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Computers in Human Behavior 18

Editors:Robert D. Tennyson
Standard No:ISSN: 0747-5632
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  1. CHB 2002-01 Volume 18 Issue 1
  2. CHB 2002-03 Volume 18 Issue 2
  3. CHB 2002-05 Volume 18 Issue 3
  4. CHB 2002-07 Volume 18 Issue 4
  5. CHB 2002-09 Volume 18 Issue 5
  6. CHB 2002-11 Volume 18 Issue 6

CHB 2002-01 Volume 18 Issue 1

Internet and personality BIBFull-Text 1-10
  Yair Amichai-Hamburger
Foot-in-the-door technique and computer-mediated communication BIBFull-Text 11-15
  Nicolas Guéguen
An Internet survey for perceptions of computers and the World Wide Web: relationship, prediction, and difference BIBFull-Text 17-35
  Shu-Sheng Liaw
Multidimensional taxonomy of learners cognitive processing in discourse synthesis with hypermedia BIBFull-Text 37-68
  Shu Ching Yang
An investigation of computer anxiety by gender and grade BIBFull-Text 69-84
  John King; Trevor Bond; Sonya Blandford
The impact of electronic monitoring on quality and quantity of performance BIBFull-Text 85-101
  Jeffrey M. Stanton; Amanda L. Julian

CHB 2002-03 Volume 18 Issue 2

Stumping e-rater: challenging the validity of automated essay scoring BIBFull-Text 103-134
  Donald E. Powers; Jill Burstein; Martin Chodorow; Mary E. Fowles; Karen Kukich
Gender influences on children's computer attitudes and cognitions BIBFull-Text 135-150
  A. S. North; J. M. Noyes
Predictors of web-student performance: the role of self-efficacy and reasons for taking an on-line class BIBFull-Text 151-163
  Alvin Y. Wang; Michael H. Newlin
Think or click? Student preference for overt vs. covert responding in web-based instruction BIBFull-Text 165-172
  Amy M. Haggas; Donald A. Hantula
Computer-mediated communication in collaborative writing BIBFull-Text 173-190
  Ami L. Barile; Francis T. Durso
Development context and ease of use of three programs for self-registration of unemployed people BIBFull-Text 191-221
  Mathias Hassnert; Carl Martin Allwood

CHB 2002-05 Volume 18 Issue 3

Job characteristics and computer anxiety in the production industry BIBFull-Text 223-239
  Aslaug Mikkelsen; Torvald Øgaard; Preben H. Lindøe; Odd Einar Olsen
A field study of computer efficacy beliefs as an outcome of training: the role of computer playfulness, computer knowledge, and performance during training BIBFull-Text 241-255
  Denise Potosky
Effects of training on computer-mediated communication in single or mixed gender small task groups BIBFull-Text 257-269
  Victor Savicki; Merle Kelley; Benjamin Ammon
Personality traits and computer anxiety as predictors of Y2K anxiety BIBFull-Text 271-284
  Susan B. Goldstein; Erin A. Dudley; Christina M. Erickson; Noella L. Richer
Applicant preferences for Web-based versus traditional job postings BIBFull-Text 285-296
  Rebecca R. Zusman; Ronald S. Landis
Eliciting children's recall of events: how do computers compare with humans? BIBFull-Text 297-313
  Martine B. Powell; J. Clare Wilson; Donald M. Thomson
Assessing computer anxiety with the interaction model of anxiety: development and validation of the computer anxiety trait subscale BIBFull-Text 315-325
  Jean-Philippe Gaudron; Emmanuelle Vignoli
Initial inductive learning in a complex computer simulated environment: the role of metacognitive skills and intellectual ability BIBFull-Text 327-341
  M. V. J. Veenman; F. J. Prins; J. J. Elshout

