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Computers in Human Behavior 20

Editors:Robert D. Tennyson
Standard No:ISSN: 0747-5632
Links:Table of Contents
  1. CHB 2004-01 Volume 20 Issue 1
  2. CHB 2004-03 Volume 20 Issue 2
  3. CHB 2004-05 Volume 20 Issue 3
  4. CHB 2004-07 Volume 20 Issue 4
  5. CHB 2004-09 Volume 20 Issue 5
  6. CHB 2004-11 Volume 20 Issue 6

CHB 2004-01 Volume 20 Issue 1

Computer self-efficacy and anxiety scales for an Internet sample: testing measurement equivalence of existing measures and development of new scales BIBFull-Text 1-15
  Francisco G. Barbeite; Elizabeth M. Weiss
Measuring satisfaction with business-to-employee systems BIBFull-Text 17-35
  Jen-Hung Huang; Chyan Yang; Bih-Huang Jin; Hero Chiu
Attitudes about the computer-based test of English as a Foreign Language BIBFull-Text 37-54
  Lawrence J. Stricker; Gita Z. Wilder; Donald A. Rock
Profiling information technology users: en route to dynamic personalization BIBFull-Text 55-65
  Colin G. DeYoung; Ian Spence
Computers, anxiety, and gender: an analysis of reactions to the Y2K computer problem BIBDOI 67-83
  Michele A. Schottenbauer; Benjamin F. Rodriguez; Carol R. Glass; Diane B. Arnkoff
Self-evaluative intrusive thoughts impede successful searching on the Internet BIBFull-Text 85-101
  Penny L. Yee; Ingrid Hsieh-Yee; Gregory R. Pierce; Rebekah Grome; Lindsey Schantz
The impact of Internet interactivity and need for closure on consumer preference BIBFull-Text 103-117
  Yair Amichai-Hamburger; Adi Fine; Abraham Goldstein

CHB 2004-03 Volume 20 Issue 2

Information systems: an interdisciplinary perspective BIBFull-Text 119-123
  Henry H. Emurian
An assessment of human-computer interaction research in management information systems: topics and methods BIBFull-Text 125-147
  Ping Zhang; Na Li
Twenty guidelines for the design of Web-based interfaces with consistent language BIBFull-Text 149-161
  A. Ant Ozok; Gavriel Salvendy
Task management support in information seeking: a case for search histories BIBFull-Text 163-184
  Anita Komlodi
Identifying expertise markers in routine work artifacts: exploring micronote taking behavior BIBFull-Text 185-199
  Wayne G. Lutters
The top five reasons for lurking: improving community experiences for everyone BIBFull-Text 201-223
  Jennifer J. Preece; Blair Nonnecke; Dorine Andrews
Fostering constructive cognitive and metacognitive activity in computer-based complex task training environments BIBFull-Text 225-241
  Haydee M. Cuevas; Stephen M. Fiore; Clint A. Bowers; Eduardo Salas
Self-service systems: new methodology reveals customer real-time actions during merger BIBFull-Text 243-267
  Regina Colonia-Willner
Improving web accessibility: a study of webmaster perceptions BIBFull-Text 269-288
  Jonathan Lazar; Alfreda Dudley-Sponaugle; Kisha-Dawn Greenidge
Interaction in collaborative computer supported diagram development BIBFull-Text 289-310
  Jeffrey D. Campbell
Distributed interactive communication in simulated space-dwelling groups BIBFull-Text 311-340
  Joseph V. Brady; Robert D. Hienz; Steven R. Hursh; Leonard C. Ragusa; Charles O. Rouse; Eric D. Gasior
Revisiting information systems as an interdisciplinary science BIBFull-Text 341-344
  Deborah A. Boehm-Davis

CHB 2004-05 Volume 20 Issue 3

Implementing multilingual touch-screen audio-CASI applications BIBFull-Text 345-356
  Philip C. Cooley; Laxminarayana Ganapathi; Sheping Li
Examining the performance and attitudes of sixth graders during their use of a problem-based hypermedia learning environment BIBFull-Text 357-379
  Min Liu
Language dominance in interpersonal deception in computer-mediated communication BIBFull-Text 381-402
  Lina Zhou; Judee K. Burgoon; Dongsong Zhang; Jay F. Nunamaker
Visitors' flow experience while browsing a Web site: its measurement, contributing factors and consequences BIBFull-Text 403-422
  Yongxia Skadberg; James R. Kimmel
A programmed instruction tutoring system for Java™ consideration of learning performance and software self-efficacy BIBFull-Text 423-459
  Henry H. Emurian

