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Proceedings of the International Workshop in Conjunction with AVI 2006 on Context in Advanced Interfaces

Fullname:CAI'06 Proceedings of the international workshop in conjunction with AVI 2006 on Context in Advanced Interfaces
Editors:Kris Mihalic
Location:Venice, Italy
Standard No:ACM DL: Table of Contents hcibib: CAI06
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Collaborating in context: immersive visualisation environments BIBAKFull-Text 13-16
  Ross Shannon; Aaron Quigley; Paddy Nixon
In context of business BIBAFull-Text 17-18
  Joerg Beringer
Input interactions and context component based modelisations: differences and similarities BIBAKFull-Text 19-22
  Diane Lingrand; Michel Riveill
Intelligent context-sensitive interactions on desktop and the web BIBAKFull-Text 23-27
  Alan Dix; Tiziana Catarci; Benjamin Habegger; Yannis Ioannidis; Azrina Kamaruddin; Akrivi Katifori; Giorgos Lepouras; Antonella Poggi; Devina Ramduny-Ellis
LCARS: the next generation programming context BIBAKFull-Text 29-31
  Andreas Heil; Iman Moradi; Torben Weis
Learning and managing user context in personalized communications services BIBAKFull-Text 33-36
  Robert Dinoff; Richard Hull; Bharat Kumar; Daniel Lieuwen; Paulo Santos
Model of primary and secondary context BIBAKFull-Text 37-38
  Erika Reponen; Kristijan Mihalic
Modelling "user understanding" in simple communication tasks BIBAKFull-Text 39-43
  Heimo Müller; Fritz Wiesinger
Privacy-aware user interfaces within collaborative environments BIBAKFull-Text 45-48
  Elke Franz; Katja Liesebach; Katrin Borcea-Pfitzmann
Sticky, smelly, smoky context: experience design in the kitchen BIBAKFull-Text 49-52
  Lucia Terrenghi
Towards a general purpose user interface for service-oriented context-aware applications BIBAKFull-Text 53-55
  Torben Weis; Martin Saternus; Mirko Knoll; Alexander Brändle; Marco Combetto