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Behaviour and Information Technology 18

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
Links:Table of Contents
  1. BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 6

BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 1

Guest editorial BIB 1
  Arthur I. Karshmer
Reading and Writing Mathematics: The MAVIS Project BIBA 2-10
  Arthur I. Karshmer; Gopal Gupta; Sandy Geiger; Chris Weaver
TGuide: A Guidance System for Tactile Image Exploration BIBA 11-17
  Martin Kurze
Auditory Navigation in Hyperspace: Design and Evaluation of a Non-Visual Hypermedia System for Blind Users BIBA 18-26
  Sarah Morley; Helen Petrie; Anne-Marie O'Neill; Peter Mcnally
A Model of Keyboard Configuration Requirements BIBA 27-35
  Shari Trewin; Helen Pain
Gestures and Multimodal Input BIBA 36-44
  Simeon Keates; Peter Robinson
Toward the Use of Speech and Natural Language Technology in Intervention for a Language-Disordered Population BIBA 45-55
  Jill Fain Lehman
Automatic Babble Recognition for Early Detection of Speech Related Disorders BIBA 56-63
  Harriet J. Fell; Joel Macauslan; Linda J. Ferrier; Karen Chenausky

BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 2

The Use of Icons and Labels in an End User Application Program: An Empirical Study of Learning and Retention BIBA 68-82
  Susan Wiedenbeck
Navigational Abilities in Audial Voice-Controlled Dialogue Structures BIBA 83-95
  M. Goldstein; I. Bretan; E.-L. Sallnas; H. Bjork
Acceptance of the Phone-Based Interface for Automated Call Direction BIBA 97-107
  Robert B. Settle; Thomas W. Dillon; Pamela L. Alreck
Attitudes Towards End-User Computing: A Structural Equation Model BIBA 109-125
  Roger W. Harris
Modelling Cyclic Interaction BIBA 127-139
  Andrew Monk
Psychological Research of Computer-Mediated Communication in Russia BIBA 141-147
  Olga Arestova; Leonid Babanin; Alexander Voiskounsky

BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 3

The IsoMetrics Usability Inventory: An Operationalization Of ISO 9241-10 supporting summative and formative evaluation of software systems BIBA 151-164
  Gunther Gediga; Kai-Christoph Hamborg; Ivo Duntsch
Correcting Menu Usability Problems with Sound BIBA 165-177
  Stephen A. Brewster; Murray G. Crease
Group Processes in Solving Two Problems: Face-to-Face and Computer-mediated Communication BIBA 179-198
  Lillemor Adrianson; Erland Hjelmquist
Tailoring Groupware for Different Scopes of Validity BIBA 199-212
  Volker Wulf; Oliver Stiemerling; Andreas Pfeifer
An Empirical Study of Navigation Aids in Customer Interfaces BIBA 213-224
  Jinwoo Kim
Choosing Electronic Supermarket Customers BIBA 225-228
  Ron Henderson

BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 4

Nationality as a Factor in the Use of Information Management Technologies BIBA 231-233
  S. R. Jones; P. J. Thomas
Text Entry Using Soft Keyboards BIBA 235-244
  I. Scott Mackenzie; Shawn X. Zhang; R. William Soukoreff
Methods for Defining User Groups and User-Adjusted Information Structures BIBA 245-259
  Pedro Valero; Jaime Sanmartin
Applying Information Technology to the Presentation of Emergency Operating Procedures: Implications for Usability Criteria BIBA 261-276
  Tom Kontogiannis
Attitudes, Satisfaction and Usage: Factors Contributing to Each in the Acceptance of Information Technology BIBA 277-297
  Said S. Al-Gahtani; Malcolm King
Computer Self-Efficacy, Training Effectiveness and User Attitudes: An Empirical Study BIBA 299-309
  Reza Torkzadeh; Kurt Pflughoeft; Laura Hall

BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 5

Vagueness in Models of Socio-Technical Systems BIBA 313-323
  Thomas Herrmann; Kai-Uwe Loser
Task Modelling for Cooperative Work BIBA 325-338
  S. Killich; H. Luczak; C. Schlick; M. Weissenbach; S. Wiedenmaier; J. Ziegler
Telecooperation in Decentralized Organizations: Conclusions Based on Empirical Research BIBA 339-347
  Kurt Sandkuhl; Frank Fuchs-Kittowski
Teams Without Trust? Investigations in the Influence of Video-Mediated Communication on the Origin of Trust Among Cooperating Persons BIBA 349-360
  M. Muhlfelder; U. Klein; S. Simon; H. Luczak
Real-Time Collaboration in Design Engineering: An Expensive Fantasy or Affordable Reality? BIBA 361-371
  Carys E. Siemieniuch; Murray Sinclair
Experiences with a Cooperative Design Process in Developing a Telecooperation System for Collaborative Document Production BIBA 373-383
  Konrad Klockner; Uta Pankoke-Babatz; Wolfgang Prinz
Changing Interpersonal Communication through Groupware Use BIBA 385-395
  Gloria Mark; Volker Wulf

BIT 1999 Volume 18 Issue 6

User Agreement with Incorrect Expert System Advice BIBA 399-411
  Jaap J. Dijkstra
Development of a Methodology for Optimizing Elicited Knowledge BIBA 413-430
  Chin-Jung Chao; Gavriel Salvendy; Nancy J. Lightner
Usability Aspects, Socio-Relational Context and Learning Performance in the Virtual Classroom: A Laboratory Experiment BIBA 431-443
  Augusto Gnisci; Filomena Papa; Sandra Spedaletti
Redressing the Anxiety Imbalance: Computerphobia and Educators BIBA 445-453
  Brian Wilson
Involving Users in the Specification of Functionality Using Scenarios and Model-Based Evaluation BIBA 455-466
  Paul Van Schaik
Designing Menus for the Chinese Population: Horizontal or Vertical? BIBA 467-471
  Jianming Dong; Gavriel Salvendy