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Computers in Human Behavior 41

Editors:Robert D. Tennyson
Standard No:ISSN: 0747-5632
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  1. CHB 2014-12 Volume 41

CHB 2014-12 Volume 41

Internet addiction among Chinese adolescents: The effect of parental behavior and self-control BIBAKFull-Text 1-7
  Caina Li; Jianning Dang; Xiaoling Zhang; Qianqian Zhang; Jingjing Guo
Video games and prosocial behavior: A study of the effects of non-violent, violent and ultra-violent gameplay BIBAKFull-Text 8-13
  Morgan J. Tear; Mark Nielsen
"Maybe you don't want to face it" -- College students' perspectives on cyberbullying BIBAKFull-Text 14-20
  Katie Crosslin; Mandy Golman
An eye movement analysis of highlighting and graphic organizer study aids for learning from expository text BIBAKFull-Text 21-32
  Hector R. Ponce; Richard E. Mayer
Glancing up or down: Mood management and selective social comparisons on social networking sites BIBAKFull-Text 33-39
  Benjamin K. Johnson; Silvia Knobloch-Westerwick
Promote physical activity among college students: Using media richness and interactivity in web design BIBAKFull-Text 40-50
  Yu Lu; Youjeong Kim; Xue (Yuki) Dou; Sonali Kumar
Review on teaching and learning of computational thinking through programming: What is next for K-12? BIBAKFull-Text 51-61
  Sze Yee Lye; Joyce Hwee Ling Koh
Emergent behaviors in computer-based learning environments: Computational signals of catching up BIBAKFull-Text 62-70
  Erica L. Snow; G. Tanner Jackson; Danielle S. McNamara
Reading this may harm your computer: The psychology of malware warnings BIBAKFull-Text 71-79
  David Modic; Ross Anderson
Comparing the effects of worked examples and modeling examples on learning BIBAKFull-Text 80-91
  Vincent Hoogerheide; Sofie M. M. Loyens; Tamara van Gog
Word sense disambiguation using evolutionary algorithms -- Application to Arabic language BIBAKFull-Text 92-103
  Mohamed El Bachir Menai
Examining WeChat users' motivations, trust, attitudes, and positive word-of-mouth: Evidence from China BIBAKFull-Text 104-111
  Che Hui Lien; Yang Cao
Effects of luminance and illuminance on visual fatigue and arousal during digital reading BIBAKFull-Text 112-119
  Simone Benedetto; Andrea Carbone; Véronique Drai-Zerbib; Marco Pedrotti; Thierry Baccino
Effects of visual feedback on medical students' procrastination within web-based planning and reflection protocols BIBAKFull-Text 120-136
  Kristin Wäschle; Andreas Lachner; Björn Stucke; Sabine Rey; Cornelius Frömmel; Matthias Nückles
Association between online harassment and exposure to harmful online content: A cross-national comparison between the United States and Finland BIBAKFull-Text 137-145
  Matti Näsi; Pekka Räsänen; Atte Oksanen; James Hawdon; Teo Keipi; Emma Holkeri
Who am I? Representing the self offline and in different online contexts BIBAKFull-Text 146-152
  Lia Emanuel; Greg J. Neil; Chris Bevan; Danaë Stanton Fraser; Sarah V. Stevenage; Monica T. Whitty; Sue Jamison-Powell
The effects of individual differences on e-learning users' behaviour in developing countries: A structural equation model BIBAKFull-Text 153-163
  Ali Tarhini; Kate Hone; Xiaohui Liu
With a little help of my peers. The supportive role of online contacts for the unemployed BIBAKFull-Text 164-176
  Christian Fieseler; Miriam Meckel; Severina Müller
The sending and receiving of sexually explicit cell phone photos ("Sexting") while in high school: One college's students' retrospective reports BIBAKFull-Text 177-183
