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CCD 2015: 7th International Conference on Cross-Cultural Design Applications in Mobile Interaction, Education, Health, Transport and Cultural Heritage

Fullname:CCD 2015: 7th International Conference on Cross-Cultural Design, Part II: Applications in Mobile Interaction, Education, Health, Transport and Cultural Heritage
Note:Volume 13 of HCI International 2015
Editors:P. L. Patrick Rau
Location:Los Angeles, California
Dates:2015-Aug-02 to 2015-Aug-07
Publisher:Springer International Publishing
Series:Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9181
Standard No:DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-20934-0 hcibib: CCD15-2; ISBN: 978-3-319-20933-3 (print), 978-3-319-20934-0 (online)
Links:Online Proceedings | Conference Website
  1. CCD 2015-08-02 Volume 2
    1. Cultural Aspects of Social Media and Mobile Services
    2. Culture for Transport and Travel
    3. Culture for Design and Design for Culture
    4. Culture for Health, Learning and Games

CCD 2015-08-02 Volume 2

Cultural Aspects of Social Media and Mobile Services

Culturally Appropriate Design of Mobile Learning Applications in the Malaysian Context BIBAKFull-Text 3-14
  Shamsul Arrieya Ariffin; Laurel Evelyn Dyson
How Online Social Network and Wearable Devices Enhance Exercise Well-Being of Chinese Females? BIBAKFull-Text 15-21
  Hao Chen; Ting-Yu Tony Lin; Qiaochu Mu; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
Social Media Design Requirements for the Collectivist International Students BIBAKFull-Text 22-33
  Kanrawi Kitkhachonkunlaphat; Mihaela Vorvoreanu
"Faith to Go or Devil's Work" -- Social Media Acceptance in Taboo-Related Usage Contexts BIBAKFull-Text 34-45
  Judith Leckebusch; Sylvia Kowalewski; Chantal Lidynia; Martina Ziefle
The Impact of Natural Utilization of Traditional Chinese Cultural Elements on the User Experience in Mobile Interaction Design BIBAKFull-Text 46-56
  Tian Lei; Xu Liu; Lei Wu; Tianjian Chen; Yuhui Wang; Luyao Xiong; Shuaili Wei
Service Design Towards Sustainable Lifestyle in the Context of Mobile Internet BIBAKFull-Text 57-67
  Xueliang Li; Miaosen Gong; Dongjuan Xiao
From Technology to Design BIBAKFull-Text 68-79
  Hsi-Yen Lin; Wen-Zhong Su; Pei-Hua Hung; Chi-Ying Hung
From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Experience: Online Customer Satisfaction Practice in International E-commerce BIBAKFull-Text 80-89
  Yanyang Liuqu; Xinheng Fan; Paul L. Fu
E-Commerce Purchase Intention in Emerging Markets: The Influence of Gender and Culture BIBAKFull-Text 90-100
  Dimitrios Rigas; Nazish Riaz
Cultural Capital at Work in Facebook Users' Selection of Different Languages BIBAKFull-Text 101-109
  Jieyu Wang; Satarupa Joardar

Culture for Transport and Travel

Applying Soundscape to Creating an Interactive and Cultural Centered Experience BIBAKFull-Text 113-120
  Hsiu Ching Laura Hsieh; Chiao Yu Hwang
Design of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication System for Chinese and German Drivers BIBAKFull-Text 121-128
  Xiang Ji; Lukas Haferkamp; Chieh Cheng; Muanphet Charunratanavisan; Andreas Neuhaus; Na Sun; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
Investigation of a Driver-to-Driver Communication Method Through Rear Window Display for Chinese BIBAKFull-Text 129-139
  Na Liu; Ruifeng Yu; Deyu Wang; Yunhong Zhang
On the Qualitative Research Approach and Application of the "VTIO" Model Based on Cultural Differences BIBAKFull-Text 140-149
  Lei Liu; Lin Ma
Driving Safety Considered User Interface of a Smartphone: An Experimental Comparison BIBAKFull-Text 150-160
  Sanaz Motamedi; Mahdi Hasheminejad; Pilsung Choe
Exploring Smart-Car Space in Urban India BIBAKFull-Text 161-173
  Sarita Seshagiri; Aditya Ponnada
Ask Local: Explore a New Place Like Locals BIBAKFull-Text 174-183
  Cagri Hakan Zaman; Federico Casalegno; Meng Sun; Kulpreet Chilana

