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Behaviour and Information Technology 15

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
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  1. BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 1
  2. BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 2
  3. BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 3
  4. BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 4
  5. BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 5
  6. BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 6

BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 1

Editorial BIB 1-2
  Tom Stewart
A Sociotechnical Approach to Smart Card Systems Design: An Australian Case Study BIBA 3-13
  Joan Cooper; Nilay Gencturk; Robyn A. Lindley
Auditor Evidence Evaluation: Expert Systems as Credible Sources BIBA 14-23
  David S. Murphy; Scott A. Yetmar
A Model of Group Satisfaction in Computer-Mediated Communication and Face-to-Face Meetings BIBA 24-36
  Bolanle A. Olaniran
Deixis and Points of View in Media Spaces: An Empirical Gesture BIBA 37-50
  Philip Barnard; Jon May; Daniel Salber
Experimental Evaluation of Dialogue Styles for Hybrid Telephone-Based Interface BIBA 51-56
  Donna Lauretta; Gerhard Deffner
Slow and Steady Wins the Race? Three-Year-Old Children and Pointing Device Use BIBA 57-64
  Erik F. Strommen; Glenda L. Revelle; Lisa M. Medoff; Setarah Razavi

BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 2

Editorial BIB 65-66
  Tom Stewart
User Involvement in the Early Stages of the Development of an Aircraft Warning System BIBA 67-75
  J. M. Noyes; A. F. Starr; C. R. Frankish
The Role of Users in Interactive Systems Design: When Computers are Theatre, Do We Want the Audience to Write the Script? BIBA 76-83
  Brian R. Webb
Pull-Down versus Traditional Menu Types: An Empirical Comparison BIBA 84-95
  Jane M. Carev; Philip J. Mizzi; Leonard C. Lindstrom
The Use or Misuse of Three-Dimensional Graphs to Represent Lower-Dimensional Data BIBA 96-100
  Michael Siegrist
Teaching Human-Computer Interaction in Context: An Illustrative Lesson on Windows BIBA 101-112
  Dov Te'eni
Identifying Decision Maker's Preferences through a Prototype Based Inductive Learning Method: A Medical Case Study BIBA 113-122
  Panayotis Vassilakis; Vassilis Moustakis
Announcement BIB 123

BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 125-126
  Tom Stewart
Assessing User Interfaces for Diverse User Groups: Evaluation Strategies and Defining Characteristics BIBA 127-137
  L. Leventhal; B. Teasley; B. Blumenthal; K. Instone; D. Stone; Mikhail V. Donskoy
An Objective Approach to Exploring Skill Differences in Strategies of Computer Program Comprehension BIBA 139-147
  Nong Ye; Gavriel Salvendy
Towards the Development of Classes of Interaction: Initial Illustration with Reference to Off-Load Planning BIBA 149-181
  Martin Colbert; John Long
Stress, Control and Computer System Design: A Psychophysiological Field Study BIBA 183-192
  David G. Wastell; Michael Newman
A Modest Experiment in the Usefulness of Electronic Archives BIBA 193-201
  Jon May; Philip J. Barnard

BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 4

Guest Editorial

Integrating Organizational and Cognitive Approaches Towards Computer-Based Systems BIB 203-204
  Chris W. Clegg; Michael Frese

Integrating Organizational and Cognitive Approaches Towards Computer-Based Systems

Implicit Knowledge and Fault Diagnosis in the Control of Advanced Manufacturing Technology BIBA 205-212
  Peter H. Gardner; Nik Chmiel; Toby D. Wall
Planning and Knowledge about Strategies: Their Relationship to Work Characteristics in Software Design BIBA 213-225
  Sabine Sonnentag
Don't Underestimate the Problems of User Centredness in Software Development Projects -- There Are Many! BIBA 226-236
  Torsten Heinbokel; Sabine Sonnentag; Michael Frese; Wolfgang Stolte; Felix C. Brodbeck
Software Development: Knowledge-Intensive Work Organizations BIBA 237-249
  Chris W. Clegg; Patrick E. Waterson; Carolyn M. Axtell
Scenarios for System Development: Matching Context and Strategy BIBA 250-265
  Marjolein A. G. van Offenbeek; Paul L. Koopman
Becoming Social: Expanding Scenario-Based Approaches in HCI BIBA 266-275
  John M. Carroll
Knowledge-Based Systems from a Socio-Cognitive Perspective BIBA 276-288
  Gerhard Strube

BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 5

Editorial BIB 289-290
  Tom Stewart

Simple or Easy?

Complexity of User Interfaces: Can it be Reduced by a Mode Key? BIBA 291-300
  Jochen Musseler; Cristina Meinecke; Johannes Dobler
One Size Fits All -- Or Does It? BIBA 301-312
  Reima Suomi

Resistance to Change

An Attributional Explanation of Individual Resistance to the Introduction of Information Technologies in the Workplace BIBA 313-330
  Mark J. Martinko; John W. Henry; Robert W. Zmud

Opinion -- Quality Matters

Importance of the Quality of Human-Software Interaction in Expert Systems BIBA 331-335
  Agnes Werner

Book Review

"Proceedings of the HCI'95 Conference 'People and Computers X'," edited by M. A. R. Kirby, A. J. Dix and J. E. Finlay BIB 336
  Jan Noyes

BIT 1996 Volume 15 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 337-338
  Tom Stewart
Reducing Conflicts in Groupware: Metafunctions and their Empirical Evaluation BIBA 339-351
  Volker Wulf; Markus Rohde
Information Administrative Support of Decision Processes in Organizations BIBA 352-362
  Carl Martin Allwood; Lisbeth Hedelin
User Involvement in the Systems Design Process -- A Practical Guide for Users BIBA 363-377
  Leela Damodaran

Book Review

"Re-Engineering the Enterprise," edited by Jim Browne and David O'Sullivan BIB 378
  Neil D. Burns