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Behaviour and Information Technology 31

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 2012-01 Volume 31 Issue 1
  2. BIT 2012-02 Volume 31 Issue 2
  3. BIT 2012-03 Volume 31 Issue 3
  4. BIT 2012-04 Volume 31 Issue 4
  5. BIT 2012-05 Volume 31 Issue 5
  6. BIT 2012-06 Volume 31 Issue 6
  7. BIT 2012-07 Volume 31 Issue 7
  8. BIT 2012-08 Volume 31 Issue 8
  9. BIT 2012-09 Volume 31 Issue 9
  10. BIT 2012-10 Volume 31 Issue 10
  11. BIT 2012-11 Volume 31 Issue 11
  12. BIT 2012-12 Volume 31 Issue 12

BIT 2012-01 Volume 31 Issue 1

Cognitive modelling of web navigation BIBFull-Text 1-2
  Herre van Oostendorp; Paul van SchaikBipin Indurkhya
Information scent determines attention allocation and link selection among multiple information patches on a webpage BIBAFull-Text 3-15
  Marilyn Hughes Blackmon
CoLiDeS+ Pic: a cognitive model of web-navigation based on semantic information from pictures BIBAFull-Text 17-30
  Herre van Oostendorp; Saraschandra Karanam; Bipin Indurkhya
Evaluating CoLiDeS + Pic: the role of relevance of pictures in user navigation behaviour BIBAFull-Text 31-40
  Saraschandra Karanam; Herre van Oostendorp; Bipin Indurkhya
Simulating navigation behaviour based on the architecture model Model Human Processor with Real-Time Constraints (MHP/RT) BIBAFull-Text 41-58
  Muneo Kitajima; Makoto Toyota
Seeking information online: the influence of menu type, navigation path complexity and spatial ability on information gathering tasks BIBAFull-Text 59-70
  Mari Carmen Puerta Melguizo; Uti Vidya; Herre van Oostendorp
Incidental learning of links during navigation: the role of visuo-spatial capacity BIBAFull-Text 71-81
  Jean-François Rouet; Zsofia Vörös; Csaba Pléh
Effects of search interface and Internet-specific epistemic beliefs on source evaluations during Web search for medical information: an eye-tracking study BIBAFull-Text 83-97
  Yvonne Kammerer; Peter Gerjets

BIT 2012-02 Volume 31 Issue 2

Editorial BIBFull-Text 99-100
  Tom Stewart
Identifying mutual engagement BIBAFull-Text 101-125
  Nick Bryan-Kinns; Fraser Hamilton
Development of an assistance environment for tutors based on a co-adaptive design approach BIBAFull-Text 127-141
  Élise Lavoué; Sébastien George; Patrick Prévôt
How information organisation affects users' representation of hypertext structure and content BIBAFull-Text 143-154
  Jacqueline Waniek
Integrating complex information with object displays: psychophysical evaluation of outlines BIBAFull-Text 155-169
  Mikko Berg; Ilpo Kojo
Selective attention in web forms: an exploratory case study with older people BIBAFull-Text 171-184
  Sergio Sayago; José-María Guijarro; Josep Blat
Increasingly emotional design for growingly pragmatic users? A report from Finland BIBAFull-Text 185-204
  Sacha Helfenstein

BIT 2012-03 Volume 31 Issue 3

New opportunities for services and human -- computer interaction BIBFull-Text 205-208
  Peter J. Wild; Geke van Dijk; Neil Maiden
Affective and social determinants of mobile data services adoption BIBAFull-Text 209-219
  Dimitrios C. Karaiskos; Dimitris A. Drossos; Alexandros S. Tsiaousis; George M. Giaglis; Konstantinos G. Fouskas
Storytelling Group -- a co-design method for service design BIBAFull-Text 221-230
  Anu Kankainen; Kirsikka Vaajakallio; Vesa Kantola; Tuuli Mattelmäki
The role of HCI models in service front-end development BIBAFull-Text 231-244
  Fabio Paterno; Carmen Santoro; Lucio Davide Spano
Lowering the line of visibility: incidental users in service encounters BIBAFull-Text 245-260
  Ohad Inbar; Noam Tractinsky
The tension between user-centred design and e-government services BIBAFull-Text 261-273
  Nalini P. Kotamraju; Thea M. van der Geest
Design of a patient-centric, service-oriented health care navigation system for a local health integration network BIBAFull-Text 275-285
  Gokul Bhandari; Anne Snowdon
Adding user experience into the interactive service design loop: a persona-based approach BIBAFull-Text 287-303
  Djilali Idoughi; Ahmed Seffah; Christophe Kolski
User-centred design and evaluation of EnergyCoach -- an interactive energy service for households BIBAFull-Text 305-324
  Cecilia Katzeff; Åsa Nyblom; Sara Tunheden; Carin Torstensson

