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Behaviour and Information Technology 13

Editors:Tom Stewart
Publisher:Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Standard No:ISSN 0144-929X
Links:Table of Contents
  1. BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 1/2
  2. BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 3
  3. BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 4
  4. BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 5
  5. BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 6

BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 1/2

Editorial BIB 1
  Tom Stewart

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Introduction and Overview

Usability Laboratories BIBAK 3-8
  Jakob Nielsen
Smoke and Mirrors: Setting the Stage for a Successful Usability Test BIBA 9-16
  Marilyn Coleman Salzman; S. David Rivers
Comparative Usability Measurement: The Role of the Usability Lab in PC Magazine UK and PC/Computing BIBA 17-19
  Joanna Bawa

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Building a Usability Laboratory

Designing a Usability Lab: A Case Study from Taligent BIBA 20-24
  Sara Sazegari
The Usability Engineering Laboratories at Sun Microsystems BIBA 25-35
  Janice Anne Rohn
Care and Feeding of the Usability Laboratory at Symantec Corporation: A Survival Guide BIBA 36-44
  Kathy M. Uyeda
The Ergonomics Lab: A Practical Approach BIBAK 45-50
  C. Neugebauer; N. Spielmann
Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Redesigning a Usability Laboratory BIBA 51-56
  Peter Lucas; Carolanne Fisher

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Redesigning a Usability Laboratory

Bellcore's User-Centred-Design Support Centre BIBA 57-66
  Tom Dayton; Leslie G. Tudor; Robert W. Root
Ameritech's Usability Laboratory: From Prototype to Final Design BIBA 67-80
  Arnold M. Lund
Designing and Equipping a Usability Laboratory BIBA 81-93
  Louis Blatt; Mark Jacobson; Steve Miller

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Conducting Evaluations

A Practical Guide to Using Software Usability Labs: Lessons Learned at IBM BIBA 94-105
  Janet L. Fath; Teresa L. Mann; Thomas C. Holzman
Usability Testing -- On a Budget: A NASA Usability Test Case Study BIBA 106-118
  Martha Szczur
Usability Laboratories at Philips: Supporting Research, Development, and Design for Consumer and Professional Products BIBA 119-127
  Govert de Vries; Tedde van Gelderen; Fred Brigham
Breaking Away from the Conventional 'Usability Lab': The Customer-Centered Design Group at Tektronix, Inc. BIBA 128-131
  Susan Palmiter; Gene Lynch; Scott Lewis; Mark Stempski

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Usability Metrics

Usability Measurement in Context BIBA 132-145
  Nigel Bevan; Miles Macleod
Using the Usability Laboratory: BT's Experiences BIBA 146-153
  Chris Fowler; Jonathan Stuart; Tony Lo; Mike Tate
Preventing User Interface Disasters BIBAK 154-159
  Rolf Molich

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Data Analysis

Designing and Using Integrated Data Collection and Analysis Tools: Challenges and Considerations BIBA 160-170
  Derek E. Hoiem; Kent D. Sullivan
Understanding the Applicability of Sequential Data Analysis Techniques for Analyzing Usability Data BIBA 171-182
  Donna L. Cuomo

Special Issue: Usability Laboratories: Moving Beyond the Laboratory

Are We Overlooking Some Usability Testing Methods? A Comparison of Lab, Beta, and Forum Tests BIBA 183-190
  Elissa D. Smilowitz; Michael J. Darnell; Alan E. Benson
Usability Testing in a Competitive Market: Lessons Learned BIBA 191-197
  Dieter Zirkler; Donald R. Ballman

BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 3

Editorial BIB 199
  Tom Stewart
Analysing and Evaluating Multi-Actor Multi-Goal Systems in Use: Social Contexts and Participation in Three Vocational Guidance Systems (VGS) BIBA 201-215
  Giuseppe Mantovani; Mirco Bolzoni
A Management Strategy for Innovation and Organizational Design: The Case of MRP2/JIT Production Management Systems BIBA 216-227
  J. A. A. Sillince
The Impact of Interface-Induced Handling Requirements on Action Generation in Technical System Control BIBA 228-238
  Friedrich W. Hesse; Cornelia Hahn

Case Study

Decision-Making using Computer Conferencing: A Case Study BIBA 239-252
  Michael Reynolds

BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 4

Editorial BIB 253-254
  Tom Stewart

Fun Can Be a Serious Business

Towards Real-Time GOMS: A Model of Expert Behaviour in a Highly Interactive Task BIBAK 255-267
  Bonnie E. John; Alonso H. Vera; Allen Newell

Working in Groups

Information Technology and Self Managing Work Groups BIBA 268-276
  Trevor A. Williams
A Blackboard Framework for the Design of Group Decision Support Systems BIBAK 277-284
  Ritu Agarwal; Kislaya Prasad

Intelligent Argumentation

Organizational and Behavioural Issues Raised by Intelligent Argumentation Systems BIBA 285-298
  J. A. A. Sillince

Usability and Standards

Do Human Factors Experts Accept the ISO 9241 Part 10 -- Dialogue Principle -- Standard? BIBA 299-308
  Jurgen Beimel; Raimund Schindler; Hartmut Wandke

BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 5

Editorial BIB 309
  Tom Stewart

Evaluating User Interfaces. I: Software

Measuring the Quality of Computer-Mediated Communication BIBA 311-319
  John C. McCarthy; Andrew F. Monk

Evaluating User Interfaces. II: Hardware

The Perception and Measurement of Contrast: The Influence of Gaps between Display Elements BIBA 320-327
  Gerd P. J. Spenkelink; Ko Besuijen
Effects of Output Display and Control-Display Gain on Human Performance in Interactive Systems BIBA 328-337
  I. Scott MacKenzie; Stan Riddersma

Case Studies

Implementing Expert Systems Technology: A Corporate-Wide Approach BIBA 338-346
  Thow-Yick Liang; Yee-Kian Teo

BIT 1994 Volume 13 Issue 6

Editorial BIB 347-348
  Tom Stewart

More Fun

The Respective Roles of Perceived Usefulness and Perceived Fun in the Acceptance of Microcomputer Technology BIBA 349-361
  Magid Igbaria; Stephen J. Schiffman; Thomas J. Wieckowski

Modelling User Interface Behaviour

Using Predictors to Partition Menu Selection Times BIBA 362-372
  Jochen Musseler

Flat Keyboards and Performance

Performance Effects of Reduced Proprioceptive Feedback on Touch Typists and Casual Users in a Typing Task BIBA 373-381
  Julia Barrett; Helmut Krueger