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Proceedings of the 2011 International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

Fullname:Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering
Editors:Marcelo Cataldo; Cleidson de Souza; Yvonne Dittrich; Rashina Hoda; Helen Sharp
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii
Dates:2011-May-21 to 2011-May-28
Standard No:ISBN: 1-4503-0680-2, 978-1-4503-0680-5; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHASE11
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  1. Full papers
  2. Position papers
  3. Short papers

Full papers

A case study of post-deployment user feedback triage BIBAFull-Text 1-8
  Andrew J. Ko; Michael J. Lee; Valentina Ferrari; Steven Ip; Charlie Tran
Branching and merging: an investigation into current version control practices BIBAFull-Text 9-15
  Shaun Phillips; Jonathan Sillito; Rob Walker
A qualitative study of the determinants of self-managing team effectiveness in a scrum team BIBAFull-Text 16-23
  Cleviton V. F. Monteiro; Fabio Q. B. da Silva; Isabella R. M. dos Santos; Felipe Farias; Elisa S. F. Cardozo; André R. G. do A. Leitão; Dacio N. M. Neto; Miguel J. A. Pernambuco Filho
Mining and visualizing developer networks from version control systems BIBAFull-Text 24-31
  Andrejs Jermakovics; Alberto Sillitti; Giancarlo Succi
How do we trace requirements: an initial study of analyst behavior in trace validation tasks BIBAFull-Text 32-39
  Wei-Keat Kong; Jane Huffman Hayes; Alex Dekhtyar; Jeff Holden
Impact of collaborative traces on trustworthiness BIBAFull-Text 40-47
  Erik H. Trainer; Ban Al-Ani; David F. Redmiles

Position papers

Some non-usage data for a distributed editor: the saros outreach BIBAFull-Text 48
  Lutz Prechelt
Strawberries are nuts BIBAFull-Text 49
  Tim Frey; Marius Gelhausen
Of code and context: collaboration between developers and translators BIBAFull-Text 50-52
  Malte Ressin; José Abdelnour-Nocera; Andy Smith

Short papers

A theory of branches as goals and virtual teams BIBAFull-Text 53-56
  Christian Bird; Thomas Zimmermann; Alex Teterev
Workplace warriors: identifying team practices of appropriation in software ecosystems BIBAFull-Text 57-60
  Sebastian Draxler; Adrian Jung; Alexander Boden; Gunnar Stevens
STCML: an extensible XML-based language for socio-technical modeling BIBAFull-Text 61-64
  John C. Georgas; Anita Sarma
Collabode: collaborative coding in the browser BIBAFull-Text 65-68
  Max Goldman; Greg Little; Robert C. Miller
Teambugs: a collaborative bug tracking tool BIBAFull-Text 69-71
  Gerald Bortis; André van der Hoek
Studying team evolution during software testing BIBAFull-Text 72-75
  Vibhu Saujanya Sharma; Vikrant Kaulgud
Which bug should i fix: helping new developers onboard a new project BIBAFull-Text 76-79
  Jianguo Wang; Anita Sarma
An exploratory study of awareness interests about software modifications BIBAFull-Text 80-83
  Miryung Kim
Supporting collaboration in the development of complex engineering software BIBAFull-Text 84-87
  Victoria E. Shipp; Peter Johnson
Requirements maturation analysis based on the distance between the source and developers BIBAFull-Text 88-91
  Takako Nakatani; Toshihiko Tsumaki