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Proceedings of the 1992 Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy

Fullname:Proceedings of the Second Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy
Editors:Lance J. Hoffman
Location:Washington, D.C.
Dates:1992-Mar-18 to 1992-Mar-20
Standard No:ISBN: 0-89791-553-4; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CFP92
Freedom in cyberspace: new wine in old space? BIBFull-Text 1-7
  Allen Neuharth
Who logs on? BIBFull-Text 9-22
  Robert Lucky; Linda Garcia; Alfred Koeppe; Brian Kahin
Ethics, morality, and criminality BIBFull-Text 23-37
  J. Michael Gibbons; Scott Charney; James Settle; Mike Godwin; Emory Hackman; Don Delaney
For sale: government information BIBFull-Text 39-53
  George Trubow; Dwight Morris; Ken Allen; Maurice Freedman; Evan Hendricks; Fred Weingarten; Franklin S. Reeder; Costin Toregas; Robert R. Belair
Free speech and the public telephone network BIBFull-Text 55-67
  Jerry Berman; Henry Geller; John Podesta; Bob Peck; Eli Noam
Who's in your genes? BIBFull-Text 69-79
  Madison Powers; John Hicks; Paul Mendelsohn; Peter Neufeld
Private collection of personal information BIBFull-Text 81-100
  Ron Plesser; Janlori Goldman; John Baker; James D. McQuaid; James Rule; Mary Culnan; Pat Hadley
Privacy and intellectual freedom in the digital library BIBFull-Text 101-117
  Marc Rotenberg; Robert Walton; Gordon Conable; Jean Armour Polly; Steve Cisler
Computers in the workplace: elysium or panopticon? BIBFull-Text 119-132
  Alan F. Westin; Gary Marx; Kristina Zahorik; Willis H. Ware
Who holds the keys? BIBFull-Text 133-147
  Dorothy Denning; Jim Bidzos; David Bellin; John Gilmore; Whitfield Diffie; John Perry Barlow
Public policy for the 21st century BIBFull-Text 149-159
  Mara Liasson; Peter Denning; Mitchell Kapor; Simon Davies; Roland Homet; Esther Dyson