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Behaviour and Information Technology 24

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 1
  2. BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 2
  3. BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 3
  4. BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 4
  5. BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 5
  6. BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 6

BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 1

Mobile guides -- an HCI perspective BIBFull-Text 1
  Keith Cheverst; Barbara Schmidt-Belz
How can we best use landmarks to support older people in navigation? BIBAFull-Text 3-20
  J. Goodman; S. A. Brewster; P. Gray
Understanding and modelling built environments for mobile guide interface design BIBAFull-Text 21-35
  J. Paay; J. Kjeldskov
User acceptance of location-aware mobile guides based on seven field studies BIBAFull-Text 37-49
  E. Kaasinen
Evaluating the usability of a mobile guide: the influence of location, participants and resources BIBAFull-Text 51-65
  J. Kjeldskov; C. Graham; S. Pedell; F. Vetere; S. Howard; S. Balbo; J. Davies
The impact of interface metaphor and context of use on the usability of a speech-based mobile city guide service BIBAFull-Text 67-78
  M. Howell; S. Love; M. Turner

BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 2

Editorial BIBFull-Text 79-80
  Tom Stewart
Effect of display factors on Chinese reading times, comprehension scores and preferences BIBAFull-Text 81-91
  Ahs Chan; Psk Lee
Individual differences in hypertext browsing strategies BIBAFull-Text 93-99
  M. Graff
Determinant elements of customer relationship management in e-business BIBAFull-Text 101-109
  D. Horn; R. Feinberg; G. Salvendy
Mobile phones and the evolution of social behaviour BIBAFull-Text 111-129
  L. Srivastava
A learning process in email use-a longitudinal case study of the interaction between organization and technology BIBAFull-Text 131-145
  B. van den Hooff
Mental models and online consumer behaviour BIBAFull-Text 147-150
  J. M. Stibel
Social presence in distributed group environments: the role of social identity BIBAFull-Text 151-158
  P. Rogers; M. Lea

BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 3

Editorial BIBFull-Text 159-160
  Andrew Sears; Julie A. Jacko
Image pre-compensation to facilitate computer access for users with refractive errors BIBAKFull-Text 161-173
  M., Jr. Alonso; A. Barreto; J. G. Cremades; J. A. Jacko; M. Adjouadi
Understanding users with Diabetic Retinopathy: factors that affect performance in a menu selection task BIBAKFull-Text 175-186
  P. J. Edwards; L. Barnard; V. K. Leonard; J. S. Yi; K. P. Moloney; T. Kongnakorn; J. A. Jacko; F. Sainfort
Integrated text entry from power wheelchairs BIBAKFull-Text 187-203
  Jacob O. Wobbrock; Htet Htet Aung; Brad A. Myers; Edmund F. Lopresti
A submovement analysis of cursor trajectories BIBAKFull-Text 205-217
  F. Hwang; S. Keates; P. Langdon; J. Clarkson
Speech-based cursor control using grids: modelling performance and comparisons with other solutions BIBAKFull-Text 219-230
  L. Dai; R. Goldman; A. Sears; J. Lozier
Achieving a more usable World Wide Web BIBAFull-Text 231-246
  V. L. Hanson; J. T. Richards

BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 4

Editorial BIBFull-Text 247-248
  Tom Stewart
Attitudes to and factors affecting unauthorized copying of computer software in Finland BIBAFull-Text 249-257
  M. T. Siponen; T. Vartiainen
Perceived security determinants in e-commerce among Turkish university students BIBAFull-Text 259-274
  M. M. Yenisey; A. A. Ozok; G. Salvendy
A flick in the right direction: a case study of gestural input BIBAFull-Text 275-288
  M. Moyle; A. Cockburn
Evaluation on a keystroke authentication system by keying force incorporated with temporal characteristics of keystroke dynamics BIBAFull-Text 289-302
  K. Kotani; K. Horii
A hybrid technology acceptance approach for exploring e-CRM adoption in organizations BIBAFull-Text 303-316
  I-L Wu; K-W Wu
Tailoring by integration of domain-specific components: the case of a document search tool BIBAFull-Text 317-333
  V. Wulf; H. Kahler; O. Stiemerling; M. Won

BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 5

Editorial BIBFull-Text 335-336
  Tom Stewart
TouchGrid: Touchpad pointing by recursively mapping taps to smaller display regions BIBAFull-Text 337-346
  M. Hertzum; K. Hornbaek
The sound of silence: The case of virtual team organising BIBAFull-Text 347-352
  N. Panteli; S. Fineman
Polite computing BIBAFull-Text 353-363
  Brian Whitworth
Effects of the rate of computer-mediated speech on emotion-related subjective and physiological responses BIBAFull-Text 365-373
  K. Kallinen; N. Ravaja
How older adults meet complexity: Aging effects on the usability of different mobile phones BIBAFull-Text 375-389
  M. Ziefle; S. Bay
Information systems management: role of planning, alignment and leadership BIBAFull-Text 391-404
  M. E. Booth; G. Philip

BIT 2005 Volume 24 Issue 6

Editorial BIBFull-Text 405-406
  Tom Stewart
A retrospective look at website accessibility over time BIBAFull-Text 407-417
  Stephanie Hackett; Bambang Parmanto; Xiaoming Zeng
Empirical validation of the Windows accessibility settings and multimodal feedback for a menu selection task for users with Diabetic Retinopathy BIBAFull-Text 419-434
  J. A. Jacko; L. Barnard; J. S. Yi; P. J. Edwards; V. K. Leonard; T. Kongnakorn; K. P. Moloney; F. Sainfort
Development of computer-supported collaborative social networks in a distributed learning community BIBAFull-Text 435-447
  H. Cho; J.-S Lee; M. Stefanone; G. Gay
Usage and user experience of communication before and during rendezvous BIBAFull-Text 449-469
  Martin Colbert
Are expert users always better searchers? Interaction of expertise and semantic grouping in hypertext search tasks BIBAFull-Text 471-475
  L. Salmeron; J. J. Canas; I. Fajardo