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Behaviour and Information Technology 21

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 1
  2. BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 2
  3. BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 3
  4. BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 4
  5. BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 5
  6. BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 6

BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 1

The role of children in the design of new technology BIBA 1-25
  Allison Druin
The expanding telephone number Part 1: Keying briefly presented multiple-digit numbers BIBA 27-38
  Knut Nordby; Ruth Kjaersti Raanaas; Svein Magnussen
The expanding telephone number Part 2: Age variations in immediate memory for multiple-digit numbers BIBA 39-45
  Ruth Kjaersti Raanaas; Knut Nordby; Svein Magnussen
Clinical acceptance of a low-cost portable system for postural assessment BIBA 47-57
  P. Van Schaik; J. A. Bettany-Saltikov; J. G. Warren
SODPM: a sequence-oriented decision process model for unstructured group decision problems BIBA 59-69
  Chien-Hsing Wu
Determinants of academic use of the Internet: a structural equation model BIBA 71-86
  Afzaal H. Seyal; Mohd. Noah Abd. Rahman; Md. Mahbubur Rahim

BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 2

Examining children's reading performance and preference for different computer-displayed text BIBA 87-96
  Michael L. Bernard; Barbara S. Chaparro; Melissa M. Mills; Charles G. Halcomb
The limits of shape constancy: point-to-point mapping of perspective projections of flat figures BIBA 97-104
  Simone Moran; David Leiser
Effects of the transition to a client-centred team organization in administrative surveying work BIBA 105-116
  Gunvor Gard; Kari Lindstrom; Margareta Dallner
An experimental evaluation of comprehensibility aspects of knowledge structures derived through induction techniques: a case study of industrial fault diagnosis BIBA 117-135
  Tom Kontogiannis; Vassilis Moustakis
Effectiveness of user testing and heuristic evaluation as a function of performance classification BIBA 137-143
  Limin Fu; Gavriel Salvendy; Lori Turley
Development and validation of user-adaptive navigation and information retrieval tools for an intranet portal organizational memory information system BIBA 145-154
  Yong Gu Ji; Gavriel Salvendy

BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 3

New type of standard for accessibility, designed to foster the competition and innovation of designers, developers, and project and business management BIBA 155-169
  Charles N. Abernethy
Automated telephone answering systems and aging BIBA 171-184
  Louise Dulude
Critical design factors for successful e-commerce systems BIBA 185-199
  Jinwoo Kim; Jungwon Lee
Expandable indexes vs. sequential menus for searching hierarchies on the World Wide Web BIBA 201-207
  Panayiotis Zaphiris; Ben Shneiderman; Kent L. Norman
Technology adoption as process: a case of integrating an information-intensive website into a patient education helpline BIBA 209-222
  Brett E. Shelton; Jennifer Turns; Tracey S. Wagner
A UK study into the potential effects of virtual education: does online learning spell an end for on-campus learning? BIBA 223-229
  Gurmak Singh; John O'Donoghue; Claire Betts
Book review BIB 231-233
  J. G. Hollands

BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 4

The effects of adverse condition warning system characteristics on driver performance: an investigation of alarm signal type and threshold level BIBA 235-248
  Nitin Gupta; Ann M. Bisantz; Tarunraj Singh
Human factors in the design of a personalizable EPG: preference-indication strategies, habit watching and trust BIBA 249-258
  J. Westerink; C. Bakker; H. De Ridder; H. Siepe
Attitudes toward online shopping and the Internet BIBA 259-271
  Thompson S. H. Teo
Do older adults underestimate their actual computer knowledge? BIBA 273-280
  J. C. Marquie; L. Jourdan-Boddaert; N. Huet
Effects of transition to an integrated IT technology in surveying work BIBA 281-292
  Gunvor Gard; Kari Lindstrom; Margareta Dallner
Impact of national culture on information technology usage behaviour: an exploratory study of decision making in Korea and the USA BIBA 293-302
  Kenneth J. Calhoun; James T. C. Teng; Myun Joong Cheon

BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 5

The influence of user expertise and phone complexity on performance, ease of use and learnability of different mobile phones BIBA 303-311
  Martina Ziefle
Visibility and characteristics of the mobile phones for elderly people BIBA 313-316
  Masako Omori; Tomoyuki Watanabe; Jo Takai; Hiroki Takada; Masaru Miyao
Using mouse and keyboard under time pressure: preference, strategies and learning BIBA 317-319
  Anker Helms Jorgensen; Anne Helene Garde; Bjarne Laursen; Bente Rona Jensen
User centred design for a digital welding machine BIBA 321-326
  Michael Burmester; Andreas Beu; Heinz Hackl; Franz Niedereder
Requirements for community support systems -- modularization, integration and ubiquitous user interfaces BIBA 327-332
  Michael Koch
User-friendly visualization of object versions and archives in collaborative computer work BIBA 333-336
  Gert Zulch; Sascha Stowasser
Designing a dynamic system traffic control of a freight railway BIBA 337-339
  Anamaria De Moraes; Claudia Renata Mont'Alvao; Manuela Quaresma; Alexandre M. Dresch; Rosane Schonblum
The development of driver assistance systems following usability criteria BIBA 341-344
  Kurt Landau
Requirements for software-support in concurrent engineering teams BIBA 345-350
  Tanja Noelle; Dirk Kabel; Holger Luczak
SWOF -- an open framework for shared workspaces to support different cooperation tasks BIBA 351-358
  Alexander Kunzer; Kerstin Rose; Ludger Schmidt; Holger Luczak
Describing functional requirements for knowledge sharing communities BIBA 359-364
  Sandra Garrett; Barrett Caldwell
Virtual communities -- a virtual session on virtual conferences BIBA 365-371
  Ahmet E. Cakir

BIT 2002 Volume 21 Issue 6

Shopping behaviour and preferences in e-commerce of Turkish and American university students: implications from cross-cultural design BIBA 373-385
  Nancy J. Lightner; Mehmet M. Yenisey; A. Ant Ozok; Gavriel Salvendy
Impact of website information design factors on consumer ratings of web-based auction sites BIBA 387-402
  O. Byung Kwon; Choong-Ryuhn Kim; Eun Jong Lee
DEVAN: a tool for detailed video analysis of user test data BIBA 403-423
  Arnold P. O. S. Vermeeren; Karin den Bouwmeester; Jans Aasman; Huib de Ridder
Shifting knowledge from analysis to design: requirements for contextual user interface development BIBA 425-440
  Chris Stary
The use of computers among the workers in the European Union and its impact on the quality of work BIBA 441-447
  Frank Andries; Peter G. W. Smulders; Steven Dhondt