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Computers in Human Behavior 35

Editors:Robert D. Tennyson
Standard No:ISSN: 0747-5632
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  1. CHB 2014-06 Volume 35

CHB 2014-06 Volume 35

Sender credibility and deception detection BIBAKFull-Text 1-11
  Joey F. George; Patti Tilley; Gabriel Giordano
Cyber victimization in middle school and relations to social emotional outcomes BIBAKFull-Text 12-21
  Christina F. Brown; Michelle Kilpatrick Demaray; Stephanie M. Secord
Effects of race, visual anonymity, and social category salience on online dating outcomes BIBAKFull-Text 22-32
  Saleem Alhabash; Kayla Hales; Jong-hwan Baek; Hyun Jung Oh
College students' disclosure of location-related information on Facebook BIBAKFull-Text 33-38
  Chen-Wei Chang; Gina Masullo Chen
Exploring the links between pre-service teachers' beliefs and video-based reflection in wikis BIBAKFull-Text 39-53
  Young Hoan Cho; Yemin Huang
Friending your way up the ladder: Connecting massive multiplayer online game behaviors with offline leadership BIBAKFull-Text 54-60
  Li Lu; Cuihua Shen; Dmitri Williams
Social media metrics: Third-person perceptions of health information BIBAKFull-Text 61-67
  Carmen D. Stavrositu; Jinhee Kim
Exploring students' behaviors in a competition-driven educational game BIBAKFull-Text 68-74
  Zhi-Hong Chen
Discovering determinants of users perception of mobile device functionality fit BIBAKFull-Text 75-84
  Arash Negahban; Chih-Hung Chung
Exploring the effects of demographic factors, Internet usage and personality traits on Internet addiction in a sample of Italian university students BIBAKFull-Text 85-92
  Rocco Servidio
An experimental investigation of the influence of agentic and communal Facebook use on grandiose narcissism BIBAKFull-Text 93-98
  Robert S. Horton; Chelsea A. Reid; Jessica M. Barber; Josh Miracle; Jeffrey D. Green
Gender, technology use and ownership, and media-based multitasking among middle school students BIBAKFull-Text 99-106
  Shelia R. Cotten; Daniel B. Shank; William A. Anderson
To dwell among gamers: Investigating the relationship between social online game use and gaming-related friendships BIBAKFull-Text 107-115
  Emese Domahidi; Ruth Festl; Thorsten Quandt
Facebook or Renren? A comparative study of social networking site use and social capital among Chinese international students in the United States BIBAKFull-Text 116-123
  Xiaoqian Li; Wenhong Chen
Relational maintenance on social network sites: How Facebook communication predicts relational escalation BIBAKFull-Text 124-131
  Victoria Schwanda Sosik; Natalya N. Bazarova
Audience design in Twitter: Retweeting behavior between informational value and followers' interests BIBAKFull-Text 132-139
  Anja Rudat; Jürgen Buder; Friedrich W. Hesse
Situational crisis communication and interactivity: Usage and effectiveness of Facebook for crisis management by Fortune 500 companies BIBAKFull-Text 140-147
  Eyun-Jung Ki; Elmie Nekmat
Sex role stereotyping is hard to kill: A field experiment measuring social responses to user characteristics and behavior in an online multiplayer first-person shooter game BIBAKFull-Text 148-156
  Adrienne Holz Ivory; Jesse Fox; T. Franklin Waddell; James D. Ivory
The influence of computer self-efficacy, metacognitive self-regulation and self-esteem on student engagement in online learning programs: Evidence from the virtual world of Second Life BIBAKFull-Text 157-170
  Nikolaos Pellas
The Problematic and Risky Internet Use Screening Scale (PRIUSS) for adolescents and young adults: Scale development and refinement BIBAKFull-Text 171-178
  Lauren A. Jelenchick; Jens Eickhoff; Dimitri A. Christakis; Richard L. Brown; Chong Zhang; Meghan Benson; Megan A. Moreno
Demographic differences in perceived benefits from gamification BIBAKFull-Text 179-188