Culture for Design and Design for Culture

Analysis of Emotional Design and Cultural Product Narrative Communication Model BIBAKFull-Text 187-196
  Miao-Hsien Chuang; Jui-Ping Ma
From Design to Humanity -- A Case Study of Costumer Value Toward Dechnology Products BIBAKFull-Text 197-208
  Chi-Ying Hung; Pei-Hua Hung; Wen-Zhong Su; Hsi-Yen Lin
From Design to Technology BIBAKFull-Text 209-221
  Pei-Hua Hung; Chi-Ying Hung; Hsi-Yen Lin; Wen-Zhong Su
Monster Design and Classifier Cognition BIBAKFull-Text 222-229
  Larry Hong-lin Li
Design of Literature Management Tool BIBAKFull-Text 230-240
  Xiaojing Liao
Emotion and Perception: A Case Study of Aesthetic Response to Frith's Narrative Painting "The Railway Station" BIBAKFull-Text 241-251
  Po-Hsien Lin; Mo-Li Yeh; Jao-Hsun Tseng
Traditional Western Art Elements in Disney Animations, Elite Influence in Mass Culture Through the Prism of the Frankfurt School BIBAKFull-Text 252-262
  Nai-Hsuan Lin; Shwu-Huoy Tzou
From Dechnology to Humart -- A Case Study of Taiwan Design Development BIBAKFull-Text 263-273
  Rungtai Lin; John Kreifeldt; Pei-Hua Hung; Jun-Liang Chen
Human Factors Perspective of Dancing Props Design: A Case Study of "Feiyan's Dancing on Palms" BIBAKFull-Text 274-284
  Jao-Hsun Tseng; Po-Hsien Lin
The Application of Chinese Poem "Yu Mei Ren" in Design BIBAKFull-Text 285-293
  Mo-Li Yeh; Hsi-Yen Lin; Ming-shean Wang; Rungtai Lin
Cultural Identification and Innovation -- A Study on the Design of Exhibition and Dissemination System for a City's Cultural Heritage Under the New Media Context BIBAKFull-Text 294-303
  Lie Zhang; Wen Zhang

Culture for Health, Learning and Games

Paper Catalog and Digital Catalog -- Reading Behaviors of College Students in Taiwan BIBAKFull-Text 307-317
  Yu-Ju Lin; Hui-Yun Yen; Chiui Hsu; Yige Jin; Po-Hsien Lin
"Break the Language Great Wall" (RedClay): The Language Learning Application BIBAKFull-Text 318-327
  Ting-Yu Tony Lin; Benoit Serot; Maxime Verlhac; Marie Maniglier; Na Sun; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
Interact Through Your Data: Collective Immersive Experience Design for Indoor Exercises BIBAKFull-Text 328-337
  Xu Lin; Linkai Tao; Bin Yu; Yongyan Guo; Jun Hu
Leap-Motion Based Online Interactive System for Hand Rehabilitation BIBAKFull-Text 338-347
  Zhe Liu; Yingzhi Zhang; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau; Pilsung Choe; Tauseef Gulrez
From Dechnology to Humart BIBAKFull-Text 348-360
  Jui Ping Ma; Na Ling Huang; Miao Hsien Chuang; Rungtai Lin
Physician Communication Behaviors that Predict Patient Trust in Outpatient Departments BIBAKFull-Text 361-373
  Manrong She; Zhizhong Li; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau
Cultural Difference on Team Performance Between Chinese and Americans in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games BIBAKFull-Text 374-383
  Huiwen Wang; Bang Xia; Zhe Chen
Defining Design Opportunities of Healthcare in the Perspective of Digital Social Innovation BIBAKFull-Text 384-393
  Dongjuan Xiao; Miaosen Gong; Xueliang Li
The Service System Study on Children's Hospital-Bed Nursing Based on Multi-level Experience BIBAKFull-Text 394-406
  Linghao Zhang; Chang Zhang; Sheng Huang; Sichun Xiao
Field Study on College Students' Uses and Gratifications of Multitasking Interaction with Multiple Smart Devices BIBAKFull-Text 407-416
  Yubo Zhang; Pei-Luen Patrick Rau