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Behaviour and Information Technology 17

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
Links:Table of Contents
  1. BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 6

BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
Positioning HCI: Journals, Descriptors and Parent Disciplines BIBA 3-9
  Pedro Valero; Andrew Monk
Remote Ultrasound using Cooperative Video: A Field Study BIBA 10-17
  David V. Beard; Brad M. Hemminger
Visualization using Colour: Visual Presentation of Events in Particle Physics BIBA 18-26
  Hans Drevermann; David Travis
It's Not Really Theft!: Personal and Workplace Ethics that Enable Software Piracy BIBA 27-40
  Darryl A. Seale; Michael Polakowski; Sherry Schneider
The Consideration of Organizational Issues During the Systems Development Process: An Empirical Analysis BIBA 41-51
  N. F. Doherty; M. King
The Influence of Time on Error-Detection BIBA 52-58
  E. J. A. Verheijen; L. M. de Bruijn; F. L. Van Nes; A. Hasman; J. W. Arends
User Performance Differences between Relational and Entity Relationship Models: A Summary Review of the Literature BIBA 59-61
  Hock C. Chan

BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 63-64
  Tom Stewart

Laws, Standards and Regulations

Implementing the Directive for VDU Work -- The EU-State of the Art BIBA 65-81
  Chris Stary; Thomas Riesenecker-Caba; Jorg Flecker

Remember POTS?

An Experimental Evaluation of Preferences for Data Entry Method in Automated Telephone Services BIBA 82-92
  J. C. Foster; F. R. McInnes; M. A. Jack; S. Love; R. T. Dutton; I. A. Nairn; L. S. White
The Auditory AlphaWheel: A Challenge to Digit Code Representation of Objects BIBA 93-102
  M. Goldstein; M. Karlberg; M. Wilkne

Case Studies

Triangulation Strategies in User Requirements Investigations: A Case Study on the Development of An IT-Mediated Service BIBA 103-112
  Matti A. Kaulio; I. C. Marianne Karlsson
Leveraging Information Technology to Achieve the IT2000 Vision: The Case Study of an Intelligent Island BIBA 113-123
  Thompson S. H. Two; Vivien K. G. Lim

BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 125-126
  Tom Stewart

Case Studies

Development of a User-Centred IT Strategy: A Case Study BIBA 127-134
  Leela Damodaran
Improving the Availability and Cost-Effectiveness of Guidelines for Guideline-Users: Towards a Structured Approach BIBA 135-140
  Alan Arnfeld; John Rosbottom
Using a Bilingual Group Support System BIBA 141-144
  Milam Aiken; Hugh Sloan; Jeanette Martin

Design and Evaluation Techniques

End User Dialogue Context Management of Office Automation Systems BIBA 145-151
  James Ang; Claude Vanneste; Gang Lu
MOTHER: System for Continuous Capturing of Display Stream BIBA 152-154
  Marja-Riitta Kivi; Tapio Gronfors; Antti Koponen

Experimental Studies

Persuasiveness of Expert Systems BIBA 155-163
  Jaap J. Dijkstra; Wim B. G. Liebrand; Ellen Timminga
Computer-Mediated Communication and Media Preference: An Investigation of the Dimensionality of Perceived Task Equivocality and Media Richness BIBA 164-174
  John D'Ambra; Ronald E. Rice; Marcus O'Connor
Design Issues in a Semiotic Description of User Responses to Three Interfaces BIBA 175-184
  Kecheng Liu; Geoff Crum; Kristian Dines

BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 185-186
  Tom Stewart

Experimental Observations

Psychological Factors in Virtual Classroom Situations: A Pilot Study for a Model of Learning through Technological Devices BIBA 187-194
  Filomena Papa; Marco Perugini; Sandra Spedaletti
The Effect of Time Pressure on Expert System Based Training for Emergency Management BIBA 195-202
  Dyi-Yih M. Lin; Yuan-Liang Su

Observational Studies

Designing Information Systems for Maximum Use in a Dealing Room Environment BIBA 203-217
  David M. Sowray
Analysing 'Work' in Complex System Tasks: An Exploratory Study with GIS BIBA 218-230
  Clare Davies

Case Study

Usability and Database Search at the Swedish Employment Service BIBA 231-241
  Carl Martin Allwood; Sara Thomee

Usability Evaluation -- Some Conflicting Views

On an Experimental Evaluation of Claim Analysis BIB 242-243
  John M. Carroll
On Our Case Study of Claims Analysis and Other Usability Evaluation Methods BIB 244-246
  Bonnie E. John

BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 5

Editorial BIB 247-248
  Tom Stewart
Viewing Personal History Records: A Comparison of Tabular Format and Graphical Presentation Using LifeLines BIBA 249-262
  Diane Lindwarm Alonso; Anne Rose; Catherine Plaisant; Kent L. Norman
Integrating Textual and Pictorial Information via Pop-Up Windows: An Experimental Study BIBA 263-273
  Mireille Betrancourt; Andre Bisseret
Assessing the Usability of On-Line Library Systems BIBA 274-281
  Gabriel K. Rousseau; Brian A. Jamieson; Wendy Rogers; Sherry E. Mead; Richard A. Sit
Understanding Sources of User Variability in Computer-Based Data Entry Performance BIBA 282-293
  Sara J. Czaja; Joseph Sharit; Sankaran Nair; Mark Rubert
The Effects of Delay on the Performance of Computerized Feature Systems for Identifying Suspects BIBA 294-300
  Eric Lee; Thom Whalen; Gloria Jollymore; Cathy Read; Marilyn Swaffer
Participating Informally: Opportunities and Dilemmas in User-Driven Design BIBA 301-310
  Martin Beirne; Harvie Ramsay; Androniki Panteli

BIT 1998 Volume 17 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 311-312
  Tom Stewart

Cognition and Knowledge Representation

Effectiveness of Expert Semantic Knowledge as a Navigational Aid within Hypertext BIBA 313-324
  Swapnesh C. Patel; Colin G. Drury; Valerie L. Shalin
A Situated Cognition View about the Effects of Planning and Authorship on Computer Program Debugging BIBA 325-337
  Lai-Chong Law
Representation Still Matters: Cognitive Engineering and User Interface Design BIBA 338-360
  Chris Stary; Mark F. Peschl

Case Study

Predicting the Use and Effectiveness of an Office Automation System (OAS): A Case Study BIBA 361-371
  Luigi Leone; Giacinto Matarazzo