  Donald S. Strassberg; Jordan E. Rullo; Julia E. Mackaronis
Professional or interactive: CEOs' image strategies in the microblogging context BIBAKFull-Text 184-189
  Ibrahim A. Alghawi; Jun Yan; Chuan Wei
The measurement of Internet addiction: A critical review of existing scales and their psychometric properties BIBAKFull-Text 190-202
  Stéphanie Laconi; Rachel Florence Rodgers; Henri Chabrol
The effect of gratifications derived from use of the social networking site Qzone on Chinese adolescents' positive mood BIBAKFull-Text 203-211
  Vanessa Apaolaza; Jiaxun He; Patrick Hartmann
Competent or clueless? Users' knowledge and misconceptions about their online privacy management BIBAKFull-Text 212-219
  Ricarda Moll; Stephanie Pieschl; Rainer Bromme
Everyday deception or a few prolific liars? The prevalence of lies in text messaging BIBAKFull-Text 220-227
  Madeline E. Smith; Jeffrey T. Hancock; Lindsay Reynolds; Jeremy Birnholtz
Social network site use, mobile personal talk and social capital among teenagers BIBAKFull-Text 228-235
  Wenjing Xie
What's going on? Age, distraction, and multitasking during online survey taking BIBAKFull-Text 236-244
  Lara Zwarun; Alice Hall
Getting close from far away: Mediators of the association between attachment and blogging behavior BIBAKFull-Text 245-252
  Leora Trub; Tracey A. Revenson; Stephen Salbod
Cyberbullying among high school students in Japan: Development and validation of the Online Disinhibition Scale BIBAKFull-Text 253-261
  Reinis Udris
Increasing exergame physical activity through self and opponent avatar appearance BIBAKFull-Text 262-267
  Jorge Peña; Eunice Kim
How do typically developing children and children with autism perceive different social robots? BIBAKFull-Text 268-277
  Andreea Peca; Ramona Simut; Sebastian Pintea; Cristina Costescu; Bram Vanderborght
Social impacts in social media: An examination of perceived truthfulness and sharing of information BIBAKFull-Text 278-287
  Huaye Li; Yasuaki Sakamoto
The future of online therapy BIBAKFull-Text 288-294
  Yair Amichai-Hamburger; Anat Brunstein Klomek; Doron Friedman; Oren Zuckerman; Tal Shani-Sherman
Does social capital affect SNS usage? A look at the roles of subjective well-being and social identity BIBAKFull-Text 295-303
  Sung-joon Yoon
Pathological video game playing in Spanish and British adolescents: Towards the exploration of Internet Gaming Disorder symptomatology BIBAKFull-Text 304-312
  Olatz Lopez-Fernandez; Ma Luisa Honrubia-Serrano; Thom Baguley; Mark D. Griffiths
Be careful what you wish for: The impact of advertisement choice on viewers' expectations BIBAKFull-Text 313-318
  Stephen C. Nettelhorst; Whitney K. Jeter; Laura A. Brannon
How people do relational reasoning? Role of problem complexity and domain familiarity BIBAKFull-Text 319-326
  Shikhar Kumar; Iliano Cervesato; Cleotilde Gonzalez
Exploring factors related to primary school pupils' ICT self-efficacy: A multilevel approach BIBAKFull-Text 327-341
  Koen Aesaert; Johan van Braak
Emotional disclosure on social networking sites: The role of network structure and psychological needs BIBAKFull-Text 342-350
  Han Lin; William Tov; Lin Qiu
Measuring cognitive load in practicing arithmetic using educational video games on a shared display BIBAKFull-Text 351-356
  Vagner Beserra; Miguel Nussbaum; Macarena Oteo; René Martin
Exposure to sexualized media content and selective attention for sexual cues: An experimental study BIBAKFull-Text 357-364
  Suzan M. Doornwaard; Regina J. J. M. van den Eijnden; Adam Johnson; Tom F. M. ter Bogt