  Jonna Koivisto; Juho Hamari
The impact of disfluency, pacing, and students' need for cognition on learning with multimedia BIBAKFull-Text 189-198
  Tim Kühl; Alexander Eitel; Gregor Damnik; Hermann Körndle
Talk to me personally: Personalization of language style in computer-based learning BIBAKFull-Text 199-210
  Maria Reichelt; Frauke Kämmerer; Helmut M. Niegemann; Steffi Zander
From "information" to "knowing": Exploring the role of social media in contemporary news consumption BIBAKFull-Text 211-223
  Iryna Pentina; Monideepa Tarafdar
Problematic Internet use in British adolescents: An exploration of the addictive symptomatology BIBAKFull-Text 224-233
  Olatz Lopez-Fernandez; M. Luisa Honrubia-Serrano; William Gibson; Mark D. Griffiths
Learning from multiple representations: An examination of fixation patterns in a science simulation BIBAKFull-Text 234-242
  Paul A. O'Keefe; Susan M. Letourneau; Bruce D. Homer; Ruth N. Schwartz; Jan L. Plass
Adoption of three new types of computers in Taiwan: Tablet PCs, netbooks, and smart phones BIBAKFull-Text 243-251
  Shu-Chu Sarrina Li
Does value matters in playing online game? An empirical study among massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) BIBAKFull-Text 252-266
  Sajad Rezaei; Seyedeh Sheyda Ghodsi
Drivers and effects of post-implementation learning on ERP usage BIBAKFull-Text 267-277
  Huey-Wen Chou; Hsiu-Hua Chang; Yu-Hsun Lin; Shyan-Bin Chou
Student acceptance of tablet devices in secondary education: A three-wave longitudinal cross-lagged case study BIBAFull-Text 278-286
  Cédric Courtois; Hannelore Montrieux; Frederik De Grove; Annelies Raes; Lieven De Marez; Tammy Schellens
Do IT students prefer doctors who use IT? BIBAKFull-Text 287-294
  James R. Wolf
Knowledge sharing in interest online communities: A comparison of posters and lurkers BIBAKFull-Text 295-306
  Hui-Min Lai; Tsung Teng Chen
Extreme expression of sweating in 3D virtual human BIBAKFull-Text 307-314
  Ahmad Hoirul Basori; Ahmed Zuhair Qasim
The moderating effect of gender on academic website impression BIBAKFull-Text 315-319
  Thiagarajan Ramakrishnan; Victor Prybutok; Daniel A. Peak
The effects of viewing violent movie via computer on aggressiveness among college students BIBAKFull-Text 320-325
  Zhang Qian; Da-Jun Zhang
Explaining and predicting the adoption intention of mobile data services: A value-based approach BIBAKFull-Text 326-338
  Mutaz M. Al-Debei; Enas Al-Lozi
Improving learning from animated soccer scenes: Evidence for the expertise reversal effect BIBAKFull-Text 339-349
  Aïmen Khacharem; Bachir Zoudji; Ingrid A. E. Spanjers; Slava Kalyuga
Understanding the perceived community value of Facebook users BIBAKFull-Text 350-358
  Maria R. Lee; David C. Yen; C. Y. Hsiao
Facebook's emotional consequences: Why Facebook causes a decrease in mood and why people still use it BIBAKFull-Text 359-363
  Christina Sagioglou; Tobias Greitemeyer
Media and technology use predicts ill-being among children, preteens and teenagers independent of the negative health impacts of exercise and eating habits BIBAKFull-Text 364-375
  L. D. Rosen; A. F. Lim; J. Felt; L. M. Carrier; N. A. Cheever; J. M. Lara-Ruiz; J. S. Mendoza; J. Rokkum
Mobile communication for human needs: A comparison of smartphone use between the US and Korea BIBAKFull-Text 376-387
  Seok Kang; Jaemin Jung
Gender differences in Facebook self-presentation: An international randomized study BIBAKFull-Text 388-399
  Sigal Tifferet; Iris Vilnai-Yavetz
Kindergarten Social Assistive Robot (KindSAR) for children's geometric thinking and metacognitive development in preschool education: A pilot study BIBAKFull-Text 400-412
  Guy Keren; Marina Fridin
A scenario-based approach for projecting user requirements for wireless proximal community networks BIBAKFull-Text 413-422
