Interactive posters: input and interaction

Developing a car gesture interface for use as a secondary task BIBAFull-Text 932-933
  Micah Alpern; Katie Minardo
Investigation of subjective preferences in multiple degrees-of-freedom inputs BIBAFull-Text 934-935
  Sriram Subramanian; Frank Dijkstra; Bernard Champoux
A reference model for multimodal input interpretation BIBAFull-Text 936-937
  Anurag Gupta
Reassessing current cell phone designs: using thumb input effectively BIBAFull-Text 938-939
  Nambu Hirotaka
Containers: a new hierarchical model for browser interfaces BIBAFull-Text 940-941
  Chad Owens
The benefits of physical edges in gesture-making: empirical support for an edge-based unistroke alphabet BIBAFull-Text 942-943
  Jacob Wobbrock

Interactive posters: gaze interaction

Self reflection can substitute eye contact BIBAFull-Text 944-945
  Osamu Morikawa; Ryoichi Hashimoro; Juli Yamashita
AuraMirror: artistically visualizing attention BIBAFull-Text 946-947
  Alexander W. Skaburskis; Jeffrey S. Shell; Roel Vertegaal; Connor Dickie
Establishing remote conversations through eye contact with physical awareness proxies BIBAFull-Text 948-949
  Baha Jabarin; James Wu; Roel Vertegaal; Lenko Grigorov
Just blink your eyes: a head-free gaze tracking system BIBAFull-Text 950-951
  Takehiko Ohno; Naoki Mukawa; Shinjiro Kawato
Reciprocal eye contact as an interaction technique BIBAFull-Text 952-953
  John A. Kembel

Interactive posters: tangible interfaces

Gummi: user interface for deformable computers BIBAFull-Text 954-955
  Carsten Schwesig; Ivan Poupyrev; Eijiro Mori
Integrating hardware and software: augmented reality based prototyping method for digital products BIBAFull-Text 956-957
  Tek-Jin Nam; Woohun Lee
Creating an enhanced reality user interface -- ERSolitaire BIBAFull-Text 958-959
  Jim Parker; Mark Baumback
A spatially-aware tangible interface for computer-aided design BIBAFull-Text 960-961
  Lee Chia-Hsun; Ma Yu-Pin; Jeng Taysheng
CHI-ball, an interactive device assisting martial arts education for children BIBAFull-Text 962-963
  Heberlein Markus; Hayashi Takafumi; Nashold Sarah; Teeravarunyou Sakol
Nostalgia: an evocative tangible interface for elderly users BIBAFull-Text 964-965
  Magnus Nilsson; Sara Johansson; Maria Hakansson
Alternative "vision": a haptic and auditory assistive device BIBAFull-Text 966-967
  Daniel Morris; Neel Joshi

Interactive posters: computers everywhere

Ubiquitous computing: by the people, for the people BIBAFull-Text 968-969
  Ali Ndiwalana; C. M. Chewar; Jacob Somervell; D. Scott McCrickard
Analyzing usage of location based services BIBAFull-Text 970-971
  Assaf Burak; Taly Sharon
A context-aware experience sampling tool BIBAFull-Text 972-973
  Stephen S. Intille; John Rondoni; Charles Kukla; Isabel Ancona; Ling Bao
iCAP: an informal tool for interactive prototyping of context-aware applications BIBAFull-Text 974-975
  Timothy Sohn; Anind Dey
Ubiquitous display for dynamically changing environment BIBAFull-Text 976-977
  Yasuhisa Tokuda; Shinsuke Iwasaki; Yoichi Sato; Yasuto Nakanishi; Hideki Koike
Augmenting a retail environment using steerable interactive displays BIBAFull-Text 978-979
  Noi Sukaviriya; Mark Podlaseck; Rick Kjeldsen; Anthony Levas; Gopal Pingali; Claudio Pinhanez
Total recall: in-place viewing of captured whiteboard annotations BIBAFull-Text 980-981
  Lars Erik Holmquist; Johan Sanneblad; Lalya Gaye
Finding objects in "strata drawer" BIBAFull-Text 982-983
  Itiro Siio; Jim Rowan; Elizabeth Mynatt
ShownPass: an easy access control with a displayed password BIBAFull-Text 984-985
  Yuji Ayatsuka; Michimune Kohno; Jun Rekimoto
You're in control: a urinary user interface BIBAFull-Text 986-987
  Dan Maynes-Aminzade; Hayes Raffle
An unencumbering, localized olfactory display BIBAFull-Text 988-989
  Yasuyuki Yanagida; Haruo Noma; Nobuji Tetsutani; Akira Tomono
Attitudes towards technology use in public zones: the influence of external factors on ATM use BIBAFull-Text 990-991
  Linda Little
Are designers ready for ubiquitous computing?: a formative study BIBAFull-Text 992-993
  Sara Ljungblad; Tobias Skog; Lalya Gaye
Discovery point: enhancing the museum experience with technology BIBAFull-Text 994-995
  Marianne Berkovich; Jenna Date; Rachael Keeler; Marti Louw; Maureen O' Toole
Hands on cooking: towards an attentive kitchen BIBAFull-Text 996-997
  Jeremy S. Bradbury; Jeffrey S. Shell; Craig B. Knowles
Preferences for unfavorable external representations in interaction with ATMs and multimedia BIBAFull-Text 998-999
  Martin Bergling
The toilet entertainment system BIBAFull-Text 1000-1001
  Par Stenberg; Johan Thoresson
Intuitive visualizations for presence and recency information for ambient displays BIBAFull-Text 1002-1003
  Jaroslav Tyman; Elaine M. Huang