CHB 2004-07 Volume 20 Issue 4

Emotional expression and modality: an analysis of affective arousal and linguistic output in a computer vs. paper paradigm BIBFull-Text 461-475
  William G. Sharp; David S. Hargrove
Ethical issues in the use of computerized assessment BIBFull-Text 477-490
  Stefan E. Schulenberg; Barbara A. Yutrzenka
Evaluating older adults' retention in hypertext perusal: impacts of presentation media as a function of text topology BIBFull-Text 491-503
  Dyi-Yih Michael Lin
The relation of interface usability characteristics, perceived usefulness, and perceived ease of use to end-user satisfaction with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems BIBFull-Text 505-515
  Fethi Calisir; Ferah Calisir
Performance and perceived effectiveness in computer-based and computer-aided education: do cognitive styles make a difference? BIBFull-Text 517-534
  Michael Workman
Attributes associated with the submission of electronic versus paper résumés BIBFull-Text 535-549
  Peter D. Elgin; Maria M. Clapham
Reflection prompts and tutor feedback in a web-based learning environment: effects on students' self-regulated learning competence BIBFull-Text 551-567
  Gerard van den Boom; Fred Paas; Jeroen J. G. van Merriënboer; Tamara van Gog
Human-computer interfaces with regional lower and upper alpha frequencies as on-line indexes of mental activity BIBFull-Text 569-579
  J. Gualberto Cremades; Armando Barreto; Danmary Sanchez; Malek Adjouadi

CHB 2004-09 Volume 20 Issue 5

Effects of qualitative differences in initial and subsequent computer experience on computer anxiety BIBFull-Text 581-590
  John Todman; Emma Drysdale
Internet use and college adjustment: the moderating role of gender BIBFull-Text 591-606
  Richard P. Lanthier; R. Craig Windham
Measuring perceived quality of social space in distributed learning groups BIBFull-Text 607-632
  Karel Kreijns; Paul A. Kirschner; Wim M. G. Jochems; Hans van Buuren
The impact of recipient list size and priority signs on electronic helping behavior BIBFull-Text 633-644
  Candice E. Lewis; Lori Foster Thompson; Karl L. Wuensch; William F. Grossnickle; John G. Cope
Using computer-related technology for assessment activities: ethical and professional practice issues for school psychologists BIBFull-Text 645-659
  Janet F. Carlson; Virginia Smith Harvey
Reliability assessment of the attitude towards computers instrument (ATCI) BIBFull-Text 661-689
  Teresa M. Shaft; Mark P. Sharfman; Wilfred W. Wu
Loneliness and new technologies in a group of Roman adolescents BIBFull-Text 691-709
  Miretta Prezza; Maria Giuseppina Pacilli; Serena Dinelli

CHB 2004-11 Volume 20 Issue 6

Individual differences in Internet usage motives BIBFull-Text 711-726
  Tel Amiel; Stephanie Lee Sargent
Is Web-based instruction popular in psychology? A national survey BIBFull-Text 727-732
  Chris Piotrowski; Stephen J. Vodanovich
Case study of online workshop for the professional development of teachers BIBFull-Text 733-761
  Shu Ching Yang; Shu Fang Liu
How undergraduate students meet a new learning environment? BIBFull-Text 763-777
  Minna Vuorela; Lauri Nummenmaa
Effects of gendered character representation on person perception and informational social influence in computer-mediated communication BIBFull-Text 779-799
  Eun-Ju Lee
Time will tell: changes in risk perception and the processing of risk information about the Y2K-risk BIBFull-Text 801-821
  Margôt Kuttschreuter; Jan M. Gutteling
Computer experience: a poor predictor of computer attitudes BIBFull-Text 823-840
  Kate J. Garland; Jan M. Noyes