Hyperaudio learning for non-linear auditory knowledge acquisition BIBAKFull-Text 365-373
  Joerg Zumbach; Neil Schwartz
Mapping virtual communities by their visual productions: The example of the Second Life Steampunk community BIBAKFull-Text 374-383
  Cécile Cristofari; Matthieu J. Guitton
From paper to web: Mode equivalence of the ARHQ and NEO-FFI BIBAKFull-Text 384-392
  Gyda Bjornsdottir; Anna B. Almarsdottir; Ingunn Hansdottir; Fanney Thorsdottir; Maria Heimisdottir; Hreinn Stefansson; Thorgeir E. Thorgeirsson; Patricia F. Brennan
Online social networking behaviors among Chinese younger and older adolescent: The influences of age, gender, personality, and attachment styles BIBAKFull-Text 393-402
  Yang Ji; Guang-Ji Wang; Qi Zhang; Zhuo-Hong Zhu
Introduction to the special issue on designing social media for change BIBFull-Text 403-404
  Noreen Kamal; Sean Munson; Vasilis Vlachokyriakos; Michael Fergusson; Sidney Fels
Does offline political segregation affect the filter bubble? An empirical analysis of information diversity for Dutch and Turkish Twitter users BIBAKFull-Text 405-415
  Engin Bozdag; Qi Gao; Geert-Jan Houben; Martijn Warnier
Design challenges in motivating change for sustainable urban mobility BIBAKFull-Text 416-423
  Silvia Gabrielli; Paula Forbes; Antti Jylhä; Simon Wells; Miika Sirén; Samuli Hemminki; Petteri Nurmi; Rosa Maimone; Judith Masthoff; Giulio Jacucci
Multilingual use of Twitter: Social networks at the language frontier BIBAKFull-Text 424-432
  Irene Eleta; Jennifer Golbeck
BallotShare: An exploration of the design space for digital voting in the workplace BIBAKFull-Text 433-443
  Vasilis Vlachokyriakos; Paul Dunphy; Nick Taylor; Rob Comber; Patrick Olivier
Online social networks for health behaviour change: Designing to increase socialization BIBAKFull-Text 444-453
  Noreen Kamal; Sidney Fels; Michael Fergusson
Students' perceptions of creativity in learning Information Technology (IT) in project groups BIBAKFull-Text 454-463
  Chunfang Zhou; Hongbing Chen; Lingling Luo
Graduate students' creative professional virtual community behaviors and their creativity BIBAKFull-Text 464-470
  Chaoying Tang; Xuechen Ding
Adoption of e-book among college students: The perspective of an integrated TAM BIBAKFull-Text 471-477
  Chang-Hyun Jin
Exploring students learning behavior with an interactive etextbook in computer science courses BIBAKFull-Text 478-485
  Eric Fouh; Daniel A. Breakiron; Sally Hamouda; Mohammed F. Farghally; Clifford A. Shaffer
Process mining analysis of conceptual modeling behavior of novices -- empirical study using JMermaid modeling and experimental logging environment BIBAKFull-Text 486-503
  Gayane Sedrakyan; Monique Snoeck; Jochen De Weerdt
The benefits and dangers of flow experience in high school students' internet usage: The role of parental support BIBAKFull-Text 504-513
  Shuiqing Yang; Yaobin Lu; Bin Wang; Ling Zhao
The influence of using affective tutoring system in accounting remedial instruction on learning performance and usability BIBAKFull-Text 514-522
  Hao-Chiang Koong Lin; Chih-Hung Wu; Ya-Ping Hsueh
Youth science identity, science learning, and gaming experiences BIBAKFull-Text 523-532
  John Fraser; Christina Shane-Simpson; Jodi Asbell-Clarke
Learner reflections in virtual vs. blended EAP classes BIBAKFull-Text 533-543
  Maryam Asoodar; S. Susan Marandi; Mahmood Reza Atai; Shahin Vaezi
Understanding collaborative learning activities in an information ecology: A distributed cognition account BIBAKFull-Text 544-553
  Christina Vasiliou; Andri Ioannou; Panayiotis Zaphiris