CHB 2002-07 Volume 18 Issue 4

Liar, liar! An examination of how open, supportive and honest people are in chat rooms BIBFull-Text 343-352
  Monica T. Whitty
RLIST: a representation scheme for the automated comparison of psychopathological scales and syndromes BIBFull-Text 353-367
  Marjolijn M. Vermande; Marnix C. M. Weusten; Peter Arno J. M. Coppen; Douwe Kracht
Exploring the theoretical foundations of playfulness in computer interactions BIBFull-Text 369-388
  Amy B. Woszczynski; Philip L. Roth; Albert H. Segars
Social desirability and controllability in computerized and paper-and-pencil personality questionnaires BIBFull-Text 389-410
  Shaul Fox; David Schwartz
Sensation seeking and internet dependence of Taiwanese high school adolescents BIBFull-Text 411-426
  Sunny S. J. Lin; Chin-Chung Tsai
Using desktop virtual environments to investigate the role of landmarks BIBFull-Text 427-436
  Petra Jansen-Osmann
Relationships among Internet use, personality, and social support BIBFull-Text 437-451
  Rhonda J. Swickert; James B. Hittner; Jamie L. Harris; Jennifer A. Herring
Youth independent living assessment: testing the equivalence of web and paper/pencil versions of the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment BIBDOI 453-464
  Richard V. Bressani; A. Chris Downs
Principles for using animation in computer-based instruction: theoretical heuristics for effective design BIBFull-Text 465-477
  Renée E. Weiss; Dave S. Knowlton; Gary R. Morrison

CHB 2002-09 Volume 18 Issue 5

Effects of training on Internet self-efficacy and computer user attitudes BIBFull-Text 479-494
  Gholamreza Torkzadeh; Thomas P. Van Dyke
Aggression, competition and computer games: computer and human opponents BIBFull-Text 495-506
  Russell B. Williams; Caryl A. Clippinger
Private e-mail requests and the diffusion of responsibility BIBFull-Text 507-520
  Greg Barron; Eldad Yechiam
Computer self efficacy, computer anxiety, attitudes towards the Internet and reported experience with the Internet, by gender, in an East European sample BIBFull-Text 521-535
  Alan Durndell; Zsolt Haag
Reading news from a pocket computer in a distracting environment: effects of the tempo of background music BIBFull-Text 537-551
  Kari Kallinen
Problematic Internet use and psychosocial well-being: development of a theory-based cognitive-behavioral measurement instrument BIBFull-Text 553-575
  Scott E. Caplan
Evaluation of the usefulness of 'Marvin'; a computerized assessment tool for investigative interviewers of children BIBFull-Text 577-592
  Martine B. Powell; J. Clare Wilson; Melissa K. Hasty
An examination of the relationship between use of the Internet as a recruitment source and student attitudes BIBDOI 593-604
  Amy L. Rozelle; Ronald S. Landis

CHB 2002-11 Volume 18 Issue 6

Perspectives on computer-based assessment of problem solving BIBFull-Text 605-607
  Harold F., Jr. O'Neil
Measuring problem solving in computer environments: current and future states BIBFull-Text 609-622
  Eva L. Baker; Harold F., Jr. O'Neil
A taxonomy for computer-based assessment of problem solving BIBFull-Text 623-632
  Richard E. Mayer
Challenging minds? Students' perceptions of computer-based World Class Tests of problem solving BIBFull-Text 633-649
  Mary Richardson; Jo-Anne Baird; Jim Ridgway; Martin Ripley; Diane Shorrocks-Taylor; Malcolm Swan
Improving problem solving and creativity through use of complex-dynamic simulations BIBFull-Text 650-668
  Robert D. Tennyson; Klaus Breuer
Cognitive process validation of an online problem solving assessment BIBFull-Text 669-684
  Gregory K. W. K. Chung; Linda F. de Vries; Alicia M. Cheak; Ronald H. Stevens; William L. Bewley
The fuzzy relationship of intelligence and problem solving in computer simulations BIBFull-Text 685-697
  Detlev Leutner
Types of feedback in a computer-based collaborative problem-solving group task BIBFull-Text 699-715
  I.-Lin Gloria Hsieh; Harold F., Jr. O'Neil
Effectiveness and cost benefits of computer-based decision aids for equipment maintenance BIBFull-Text 717-728
  J. D. Fletcher; R. Johnston
Training individuals for distributed teams: problem solving assessment for distributed mission research BIBFull-Text 729-744
  Stephen M. Fiore; Haydee M. Cuevas; Sandro Scielzo; Eduardo Salas
Assessing problem solving in expert systems using human benchmarking BIBFull-Text 745-759
  Harold F., Jr. O'Neil; Yujing Ni; Eva L. Baker; Merlin C. Wittrock
Web-based problem solving learning: third-year medical students' participation in end-of-life care Virtual Clinic BIBFull-Text 761-772
  Sara Kim; Beth E. Kolko; Thomas H. Greer
Developing competency-based methods for near-real-time air combat problem solving assessment BIBFull-Text 773-782
  Winston, Jr. Bennett; Brian T. Schreiber; Dee H. Andrews
Communication patterns during synchronous Web-based military training in problem solving BIBFull-Text 783-795
  Kara L. Orvis; Robert A. Wisher; Curtis J. Bonk; Tatana M. Olson