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Behaviour and Information Technology 22

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 1
  2. BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 2
  3. BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 3
  4. BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 4
  5. BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 5
  6. BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 6

BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 1

User involvement: a review of the benefits and challenges BIBA 1-16
  Sari Kujala
Impacts of GSS generic structures and task types on group communication process and outcome: some expected and unexpected research findings BIBA 17-29
  Wayne W. Huang
Legitimate by design: towards trusted socio-technical systems BIBA 31-51
  Brian Whitworth; Aldo de Moor
An investigation of volitional control in information ethics BIBA 53-62
  Meng-Hsiang Hsu; Feng-Yang Kuo
An exploratory study of moral intensity regarding software piracy of students in Thailand BIBA 63-70
  Ranjan B. Kini; H. V. Ramakrishna; B. S. Vijayaraman

BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 2

Graphical Web directory for Web search BIBA 71-77
  Lingfeng Ma; Gavriel Salvendy
A framework for reuse of user experience in Web browsing BIBA 79-90
  Guangfeng Song; Gavriel Salvendy
Organizing for remote consultations in health care -- the production process BIBA 91-100
  Aas Ih Monrad
Measuring the adaptability of universal accessible systems BIBA 101-116
  Chris Stary; Alex Totter
Identifying managers who need ethics training in using IT at work BIBA 117-125
  Wing S. Chow; Kin Y. Choi
Trends in the use of verbal protocol analysis in software engineering research BIBA 127-140
  Janet Hughes; Steve Parkes

BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 3

An observation of adults with visual impairments carrying out copy-typing tasks BIB 141-154
  Graeme Douglas; Rachel Long
The effect of language inconsistency on performance and satisfaction in using the Web: results from three experiments BIBA 155-163
  A. Ant Ozok; Gavriel Salvendy
Usability in online shops: scale construction, validation and the influence on the buyers' intention and decision BIBA 165-174
  Udo Konradt; Hartmut Wandke; Bjorn Balazs; Timo Christophersen
Decision support in fighter aircraft: from expert systems to cognitive modelling BIBA 175-184
  Peter Svenmarck; Sidney Dekker
Comparison of 2D and 3D representations for visualising telecommunication usage BIBA 185-201
  Martin Hicks; Claire O'Malley; Sarah Nichols; Ben Anderson
Small group decision-making in face-to-face and computer-mediated environments: the role of personality BIBA 203-218
  Andrew Thatcher; Anthony de la Cour

BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 4

Age differences in the performance of hypertext perusal as a function of text topology BIBA 219-226
  Dyi-Yih Michael Lin
Blending scenarios of use and informal argumentation to facilitate universal access: experience with the Universal Access Assessment Workshop method BIBA 227-244
  Demosthenes Akoumianakis; Constantine Stephanidis
How the Web is used to support collaborative writing BIBA 245-262
  Sylvie Noel; Jean-Marc Robert
Effects of organizational context and inter-group behaviour on the success of strategic information systems planning: an empirical study BIBA 263-280
  George G. Lee; Jung-Chi Pai
Adoption of the Internet and WAP-enabled phones in Singapore BIBA 281-289
  Thompson S. H. Teo; Siau Heong Pok

BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 5

Organisational databases of personnel information: contrasting the concerns of human resource managers and employees BIBA 291-304
  Jeffrey M. Stanton; Elizabeth M. Weiss
Motivating creativity through a computer-mediated employee suggestion management system BIBA 305-314
  James F. Fairbank; William E. Spangler; Scott David Williams
Cognitive, physical, sensory, and functional affordances in interaction design BIBA 315-338
  H. Rex Hartson
Retrospective vs. concurrent think-aloud protocols: testing the usability of an online library catalogue BIBA 339-351
  Maaike J. van den Haak; Menno D. T. De Jong; Peter Jan Schellens
Layout attributes and recall BIBA 353-363
  Marketta Niemela; Pertti Saariluoma
Measurement of information processing load and visual load on a dynamic information processing task BIBA 365-374
  Chia-Fen Chi; Yen-Hui Lin; Woei-Shuoh Lan

BIT 2003 Volume 22 Issue 6

Work environment and computer systems development BIBA 375-387
  Bengt Sandblad; Jan Gulliksen; Carl Aborg; Inger Boivie; Jenny Persson; Bengt Goransson; Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos; Stefan Blomkvist; Asa Cajander
Health effects of 'the Paperless Office' -- evaluations of the introduction of electronic document handling systems BIBA 389-396
  Carl Aborg; Anders Billing
Key principles for user-centred systems design BIBA 397-409
  Jan Gulliksen; Bengt Goransson; Inger Boivie; Stefan Blomkvist; Jenny Persson; Asa Cajander
Addressing users' health issues in software development -- an exploratory study BIBA 411-420
  Inger Boivie; Stefan Blomkvist; Jenny Persson; Carl Aborg
As easy as pie BIBA 421-426
  Margaret Rangecroft
Filters on computer displays -- effects on legibility, performance and comfort BIBA 427-433
  James E. Sheedy; Manoj V. Subbaram; John R. Hayes