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Computers in Human Behavior 21

Editors:Robert D. Tennyson
Standard No:ISSN: 0747-5632
Links:Table of Contents
  1. CHB 2005-01 Volume 21 Issue 1
  2. CHB 2005-03 Volume 21 Issue 2
  3. CHB 2005-05 Volume 21 Issue 3
  4. CHB 2005-07 Volume 21 Issue 4
  5. CHB 2005-09 Volume 21 Issue 5
  6. CHB 2005-11 Volume 21 Issue 6

CHB 2005-01 Volume 21 Issue 1

Age, gender, and Internet attitudes among employees in the business world BIBFull-Text 1-10
  Yixin Zhang
Improving productivity and creativity in online groups through social comparison process: New evidence for asynchronous electronic brainstorming BIBFull-Text 11-28
  Nicolas Michinov; Corine Primois
Developing a Web assisted knowledge construction system based on the approach of constructivist knowledge analysis of tasks BIBFull-Text 29-44
  Shu-Sheng Liaw
The study of interactions and attitudes of third-grade students' learning information technology via a cooperative approach BIBFull-Text 45-72
  Shu Ching Yang; Shu Fang Liu
Content analysis of the homepages of academic psychologists BIBFull-Text 73-83
  Kitty Dumont; Wolfgang Frindte
Unintended consequences of emerging communication technologies: Instant Messaging in the workplace BIBFull-Text 85-103
  Ann Frances Cameron; Jane Webster
An overview of online trust: Concepts, elements, and implications BIBFull-Text 105-125
  Ye Diana Wang; Henry H. Emurian
Gender distinctiveness, communicative competence, and the problem of gender judgments in computer-mediated communication BIBFull-Text 127-145
  Eino Sierpe
Sex differences in purchasing textbooks online BIBFull-Text 147-152
  Bijou Yang; David Lester
Internet gambling: misleading payout rates during the "demo" period BIBFull-Text 153-158
  Serge Sévigny; Martin Cloutier; Marie-France Pelletier; Robert Ladouceur

CHB 2005-03 Volume 21 Issue 2

Improving database design teaching in secondary education: action research implementation for documentation of didactic requirements and strategies BIBFull-Text 159-194
  George Fesakis; Angelique Dimitracopoulou; Vassilis Komis
The effects and interaction of spatial visualization and domain expertise on information seeking BIBFull-Text 195-209
  Ricard E. Downing; Joi L. Moore; Steven W. Brown
Expert decision support system use, disuse, and misuse: a study using the theory of planned behavior BIBFull-Text 211-231
  Michael Workman
Students' attitudes toward books and computers BIBFull-Text 233-241
  Jan Noyes; Kate J. Garland
The WALKABOUT: Using virtual environments to assess large-scale spatial abilities BIBFull-Text 243-253
  David Waller
Preferences toward the constructivist Internet-based learning environments among high school students in Taiwan BIBFull-Text 255-272
  Shih-Chyueh Chuang; Chin-Chung Tsai
The use of microworlds to study dynamic decision making BIBFull-Text 273-286
  Cleotilde Gonzalez; Polina Vanyukov; Michael K. Martin
Using learning styles to evaluate computer-based instruction BIBFull-Text 287-306
  L. Michele Miller
Screen design with dynamic symmetry: A discovery BIBFull-Text 307-322
  David Chek Ling Ngo; Eugene Ch'ng
Emotions in human and artificial intelligence BIBFull-Text 323-341
  Juan Martínez-Miranda; Arantza Aldea
Using scantron versus an audience response system for survey research: Does methodology matter when measuring computer-mediated communication competence? BIBFull-Text 343-359
  Ulla Bunz
Evaluation of computerized text analysis in an Internet breast cancer support group BIBFull-Text 361-376
  Georg W. Alpers; Andrew Winzelberg; Catherine Classen; Heidi Roberts; Parvati Dev; Cheryl Koopman; C. Barr Taylor
Effects of VDT and paper presentation on consumption and production of information: Psychological and physiological factors BIBFull-Text 377-394
  Erik Wästlund; Henrik Reinikka; Torsten Norlander; Trevor Archer
Using behavioral modeling technology to capture designer's intent BIBFull-Text 395-405
  X. William Xu; Ross Galloway

CHB 2005-05 Volume 21 Issue 3

The pedagogical use of information and communication technology in education: a Dutch perspective BIBFull-Text 407-415
  Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer; Saskia Brand-Gruwel
An examination of interactional coherence in email use in elementary school BIBFull-Text 417-439
  Hans van der Meij; Bregje de Vries; Kerst Boersma; Jules M. Pieters; Rupert Wegerif
Students' reasoning during modeling in an inquiry learning environment BIBFull-Text 441-461
  Simone Löhner; Wouter R. van Joolingen; Elwin R. Savelsbergh; Bernadette H. A. M. van Hout-Wolters
Coordination processes in computer supported collaborative writing BIBFull-Text 463-486
  Gijsbert Erkens; Jos G. M. Jaspers; Maaike Prangsma; Gellof Kanselaar
Information problem solving by experts and novices: analysis of a complex cognitive skill BIBFull-Text 487-508
  Saskia Brand-Gruwel; Iwan Wopereis; Yvonne Vermetten
The surplus value of an authentic learning environment BIBFull-Text 509-521
  Judith T. M. Gulikers; Theo J. Bastiaens; Rob L. Martens
A 'blended' in-service arrangement for classroom technology integration: impacts on teachers and students BIBFull-Text 523-539
  Joke Voogt; Marinus Almekinders; Jan van den Akker; Bert Moonen
Theory and method as tools: reflections on research on the pedagogical uses of ICT in education BIBFull-Text 541-546
  Brent G. Wilson

