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Proceedings of the 2007 Conference on Creativity and Cognition

Fullname:ACM Conference on Creativity and Cognition 2007
Note:Seeding Creativity: Tools, Media, and Environments
Editors:Gerhard Fischer; Elisa Giaccardi; Mike Eisenberg
Location:Washington, DC, USA
Dates:2007-Jun-13 to 2007-Jun-15
Standard No:ISBN 1-59593-712-4; ACM Order Number 608078; ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CC07
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  1. Keynote Addresses
  2. Education
  3. Collaborative models
  4. Creating and sharing
  5. Tools, media and environments
  6. Design methods
  7. Music
  8. Demonstrations and posters
  9. Workshops
  10. Graduate student symposium
  11. Tutorials
  12. Panel
  13. Art exhibit

Keynote Addresses

All I really need to know (about creative thinking) I learned (by studying how children learn) in kindergarten BIBAFull-Text 1-6
  Mitchel Resnick
Really, really small: the palpability of the invisible BIBAFull-Text 7-16
  Thecla Schiphorst


Surprising creativity: a cognitive framework for interactive exhibits designed for children BIBAFull-Text 17-26
  Su Zheng; Adrian Bromage; Martin Adam; Stephen A. R. Scrivener
Environments for creativity: a lab for making things BIBAFull-Text 27-36
  Ellen Yi-Luen Do; Mark D. Gross
Group creativity in virtual math teams: interactional mechanisms for referencing, remembering and bridging BIBAFull-Text 37-44
  Johann W. Sarmiento; Gerry Stahl
Propagating collaboration: an instructional methodology for artists and engineers BIBAFull-Text 45-52
  Elif E. Ayiter; Selim S. Balcisoy; Murat Germen; Selcuk Artut

Collaborative models

An in-depth case study of art-technology collaboration BIBAFull-Text 53-62
  Yun Zhang; Linda Candy
Using empathy to research creativity: collaborative investigations into distributed digital textile art and design practice BIBAFull-Text 63-72
  Cathy Treadaway
Performative roles of materiality for collective creativity BIBAFull-Text 73-82
  Giulio Jacucci; Ina Wagner
Exact imagination and distributed creativity: a lesson from the history of animation BIBAFull-Text 83-90
  Michael Century

Creating and sharing

Spinning stories: the development of the small histories project as an online facilitator of multiple life stories BIBAFull-Text 91-98
  Stefan Schutt
Produsage BIBAFull-Text 99-106
  Axel Bruns
Media for knowledge creation and dissemination: semantic model and narrations for a new accessibility to cultural heritage BIBAFull-Text 107-116
  Stefano Valtolina; Piero Mussio; Giovanna Gianni Bagnasco; Pietro Mazzoleni; Stefano Franzoni; Muriel Geroli; Cristina Ridi
Promoting emergence in information discovery by representing collections with composition BIBAFull-Text 117-126
  Andruid Kerne; Eunyee Koh; Steven Smith; Hyun Choi; Ross Graeber; Andrew Webb

Tools, media and environments

Tool support for creativity using externalizations BIBAFull-Text 127-136
  Andrew Warr; Eamonn O'Neill
Designing for collaborative creative problem solving BIBAFull-Text 137-146
  Otmar Hilliges; Lucia Terrenghi; Sebastian Boring; David Kim; Hendrik Richter; Andreas Butz
The drive to create: an investigation of tools to support disabled artists BIBAFull-Text 147-152
  Dharani Priyahansika Perera; Jim R. T. Eales; Kathy Blashki
Eco-visualization: combining art and technology to reduce energy consumption BIBAFull-Text 153-162
  Tiffany Grace Holmes

Design methods

The resourcefulness of everyday design BIBAFull-Text 163-172
  Ron Wakkary; Leah Maestri
Using dramaturgical methods to gain more dynamic user understanding in user-centered design BIBAFull-Text 173-182
  Vesa Kantola; Sauli Tiitta; Katri Mehto; Tomi Kankainen
Interactive evolution for industrial design BIBAFull-Text 183-192
  Boris Georg Bezirtzis; Matthew Lewis; Cara Christeson
TEAM STORM: demonstrating an interaction model for working with multiple ideas during creative group work BIBAFull-Text 193-202
  Joshua Hailpern; Erik Hinterbichler; Caryn Leppert; Damon Cook; Brian P. Bailey


A computational model of the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan BIBAFull-Text 203-212
  Naresh Vempala; Subrata Dasgupta
Gestural hyper instrument collaboration with generative computation for real time creativity BIBAFull-Text 213-222
  Kirsty Beilharz; Sam Ferguson
Exploring mutual engagement in creative collaborations BIBAFull-Text 223-232
  Nick Bryan-Kinns; Patrick G. T. Healey; Joe Leach
Instrumentness for creativity mediation, materiality & metonymy BIBAFull-Text 233-242
  Olav W. Bertelsen; Morten Breinbjerg; Søren Pold