BIT 2012-04 Volume 31 Issue 4

Computers are everywhere BIBFull-Text 325-327
  Tom Stewart
Marketing implications of traditional and ICT-mediated leisure activities BIBAFull-Text 329-341
  Steffen Frank Zorn; Richard Yee Lee; Jamie Murphy
Cyberloafing at the workplace: gain or drain on work? BIBAFull-Text 343-353
  Vivien K. G. Lim; Don J. Q. Chen
Privacy in instant messaging: an impression management model BIBAFull-Text 355-370
  Alfred Kobsa; Sameer Patil; Bertolt Meyer
Informing the development of a fraud prevention toolset through a situated analysis of fraud investigation expertise BIBAFull-Text 371-381
  Thomas C. Ormerod; Linden J. Ball; Nicola J. Morley
User-based assessment of website creativity: a review and appraisal BIBAFull-Text 383-400
  Liang Zeng; Robert W. Proctor; Gavriel Salvendy
The effect of experience and socio-economic status on web searching performance: a South African perspective BIBAFull-Text 401-412
  Pieter Blignaut; Theo McDonald
Connecting generations: developing co-design methods for older adults and children BIBAFull-Text 413-423
  Bo Xie; Allison Druin; Jerry Fails; Sheri Massey; Evan Golub; Sonia Franckel; Kiki Schneider
Training software developers and designers to conduct usability evaluations BIBAFull-Text 425-435
  Mikael Brasholt Skov; Jan Stage

BIT 2012-05 Volume 31 Issue 5

Editorial BIBFull-Text 437-438
  Tom Stewart
Attitude, aptitude, ability and autonomy: the emergence of 'offroaders', a special class of nomadic worker BIBAFull-Text 439-451
  Brian M. Harmer; David J. Pauleen
Age as a moderator of attitude towards technology in the workplace: work motivation and overall job satisfaction BIBAFull-Text 453-467
  Steven M. Elias; William L. Smith; Chet E. Barney
Reconsidering the boundaries of the cyberloafing activity: the case of a university BIBAFull-Text 469-479
  Pablo Zoghbi-Manrique-de-Lara
The dilemma of renqing in ISD processes: interpretations from the perspectives of face, renqing and guanxi of Chinese cultural society BIBAFull-Text 481-493
  Christina Ling-Hsing Chang
An agent-based debiasing framework for investment decision-support systems BIBAFull-Text 495-507
  Gokul Bhandari; Khaled Hassanein
Adoption of information and communication technologies and dominant management orientation in organisations BIBAFull-Text 509-523
  M. Cudanov; O. Jaško
Extended conceptualisation of perceived usefulness: empirical test in the context of information system use continuance BIBAFull-Text 525-540
  Ralph Keng-Jung Yeh; James T. C. Teng
Human performance on the flight deck BIBFull-Text 541-543
  Ahmet Cakir