  Michael A. Horning; Harold R. Robinson; John M. Carroll
MAM & U&G in Taiwan: Differences in the uses and gratifications of Facebook as a function of motivational reactivity BIBAKFull-Text 423-430
  Saleem Alhabash; Yi-hsuan Chiang; Kanni Huang
Affective mechanisms linking Internet use to learning performance in high school students: A moderated mediation study BIBAKFull-Text 431-443
  Li-Yueh Chen; Bo Hsiao; Ching-Chin Chern; Houn-Gee Chen
Managing privacy boundaries together: Exploring individual and group privacy management strategies in Facebook BIBAKFull-Text 444-454
  Ralf De Wolf; Koen Willaert; Jo Pierson
Overcoming screen inferiority in learning and calibration BIBAKFull-Text 455-463
  Tirza Lauterman; Rakefet Ackerman
Antecedents of the adoption of the new mobile payment systems: The moderating effect of age BIBAKFull-Text 464-478
  Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas; Juan Sánchez-Fernández; Francisco Muñoz-Leiva
To connect or promote?: An exploratory examination of Facebook pages dedicated to moms BIBAKFull-Text 479-482
  Renee Kaufmann; Marjorie M. Buckner
Ignore your partners' current Facebook friends; beware the ones they add! BIBAKFull-Text 483-488
  Michelle Drouin; Daniel A. Miller; Jayson L. Dibble
Does social network site use matter for mothers? Implications for bonding and bridging capital BIBAKFull-Text 489-495
  Juyoung Jang; Jodi Dworkin
"It's Not Who You Know, but Who You Add:" An investigation into the differential impact of friend adding and self-disclosure on interpersonal perceptions on Facebook BIBAKFull-Text 496-505
  Anthony M. Limperos; Daniel J. Tamul; Julia K. Woolley; John S. W. Spinda; S. Shyam Sundar
Common voice: Analysis of behavior modification and content convergence in a popular online community BIBAFull-Text 506-515
  Jude P. Mikal; Ronald E. Rice; Robert G. Kent; Bert N. Uchino
Examining the impact of computer-mediated social networks on individual consumerism environmental behaviors BIBAKFull-Text 516-526
  Richelle L. Oakley; A. F. Salam
Relational dialectics and social networking sites: The role of Facebook in romantic relationship escalation, maintenance, conflict, and dissolution BIBAKFull-Text 527-534
  Jesse Fox; Jeremy L. Osborn; Katie M. Warber
Private flirts, public friends: Understanding romantic jealousy responses to an ambiguous social network site message as a function of message access exclusivity BIBAKFull-Text 535-541
  Elizabeth L. Cohen; Nicholas D. Bowman; Katherine Borchert
"Love the Way You Lie": Sexting deception in romantic relationships BIBAKFull-Text 542-547
  Michelle Drouin; Elizabeth Tobin; Kara Wygant
Social media as a vector for youth violence: A review of the literature BIBAKFull-Text 548-553
  Desmond Upton Patton; Jun Sung Hong; Megan Ranney; Sadiq Patel; Caitlin Kelley; Rob Eschmann; Tyreasa Washington
Expressions of risk awareness and concern through Twitter: On the utility of using the medium as an indication of audience needs BIBAKFull-Text 554-559
  Kenneth A. Lachlan; Patric R. Spence; Xialing Lin
The potential for social media use in K-12 physical and health education BIBAKFull-Text 560-564
  Matt J. Vollum
Institutional boundaries and trust of virtual teams in collaborative design: An experimental study in a virtual world environment BIBAKFull-Text 565-577
  Shu Z. Schiller; Brian E. Mennecke; Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah; Andy Luse
Understanding the users' continuous adoption of 3D social virtual world in China: A comparative case study BIBAKFull-Text 578-585
  Xi Zhang; Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos; Xiaojiong Wang; Weiguang Wang; Yongqiang Sun; Jinghuai She
Corrigendum to "Why smartphone advertising attracts customers: A model of Web advertising, flow, and personalization" [Comput. Hum. Behav. 33 (2014) 256-269] BIBFull-Text 586
  Yoo Jung Kim; JinYoung Han