Demonstrations and posters

Interactive experience in a public context BIBAFull-Text 243-244
  Zafer Bilda; Ernest Edmonds; Deborah Turnbull
Dynamic media arts programming in impromptu BIBAFull-Text 245-246
  Andrew R. Brown; Andrew Sorensen
Constrain yourselves: exploring end user development in support for musical creativity BIBAFull-Text 247-248
  Tim Coughlan; Peter Johnson
Interfectio puerorum: digital projections and the 12th century fleury's massacre BIBAFull-Text 249-250
  Margaret Dolinsky; Timothy Nelson
Graph theory: linking online musical creativity to concert hall performance BIBAFull-Text 251-252
  Jason Freeman
Software for systematic and imaginative exploration BIBAFull-Text 253-254
  Daryl H. Hepting
Sonictecture: esthetic spatial conditioning through sound, computation and interaction BIBAFull-Text 255-256
  Joanne Jakovich; Dagmar Reinhardt
Partial reflections: interactive virtual instruments controlled by sound BIBAFull-Text 257-258
  Andrew J. Johnston; Benjamin Marks
A periscope for mobile discovery and narrative BIBAFull-Text 259-260
  Eric A. Kabisch
Reading and writing with Wikis: progress and plans BIBAFull-Text 261-262
  Clif Kussmaul; Sharon Albert
KMS models for video files using visual mnemonics BIBAFull-Text 263-264
  Mike Leggett
Eye-balls: juggling with the virtual BIBAFull-Text 265-266
  Joe Marshall; Steve Benford; Tony Pridmore
Goromi-Web: browsing for unexpected information on the web BIBAFull-Text 267-268
  Goro GO Otsubo
Dancing with words BIBAFull-Text 269-270
  Raisa Rashid; Quoc Vy; Richard G. Hunt; Deborah I. Fels
PLAYAS: critical reflection in an immersive space BIBAFull-Text 271-272
  Jack E. Stenner


Tools in support of creative collaboration BIBAFull-Text 273-274
  Piotr D. Adamczyk; Kevin Hamilton; Michael B. Twidale; Brian P. Bailey
Design creativity workshop BIBKFull-Text 275
  Yong Se Kim; Toshiharu Taura
Supporting creative acts beyond dissemination BIBAFull-Text 276-277
  David A. Shamma; Ryan Shaw

Graduate student symposium

Art & complexity: an exploration of aesthetics BIBAFull-Text 278
  Guy Birkin
The knot of amateurs & professionals: untangling social roles in creative practice BIBKFull-Text 279
  Eric C. Cook
User engagement in physically embodied narrative experiences BIBKFull-Text 280
  Steven Dow
Designing domestic photographic experiences to support autobiographical memory BIBAFull-Text 281
  Abigail C. Durrant
A collaborative approach to the design of interactive systems for the documentation of dance BIBAFull-Text 282
  Natalie Erika Ebenreuter
Distributed cognitive walkthrough (DCW): a walkthrough-style usability evaluation method based on theories of distributed cognition BIBKFull-Text 283
  Joel U. Eden
Supporting creativity: investigating the role of computer-supported awareness in distributed collaboration BIBAFull-Text 284
  Umer Farooq
Towards expertise: the role of chunking in developing productive fluency in drawing (semester 1 summary) BIBAFull-Text 285
  Sona L. Hairabedian
Effects of visualizing participant contribution in electronic brainstorming BIBKFull-Text 286
  Alex Ivanov
The bodily aspect in computer-supported creativity BIBAFull-Text 287
  Andre Knöerig
syngva: an object that raises questions of agency, relationship, and control BIBAFull-Text 288
  Nicholas A. Knouf
Cognitive artifacts: an art-science engagement BIBAFull-Text 289
  Derek Lomas
Eye-balls: computer vision in the circus BIBAFull-Text 290
  Joe Marshall
Creativity in VR: constraint versus exploration BIBKFull-Text 291
  Lorna McKnight
Talk2Me: engaging interactive installation environments BIBAFull-Text 292
  Ann Judith Morrison; Margot Brereton; Peta Mitchell
Augmenting artistic realities: opportunities for creative and artistic practice in augmented reality BIBAFull-Text 293
  Helen Papagiannis
MULTI: multiple user interactive template installation BIBAFull-Text 294
  Nancy Paterson
Design patterns: augmenting user intention in parametric design systems BIBKFull-Text 295
  Cheryl Zhenyu Qian
How can technology support musical creativity for people with dementia? BIBAFull-Text 296
  Philippa Riley
Understanding and supporting the long-term creative work of virtual math teams BIBKFull-Text 297
  Johann W. Sarmiento
Modular robotics as tools for design BIBAFull-Text 298
  Eric Schweikardt
Creativity and categorisation BIBAFull-Text 299
  Ben Short
IdeaMurals: supporting ideation in public policy knowledge work BIBAFull-Text 300
  Jennifer Stoll
Designing hybrid interaction through an understanding of the affordances of physical and digital technologies BIBAFull-Text 301
  Lucia Terrenghi
Systems for artistic creation: creativity and engagement BIBAFull-Text 302
  Karl D. D. Willis


Understanding and evaluating creativity BIBAFull-Text 303-304
  Linda Candy; Zafer Bilda
Computer art: creativity and computability BIBAFull-Text 305-306
  Frieder Nake
Visualization and the art of metaphor BIBAFull-Text 307-308
  Jack Ox


Bridging art and science with creativity support tools BIBFull-Text 309
  Ben Shneiderman; Rita Colwell; Sara Diamond; Paul Greenhalgh; William Wulf

Art exhibit

Speculative data and the creative imaginary: shared innovative visions between art and technology BIBAFull-Text 310-311
  Pamela Jennings