BIT 2012-06 Volume 31 Issue 6

Editorial BIBFull-Text 545-546
  Tom Stewart
Exploring software piracy as a factor of video game console adoption BIBAFull-Text 547-563
  Sigi Goode; Anasthasiou Kartas
Digital piracy intention: a comparison of theoretical models BIBAFull-Text 565-576
  Cheolho Yoon
The frequency of the dyadic influence tactics according to communication media BIBAFull-Text 577-586
  Vicenc Fernandez; Pep Simo; Mihaela Enache; Jose Maria Sallan
Using insights from email users to inform organisational email management policy BIBAFull-Text 587-603
  Judith Ramsay; Karen Renaud
The impact of verbal interaction on driver lateral control: an experimental assessment BIBAFull-Text 605-616
  Nikolaos Gkikas; John Richardson
Developing expertise in military communications planning: do verbal reports change with experience? BIBAFull-Text 617-629
  Rich C. McIlroy; Neville A. Stanton; Bob Remington
An experimental investigation into the effects of information revelation in multi-attribute reverse auctions BIBAFull-Text 631-644
  Kholekile L. Gwebu; Michael Y. Hu; Murali S. Shanker

BIT 2012-07 Volume 31 Issue 7

Websites -- Quality and Usability BIBFull-Text 645-646
  Tom Stewart
Measuring website quality: asymmetric effect of user satisfaction BIBAFull-Text 647-657
  Tomás Kincl; Pavel Štrach
Accessibility levels of Portuguese enterprise websites: equal opportunities for all? BIBAFull-Text 659-677
  Ramiro Gonçalves; José Martins; Jorge Pereira; Manuel Au-Yong Oliveira; João José Pinto Ferreira
Predicting user attention in complex web pages BIBAFull-Text 679-695
  Alistair Sutcliffe; Abdallah Namoun
Public websites and human -- computer interaction: an empirical study of measurement of website quality and user satisfaction BIBAFull-Text 697-706
  Hanne Sørum; Kim Normann Andersen; Ravi Vatrapu
A comparison of usability evaluation methods for evaluating e-commerce websites BIBAFull-Text 707-737
  Layla Hasan; Anne Morris; Steve Probets
What should a corporate website look like? The influence of Gestalt principles and visualisation in website design on the degree of acceptance and recommendation BIBAFull-Text 739-751
  Birte Möller; Cornelia Brezing; Dagmar Unz

BIT 2012-08 Volume 31 Issue 8

Informal learning in work environments: training with the Social Web in the workplace BIBAFull-Text 753-755
  Francisco J. García-Peñalvo; Ricardo Colomo-Palacios; Miltiadis D. Lytras
Informal learning through expertise mining in the social web BIBAFull-Text 757-766
  Rafael Valencia-García; Francisco García-Sánchez; Cristina Casado-Lumbreras; Dagoberto Castellanos-Nieves; Jesualdo Tomás Fernández-Breis
Wiki as a corporate learning tool: case study for software development company BIBAFull-Text 767-777
  Milos Milovanovic; Miroslav Minovic; Velimir Štavljanin; Marko Savkovic; Dusan Starcevic
Web-based knowledge exchange through social links in the workplace BIBAFull-Text 779-790
  Tomasz Filipowski; Przemyslaw Kazienko; Piotr Bródka; Tomasz Kajdanowicz
Evaluation of fostering students' creativity in preparing aided recalls for revision courses using electronic revision and recapitulation tools 2.0 BIBAFull-Text 791-797
  Oliver Christ; Christoph Weber; Toshihiko Sato
Challenges of knowledge management and creation in communities of practice organisations of Deaf and non-Deaf members: requirements for a Web platform BIBAFull-Text 799-810
  Daniela de Freitas Guilhermino Trindade; Cayley Guimarães; Diego Roberto Antunes; Laura Sánchez Garcia; Rafaella Aline Lopes da Silva; Sueli Fernandes

