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Behaviour and Information Technology 20

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 1
  2. BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 2
  3. BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 3
  4. BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 4
  5. BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 5
  6. BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 6

BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 1

Relaxing the homogeneity assumption in usability testing BIBA 1-7
  David A. Caulton
Age differences in the performance of information retrieval tasks BIBA 9-22
  Daniel Freudenthal
The role of age, foreknowledge and complexity in learning to operate a complex device BIBA 23-35
  Daniel Freudenthal
Navigational issues in the design of online self-administered questionnaires BIBA 37-45
  Kent L. Norman; Zachary Friedman; Kirk Norman; Rod Stevenson
Design and evaluation of online multimedia maintenance manuals BIBA 47-52
  W. P. Brinkman; V. P. Buil; R. Cullen; R. Gobits; F. L. Van Nes
Equation entry and editing via handwriting and gesture recognition BIBA 53-67
  Steve Smithies; Kevin Novins; James Arvo
Harnessing knowledge workers' participation for IT planning effectiveness: the informational and motivational mediating effects of users' microplanning behaviour BIBA 69-77
  Sofiane Sahraoui

BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 2

Guest editorial BIB 79
  Tomas Berns; Yngve Sundblad
Five years' experience from CID: an interdisciplinary competence centre for design of usable interactive IT applications BIBA 81-89
  Yngve Sundblad; Soren Lenman
Shared 3-D workplace exhibitions as sites for community meetings BIBA 91-99
VideoCafe -- exploring mediaspaces in public places within organizations BIBA 101-110
  Konrad Tollmar; Didier Chincholle; Britt Klasson; Thomas Stephanson
Meetings in a distributed group of experts: comparing face-to-face, chat and collaborative virtual environments BIBA 111-117
  Ann Lantz
KidStory: a technology design partnership with children BIBA 119-125
  Gustav Taxen; Allison Druin; Carina Fast; Marita Kjellin
Crossing the line: a field study of inhabited television BIBA 127-140
  John Bowers

BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 3

Printing and screen reading in the medical school curriculum: Guttenberg vs. the cathode ray tube BIBA 143-148
  Linda A. Martin; Mark W. Platt
Visual search and preferences concerning different types of guidance displays BIBA 149-158
  Guy Labiale
The role of visual search in the design of effective soft keyboards BIBA 159-166
  Andrew Sears; Julie A. Jacko; Josey Chu; Francisco Moro
User performance and attitude towards schemes for alphanumeric data entry using restricted input devices BIBA 167-188
  Diarmid Marshall; John C. Foster; Mervyn A. Jack
Exploration strategies, performance, and error consequences when learning a complex computer task BIBA 189-198
  Dimitri Van Der Linden; Sabine Sonnentag; Michael Frese; Cathy Van Dyck
Task analysis for knowledge descriptions (TAKD): a requiem for a method BIBA 199-212
  Dan Diaper
Perception of job security in a process of technological change: its influence on psychological well-being BIBA 213-223
  Jorge Conde Vieitez; Alberto De La Torre Carcia; Maria Teresa Vega Rodriquez
Technological coupling, job characteristics and operators' well-being as moderated by desirability of control BIBA 225-236
  Anat Dvash; Bilha Mannheim

BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 4

Optimizing the reading of electronic text using rapid serial visual presentation BIBA 237-247
  Monica S. Castelhano; Paul Muter
Direct activation: a concept to encourage tailoring activities BIBA 249-263
  Volker Wulf; Bjorn Golombek
Cognitive interference in computer anxiety BIBA 265-273
  Brooke Smith; Peter Caputi
Development and validation of an Internet self-efficacy scale BIBA 275-280
  Gholamreza Torkzadeh; Thomas P. van Dyke
Comparison between on- and off-campus behaviour and adaptability in online learning: a case from China BIBA 281-291
  Xiaoyan Xie; Fuzong Lin; Tao Zhang
E-business: boom or gloom? BIBA 293-298
  Chris W. Clegg; Belen Icasati-Johanson; Stuart Bennett

BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 5

A personal view BIBA 299-305
  Ahmet E. Cakir
Community computing as human-computer interaction BIBA 307-314
  John M. Carroll
The past recaptured: in search of lost paradigms BIBA 315-321
  Susan M. Dray; David A. Siegel
Changing perspectives on the organizational consequences of information technology BIBA 323-328
  Ken Eason
Usability and software architecture BIBA 329-338
  Bonnie E. John; Len Bass
Adaptively distributing cognition: a decision-making perspective on human-computer interaction BIBA 339-346
  Stephen J. Payne; Andrew Howes; William R. Reader
Sociability and usability in online communities: determining and measuring success BIBA 347-356
  Jenny Preece
A personal perspective on behaviour and information technology: a 20-year progress and future trend BIBA 357-366
  Xiaowen Fang; Gavriel Salvendy
Universal usability as a stimulus to advanced interface design BIBA 367-376
  Ben Shneiderman; Harry Hochheiser
Twenty years of telecommunications research in BIT BIBA 377-386
  Karol Szlichcinski
The running ergonomist; a permanent appearance? BIBA 387-393
  Floris Van Nes
20 years in the life of a long-term empirical personal electronic filing study BIBA 395-409
  Paul Wilson

BIT 2001 Volume 20 Issue 6

An empirical investigation of the novice experience with soft keyboards BIBA 411-418
  I. Scott MacKenzie; Shawn X. Zhang
Virtual information space navigation: evaluating the use of head tracking BIBA 419-426
  S. J. Westerman; T. Cribbin; R. Wilson
Displaying meta-information in context BIBA 427-432
  Mats Lind; Stefan Seipel; Christer Mattiason
How consistent is your web design? BIBA 433-447
  A. Ant Ozok; Gavriel Salvendy
User-centred design does make a difference. The case of decision support systems in crop production BIBA 449-460
  Caroline Parker; Murray Sinclair