CHB 2005-07 Volume 21 Issue 4

Learning in innovative learning environments BIBFull-Text 547-554
  Paul A. Kirschner
Multimedia learning in social sciences: limitations of external graphical representations BIBFull-Text 555-573
  Katrien De Westelinck; Martin Valcke; Brigitte De Craene; Paul A. Kirschner
Effects of representational guidance on domain specific reasoning in CSCL BIBFull-Text 575-602
  Jannet van Drie; Carla A. M. van Boxtel; Jos G. M. Jaspers; Gellof Kanselaar
Epistemic cooperation scripts in online learning environments: fostering learning by reducing uncertainty in discourse? BIBFull-Text 603-622
  Kati Mäkitalo; Armin Weinberger; Päivi Häkkinen; Sanna Järvelä; Frank Fischer
Computer support for knowledge construction in collaborative learning environments BIBFull-Text 623-643
  Pieter J. Beers; Henny P. A. Boshuizen; Paul A. Kirschner; W. H. Gijselaers
Regulative processes in individual, 3D and computer supported cooperative learning contexts BIBFull-Text 645-670
  Frank de Jong; Bas Kollöffel; Henny van der Meijden; Judith Kleine Staarman; Jeroen Janssen
Co-Lab: research and development of an online learning environment for collaborative scientific discovery learning BIBFull-Text 671-688
  Wouter R. van Joolingen; Ton de Jong; Ard W. Lazonder; Elwin R. Savelsbergh; Sarah Manlove
Instructional interventions to enhance collaboration in powerful learning environments BIBFull-Text 689-696
  Liesbeth Kester; Fred Paas

CHB 2005-09 Volume 21 Issue 5

The effects of computers on older adult users BIBFull-Text 697-711
  Maria Karavidas; Nicholas K. Lim; Steve L. Katsikas
Computer anxiety and perception of task complexity in learning programming-related skills BIBFull-Text 713-728
  Sheeson E. Chang
Exploring users' attitudes and intentions toward the web as a survey tool BIBFull-Text 729-743
  Hsiu-Mei Huang; Shu-Sheng Liaw
The ebb and flow of online learning BIBFull-Text 745-771
  Jon M. Pearce; Mary Ainley; Steve Howard
Expectations and memory in link search BIBFull-Text 773-789
  Antti Oulasvirta; Lari Kärkkäinen; Jari Laarni
Measuring perceptual and motivational facets of computer control: the development and validation of the computing control scale BIBFull-Text 791-815
  John P. Charlton
Levels of abstraction in designs of human-computer interaction: The case of e-mail BIBFull-Text 817-830
  Dov Te'eni; Zohar Sani-Kuperberg
Face-to-face versus computer-mediated communication in a primary school setting BIBFull-Text 831-859
  Henny van der Meijden; Simon Veenman

CHB 2005-11 Volume 21 Issue 6

Computer literacy across the lifespan: a review with implications for educators BIBFull-Text 861-872
  Timothy A. Poynton
Toward an understanding of the behavioral intention to use mobile banking BIBFull-Text 873-891
  Pin Luarn; Hsin-Hui Lin
Web-based programmed instruction: evidence of rule-governed learning BIBFull-Text 893-915
  Henry H. Emurian
An investigation the factors affecting MIS student burnout in technical-vocational college BIBFull-Text 917-932
  Hui-Jen Yang; Cheng-Kiang Farn
Studying inquiry learning with FILE BIBFull-Text 933-943
  Pascal Wilhelm; Jos Beishuizen; Hedderik van Rijn
FILE: a tool for the study of inquiry learning BIBFull-Text 945-956
  C. D. Hulshof; Pascal Wilhelm; Jos Beishuizen; Hedderik van Rijn
Collaborative learning in asynchronous discussion groups: What about the impact on cognitive processing? BIBFull-Text 957-975
  Tammy Schellens; Martin Valcke
Alt.support: modeling social support online BIBFull-Text 977-992
  Matthew S. Eastin; Robert LaRose
Differences between 'talking about' and 'admitting' sensitive behaviour in anonymous and non-anonymous web-based interviews BIBFull-Text 993-1003
  Hans-Ullrich Mühlenfeld
Initial feasibility of a researcher configurable computerized self-monitoring system BIBFull-Text 1005-1018
  William T. Riley; Steven C. Carson; Norman Martin; Albert Behar; Valerie L. Forman-Hoffman; Albert Jerome