BIT 2012-09 Volume 31 Issue 9

Editorial BIBFull-Text 811-813
  Tom Stewart
Role of trialability in B2B e-business adoption: theoretical insights from two case studies BIBAFull-Text 815-827
  Probir Banerjee; K. K. Wei; Louis Ma
The role of Internet buyer's product familiarity and confidence in anchoring effect BIBAFull-Text 829-838
  Chin-Shan Wu; Fei-Fei Cheng; David C. Yen
Development and validation of a formative and a reflective measure for the assessment of online store usability BIBAFull-Text 839-857
  Timo Christophersen; Udo Konradt
The antecedents of online financial service adoption: the impact of physical banking services on Internet banking acceptance BIBAFull-Text 859-871
  Jyh-Shen Chiou; Chung-Chi Shen
Perceptual differences of enterprise resource planning systems between management and operational end-users BIBAFull-Text 873-887
  Vathsala Wickramasinghe; Manoja Karunasekara
Impact of top management team on firm performance in small and medium-sized enterprises adopting commercial open-source enterprise resource planning BIBAFull-Text 889-907
  Sandra J. Cereola; Benson Wier; Carolyn Strand Norman
Dual strategy for managing user resistance with business integration systems BIBAFull-Text 909-925
  Shari S. C. Shang
Modelling dynamics in decision support systems BIBAFull-Text 927-941
  Ralph Riedel; Vincent Wiers; Jan C. Fransoo

BIT 2012-10 Volume 31 Issue 10

Editorial BIBFull-Text 943-945
  Tom Stewart
The perceived rudeness of public cell phone behaviour BIBAFull-Text 947-952
  Jonathan Forma; Stan A. Kaplowitz
Understanding what determines consumers' expanded use of mobile videophones BIBAFull-Text 953-967
  Wen-Kuo Chen; Heng-Chiang Huang; Seng-Cho T. Chou
The relation between usability and product success in cell phones BIBAFull-Text 969-982
  Kyungdoh Kim; Robert W. Proctor; Gavriel Salvendy
Providing customisation guidelines of mobile phones for manufacturers BIBAFull-Text 983-994
  Pilsung Choe; Chen Liao; Wei Sun
An empirical analysis of smartphone personalisation: measurement and user variability BIBAFull-Text 995-1010
  Chad C. Tossell; Philip Kortum; Clayton Shepard; Ahmad Rahmati; Lin Zhong
Digital games as creativity enablers for children BIBAFull-Text 1011-1019
  Michela Ott; Francesca Pozzi
Impact of intangibility on perceived risk associated with online games BIBAFull-Text 1021-1032
  Lily Shui-Lien Chen; Yung-Hsin Lee; Shih-Tse Wang
Playability: analysing user experience in video games BIBAFull-Text 1033-1054
  José Luis González Sánchez; Francisco Luis Gutiérrez Vela; Francisco Montero Simarro; Natalia Padilla-Zea

BIT 2012-11 Volume 31 Issue 11

Knowledge sharing BIBFull-Text 1055-1056
  Tom Stewart
Towards sharing life-log information with society BIBAFull-Text 1057-1067
  Reza Rawassizadeh
Understanding knowledge sharing between IT professionals -- an integration of social cognitive and social exchange theory BIBAFull-Text 1069-1080
  Ming-Tien Tsai; Nai-Chang Cheng
Experience differences and continuance intention of blog sharing BIBAFull-Text 1081-1095
  Hsi-Peng Lu; Ming-Ren Lee
A unified model of knowledge sharing behaviours: theoretical development and empirical test BIBAFull-Text 1097-1115
  Anitha Chennamaneni; James T. C. Teng; M. K. Raja
Effects of information technologies, department characteristics and individual roles on improving knowledge sharing visibility: a qualitative case study BIBAFull-Text 1117-1131
  Xi Zhang; Douglas R. Vogel; Zhongyun Zhou
Knowledge-sharing in virtual communities: familiarity, anonymity and self-determination theory BIBAFull-Text 1133-1143
  Cheolho Yoon; Erik Rolland

BIT 2012-12 Volume 31 Issue 12

EDITORIAL BIBFull-Text 1145-1146
  Tom Stewart
Assessing roles of people, technology and structure in emergency management systems: a public sector perspective BIBAFull-Text 1147-1160
  Minkyun Kim; Raj Sharman; Catherine P. Cook-Cottone; H. Raghav Rao; Shambhu J. Upadhyaya
An elaboration likelihood model based longitudinal analysis of attitude change during the process of IT acceptance via education program BIBAFull-Text 1161-1171
  Woong-Kyu Lee
Location does not have to be destiny: student evaluation and integrity controls in a management accounting class BIBAFull-Text 1173-1179
  Paul M. Goldwater; Timothy J. Fogarty