Interactive posters: intelligent interfaces

The impact of automated assistance on the information retrieval process BIBAFull-Text 1004-1005
  Bernard J. Jansen; George K. Kroner
The role of context in question answering systems BIBAFull-Text 1006-1007
  Jimmy Lin; Dennis Quan; Vineet Sinha; Karun Bakshi; David Huynh; Boris Katz; David R. Karger
Robotic wheelchair looking at all people BIBAFull-Text 1008-1009
  Yoshinori Kuno; Akio Nakamura
Usability and CMMI: does a higher maturity level in product development mean better usability? BIBAFull-Text 1010-1011
  Timo Jokela; Tuomo Lalli

Interactive posters: supporting design

Take it to the next stage: the roles of role playing in the design process BIBAFull-Text 1012-1013
  Kristian T. Simsarian
Design concept to promote both reflective and experimental cognition for creative design work BIBAFull-Text 1014-1015
  Shun'ichi Tano
An hour in the life: towards requirements for modelling multiple task work BIBAFull-Text 1016-1017
  Peter J. Wild; Peter Johnson; Hilary Johnson
Evaluating a sketch environment for novice programmers BIBAFull-Text 1018-1019
  Beryl Plimmer; Mark Apperley
Administrative assistants as interruption mediators BIBAFull-Text 1020-1021
  Laura A. Dabbish; Ryan S. Baker
Dating example for information architecture BIBAFull-Text 1022-1023
  Ray Henderson; TaRan Wilson; Miyuki Shimbo
Emotional expressiveness in visual-sonic integration: a framework for multimedia design BIBAFull-Text 1024-1025
  Kritsachai Somsaman
Dynamic viewpoint tethering: enhancing control performance in virtual worlds BIBAFull-Text 1026-1027
  Wenbi Wang
You're getting warmer!: how proximity information affects search behavior in physical spaces BIBAFull-Text 1028-1029
  Leila Takayama; Lawrence Leung; Xiaodong Jiang; Jason I. Hong
Paper or interactive?: a study of prototyping techniques for ubiquitous computing environments BIBAFull-Text 1030-1031
  Linchuan Liu; Peter Khooshabeh
Framework for evaluating application adaptivity BIBAFull-Text 1032-1033
  Marika Tahti
Location learning in Chinese versus English menu selection BIBAFull-Text 1034-1035
  Kin Pou Lie
A contextual inquiry of expert programmers in an event-based programming environment BIBAFull-Text 1036-1037
  Andrew Jensen Ko
Interface design for metadata creation BIBAFull-Text 1038-1039
  Abe Crystal


Designing personalized user experiences for eCommerce: theory, methods, and research BIBAFull-Text 1040-1041
  Clare-Marie Karat; Jan Blom; John Karat
Designing for learning BIBKFull-Text 1042-1043
  Susanne Jul; Chris Quintana
Perspectives on HCI patterns: concepts and tools BIBAFull-Text 1044-1045
  Sally Fincher; Janet Finlay; Sharon Greene; Lauretta Jones; Paul Matchen; John Thomas; Pedro J. Molina
Scenarios in practice BIBAFull-Text 1046-1047
  John Carroll; Mary Beth Rosson; Paul McInerney
Perspectives on end user development BIBAFull-Text 1048-1049
  Henry Lieberman; Fabio Paterno; Alexander Repenning; Volker Wulf
Humor modeling in the interface BIBAFull-Text 1050-1051
  Anton Nijholt; Oliviero Stock; Alan Dix; John Morkes
Best practices and future visions for search user interfaces: a workshop BIBAFull-Text 1052-1053
  Misha W. Vaughan; Helmut Degen; Marc Resnick; Peter Gremett
Supporting intercultural computer-mediated discourse: methods, models, and architectures BIBAFull-Text 1054-1055
  Fahri Yetim; Elaine M. Raybourn
HCI and security systems BIBAFull-Text 1056-1057
  Andrew S. Patrick; A. Chris Long; Scott Flinn
Principles for multimodal user interface design BIBAFull-Text 1058-1059
  James A. Larson; Sharon Oviatt
Comparative expert reviews BIBAFull-Text 1060-1061
  Rolf Molich; Robin Jeffries
Designing culturally situated technologies for the home BIBAFull-Text 1062-1063
  Genevieve Bell; Mark Blythe; Bill Gaver; Phoebe Sengers; Peter Wright
Subtle expressivity for characters and robots BIBAFull-Text 1064-1065
  Noriko Suzuki; Christoph Bartneck
Providing elegant peripheral awareness BIBAFull-Text 1066-1067
  JJ Cadiz; Mary Czerwinski; Scott McCrickard; John Stasko
System administrators are users, too: designing workspaces for managing internet-scale systems BIBAFull-Text 1068-1069
  Rob Barrett; Yen-Yang Michael Chen; Paul P. Maglio