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Proceedings of the 2009 International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering

Fullname:Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering: ICSE'09 31st International Conference on Software Engineering
Location:Vancouver, Canada
Standard No:ISBN: 1-4244-3712-1, 978-1-4244-3712-2; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CHASE09
Coordination in large-scale software teams BIBAFull-Text 1-7
  Andrew Begel; Nachiappan Nagappan; Christopher Poile; Lucas Layman
Bridging knowledge distribution -- The role of knowledge brokers in distributed software development teams BIBAFull-Text 8-11
  Alexander Boden; Gabriela Avram
Automatically identifying that distributed programmers are stuck BIBAFull-Text 12
  Jason Carter; Prasun Dewan
Audio-video recording of ad hoc software development team interactions BIBAFull-Text 13-21
  Sebastien Cherry; Pierre N. Robillard
Designing software for unfamiliar domains BIBAFull-Text 22
  Parmit K. Chilana; Andrew J. Ko; Jacob O. Wobbrock
Personalities, cultures and software modeling: Questions, scenarios and research directions BIBAFull-Text 23-31
  Americo B. Cunha; Alberto G. Canen; Miriam A. M. Capretz
A qualitative study on project landscapes BIBAFull-Text 32-35
  Barthelemy Dagenais; Harold Ossher; Rachel K. E. Bellamy; Martin P. Robillard; Jacqueline P. de Vries
Why are software projects moving from centralized to decentralized version control systems? BIBAFull-Text 36-39
  Brian de Alwis; Jonathan Sillito
Writing and Reading Software Documentation: How the development process may affect understanding BIBAFull-Text 40-47
  Remco C. de Boer; Hans van Vliet
Distributed side-by-side programming BIBAFull-Text 48-55
  Prasun Dewan; Puneet Agarwal; Gautam Shroff; Rajesh Hegde
Enabling and enhancing collaborations between software development organizations and independent test agencies BIBAFull-Text 56-59
  James A. Jones; Mark Grechanik; Andre van der Hoek
Knowledge management in practice: The case of agile software development BIBAFull-Text 60-65
  Meira Levy; Orit Hazzan
Supporting agile team composition: A prototype tool for identifying personality (In)compatibilities BIBAFull-Text 66-73
  Sherlock Licorish; Anne Philpott; Stephen G. MacDonell
The role of blogging in generating a software product vision BIBAFull-Text 74-77
  Shelly Park; Frank Maurer
QUASE -- A quantitative approach to analyze the human aspects of software development projects BIBAFull-Text 78
  Rafael Prikladnicki
Discovering determinants of high volatility software BIBAFull-Text 79
  Carolyn Seaman; A. Gunes Koru; Sreedevi Sampath
Exception handling negligence due to intra-individual goal conflicts BIBAFull-Text 80-83
  Hina Shah; Mary Jean Harrold
An initial investigation of software practitioners' motivation BIBAFull-Text 84-91
  Helen Sharp; Tracy Hall
The work of software development as an assemblage of computational practice BIBAFull-Text 92-95
  Susan Elliott Sim; Marisa Leavitt Cohn; Kavita Philip
Taking care of cooperation when evolving socially embedded systems: The PloneMeeting case BIBAFull-Text 96-103
  Hataichanok Unphon; Yvonne Dittrich; Arnaud Hubaux
Challenges in the user interface design of an IDE tool recommender BIBAFull-Text 104-107
  Petcharat Viriyakattiyaporn; Gail C. Murphy
Reporting usability metrics experiences BIBAFull-Text 108-115
  Jeff Winter; Kari Ronkko; Mats Hellman